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    Challenge 15: Join the dots.

    Righty-ho. As has been discussed in the 'It's time we talked' thread it is time to get these challenges swinging again.

    To this end, and with Llywella's blessing I've come up with something fairly simple that I hope you lovely people will like. Below you will find five sentences that could be used as the opening lines to a fic and five lines designed to be the last lines of a fic. What I want from you is to fill the gap between the two in any way that you see fit. You can choose any of the five beginnings and any of the five endings and you can choose to connect them in any way you see fit.

    Any and all fandoms are open to you, if you want to do a crossover then that's fine too, and I'm not going to give any word limits or other requirements apart from a this really is a chance to let your imaginations take over and go in any direction that the muse may take you.

    Also, I do hereby promise that, whilst not all entrants can win, all entrants into this challenge will receive detailed, honest and stuctured feedback on their work (but don't worry I'll be nice). So for those craving a critcal eye for their work this is a big chance.


    1) It was another grey day in the Scottish highlands, yet there was a something in the early morning mist that felt different.

    2) Beatrice checked the mirror for a third time. It was definitely there, a furtive hint of movement in the furthest reaches of the reflected image.

    3) I want to tell you about the strangest day of my life, the day that changed how I saw everything. I want to tell you about the day I died.

    4) The door closed with a resounding clang that left no doubt to it's solidity. Jack slowly picked hinself from the floor and took a deep breath, trying to control his anger.

    5) From the depths of the shadows he watched the young couple as they wandered unhurriedly towards him, arms linked. The girl laughed, a light musical sound that stabbed into the very core of him.


    1) It would be years before she could forget the events of that terrible day. In a way they would always be with her, lurking in the back of her mind. But along with that mass of nightmare images she would always carry the picture of that face and those deep brown eyes.

    2) "My name?" he asked, "I thought you knew. My name is Harris. Xander Harris."

    3)To this day I still don't know what happened to them. I guess they're out there somewhere, fighting back the darkness, helping those that can't help themselves, risking their lives for us. Wherever they are though, whatever they're doing i hope they're not alone.

    4) The blade pierced the beasts leathery skin and it let out a piercing wail that faded to a gurgling sob. It thrashed twice more and then was still. The nightmare was finally over.

    5) "I wouldn't have missed it for the world" she said, which I suppose is a good thing really.

    So there you go people. I hope there's enough there to get the old creative juices flowing. I encourage anyone and everyone to enter this challenge. Enter as many times as you want in fact, the more entries the merrier. Feel the fear and do it anyway. After all what do you have to lose? Deadline for this challenge is one calendar month from today making it October 13th. Have fun!
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      Challenge 16 - I am the ghost of Christmas past *

      Joy to the world, a fanfic is come!

      While I was opening gifts, eating turkey and listening to my sister-in-law telling me about Xmas in the States every year, some people were saving the world from demons.

      I want you to tell me what they were up to. To this end, your story will take place in one of the following settings:

      In BtVS, on Christmas eve/day 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001 or 2002, or in AtS, on Christmas eve/day 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 or 2003. **

      Your entry – which doesn’t have to be a full-blown episode, it could be a scene, a character’s thoughts, a mini-eppy, a poem, anything you like – must include, in the order of your choice, all of the following…

      ... elements:
      • a live turkey
      • a half Xmas tree
      • a set of dentures
      • a reference to ALF (however obscure)
      • a kiss
      • a quarrel (however long or short)

      ... words and phrases:
      • over-Christmassed
      • quintessential
      • elastic mushroom
      • plop
      • undefine
      • globule

      ... quotes (just re-use in your own context):
      • On the other hand it is kind of festive. (AtS 101)
      • Doesn’t he see the shiny thing? (BtVS 503)

      Other than those, your fic doesn’t have to feel particularly Christmassy – that’s up to you. What I would like, though, is for it to fit in the context of its setting.

      Rating: Anything – please label slash or above PG-13.
      Word limit: None.
      Fandom: BtVS, AtS or crossover (BtVS X AtS only).
      Deadline: December 31st 2009.
      Limitations: If your entry doesn’t feature at least one canon character it will receive feedback as part of the challenge results but it will be disqualified from the challenge.

      Any questions please ask in the challenge discussions thread.

      Good luck (cos, for having entered similar challenges myself, I don’t think this is very easy), and have fun (cos, for having entered similar challenges myself, I do think it’ll be fun)!

      *The theme of this challenge has been used before (by Tangent to name but one) but I couldn’t not run such a challenge this time of year.

      **EDIT: To date your story:
      1. Guess an approximation of Xmas time in your season (using air dates and references to Xmas)
      2. Choose two episodes around Xmas time with a gap of at least one day between them
      3. Set Xmas some time in that gap
      4. Indicate in your header what episode precedes your story
      5. Let me know if this system doesn't work
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        Challenge 17 - "What If?"

