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Buffy the Vampire Slayer 8x02. Always

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  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer 8x02. Always

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    8x02. Always

    DISCLAIMER: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer nor the show's characters. They belong to their respective owners such as Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and FOX. This is for entertainment purposes only and no copyright infringement is intended. However, characters that have never been on the show are mine, and I forbid you to take them without permission. Read and Enjoy!!



    We see Buffy's face, frozen in the same look of surprise we saw at the end of "Encounter at Farpoint".

    BUFFY: Oh.

    RILEY FINN is standing in front of the Scoobies. Everyone is surprised to see him, especially BUFFY.

    RILEY: Buffy. Hi.

    BUFFY: You’re here. In Cleveland.

    RILEY (NODS): It’s a little difficult to explain, but-

    BUFFY (CUTTING IN): You’re here to help?

    RILEY (seeming a little lost for words): Yeah.

    DAWN: How’d you find us here?

    RILEY: That (beat) is a long story. Let's come inside and I'll explain everything.

    The gang go inside the house. VI looks at RILEY, then looks awkwardly at the floor, blushing slightly. FAITH appears to be tense, and eyes RILEY warily.

    RONA: Who’s that guy?

    WILLOW: That's Riley, didn’t you hear Buffy say his name?

    RONA: I know his name! But I am just wondering what on earth is he doing here? Trying to ruin our slayer status?

    VI: Rona!

    RONA: What?

    BUFFY: Hey!

    This silences everyone. VI tries to look at RILEY without blushing.
    She takes a deep breath as everyone takes a seat in the living room.

    RILEY: I know all this is completely unexpected, but I came to help.(looks around) I see, there's some new faces though, I know some of you guys. I know Buffy....

    BUFFY smiles and nods.

    RILEY (CONT'D): I know Willow....

    WILLOW nods, a little too enthusiastic.

    RILEY (CONT'D): I know Xander.

    XANDER nods, almost proudly.

    RILEY (CONT'D): Mr. Giles.

    GILES crosses his arms and nods.

    RILEY (CONT'D): Little Dawnie...

    RILEY looks at DAWN carefully.

    RILEY (CONT'D): Who's not so little anymore. All grown up.

    RILEY turns to face FAITH, who appears to be tensing.

    RILEY: And I know you.

    RILEY glares at FAITH most hatefully. FAITH sits back and nods, trying to appear relaxed.

    RILEY: You're Faith. You switched bodies with Buffy and slept with me. I thought you were Buffy. And-

    KENNEDY: Whoa! Hold up! Faith slept with Riley, and switched bodies with Buffy? How's that?

    FAITH: I was evil at the time. The mayor gave me a Hand of Gemini. That's the device I used to switch bodies with B.

    ALLISON: Hand of Gemini? That is at the weapons store downtown! It's a few blocks from the Magic Box. I visited the store once and I saw that gizmo. Odd huh?

    Everyone looks at ALLISON.

    ALLISON: I'm just saying.

    RILEY: Buffy. Is Faith…… Is she trustworthy?

    BUFFY: She's trustworthy.

    FAITH: Let's say her time in jail made this slayer change her ways.


    WILLOW: It's good to have you back, Riley.

    RILEY: Thanks, Willow.

    VI raises her hand.

    RILEY: We'll get to questions in a little bit.

    VI puts her hand down shyly.

    RILEY: Before I can know the new faces, I think you guys might wanna know me first.



    Sarah Michelle Gellar - Buffy Summers
    Nicholas Brendon - Xander Harris
    Alyson Hannigan - Willow Rosenberg
    Marc Blucas - Riley Finn
    Eliza Dushku - Faith Lehane
    Michelle Trachtenberg - Dawn Summers
    Anthony Stewart Head - Rupert Giles

    Ivana Milicevic - Sam Finn
    Bailey Chase - Graham Miller
    Zachary Quinto - Brad Dexter
    Chris Daughtry - Nathan Reid
    Felicia Barton - Allison
    Kate Walsh - Miss Nadia Nichols
    Katharine McPhee - Darlene
    Tom Lenk - Andrew
    Iyari Limon - Kennedy
    Felicia Day - Vi
    Indigo - Rona
    Kristy Wu - Chao-Anh

    WRITTEN BY: Amanda Cress & Cliona Whitelaw

    BETA READER: Cliona Whitelaw

    EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Amanda Cress & Cliona Roche

    CREATED BY Joss Whedon

    An Angel continuity/crossover with Power Rangers
    Coming Soon!!

