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Fin Amour by Angearia starting on 12th April 2019

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  • Fin Amour by Angearia starting on 12th April 2019

    Our next read in our fanfic discussion group is going to be

    Fin Amour by Angearia

    A bit differently from our ususal reads this isn`t actually a Spuffy fanfic. And I am going to issue a warning for the very first time since we started reading fics together. This fic is dark!

    You can read the fic on Elysian Fields:

    The Bloodshedverse:

    and Seasonal Spuffy:

    With permission of the author angearia there has been a sequel written and published by the_moonmoth. But alas the sequel is not yet finished and it has last been updated almost three years ago. The WIP is called The Soul Lies Down and you can read it on Elysian Fields:

    The sequel won`t be part of our discussion next week but I wanted you to know that you can read on should you feel the desire to do so.

    Dear Angearia, if you have found your way to this thread, please be so kind as to read this:!

    before you proceed. Thank you for your consideration. Please feel welcome to join in the discussion. We would be delighted and honored.

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    Good choice! *g*

    Originally posted by flow View Post
    A bit differently from our ususal reads this isn`t actually a Spuffy fanfic.
    Wait, what? It's true
    they don't end up together
    , but I think of it as one of the most romantic Spuffy stories I've ever read.
    I find it Spuffy the same way that I would still find the final scene of "Intervention" Spuffy if there was no kiss.
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      That`s actually an interesting point for the discussion. Do y`all regard this as Spuffy or as Spike and Buffy? I agree with you, thenewbuzzwuzz, that it is a deeply romantic fic but

      it`s Spike who loves Buffy and it`s unrequited love. That`s why I would not regard it as Spuffy but as Spike and Buffy. Also - because of the sad ending that does not lead to them being a couple or happily in love with each other.

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        Fin Amour - I've just read backwards. Wasn't much point in starting it if I didn't like the end!

        Started the Moonmoth one and it has this - "Mobius-not-an-end". IMO, anything that references a mobius band is worth reading.


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          And did you like the end?

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            I'm okay with it. At the end of the day, it's someone else's take. If it was canon, I might be more p*ssed off. There's plenty more fics out there with a happy ending. And this is "bittersweet". I can understand why there's a sequel. Voices are good - and that's key for me.


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              flow you need to 'edit' to put a / in front of the second spoiler tag at the end above so that it appears as [/spoiler] for your spoiler tag to work.

              It is a long time since I read this fic but I would consider it Spuffy because the relationship is key to the story and character motivation. Where there is or isn't romantic feelings is just a part of exploring their dynamic within the setting and plot that has been written. Unless a fic is really anti the ship I think it can explore it outside of an active romance.

              I tend to have mixed feelings about warnings with stories as they act as spoilers, mild indications of direction that can take some of the impact away when reading them. But I do get that some might find some inclusions triggering and really want to avoid them. Perhaps it would be fair to go with the information that the writer put for a fic, the summary and any warnings as published and not worry about it beyond that?


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                Thank you Stoney for pointing out that the Spoiler brackets did not work. It makes spoiler brackets kinda absurd and I hope no one has accidentally stumbled across what i have blabbered out about the fic.

                I have edited the warnings too, but kept some of them. I think this is an issue because I have read fics that have mildly disturbed me or even freaked me out and I don`t want anyone to participate in this discussion and be traumatized. Maybe we can talk about this more openly when the discussion has started.

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                  If anyone's freaked out, I suggest they read the sequel. I'm up to chapter 8 and it's good. I know it's not finished but TBH, I could leave it here and still get a sense of satisfaction.

                  - - - Updated - - -

                  Right - I've "vetted" the sequel and I've got to Chapter 14. It's very, very good...excellent. It's a crying shame it's unfinished (15 chapters) but if you want a Spuffy ending read to Ch 14. No "staffs", no "fingers on lips".


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                    Okay I'm posting as it is the 12th (just hoping I don't get into trouble with flow for doing so without the official opening!)...

                    I did reread this even though I hadn't intended to join for this one, because I knew it would leave me feeling pretty morose. It is a really bittersweet story and I do tend to look for more uplifting endings (or ambiguous with at least a heavy leaning to positivity!). But it is a total classic that is well worth the reread, if you feel in the right mind space to do so! I miss Emmie's contributions to this board and always enjoyed reading her posts and knowing how well written this fic is, that it was going to be looked at today, I found myself wanting to pick it up again this morning.

                    This AU season 5 leads into an alternate of Intervention really, just set within Spiral. Bringing Spike to face a test of his feelings and determination, but one here that pushes things to the complete extent that he was willing to go. And again it shows his feelings produce something that Buffy could see as 'real' and appreciate. But I also love that Buffy saved Dawn herself from Ben at the end. That whilst Spike's sacrifice mattered, gave her time to give birth, Buffy wasn't reduced and weakened in the story in order for him to take an heroic stance, as Spuffy fanfics can often lean to do.

