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    Challenge ONE - Canon Schmanon - Part Deux

    Yeah I know what you are all thinking, didn't he already do this challeng? Well yeah I did, but I needed something to jump start these challenges again and seeing as how last time this one got some really awesome entries I thought that it would be a great way to get some people active in the fanfic challenges again

    Also, I am continuing this because pretty much as soon as I did it BWF started acting up...figures. If you entered one from when I tried doing this on BWF just repost it.

    The Challenge:
    Throughout the Whedonverse we all have what we call canon ships, which are pairing of couples that really happened (i.e Buffy/Angel, Xander/Anya, Tara/Willow) Now, I want you to take what we call canon...and destroy it. Choose a ship that never happened in the Jossverse (and now other verses) and make it happen. Make it realistic and not just random. Come up with a realistic way the ship could happen even if it is a really weird or bizzare one.

    Examples: Anya/Andrew, Xander/Dawn, The Master/Joyce, Buffy/Willow, Gunn/Skip, Fred/Cordelia, Xander/Wesley, Weevil/Veronica.

    Now, becuase without them there would be anarchy..

    The Rules

    Fandoms: Now before Irene left we had talked about when it would be right to allow other fandoms in and we decided that after at least 10 or so other ones would be allowed in, so here is the list of ones allowed:
    • Angel
    • Buffy
    • Charmed
    • Gilmore Girls
    • Harry Potter
    • Heroes
    • Smallville
    • Supernatural
    • Veronica Mars

    Rating: Wherever your naughty little mind takes you. But PLEASE! I insist that if it is NC-17, that you label it that in the title or it will lay heavily in the judging process. I am only doing this for the well being of the people who don't like the naughty-ness on the forum, not to be a control freak ^^;

    Number of Entries Allowed: Up to 5. You can only enter two of the same pairing though. You can use the same character again, but he/she has to be paired with someone else.

    Word Limit: The Standard more than that, hehe.

    Deadline: July 15, 2007

    The Winner:Pretty awards for the best ones, and of course the knowledge that they beat everyone else

    Additional Information:
    -I won't count Spangel, because I in fact believe that they once did have a thing, so in that sense it would be considered canon.

    -I will allow crossovers, as long as they fit and don't get into the unrealistic category, which will weigh heavily into the judging process, along with how good the writing is of course

    -Non-Canon can be M/F, M/M, or F/F...there is no specific on that.

    Now...Go!, have fun with this. I know that there are many talented writers out there and I hope you all consider putting in an entry.
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      Challenge TWO -- "Makin' Up is Hard To Do"

      The Challenge

      In the Buffyverse and in other fandoms, even our favorite characters can do some horrible things to each other. Unfortunately, with so many other stories to tell, a lot of things, countless things, have gone by between the central characters of both shows that never got resolved, or even more annoyingly, got resolved or forgotten with no explanation. The challenge to you is to tell a story of making up to each other for some of these things.


      Continuity -- While entries must be canon-compatible through as much of the Buffyverse as you've consumed (i.e., if you haven't read Season 8, don't feel bound to it, but don't go crazy either if setting a story after "Chosen"), don't feel like you can't write a detailed scene making up for something between characters even if what happened on screen wouldn't explicitly refer to your story, because obviously it can't.

      Rating -- Any and all, but please label R or NC-17 and any sexual content/'shippiness in the title.

      Number of entries allowed -- 5

      Word Limit -- 5000

      Deadline -- 11:59pm ET August 22nd, 2007

      Limitations -- If whatever incident was already explicitly dealt with on screen, don't reinvent it, unless you are convinced that there is still more to be said between the characters. Buffy's "the good guys aren't always known for their communication skills" isn't explicit, for example.

      Please bring any questions to the challenge discussion thread, and I look forward to reading your entries.
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        What are you doing here?

        Shot of Buffy walking into a room in Joyce's house, seeing Dawn.
        BUFFY: What are you doing here?
        Shot of Dawn looking annoyed.
        Shot of Joyce in her room, calling out.
        JOYCE: Buffy? If you're going out, why don't you take your sister?
        Shot of Buffy and Dawn looking annoyed in Joyce's direction.
        Buffy and Dawn (in unison): Mom!

        Remember how Joss did that? One second there was no Dawnster, messing up the Buffster’s world, the next, well, the next there was. And she was there all along… how ‘bout that, huh?!