        What if?

        Life, no matter what you do, you always find yourself asking, "What if?" This is always something I think about while watching a television show. I find it so interesting, like what if say, Marissa didn't die on "The O.C.?" Or what if Marissa didn't die, but Ryan did? So, I want you to take that idea and run with it. Take an event and change the end result to something else and show what you think would have happened because of that change. I think it's pretty straight forward.

        NOTE: You don't have to show the actual event being changed. You can just put a note at the top of your post telling me the change. Also, feel free to jump ahead in time. It can be the next day, the next week, the next month, the next year, or even the next decade. Any amount of time can pass, just make sure the event you changed is the reason things turned out the way they did.

        • 90210 (Reboot Only!)
        • Angel
        • Birds of Prey
        • Brothers & Sisters
        • Buffy the Vampire Slayer
        • Chuck
        • Dollhouse
        • Fringe
        • Glee
        • Gossip Girl
        • Greek
        • Heroes
        • Lost
        • Melrose Place (Reboot Only!)
        • Smallville
        • Supernatural
        • Terminator: The Sarah Chronicles
        • The O.C.
        • The Vampire Diaries
        • True Blood
        • V (Reboot Only!)
        • Veronica Mars
        • White Collar

        Those are the shows I watch and know, so I'd automatically know the difference between the actual story and your "What If?" If there is something else you'd like to do, PM me first and maybe we can work something out.

        WORD LIMIT:
        There are no limits.

        Any. I really love scripts, though don't feel obligated to do one. But if there's anyone who likes doing them and you never felt like you could in other challenges, you're totally welcome to do one in this challenge! Or not!

        Any, even slash.

        February 22, 2010

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          Monster of the Week

          Bare with me, this is my first fanfic challenge. One of the reasons why I love the TV series Supernatural so much is because of the monster of the week storylines that are incorporated in Sam and Dean's lives which also focuses on their character development. I know I may be one of the few fans who appreciates that. I find urban legends, myths and lore fascinating. There was even one in my childhood neighborhood involving a spirit that haunted a pavilion where the local kids hang out everyday. Anyhoo...

          For this challenge, I'd like you to create a monster, demon, villian, spirit or an ancient artifact and incorporate it with the TV characters of your choice (from the list below). Come up with a new demonic species, use an urban legend that hasn't been explored yet- anything. That means no vampires or werewolves or any supernatural being that already has been written on the series. Though if you feel that the monster you want to work with such as vampires and werewolves or what have you is original, PM me and we'll can discuss it. I just want you to be creative and that what you come up with fits in the rules of your TV-verse. Ask yourself- how does this creature first apear in your story? Allow your characters to work together to figure what this "thing" is and how to kill it. Create a background to the supernatural being you're writing about.

          NOTE: Pick whatever season you want to work with. Please if possible shy away from the mytharc of your series. This challenge is called monster of the week not mytharc of the year. I prefer you do shows that I'm familiar with. There are other sci-fi/fantasy shows I do watch but the following below seem to fit the theme of the challenge. If you do not see a show you'd like to work with, PM me. Keep in mind, I may not have seen it.

          When you post your entry- explain where you vision your monster of the week takes off from (what season- just so that I have an idea of what to expect).


          Buffy the Vampire Slayer
          Dark Angel
          The Vampire Diaries
          Stargate: SG-1/Atlantis/Universe
          Warehouse 13

          WORD LIMIT:
          500 words- minimum (so no drabbles)

          Any. I prefer scripts but either way is fine.

          No slash. No crossovers. No wincest. Please be canon.

          April 28, 2010
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            Wesley Challenge

            To quote the previous challenge poster, “Bare with me, this is my first fanfic challenge.” It’s an idea I’ve always wanted to see written, but never have. I hope you guys like it and become inspired!

            The Challenge:
            I’ve always found intriguing the idea of a Wesley Wyndam-Pryce showing up at Sunnydale High who was either more like the Wes of Season 4 of AtS or was in actuality the future character from that point in time. How would things play out if a Wes who had already found his inner-strength and confidence was placed in charge of the two Slayers? Show at least the initial meeting between Wes and his charges, as well as some of the initial differences caused by his presence. Beyond that, use your imagination. There are a number of ways this scenario could play out, so have fun!

            The Rules:

            Fandoms: Just Buffy and Angel. Although, if you want to work in some characters from other fandoms as cameos, feel free.

            Rating: Any rating allowed. Just label appropriately.

            Number of Entries Allowed: One. Let’s think quality rather than quantity.

            Word Limit: I’ve seen simple challenges morph into some of the most epic (both in length and in quality) stories I’ve ever read, so there is no word limit. There is a time limit, however, so if you end up with an epic on your hands and you’re unfinished when it rolls around, just turn in what you have so far or what you think best represents your story.

            Deadline: May 30th, 2010.
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