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Suggestions for the FanFiction discussion threads

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  • Originally posted by flow View Post
    The group discussion has slowed down considerably. I think we should finish Dutchbuffy's series in December and maybe we should take a break in January and see if people are ready to join again after that. What do you think?

    I think a break would be good flow. Christmas and the New Year are busy times and it'll give people a chance to catch up.


    • I'm extra busy learning new job and xmas. I'm fine with a break. It does feel quieter in here as of late but that could just be how I feel because i have less time to post

      I like who I am when I’m with him. I like who we are together.”


      • I'm happy to just go with the flow as it's never certain when I'll be able to join in with the discussions/reads anyway.


        • I have been asked about when and where our next discussion will take place. we have two one-shots and one novella-length fic on our list:

          That I May Cease To Be by cousinjean on All About Spike 18k

          After withstanding the First's attempts to break him, Spike suddenly finds himself living William's life as if he'd never died; but how did he get there, and why? And does this mean he'll never see Buffy again?

          Clearance by Treacle Antlers 17k on

          Season 4: Whilst searching for AWOL Riley, Buffy and reluctant sidekick Spike are trapped in a medical supply closet for 24 hours

          Scars by JamesMFan 69k on TSR

          This is going to be a dark fic, none of the usual comedy that you might be used to from one of my fics.

          What do you think? Shall we start in January with a short fic or rather pick the longer one and wait until February? Or even read and discuss the longer story in January? Let me know what you think!

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          • I'm happy to do whatever the group decide. If it is decided to read a new fic, I like the sound of That I May Cease To Be


            • That I May Cease to Be sounds good - cousinjean is a great writer. Think it's cool if everyone wants to stick to the plan to discuss in February.

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              • I'd have probably gone for Clearance because I enjoy early season fics the most, but I haven't read That I May Cease to Be before either so I'll happily go with that instead. I'm happy to wait until February if that's what everyone else wants to do, but I'm no more likely to fit it in better then as I would be now to be honest.

                I've read Scars before but I struggle to fit in the longer fics most of the time, my super slooooow reading and all that. I'll try to reread it if/when it gets chosen but, without spoiling anything, I'd have to be in the right mood for it too.


                • I'm game for whatever

                  I like who I am when I’m with him. I like who we are together.”