        Retconning, according to Wikipedia- loosely, anyways- is messing ‘round with the verse and justifying otherwise unjustifiable things and distorting previously known facts… So yes, Dawn could be considered a retcon… quite a tall one, actually.

        Your challenge… take a world and insert someone new into it… I’m thinking more in terms of crossovers, to be honest. Just, a crossover where they were always there, and you’re messing with the facts, rather than a crossover where ‘suddenly’, Willow decided to take a job teaching magic at Hogwarts, or ‘suddenly’ Angel road trips to Neptune. If Angel’s in Neptune, he’s always been there, in this one.

        To be honest, the excellent entry by Wolfie Gilmore for Enderswrath was a bit of an inspiration- she artfully introduces Harry Potter and Lilah Morgan, ergo my current interest in crossovers… haven’t read it? Find it here.

        -Verses allowed… I’d rather the Jossverse. Veronica Mars would be fine, as would Harry Potter or Heroes or Grey's. I’ve not seen Supernatural, or Dr. Who, so sorry, they’re out.

        -Characters you can insert- if you want to put a Supernatural character into a verse I know, that’s fine. Just explain it to me. PM me or ask in the asking thread about verses and characters I have seen or know.

        -I do not want Willow as a teacher at Hogwarts. I just don’t. It’s been done to death, and frankly, it irritates the **** out of me. That’s the only real no no I can think of!

        Now, Joss spent a whole season on Dawn’s arrival in Buffy’s world, and some of the consequences. I don’t expect 22 episodes, just up to 5000 words in any format telling me about some hilarity that might ensue, should the character and world collide. Remember, there were consequences of Dawn being there. They found out she didn't belong, your story can have the characters find out, or not. Just as long as there are consequences- what would happen if a slayer met a reaver?

        Word Limit: max 5000, really, less would be okay!
        Format: Any, I don't lean towards script as a general rule, but there are exceptions, so however you can best write, go for it.
        Due Date: October 4, 2007

        Have fun!!!

        Edit: I have been asked, can we have more than one character in a verse... my response, as outlined here is that you may, but it must be clear who is in whose verse.

        Edit the second: enter as many times as you like... if you have more than one story in you... go for it...

        Edit the third: Extended until end of Tuesday 9 October!
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          Challenge #4

          Yay! It’s my turn. I’m hoping to tempt folks with something a bit different. I want funny.
          We all love Buffy (doesn’t really need to be said right?); it was a groundbreaking and highly original show. That being said, it, like many shows, had a few fall backs-some trusty plot devices used repeatedly to give excuses for what would otherwise not make sense. Since the Buffy writers were excellent they didn’t use them too often and didn’t use too many in any given story. I want to know what would happen if they did. That’s right I’m looking for a little tongue in cheek action; a lovingly made spoof perhaps. The challenge: Use as many Buffy clichés as you can in your story.

          1. Willow performs a spell with unexpected results.
          2. Giles discovers a new prophecy (or recalculates the date) and it takes place in two days (this should coincide with Buffy’s important date/school event).
          3. Angel drops by for a quickie to give the fans a thrill and boost ratings-his visit should serve no real purpose plot-wise.
          4. Xander attracts a demon woman.
          5. Spike points out something about one of the Scoobies that should have been obvious to all.
          6. Giles cleans his glasses.
          7. Anya says something about orgasms, etc.
          8. Spike cries (about a girl).
          9. Dawn’s teen rebellion gets her into big trouble.
          10. Giles or one of the Scoobies gets kidnapped.
          11. Buffy tries to avoid her slayer responsibilities and comes to regret it.
          12. The Watcher’s Council is the enemy.
          13. Whatever new thing Buffy does she runs into a supernatural problem.

          There are more obviously, but that should give you the idea. Feel free to play up the Buffy-speak and to be a bit silly, but please do remember that we like this show. I’m not looking for bashing; I’m looking for affectionate spoofing. Think James Bond ala Austin Powers. Also, there should be a plot-I’m just looking for a silly one.

          Deadline: 11:59 ET November 5, 2007

          Entries-One per writer please (or team if a couple of writers want to work together that is fine) No minimum or maximum length.

