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A Ghost Of A Chance by sabershadowkat 26k starting 18th of October 2019

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  • A Ghost Of A Chance by sabershadowkat 26k starting 18th of October 2019

    Once again I am late to announce our next fic. We will be discussing A Ghost Of A Chance by sabershadowkat next Friday. With only 26k words it's a very short story and I hope you will all manage to read it until then.

    Sabershadowkat ist one of the most prolific Spuffy fanfic writers. Their name is always mentioned among the "classic" Spuffy fanfic writers. There are more than 450 stories by sabershadowkat for Buffy alone on AO3 but for whatever reason, I couldn't find this one there.

    You can find A Ghost Of a Chance on Elysian Fields:

    Dear sabershadowkat, if you have found your way to this thread, please be so kind as to read this:!

    before you proceed. Thank you for your consideration. Please feel welcome to join in the discussion. We would be delighted and honored.

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    Oh I hope I can find time to read this, I haven't read any sabershadowkat in years.


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      Just a quick reminder that the discussion will start tomorrow. So, if you haven't read the fic yet, this is your (ghost of a) chance to do so!

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        I really liked the idea of this fic. Spike is sharing his body with Nia, a Native American woman whom he killed. I love that she calls him Billy and we first meet them ice skating. It feels like a set-up I'd not read before.

        We soon learn that Nia has magical powers as well as being a ghost, which feels like a cheat, as we know how helpful magic can be. At one point she jumps out of Spike's body and goes for a chat with Buffy. Nia is a deus ex machina throughout the fic, not only being Spike's 'soul' but also able to communicate with others as herself/ghost.

        Straight away the writer has Buffy and Spike attracted to each other, with Buffy trying not to stare at Spike's bum, and Spike making jealous remarks about Angel. Buffy says 'Oh my' when she first sees Spike naked. It's not a subtle fic by any means.

        There were a couple of things I didn't enjoy. Spike says 'cor' several times. It's a word that always feels 'fake-Brit' to me, a very 'Mary Poppins' view of the English and language. I really did not like the portrayal of Cordy or Angel, it felt really mean, and I wasn't a big fan of Buffy apologising to Spike for trying to help him either.

        This fic must have been written very early, prior to S5, because Spike says he met Shelley in 1815, but of course we know he wasn't turned till 1880. I wonder if the earlier the fic, the less subtle it is, because the writer is writing a relationship we haven't yet seen on screen, and doesn't have to take canon into account in any way. I also think Buffy was written a little naively, considering this is set in S4 and Buffy is meant to be a college student.

        I did feel like Anya at points, as references were made i did not understand. Spike says 'He's dead Jim', which I assumed was a Star Trek reference, but there is no way in hell Spike would reference Star Trek, but Nia replies 'Good shot Jensen,' and I didn't get that at all. Anyone?

        The ending confused me a bit. I thought Nia saying 'you'll die of old age' meant she turned Spike human, but later she says to Buffy 'I'll be back, when Spike turns you. Don't worry, I can you you soul as well as his'. I prefer fics where Spike is a vampire and Buffy a Slayer, so either way, this ending confused me.

        Overall it was a fun read, very slight story-wise, no real depth as such but not bad for that.
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          I finished a day early but I'm not clever enough to put this in a spoiler so hold off reading until tomorrow. But with the time zones I think my day early is a lot of your tomorrows.

          Over all I enjoyed the story. It was well written, easy to read, original and entertaining. I also picked up on the same things as our Pricey as mentioned above (the cor, the date and the Jensen).

          My favorite part was Nia. My least favorite part was how fast Buffy fell for Spike. I believe this is supposed to be set in S4. There were a few parts that felt rushed or not in character as Buffy seemed too young although she was immature dealing with Parker so maybe I have that wrong. I think the story needed a few more chapters to legitimately build up spuffy. I don't think seeing Spike sleeping naked would be enough to make for Buffy to fall head over heals, maybe some of us but Buffy's better than that.

          I think another chapter would also have helped at the end letting us know more about what the bad guy was all about.

          I was very disturbed by the end. I thought Spike was going to become human but then he didn't and I thought "huh, I got that wrong " then came that turning line which totally turned me off. I did not like the ending reference at all.

          But like Priceless said, it was a fun read, lots of humour, a few odd bits but over all okay.

          “I like who I am when I’m with him. I like who we are together.”


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            I really enjoyed the voicing and the dynamic between Spike and Nia, that was fun and the best part of the fic. Although it made me smile at the start, I did get as irritated by the constant 'Billy' as Spike did eventually though. Sadly it was a little rushed in brushing past the start of their relationship when Nia tried her powers out and managed to wear him down into accepting he was going to have to be good and getting him to the idea of helping the Slayer. That aside, the ice skating scene and ghost situation combo really amuses me, has originality and is a great start to the story.

            Of course, as Pricey commented, we hit the early fic errors when Spike was described as meeting Shelley in 1815, before William was even born, and also with Angel being his literal sire. I assume it was just an early fic that's expanding on what was known up to that point, so that's fair enough. It's actually quite interesting to see fic writing at varying points when they didn't know what was going to be revealed/happen later.

