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    I'm trying to write Bones fan fiction. I think I have a good plot and I've got a bunch of notes and everything, but I'm having a little trouble on how to go about actually writing it. Is there anyone on here that writes Bones fan fiction or could give me some tips? I know I'm gonna have to do a lot of research for the medical terms, uses of objects, etc. so I can make it somewhat authentic, but beyond that...

    Any help is much appreciated and if you have any input or suggestions, PM me.



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      I need real help with my new VS that I plan to post here which is a BUFFY spinoff called RILEY, and it is 100% unrelated to Blasterboy's RILEY VS.

      Anywho, I need an editor for the episodes that I have written. I have the first episode written already, I just need an editor that's all.

      PM me if you are interested and thank you.

      Here's the cast for season one:

      Marc Blucas as Riley Finn
      Ivana Milicevic as Sam Finn
      Bailey Chase as Graham Miller
      Kaley Cuoco as Billie Jenkins [1x07, onwards]
      Alyssa Milano as Savanna Brookston
      Alexis Denisof as Wesley Wyndam Pryce
      Drew Garrett as Willis Brookston
      and Mercedes McNab as Harmony Kendall

      The first five episodes are as mentioned:

      1x01. A New Start - Riley, Sam and Graham arrive at the hellmouth in Boston and find themselves working for a military service outside Boston and their new boss, Charles Vendetta, seems to have strange motives for his team; Graham reunites with his childhood friend Savanna Brookston and the trio meets her younger brother Willis; Wesley is trapped in a limbo state, unable to move on.

      1x02. No Harm Done - When Riley and co. get a call about a group of vampires on the loose they learn that one of the vampires is Harmony Kendall, and she leads the USWC team in an all-out chase; Graham is surprised when Savanna asks him out on a date and Sam finds Vendetta to be very suspicious.

      1x03. Reflections - After getting a call about a haunting at a local hotel, Riley, Sam and Graham meet Wesley and he tells about how he ended up in limbo state to begin with and he learns he must choose to either crossover or to return to the surface.

      1x04. Swiss Family Finn - Riley meets a man that claims to be his father, and more of his past is revealed as Riley learns from his mother about the truth of what happened to his father, and you'll definetly not look at Riley the same way again.

      1x05. Always Devoted - Riley is surprised when Buffy, Xander, Willow and Kennedy arrive at his doorsteps, and they need help taking on a group of rogue slayers; Wesley seeks advice from an old friend and Graham and Savanna discover a group of rogue slayers while on a date.
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        Hey, i just basically need information. I'm writing a fic set in an American highschool, but I'm not from America and don't know a thing about it :P If someone could please give me a run down of a typical day, what kind of classes there are, is it really that cliquey, and anything else they consider notable, that'd be great :-)
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          I am needing an editor for my continuations of the anime Ronin Warriors. I'm wanting to post it as a VS here at BF, where my website isn't working out so that's why I am making plans to work on this VS here. PM me if you are willing to help me, and thanks ton in advance. BTW, I have the first episode complete.
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          An Angel continuity/crossover with Power Rangers
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