          Have fun and make me laugh please!!!!!
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            Challenge 5 - Mary Sue, Mary Sue, oh how my heart yearns for you

            The Challenge

            What it says on the tin. This is a Mary Sue challenge. So go for it, insert your very own original character into one of the fandoms below, and have a blast. She* can be as perfect as befits her title of Mary Sue, and influence the plot consequently.

            But here’s the catch. I don’t want a spoof. I don’t want you to ridicule her. I want her to be, in all her fabulousness, believable, or at least likeable. She will step on your hero’s toes – that’s OK. She may steal your hero’s heart – that’s what we’re paying her for.

            She is not staying in the fandom. If you choose to kill her off, that’s fine. She’s even allowed to die saving the day, if such falls under her duties as Mary Sue. Or she can be banished by the canon characters, or decide to move away, that’s entirely up to you, as long as she’s gone by the end of your fic.

            I want to get attached to this flawless character, wish she would appear on canon, and miss her when she goes.

            Think of this challenge as the chocolate bar before you go on a diet. This last one, you’re allowed. Go for your favourite brand and indulge yourself because come tomorrow, that’s it. This is more than a Mary Sue exercise – it’s a Mary Sue exorcism.

            * I use “Mary Sue” as a non-gender specific term, you’re free to have a Gary Stu instead.

            The Rules


            Aren’t you just spoilt for choice here!

            • Ally McBeal
            • Angel (seasons 1 to 5 only)
            • Battlestar Galactica
            • Bones
            • Buffy the Vampire Slayer (seasons 1 to 7 only)
            • Dead Like Me
            • Desperate Housewives
            • Firefly (& Serenity)
            • Gilmore Girls
            • Grey’s Anatomy
            • House MD
            • Life On Mars
            • Lost
            • Men In Trees
            • Quantum Leap
            • Supernatural
            • The X-Files
            • Torchwood
            • Veronica Mars

            Some of these are a bit out there, I just thought in case someone wants to have a go at something different, I’d love to see what you come up with. Normally I would welcome crossovers between any of these fandoms, however, for this particular challenge, I am not allowing crossovers because it should be disruptive enough to have a new character find her footing in one world, let alone several mixed together.

            Prompts: As per the tradition your fic must include each of the following at one point or another:

            • geniusette
            • neo-superlative
            • gnu
            • gelding
            • Golgi apparatus
            • anti-antihero
            • slag-offablility

            Ships: Your fic, your ships. It’s probably a good idea to stick Mary Sue in the mix somewhere, although including a ship is by no means mandatory.

            Rating: Anything goes but please specify.

            Up to you. I have a clear preference for reading non-script but don’t go writing non-script if you prefer script.

            Word limit: No maximum or minimum word count but if it’s no trouble please state the word count. I found that useful judging my last challenge.

            As many as you like.

            Winners: Beautiful banners! If I can find a fantastic fanartist!

            Deadline: 01/01/08, midnight (whichever time-zone you're in)


            No Canon Sues, please, that’s just bad fanficking. Your Mary Sue must be original.

            I want a story – with a beginning, an end, a middle bit, and a plot linking them together. A zoom fic would not allow your Mary Sue to accomplish enough for the reader to get to know her.

            This is about Mary Sue, but interaction with canon characters is essential.

            You can’t use magicks or paranormal causes to explain the Mary Sue-ness of your character. (Been done in canon – BtVS 417, for example.) She’s simply this amazing naturally.

            Additional information

            Just because I don’t want a spoof doesn’t mean I don’t want any humour in there…

            Of course your Mary Sue doesn’t have to be named “Mary Sue”. But she can be if you so wish.

            To find out more about the Mary Sue phenomenon, go here.

            Any questions ask in the challenge discussions thread or PM me.

            Have fun!!!!
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              CHALLENGE#6 SLAY BELLS

              Yup you guessed it. Just when you thought it was all over I'm running an Xmas themed challenge

              The challenge

              We had seven glorious years of BTVS and now we have the first few episodes of season eight to enjoy as well. But within all off this we only have one Xmas episode. One!

              What i want you to do is to rectify this by writing those missing episodes. Any season is up for grabs apart from season three which is already taken care of and i will allow season eight fics as well but only up to where we are (the end of No Future). Make sure that your fic nestles snugly within known existing canon. I don't want future setting or alternative universes just those missing canon compatible episodes from BTVS.


