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Fanfiction Challenge Rules and Sign-up

This is a sticky topic.
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  • Fanfiction Challenge Rules and Sign-up

    Hey everyone.

    By your request, the Fanfiction Challenges are up and running again. Below are the rules and guidelines on how to start a challenge. Please read them carefully.

    General Rules:
    • Challenges are run for 4 weeks maximum. However, if there are 2 challenges running at the same time, they can run up to 6 weeks. Extensions are not allowed.
    • 2 challenges can run at once.
    • A PM would be sent by me to the members to start their challenge. Challenge must start within a week of my PM.
    • Challenge starters are given the options to judge the entries.
    • Anyone can start a challenge. However, if you want to judge your entries, you have to have at least one fic written by you (and of good standard) in the forum. This is to ensure that judging is done fairly and of good standard.
    • To start a challenge, ensure that you do not have a warning. If you do, wait till it expires before submitting your name.
    • Ratings (G, PG, R, NC-17, Adult) must be stated in every challenge and in every entry.
    • Slash fics are allowed. But please be considerate - put a warning in your entry. Challenge starters have the right to disallow slash in their challenges.
    • Any fandom is allowed for challenges, but specify in your challenge which ones you want. If you could include Jossverse shows that would be very grateful that way everyone on this forum can have a chance to enter it.

    How to Start a Challenge
    1. To start a challenge, PM one of the Mods of this section your request (with the subject title as Fanfic Challenge) and your name will be up on the list. Do indicate in the PM whether you will be judging the fic or not. And if you are, provide a link to your best fanfiction.
    2. A PM would be sent to you a week before the current challenge ends. That gives you one week to think up of a challenge.
    3. When it's your challenge turn to start, post a new thread with challenge title, ratings, number of entries, word limit, dateline and description of your challenge.

    How to Enter a Challenge
    1. Anyone can enter a challenge.
    2. All you have to do is start a thread in this section with this as your title: Challenge # "Title of Challenge" - Title of your fic (rating).

    If you have any questions regarding the challenges, you can post in this thread and ask the challenge holder, or PM them. If you have any other questions you can PM either me or any of the mods of this section.

    Challenge #1 - EndersWrath
    Challenge #2 - KingofCretins
    Challenge #3 - Veverka
    Challenge #4 - Dorian's Kitten
    Challenge #5 - Aissy
    Challenge #6 - Tangent
    Challenge #7 - Wolfie Gilmore
    Challenge #8 - Veverka
    Challenge #9 - litzie
    Challenge #10 - King of Cretins
    Challenge #11 - The_Narrator
    Challenge #12 - tangent
    Challenge #13 - Thomas
    Challenge #14 - Aissy
    Challenge #15 - tangent
    Challenge #16 - Thomas
    Challenge #17 - Obsessed
    Challenge #18 - XavierZane

    Any takers?
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