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    RILEY (V/O): Okay. Where do I begin?

    A FLASHBACK MONTAGE OF RILEY begins as he narrates his life so far.

    RILEY (V/O): My name is Riley Finn, formally a part of the Initiative, and currently a member of the Trecile. That will be explained really soon. But first, I must tell you, I was born in Huxley, Iowa. Years ago, this demon named Solice came out of nowhere and took my younger sister Patricia to a hell dimension. Solice came to Sunnydale one day, disguised as my sister, and this demon nearly killed me, Buffy and a few others. Not too long after Solice kidnapped my sister and killed my mother, my father got me into the military, and eventually into the Initiative. When I was 15 years old, I met my mentor Professor Maggie Walsh and my career with this group began. After graduating UC Sunnydale, I became a TA, helping out Professor Walsh in class. Within the year, I met Buffy and Willow as freshmen in college.. Not too long after that, Buffy found out I was part of the Initiative. My friend Forest actually liked Buffy until Buffy was a big part of my life but whether he like d it or not, Buffy and I eventually became a couple. For every relationship, there's issues. What we didn’t know was that at the Initiative, the soldiers were secretly being fed drugs to enhance our natural strength. Once Walsh was killed by Adam, the withdrawal began. Lucky for me, Buffy was there to save me. Twice. I was debriefed after Adam and the Initiative were destroyed… The undead was another issue. For both of us.

    As he says this we see ANGEL fighting with RILEY. Then we see DRACULA facing BUFFY.

    RONA(V/O): You mean vampires? Buffy still has those issues. With Spike.

    VI looks at RONA, annoyed.

    VI: Rona, shut up! Riley was speaking! The story was actually pretty good. Go on, Riley.

    RILEY: Okay. Anyways as I was saying...

    The montage continues as RILEY narrates it.

    RILEY (V/O): The undead was an issue for both of us. Buffy had Angel well before she had me. A vampire with a soul. Eventually I learned that she’d let him drink from her. That really shook me. Then came Dracula. She let him drink from her too. I guess I got a little paranoid then. "What did she get from those vampires that I couldn’t give?" So I left a vampire bite me, just to know what it felt like. Within the week, I was addicted to vamp-whores. Then Spike ratted me out to Buffy… On the side, I felt like Buffy didn’t love me anymore so I rejoined the military and left Sunnydale. A year later, I came back to Sunnydale with my wife Sam tracking a demon. We asked Buffy for her help and everyone met Sam. After that there was nothing else there for us in Sunnydale so we left again.



    RILEY (CONT'D): So… Since I last saw Buffy… Sam and I joined this FBI group called The Trecile. It's like the Initiative in a way, only this time no drugs are involved. Graham‘s with us too, and a few new friends... Last week, Graham and Nathan told me to rejoin you guys to help out in Cleveland. I've come to help, and I'm here to stay. Indefinitely.

    There is a long silence. Everyone stares around in surprise.

    XANDER: Get out! This is way beyond awesome!

    DAWN: Indefinitely?

    RILEY nods.

    DAWN (HALF JOKING; HALF SERIOUS): Well, this time tell us before you take off.

    RILEY feeling awkward about Dawn’s failed attempt at a joke.

    RILEY: Okay. (BEAT) You’ve heard my story, now I gotta know the rest of you guys. Feel free to introduce yourselves.

    KENNEDY: I‘m Kennedy. I am a Slayer. And Willow's girlfriend.

    CHAO-ANH (SPEAKING CHINESE): I am a vampire slayer as well. My name is Chao-Anh.

    RONA: Rona.

    VI (STUTTERING SLIGHTLY): My name's Violet, but everyone calls me Vi.

    ALLISON: I'm Allison. Dawn's new friend.

    ANDREW: And I’m Andrew (BEAT) Not a vampire slayer.

    RILEY: It's good to see everyone again, and it's definitely great to meet the new people here as well.

    VI raises her hand.

    RILEY: Yes?

    VI: You're married to… Sam, right?

    RILEY: Yes.

    VI: Okay. Where is she? Did she get another Trecile Assignment or something?

    Everyone falls silent once again. VI sits back in her seat, completely confused by RILEY as he does not respond to the question. WILLOW looks at RILEY.

    WILLOW: Riley?

    DAWN: Something's wrong. What happened?