              Just BTVS i'm afraid


              Never really too sure about this but please, nothing to make me blush.

              Word Limit

              5000 words


              Either script or non-script is fine


              Two per person


              31st of January 2008

              Additional Info

              I want a christams Episode that means bad guys, slayage, possibly an apocalypse or two and Scooby gang on full alert; but don't forget the time of year and the possible themes that this allows you. Give me a slice of proper Buffage with jingle bells on.

              What I really, really don't want is an Amends style cheesy shmaltzfest lets forget the wallowing and really celebrate the spirit of christmas past!

              I will try and organise something in the way of treats for winners but not being an arty type i might have to have a think about that for a bit.

              Now go. Write. And most importantly, have fun!
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                Challenge#7: Leather Pants


                Choose life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose a fcking big television, Choose washing machines, cars, compact disc players, and electrical tin openers. Choose good health, low cholesterol and dental insurance. Choose fixed- interest mortgage repayments. Choose a starter home. Choose your friends. Choose leisure wear and matching luggage. Choose a three piece suite on hire purchase in a range of fcking fabrics. Choose DIY and wondering who you are on a Sunday morning. Choose sitting on that couch watching mind-numbing sprit- crushing game shows, stuffing fcking junk food into your mouth. Choose rotting away at the end of it all, pishing you last in a miserable home, nothing more than an embarrassment to the selfish, fcked-up brats you have spawned to replace yourself. Choose your future. Choose life... But why would I want to do a thing like that?

                -Extract from Trainspotting by Irvine Welsh (with expletives slightly altered though not quite deleted, hope that’s ok!)

                I cheated myself
                Like I knew I would
                I told ya, I was trouble
                You know that I'm no good

                - Amy Winehouse

                The challenge

                This is a challenge about a character going off the rails. It’s not about going evil, it’s about going BAD. Think Trainspotting if you’re old enough to remember that. Think Amy Winehouse if you’re not. Think Buffy and Willow in season 6. Think Giles when he was 16 and Ripperish. Think Spike and Dru in season 2, but less murderous. Think trouble. Think sexy. (Though cf the rating below.)

                Feel free to use Buffy, Willow or Giles by the way – just explore different ways they could take a walk on the wild side than the ones already touched on. Perhaps a return of Ripper after Jenny Calendar dies? Using another character’s death as a catalyst might be one way of achieving the off the rails-ness of the character you pick.

                They could get involved in crime, drugs, espionage, hacking of government departments (you know, more than they usually do, and for personal gain not saving the world purposes!), mercenary armies, underground fight clubs (always a classic), demon brothels (maximum extra points for a cameo from David Nabbit…), some kind of dodgy magic money making scheme…any nefarious activity you can think of. And lots of inappropriate relationships, angst and attitude. And leather pants, if it seems appropriate to the character’s naughty-fication.

                Make it dark or make it funny, or make it both. It can all end in tears, even death if you’re feeling brutal. Or they could find their way again once they've gone to the edge and had a good look over it...

                I’m happy with short fics that just serve as a snapshot of how the character’s got this way and what that means for them (and possibly the world, if they’re neglecting their duty and allowing bad monsters to get out of hand…or possibly summoning demons themselves). Or you could go longer an plottier if you fancy. Anything you write, I’m up for.


                BTVS or ATS, though slight preference for BTVS because I feel they tend to be cleaner living to begin with so more fun to make them naughty…

                Oh and Doctor Who, too. What would happen if the Doctor went off the rails. In leather pants…?


                Keep it PG-13, if you don’t mind, because I find sex scenes a bit cringey to read in fanfic, however good they are, if I know the writer.[/British]

                Word Limit

                3000 words (though I won’t be too strict about it, just wanting to limit the volume of words to read!)


                Either script or prose fine. Or epic poetry.


                One each

                Deadline EXTENDED

                Was April 2nd, now mid-April (with a little flexibility, let me know how you're getting on then!).

                Any questions? Will answer in the challenge discussion threads.

                btw, this challenge is closed. Am slowly reading through the entries, will let you know when I'm close to a judgement.
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                  Challenge Eight

                  Drabbleness drabblefest: Back to Basics

                  Welcome to the latest fanfic challenge!

