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  • Halloween

    Title: What to do on Halloween?
    Author: Jessic M.C.
    Rating: PG-13 just in case the second part is scary)
    Show/Genre/Characters: Spike Dawn
    Warnings/Spoilers: Everything in the series. I don't know where it's going
    Wordcount: 527
    Summary: Dawn wants spike to go out with her for Halloween!
    This is the first part in a 2 part story! Hope you enjoy!

    Dawn and Spike were out shopping. Dawn wanted to get some new clothes. She didn’t have much money but she had enough for at least one new outfit. Fortunately she had Spike. They would get the five-finger-discount.
    They had just gotten some new jewelry when Dawn stopped at a shop window. It was Halloween shop.
    “Mom used to make our costumes. Dad would take us around every where.” Dawn told Spike “He would even dress up. We would stay up most of the night, even if it was a school night, swapping candy, and eating it. Mom would always put on Charley Brown and the great Pumpkin, eat candy with us and tell us scary things, not too scary, though, ‘cause I was little. I know it isn’t a real memory but I miss that.”
    “That sounds like your mum.”
    “Yeah, she was always doing stuff like that.” Dawn looked up at him. “Spike, what are we doing for Halloween?” Dawn asked Spike. “I think we should get dressed up and go out.”
    “What do you mean, ‘Bit? It’s dead for the undead.”
    “But I’m not dead. And it’s my favorite holiday.” She told him. “Do you want to carve pumpkins?” He just looked at her. “We could go get some and then we could decorate your crypt. We may want to start now though, ‘cause your place isn’t at all creepy.” She smiled.
    “Bite your tongue! My crypt is creepy! In fact, I do remember you being a bit scared the first few times you visited my crypt.” He challenged her.
    “Yeah but I was like 12 and evilly things were after me, of course I was scarred….or do you mean the first few times I visited you?” She asked him, taking his challenge, and raising it. “You were pretty scarred to. I remember you helping me sneaking back in through my window. You were soooooooo scared of Buffy waking up. I thought you could have been in the ‘Nancy boy tribe.’”
    “Oh is that how it is, love?”
    “Yup, one might have even mistaken you for the president.”
    “Fine, this nancy boy is going to stay home. And Miss Big Bad can go all on her lonesome. You can walk around with all of the ghouls, and goblins, and demons.” He was trying to scare her. “You may even get to see an M’Fashnik demon in the flesh.” Spike told her.
    “They work for the highest bidder, so unless someone is trying to kill me, I doubt I will. And as you said it’s dead for the undead.” She looked at the shop. “Please Spike, can we go out? I really miss that now that Buffy is zombie-like and mom isn’t here.” She pouted, and batted her eyelashes.
    “All right ‘Bit. We can go out. But we are leaving my crypt alone. No decorating it.”
    “Not even pumpkins?” Dawn pouted some more.
    “Fine, we can have pumpkins.” He sighed.
    “Yay!” Dawn jumped up and down. “Then we are going to need …….” Spike shook his head, following Dawn into the shop. What had he gotten himself into?
    To be continued…
    If You fall off the stage legs extended and boobs up
    -Burlesque Tess(Cher)

  • #2
    “Dawn this wasn’t part of the deal!” Spike told her as she held out make up to him.
    “Come on!! Spike, with out the make-up you won’t look like you have a costume on!!”She pleaded.
    “You all ready made me carve pumpkins, I think I have had enough torture for one year,”
    “I only made you do one and you had fun!” Dawn looked at their two pumpkins, Spike’s was better than Dawn’s, but he had been nice and told her it was beginners luck. “Please?” Dawn pouted.
    “Fine, but don’t get any on my coat. You have no idea what I went through to get this” Dawn chuckled, seeing a vampire pout was ridicules, especially when it was Spike!
    “’Kay, hold still” She proceeded to put make up on his neck and face, while he made complaints, and sulked.
    “K, I’m ready.”Dawn announced as she appeared from the bottom of Spike’s crypt where she had put her costume on. Dawn had put her hair up in an elegant do. She was wearing a dress that showed off her every asset. It was styled after southern belles’. It was a bit less poufy, though, so she could move in it. Dawn had spent the last week working on it. She had sewn it just like her mom used to.
    “Dawn…”Spike was speechless. “You can’t wear that,” He told her. Dawn’s happy face fell. She looked down .Spike cupped her cheek, making her look up at him. “I might get in to many fights; men don’t always act proper with a lady about.” He smiled at her. Spike took her hand and led her around the room, like he was a perfect gentleman like when he was a boy.
    “You haven’t seen the best part…”Dawn closed her eyes for a second and mumbled something. When she opened her eyes, she looked like a vampire.
    “Dawn!”Spike started to freak out, he didn’t think Dawn was a vampire; He didn’t want her to be a vampire…
    “Relax Spike, It’s only a glamour.” She told him. “I‘m a vampire and you are my victim.” Dawn smiled at Spike, hoping for his approval. “That’s why I had to put make up on your neck too, ‘cause I gave you vampire bites.” She looked up at him through her eye lashes.
    “You make a wonderful vampire ‘Bit.” He shook his head. “Halloween is…”
    “Fun!”Dawn finished the sentence for him. “Ok, let’s go!!” Dawn grabbed Spike’s hand and led him out the door.
    The evening was fun, free of mischief, other than a killing of an old guy. (It was just a couple of vampires, Spike easily took them out.) Dawn and Spike went to the Bronze, Partied It up, and were now on their way home, or rather to Spike’s crypt. Dawn had dropped the glamour. They walked hand in hand, the young girl and her vampire victim.
    “Thank you Spike, I needed this.” Dawn squeezed his hand.
    “Any time, love.” He opened the door to his crypt for her, bowing as he did. He had been a gentleman all night. Dawn giggled and walked through the door, her face lit up.
    Spike’s crypt was decorated. It had the soft glow of candles, some decorations here and there. The pumpkins they had carved earlier seem to have multiplied. There were dozens of small jack o’ lanterns all around the crypt, all with candles in them. And there next to the TV, on the stand were all sorts of sugary treats.
    “Spike! How? When? Thank you!” Dawn hugged him
    “You haven’t seen the best part.” Spike went over to the VCR and pressed play, there on the screen played Charlie Brown and The Great Pumpkin. Dawn sat on the couch astonished.
    “Spike, How? You were with me all night,” Dawn pulled her leg up on to the couch as Spike came to sit with her.
    “Just a bit of Halloween magic, is all.” He pulled her in to his arms. “Did I ever tell you how I got my coat? It was a very frightening affair with a slayer, not unlike your sister….”

    Hope you enjoyed It!! Happy Halloween!!
    If You fall off the stage legs extended and boobs up
    -Burlesque Tess(Cher)