            Overall it's all a bit too easy really and lacks plot. Particularly with Spike's ready submission to being good, without seeing him railing against the restrictions on him. I also miss that noone else is in it much, apart from pulling Angel in towards the end just to have some jealousy/tension created and a brief scooby meeting after they've accepted Spike being around behind the scenes. Seeing something of Spike working with the group for the month that's briefly mentioned it took them to adjust to him would have been nice. I don't really buy Buffy mooning over Spike in such a corny teenage way post her experiences with Angel either. The fic really just wants to jump into Buffy and Spike's having a changed relationship dynamic, seeing it pretty much from the get-go and have them finding they love each other pretty readily, without any real hurdles/difficulties in getting there. I think that there's a hint of a really very interesting fic here with an intriguing set up and a challenge faced towards the end, but it wasn't expanded in the places that would have perhaps made it a lot stronger for me. The plot that's introduced right at the end feels so separate and just introduced to give a reason for suddenly placing them amongst others. If some of the elements of that plot had been brought into the story earlier then some other characters could have appeared before and built towards that final fight. Instead it just felt crammed onto the end of what was an incredibly easily generated relationship.

            I agree with the points Pricey raised too about Nia's magic being too much of a cheat and her ability to go and talk to Buffy when it was needed was way too convenient/easy. The curse also seems to somewhat punish Nia as well, which didn't feel considered. I also noticed the 'cor' but forgot about it when I started to type up and agree the portrayal of Cordy and Angel was a weakness. I've zero idea about the Jenson bit too I'm afraid. I think the point about saying Spike has to die of old age was a way of saying Nia was leaving him alone now, to live as he is. He's immortal so he won't ever die of old age, so she won't be meting out justice by killing him in saying that he will die that way. That's how I took it anyway.

            Like GoSpuffy I also really didn't like the casual mention and acceptance of Buffy being turned in the future and Nia acting as a conscience/soul again. Why would she as a victim feel casual and supportive of that. These really just underlined that this isn't a fic to take seriously for characterisation to me. It's a fun fic that makes me smile on and off, even if it also makes me roll my eyes too. I enjoy a lot of the banter/snark between Spike and Nia. At the end of the day I don't really mind the weaknesses as it isn't a story written for exploring the canon characters I don't think, but just as a light-hearted AU. Read as such, it's enjoyable enough.


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              I'm sorry but I couldn't finish this fic. I found some parts funny but overall it felt rushed and OOC.
              Maybe it's just me and I wasn't in the mood.


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                Originally posted by redtent View Post
                I'm sorry but I couldn't finish this fic. I found some parts funny but overall it felt rushed and OOC.
                Maybe it's just me and I wasn't in the mood.
                I don't think it was you. I definitely couldn't take the characterisation seriously, particularly Buffy, but Spike too really. I think we all thought she was off. For me the writing of the dynamic between Nia and Spike was humorous enough and, very importantly, the fic short enough () to keep reading. It never helps with fics that don't follow canon characterisation well if there is no set-up or justification for why they are behaving as they are. I definitely couldn't take the characterisation seriously in this story, but could stick it for a light-hearted AU. The first scene with the skating was still probably my favourite part of the whole story though.


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                  I thought this was a very refreshing story. I've never come across anything similar but it is so very plausible that Spike would get himself cursed just like Angel (only a bit different=. I liked Nia instantly. It was fun to see how well they got along on the one hand but it wasn't all giggles and laughter. Nia also had a mission and she was firm about it and didn't let Spike get away with any shenanigans.

                  I enjoyed the whole story and the suddenly came the line many of you did also object to. Huh? Spike is gonna turn her? Why? How? Why? Was it a joke? In hindsight, I feel as if the writer wanted them to live happily ever after forever. And since Buffy is still mortal she has to be made immortal. No matter how. Because happily immortal wit Spike justifies all means.

                  I tried to research when exactly this story has been written. I even found the writer's own website which is still online. But no dates are given. The only thing I know is that sabershadowkat started writing in 1999. I remember having read a story by her in which Spike was the street thug we used to think him to be before Fool for Loe aired. But when exactly this story has been written, remains unknown.

                  I have been talking to Pricey lately about how Spuffy fanfic writing changed through the decades and I do think this is an example of an early Spuffy fic with a bit of idolization of soulless Spike. I still enjoyed it but I can see why redtent did not get into it. I have read other fics by sabershadowkat that were just not my cup of tea.

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                    I think, as has been said, the Spike/Buffy relationship was just too instant. It was total wish fulfilment on the writers behalf, which I think comes from seeing Angel/Buffy happen so quickly, within a couple of episodes they were deeply in love with no actual basis. I think the sabreshadowkat loved Spuffy so much, she wanted the same for them. But Spuffy is deeper than that, a much slower burn and based more on life experiences they shared rather than idealistic dreams of two young romantics.