                  Okay, well you have two options here, meaning you can do either, or both! *encourages both, both, both!!! *

                  One is easier than the other, but that doesn’t make it more fun... I think...?

                  a. Take a situation that has occurred on a show (we’ll get to the accepted shows soon! ) and drabble it. Not just once- at least four, and a maximum of eight times. From different perspectives. If it’s a moment that occurred in canon, I don’t want you to state it specifically, but by the time I’ve read the four to eight drabbles, it should be clear which scene you’re dealing with.

                  b. Take a situation that you’ve invented (keeping it as canon as possible, but I’ll keep it pretty lax, not gonna be a stickler) and drabble it. Not just once- at least four, and a maximum of eight times. From different perspectives. Again, I don’t want you to state the situation too specifically, but by the time I’ve read the four to eight drabbles, it should be clear what event has occurred/is occurring that you’re dealing with.

                  Rules- for this, I really want shows that I know quite well, so I’m afraid I’m going to be pretty restrictive- that pretty much means Jossverse, Grey’s, Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars, with a strong leaning to Jossverse.

                  That’s it- you have a month, hope to see lots of entries by June 11…
                  Questions welcome by PM or the questions thread.

                  Edit: Enter as many times as you like, by the way
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                    Challenge 9

                    This is a two part challenge, because I wanted to focus on season eight, but I wanted to make sure that everyone got a chance to enter even if they weren't reading the comics, so there's a general challenge and a season eight challenge.

                    The Rules
                    1) Buffy fandom only please
                    2) Maximum of two entries per person (which can mean one entry for each part of the challenge, or two entries for one part)
                    3) Maximum of 3000 words (I can be persuaded to be flexible, I'm just trying to limit how much I have to read while in the middle of exams/dissertation writing)
                    4) Closing Date: One month from today, July 15th

                    Part 1:Could I get a do-over?

                    All the talk of least favorite episodes and least favorite seasons on the forum lately got me thinking: what would you change, if you could? How would you make things different, and better? I've heard people talk about how little they like the episode Gone - could you write a story where Buffy is accidentally turned invisible and make it work? There's a lot of Buffy vs. Dracula dislike - so how would you write a story involving Buffy and Dracula? If you don't like the way that season seven went, can you write a story that demonstrates a different direction it could have taken?

                    Now this last example might be hard to manage in 3000 words, but the point wouldn't be to write an alternate season, or to give a summary of how the plot could have gone - instead, you could give a snapshot of a moment in that alternate season, that allows your readers to see how things were different, while also telling an actual story.

                    You can certainly re-do stories from season eight if you want, but this part of the challenge is open to all seasons.

                    Part 2: Is there anyone here who hasn't slept together?

                    This part of the challenge is specifically for season eight. Write a Buffy birthday story for season eight, and get two of our characters together who've never gotten together before. And I mean characters who've never been actually, textually together - crushes don't count, but smoochies do. Make me believe it. Make me think this is the way that Joss & Co. are going to take the story.

                    To be honest, I'm particularly interested in Buffy/Xander, because I definitely can see that happening based on the season so far, and I've never really been a fan of their ship before, so I'm really interested to see someone convince me. But there are no limits - I'm perfectly happy to be convinced of Dawn/Xander, Buffy/Faith, Faith/Willow, Xander/Dracula...any couple that you can come up with who've never gotten together before. You can bring back characters that are still alive somewhere in the 'verse (Riley...Oz...) as long as you set it in season eight and put them with someone they've never been with before. And a traditional Buffy Birthday Fiasco is preferable, but the focus of the challenge is making me believe the couple.

                    If you have any questions on either part, feel free to PM me or post in the discussion thread. Hopefully I've been moderately clear!
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                      Challenge #10: "She Must Be Dying Without A Reflection"

                      This challenge stems from an already robust world of fanfic and into your very own creative centers. The goal here is to be any number of things -- funny, sexy, dark, darker, dramatic. But the constraint is thus...

                      You will oversee, as an author, the siring of one of the major characters of Buffy or Angel. Preferably "Buffy" characters, but either is fine. One exception -- no Gunn. For those who understand why, there you are, for those who don't, you'll simply have to struggle through. But I want you to take one of the major characters (if you have a character you think is borderline, PM me or ask in the discussion thread) and make them a vampire.

