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The Mangy Lion by Puddinhead starting 14th of December 2018

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  • The Mangy Lion by Puddinhead starting 14th of December 2018

    We have another Christmas fic coming up for discussion. It is

    The Mangy Lion by Puddinhead.

    Set in season 7 with 35k words the summary tells us that this is:

    A Christmas tale in which Spike lands in 1879 London inside his mostly William body. And Buffy comes along for the ride. It features vampires, a killer snowball fight and the aggresive application of mistletoe.

    The discussion will start next Friday! Hope you enjoy this!

    Dear Puddinhead, if you have found your way to this thread, please be so kind as to read this!
    before you proceed. Thank you for your consideration. Please feel welcome to join in the discussion. We would be delighted and honored.

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    Discussion is officially open and -- oops. I haven`t managed to re-read it. It is one of my all-time favorite Spuffy fics though. I love the idea of Buffy spending Christmas with Spike - and not William - at his mothers house in Victorian England. This fic just has a very comforting Christmas-y mood.

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      Okay - using this as a distraction from a) work and b) Brexit - I need me a Clarence. On that note - I like the opening conceit.


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        This is an incredibly well written fic. I think the author is published and I can see why. I enjoyed the idea of Clarence from It's A Wonderful Life being involved, that makes this fic extra-Christmassy. The writer is obviously a big fan of Jonathan, and I am not, so that detracted from the story. Jonathan, who has tried to end the world, who was involved in the attempted rape and murder of a woman, which he covered up and then fled justice and ran away to Mexico, is made a Guardian Angel. That did not sit well with me at all.

        I thought the story was very sweet, that Spike and Buffy get to spend a Victorian Christmas together and Buffy gets to see how Spike was as William. I liked the romance of that. The voices were spot on, and I liked how Spike kept slipping into the William persona. Jenny was a nice character and reminded me a lot of Dawn, which I wonder if that was the authors intention?

        I enjoyed this fic and apart from Jonathan, my only criticism would be the pacing felt a little slow and stodgy, but I also think that fitted with the Victorian novel theme I think Puddinhead was going for. So it was a mix of two Christmas staples, It's a Wonderful Life and a classic idea of a Victorian Christmas and I think it worked better as a Victorian story and the scenes in The Mangy Lion weren't really necessary for the overall effect, and some other excuse for the spell could have been used. But that's down to my dislike of Jonathan and the use of rock stars as Angels, which didn't really appeal to me.

        Anyway, nice story, very well written, but a little slow.


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          I enjoyed the story and really connected with the humour. I really like how it tied to "It's a Wonderful Life" instead of "A Christmas Carol". I'm done with the ghosts, they feel so over used to me. Not meaning in spuffy fanfic just in the shear number of references in Christmas movies.

          I agree with Priceless (suprise!), I'm not a Jonathon fan either. He never would have made it to heaven in my opinion. I disagree on pacing though, I found no problems with it at all.

          I think Puddinhead writes comedy very well and that makes the story really entertaining. I also like the voicing for Buffy and Spike, particularly for Buffy. I giggled in a couple of spots where so that automatically is a bonus to me.

          “I like who I am when I’m with him. I like who we are together.”


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            I have re-read this a bit late.

            I am afraid, that I will put down my solemn fanfic critique hat and put on a fangirl cap instead. I absolutely love and adore this story and it is one of the very best I have ever read in Spuffy fanfiction. I don`t think I have read many better stories in original fiction either. This is so well composed and written it has such a nice Christmas-y feeling and I love how Spike constantly switches between his Spike persona and his William persona.

            Like the rest of you, I am not a huge fan of Jonathan, but he was on a road to redemption, when he got murdered by Andrew. Considering that Andrew is nowadays second in command at the Watcher`s Council, I don`t think it`s unfair that Jonathan gets to be a Guardian Angel, second class.

            One question for the British among us - do you really have flaming black Pudding for Christmas? Does it look like the one in the little pic at the beginning of chapter 10?

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