                    Basically I think that by taking the story of the challenge to him to an extreme resolution it's a story that does exactly what the writer stated they intended, 'to express a great and abiding romantic love without the sexual expression of love'. The willing sacrifice is a fantastic way to do this and the truth of the strength of his belief in his feelings and how it affected his choices is what is seen. It works in that sense with canon of course, and without the story detouring into debating perceived/actual limitations of soullessness, but it also cuts his development and story short and that saddens me. But it's a powerful tale, very bittersweet, and with high quality voicing and characterisation throughout. A total classic and I love it, although it doesn't fail to make me feel blue and I'm glad canon took the character exploration/development further.

                    I've never read the sequel moonmoth was given the okay to write. Although a part of me feels like the story should finish where it does, just as I was happy to see Spike return in AtS post Chosen and for his story to continue to develop from then (and he was further developed before he died at that point too), I would happily read a sequel to this if it comes to some satisfactory finishing point. Going by what TriBel has said I might read the sequel as there is so much development that Spike didn't get by completely sacrificing himself at the point he does here. Although I know I'm risking the 'development' being all Buffy's and it focussing on being her better appreciation of him because of his sacrifice.

                    Oh, and in returning to the question above about whether you'd consider this a Spuffy story, I'd say definitely. As I said before, even without an active romance their feelings/dynamic are key to the story and unambiguously in the motivations of one of the characters. And then there is the tip to some change of feelings/opinion for Buffy at the end in hindsight too. I don't think there has to be an actual romantic relationship underway for it to class as Spuffy.
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                      Going by what TriBel has said I might read the sequel as there is so much development that Spike didn't get by completely sacrificing himself at the point he does here. Although I know I'm risking the 'development' being all Buffy's and it focussing on being her better appreciation of him because of his sacrifice.
                      And Tribel's having to re-read it 6 days after she first read it because she's forgotten what it's about. This is why I can't do proper reviews! Stoney, IIRC, some liberties are taken with the soul. That might put you off. In the other hand, it's incredibly well written. It's one of the best written fan-fics I've ever read. The voices, the flow of the writing, the plot (and there's a time element to it) are all handled so well. I really wish it was complete. As I said, from a Spuffy PoV - it's safe but there's a Dawn story that's really interesting and I'm sorry that's never resolved.


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                        Well I don't agree with it and am yet to read a story that manages to handle satisfactorily presenting the soul as unnecessary (handling the connection to who he was and what he did before) that doesn't rely on brushing past the issues, changing Buffy's characterisation hugely or rewriting his past, but as a big fan of early season tangents it isn't something that is a deal breaker for me in reading a fic. The Gort fics I recommended this week fit to that kind of early season tangent that wants to ignore his soullessness. I just shrug and let the issues with it go when it comes before the show itself really explored his limitation. Which is why I only really tend towards strongly disliking that pov when it is written post late S6 and especially so when it demonises Buffy in the relationship. It doesn't surprise me at all that the sequel to this would lean that way, there are hints at the end of the story that could prompt it to. It's a disappointment to me as it limits Spike's development imo, but it doesn't put me off reading it. It's a shame to hear that there is an aspect of Dawn's story left unresolved though. Hmmm... is there any Spike & Dawn friendship to it? That could be a clincher for me on reading it regardless of it being unfinished if there is a good one included as I'm such a sucker for a good Spike & Dawn friendship in a fic.

                        Did anybody else read Fin Amour?


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                          that manages to handle satisfactorily presenting the soul as unnecessary
                          It doesn't present it as unnecessary. It's how it's presented that's different. It much depends on what you consider the soul to be. I hope you do read it because I'd like to hear your views on it. The Dawn/Spike relationship - I can't comment on it without spoiling it.


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                            I've started Fin Amour and am loving it so far. It's incredibly well written. Will post my thoughts on it soon!
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                              I've read the first two chapters and am quite enjoying it. From Stoney's post I'm guessing Spike sacrifices himself for Buffy, which to me makes it a Spuffy fic.

                              I'm surprised that Riley just left. How did he know this child wasn't his? Even if Buffy told him it was a mystical baby, I'm not sure Riley would just accept that without proof of some sort.

                              I like that Buffy know's the baby isn't hers and that she has no feelings for it, only that she has to protect it. It very much feeds into what a lot of fans wished had happened in the show, mainly because of their dislike of Dawn. Personally I'm very happy they didn't go this route, a pregnant slayer is just dull storytelling (and a dull watch imo)

                              The writing is good. It's very readable.