                      Requirements --
                      • The siring can not happen "off-screen" -- I want you to earn this situation, even if we're walking in on it.
                      • Because I think to really explore the change and its implications required at least some girth, I'm going to put in a 1,000 word minimum on this challenge. That can be negotiated down, but realistically, I'd like to see most entries land on at least 1500 or 2000 words.
                      • All ratings are welcome if properly tagged "R" or higher.
                      • Maximum is 5,000 words, negotiable by PM.
                      • Eligible fandoms are "Buffy" and "Angel", inclusive of all eight seasons of Buffy, all five of Angel, and "After the Fall". If you have an idea for a vamping that's outside this fandom, again, negotiable by PM or the discussion thread.

                      This challenge is due at 11:59pm ET on Thursday, September 18th. Extensions are commonplace and will probably be no exception here.

                      Good Luck, Fic Writers!
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                        Challenge #11: 'There are no absolutes. No right & wrong ... There are only choices.'

                        Firstly, two epigraphs to stoke your imaginations and get your clogs turning.
                        (from behind her) Jasmine, it's over. You've lost.
                        (turns to face Angel) I've lost? Do you have any idea what you've done?
                        What I had to do.
                        No. No, Angel. There are no absolutes. No right and wrong. Haven't you learned anything working for the Powers? There are only choices. I offered paradise. You chose this!
                        Because I could. Because that's what you took away from us. Choice.
                        And look what free will has gotten you.
                        Hey, I didn't say we were smart. I said it's our right. It's what makes us human.
                        BUFFY: (sighing) We need to find Willow.
                        XANDER: Yeah, she's off the wagon big-time. Warren's a dead man if she finds him.
                        DAWN: (bitterly) Good.
                        BUFFY: Dawn, don't say that.
                        DAWN: Why not? (the others looking at her) I'd do it myself if I could.
                        BUFFY: Because you don't really feel that way.
                        DAWN: Yes I do. And you should too. He killed Tara, and he nearly killed you. He needs to pay.
                        XANDER: Out of the mouths of babes.
                        BUFFY: Xander.
                        XANDER: I'm just saying he's ... he's just as bad as any vampire you've sent to dustville.
                        BUFFY: Being a Slayer doesn't give me a license to kill. Warren's human.
                        DAWN: (scoffs) So?
                        BUFFY: So the human world has its own rules for dealing with people like him.
                        XANDER: Yeah, we all know how well those rules work.
                        BUFFY: Sometimes they do. Sometimes they don't. We can't control the universe.
                        Challenge #11: 'There are no absolutes. No right & wrong ... There are only choices.'

                        To me, one of the most interesting themes explored in the Jossverse is that of morality. The conflict between dealing with humanity and the supernatural, being a part of both, having to draw and redraw the notions of good and evil, it makes for exciting and thought-provoking story telling.

                        So, here's the challenge. I want you to take a moral dilemma in the Buffyverse and make the character/s change how they dealt with it. The crucial thing here is believability. It would not make sense for example, for Buffy to kill DarkWillow in Season Six, when Buffy strongly advocates that "Being a Slayer doesn't give me a license to kill." How big the moral decision we're talking about here is up to you, it could be one of the biggies, say, Buffy stabbing Faith to save Angel, or Giles trying to kill Spike, or maybe something that you felt hasn't been discussed adequately, on the shows or amongst the fans, such as Buffy killing some of the Knights of Byzantium, or Wesley stabbing a girl for information in 'Release', or maybe something subtle and slight. You could perhaps use this as an opportunity to make a character redecide a moral decision that you felt was out of character (e.g. some would argue the Scoobies' decision to kick Buffy out of her house in 'Empty Places' was way OOC).

                        But remember, it's not just about morality, it's about a dilemma, something you consider to be multi-faceted and could be explored from a different angle. It wouldn't make exciting fanfiction to write about the ethical quandries posed by choosing between tea or coffee.

                        I would prefer for this to involve the main characters, from Buffy or Angel, but if someone wants to include non-major characters, as long as they're interesting, or their situation is, fine. Now, I haven't read the comics, but I am up to date with what is happening, thanks to King Of Cretins' excellent transcripts and spoiler-happy friends, so if you want to explore something in the comics
                        say, Buffy's recent penchant for robbery
                        , go for it. However, I'm gonna exclude the Fray comics from that, except
                        for the crossover with Buffy, but even then that takes places within the Buffy comics
                        since I'm unfamiliar with them.

                        Word count. Hmm, well, I shamefully often find myself writing fics that could fit on a postage stamp, so for that reason, the minimum is only 500 words. That said, longer is of course better. But take as many words as you need. It's your fic after all. I won't set a maximum for that reason. Though if someone writes a fourteen volume epic, I won't be too impressed. Speaking of epics, standard prose only I'm afraid - no poetry/scripts/ etc. Any ratings allowed, though please indicate if there's a ton of gore or something. Deadline will be 10th November 2008, which gives you a solid 6 weeks (as we'll have two challenges running at once until end of October). Good luck!
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                          Challenge#12 Putting the Muse into Music.

                          Okay so time for a new challenge. For this one I thought I'd try something a little different. Over on the fanart section it seem like a lot of the challenges and art gets inspired by songs and I know that some writers are the same. Indeed I myself wrote a fic set on the London underground a while back which owes it's existence to the Jam song 'Down in the Tube Station at Midnight'.

                          So, below you will find 8 songs from some of my favourite bands and what I want you to do is to take one of those songs and to let it inspire you. I don't mind if it's the lyrics, the mood or what that sets you off, although I will ask you to specify which song you're using and why. I should also say that although the only way I could find to get the songs on here was to use a well known video website it's the songs NOT the videos that I want you to bear in mind. Apart from this it's really open season on this one, go where you want, how you want... as long as you comply to the following small restrictions.

                          WORD COUNT: Minimum of 500 words, no maximum.
                          FANDOMS: Buffy, Angel, Doctor Who, House (up to season 3), Dexter (season 1 onnly). If you want to do something else just ask.
                          DEADLINE: Midnight on the 14th of March 2009 (subject to likely extensions.)

                          If more than one song inspires you then I don't mind multiple entries but the maximum is 3 per person.

                          One last thing: this isn't a requirement, but, if you are known to favour one character or ship in your work it will be looked on favourably if you manage to move yourself away from that comfort zone. Just saying, okay..

                          And finally here's your musical selection...

                          Song 3
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                          JUST ENOUGH KILL

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                            Challenge #13 - "Not Waving But Drowning"

                            Not Waving But Drowning
                            Written by Stevie Smith

                            Nobody heard him, the dead man,
                            But still he lay moaning:
                            I was much further out than you thought
                            And not waving but drowning.

                            Poor chap, he always loved larking
                            And now he's dead
                            It must have been too cold for him his heart gave way,
                            They said.

                            Oh, no no no, it was too cold always
                            (Still the dead one lay moaning)
                            I was much too far out all my life
                            And not waving but drowning.

                            Interpret the above poem in whatever way you'd like and write a character in that situation! It's that simple! It doesn't have to involve death or a male character at all. Just any character in whatever the situation you believe the poem is about!

                            • 90210 (Reboot Only!)
                            • Angel
                            • Brothers & Sisters
                            • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
                            • Chuck
                            • DC Comics (Anything DC! Wonder Woman, Batman, etc.)
                            • Dollhouse
                            • Gossip Girl
                            • Greek
                            • Heroes
                            • Lost
                            • Marvel Comics (Anything Marvel! Captain American, Wolverine, etc.)
                            • Smallville
                            • Supernatural
                            • Terminator: The Sarah Chronicles
                            • The O.C.
                            • True Blood
                            • Twilight - I'd prefer you not to, but if you do: EXPLAIN IT! I know pretty much nothing about it except for what Jenny Humphrey tells me! Do Twilight at your own risk, but it could cost you since I'll probably just end up confused! It's up to you!
                            • Veronica Mars
                            • YOUR OWN! - If you have any of your own characters in your head, feel free to use them!

                            If there's another fandom that you may want to do, just ask. I may know enough about it to okay it. You can also do a character from a book or a movie, just ask first!

                            WORD LIMIT:
                            There really isn't one. Unless it's a script, try keeping it just a few pages. It can be short, as long as it's it's amazing. If you can get the point across in a paragraph, more power to you, but you better blow me away with that one paragraph! And you do as many you like... as long as it's no more than THREE FICS!

                            Anything! I'd absolutely love script, but I get that's not a lot of people's thing so anything really. Poems and songs, if you want. I mean ANYTHING!

                            Any, even slash.

                            June 5, 2009 @ Midnight (So, basically June 6th, 2009.)

                            If you have any questions, PM me. I don't care how stupid you think it is. Seriously, I'm not joking! ANYTHING you may need, ask. Can't stress it enough!

                            Can't wait to read everyone's work! And...

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                              Challenge #14: School? Hard?

                              OK, I have no idea if this challenge is going to work, so have a go, if it doesn’t, at least we’re experimenting. And hopefully you’ll get some fun out of it.

                              However, just in case it’s not very doable, I include a plan-B challenge, so check out both and choose one. Or both if you’re really, really studious.

                              Plan A

                              You are the character of your choice and you’re back at school. Perhaps you’re taking an evening class. Perhaps you’re still at school or college. I’m not really interested in how you came to further your education. Anyway, it’s getting near the end of the academic year and exams are in sight. You need to practise.

                              I am setting you an essay as homework. You have four weeks to hand in this assignment.

                              Now, I’m quite a chummy teacher with my students. I know them by name and have access to their files. We discuss philosophical and everyday issues in small seminar groups, sharing opinions illustrated by personal anecdotes. I have a pretty good idea what your history is and what your typical day’s made of. I also believe that science can’t explain everything and keep an open mind when it comes to unexplained phenomena or mystical beings. Nothing you might say in your essay can shock me.

                              Topic: Drawing on your life experience, discuss ONE of the following statements:

                              - “We often repent the good we have done as well as the ill.” (William Hazlitt)

                              - “Happiness resides not in possessions and not in gold; the feeling of happiness dwells in the soul.” (Democritus)

                              - “Genuine tragedies in the world are not conflicts between right and wrong. They are conflicts between two rights.” (Georg Hegel)

                              - “The future influences the present just as much as the past.” (Friedrich Nietzsche)

                              - “To be happy, we must not be too concerned with others.” (Albert Camus)

                              - “All fantasy should have a solid base in reality.” (Sir Max Beerbohm)

                              - “Happiness is having a large, loving, caring, close-knit family in another city.” (George Burns)

                              - “There is no revenge so complete as forgiveness.” (Josh Billings)

                              - “Only law can give us freedom.” (Goethe)

                              - “I keep my ideals, because in spite of everything I still believe that people are really good at heart.” (Anne Frank)

                              • Angel (excluding the comics)
                              • Buffy the Vampire Slayer (excluding the comics)
                              • Dead Like Me
                              • Dollhouse (good luck with that)
                              • Firefly
                              • Gilmore Girls
                              • House MD
                              • Quantum Leap (go on, Sam, you know you want to)
                              • Supernatural

                              If you’d like to do this assignment but your fandom isn’t listed, send me a PM and we’ll try to arrange something.

                              Header: You are required to include the following information:
                              Essay topic
                              Rating (see below)
                              Fandom (please state which universe you’re from)
                              Date (please state what year you’re in)

                              Your work must be submitted anonymously. However, you will fail this piece of coursework if I can’t guess who you are.

                              Rating: Up to PG-13. You’re allowed allusions to relationships/sex, but nothing too graphic should feature in a piece of academic writing. You will not be docked for swearing though I might ask you to see me after class and I am not usually fooled by the use of Chinese.

                              Word limit: 2,000 words (+/- 100%)

                              Hand-in date: 11/07/09

                              Hand-back date: 01/08/09

                              Feedback: If you don’t enter this challenge because it’s not for you, cool. If, however, you have a go but don’t get anywhere because it’s either too difficult or too boring, could you drop me a quick PM? Thanks.

                              Plan B

                              A school/college/classroom/academy of some sort. The character(s) of your choice attending the establishment. Something happens.

                              That’s it, write me a fic.

                              Fandoms: see above.

                              Rating: Anything, but please label above PG-13 or slash.

                              Characters: Preferably characters we don’t normally see in school, that means Buffy, Dawn, etc are out, and probably Rory too. (Though of course they can be involved in the story, as long as they’re not the main characters you have dumped in that learning environment.)

                              I can’t think of anything else so any questions, PM me!

                              Have fun!
                              "I'd like to keep Spike as my pet."
                              "Get out of my temporal lobe, House!"