    RILEY looks at the floor. BUFFY approaches RILEY slowly.

    BUFFY: What happened? You can tell us.

    ANDREW: Did you two divorce?

    VI: Andrew! Shut up! Just shut up!

    ANDREW: What did I say?

    BUFFY looks at the two, giving them the signal to remain silent.

    RILEY: It's worse than that. She's… Sam’s dead (BEAT) and it's my fault.

    KENNEDY: Your fault? How's that?

    RILEY: We....were in New York City last week, in the Trecile Headquarters. I didn't really know what happened, but I dreamt that Sam went out on patrol and her scream woke me up and before I knew it we found her dead.

    FAITH: How?

    RILEY: I... Sorry… I just… can’t talk about this right now.

    WILLOW: I'm really sorry Riley.

    WILLOW sits back in her seat. She gives him a sympathetic smile.

    BUFFY: Riley, is there anything we can do?

    RILEY: No…I don't...I...excuse me.

    RILEY goes upstairs. Everyone looks around at each other.

    KENNEDY: This must be hard on him. It's hard to deal with a loss especially if it's someone you loved so much.

    BUFFY, XANDER, WILLOW, DAWN and GILES all nod in agreement, thinking about their own experiences of death.

    BUFFY: Could I speak to Giles alone?

    Everyone nods and leaves, murmuring quietly between themselves. ANDREW, RONA, VI and CHAO-ANH all head to their room in the basement. DAWN, ALLISON, WILLOW, KENNEDY and XANDER head upstairs. FAITH hangs back.

    FAITH: Buffy?

    BUFFY looks at FAITH.

    FAITH: Thanks for having my back.

    BUFFY: Not a problem.

    FAITH joins the others upstairs.

    GILES: You needed to tell me something?

    BUFFY: Yes.

    GILES: Okay. What is it?

    BUFFY: It's seems like we've been dealing a lot with death lately. First Anya and Tara, back when we were in Sunnydale, Then Angel told us that Cordelia was dead, and now we're hearing that Sam’s died. I mean....yeah.

    GILES: I agree with you there.

    BUFFY: We all know what it's like to lose the ones we love.

    GILES: Yes. We do. Myself with Jenny, you with your mother, Willow with Tara, and before tonight's news, Xander with both Cordelia and Anya.

    BUFFY: I know. But these are things we can't control.

    GILES: I know.

    BUFFY: I think you might wanna talk with Faith about her two cents on Riley returning to us, and finally being a part of our team.

    GILES: Yes. She seemed tense when she first saw Riley here.

    BUFFY: Okay. You tell Faith what I said. I'll go check up on Riley.

    GILES: Alright.

    BUFFY goes upstairs.

    RILEY is curled up against a wall. He looks sad, but tries not to show it. He looks up at the ceiling with a sad, dazed look on his face.

    RILEY: Oh god. It hurts. Why couldn't it have been me? Why did it have to be her?

    BUFFY (O/S): Nobody can answer that.

    RILEY looks, startled and sees BUFFY approaching him.

    RILEY: Buffy.

    BUFFY: Sorry about that. I just heard you from across the hall. Look, I'm sorry about what happened. It's hurting now I know, but time does heal all wounds. You know that.

    RILEY nods.

    BUFFY (CONT'D): We all know what it's like to lose the ones we loved. But eventually we made it through. I can't say much for Xander though.

    RILEY: Xander?

    BUFFY: Yeah. Last year, he lost Anya during the final battle of Sunnydale. Then about a week Angel told us that Cordelia died. When I first found out, I was like, what? Now I have that expression all over again.

    BUFFY looks at RILEY, who is looking up at the ceiling again.

    BUFFY: I'm sorry.

    RILEY: No. It's okay. I think I should tell you though, not too long before today, I was in the Nexus. It was something like heaven. There was no pain, no sorrow, there was peace.

    BUFFY: The Nexus, Heaven, what's the difference? I was in heaven for three months. I felt the same things you felt there and I was torn out there by my friends. They eventually found out. Did Sam, Graham or anyone else in your commando group pull you out of the Nexus?

    RILEY: No. I only was there for two weeks though. Sam helped me through when I first returned from the Nexus. Now, Sam's gone, and I don't know.

    BUFFY: I'm sorry.

    RILEY stands up.

    RILEY: I'll be okay. I'm gonna talk to Xander.

    BUFFY: Okay.

    RILEY exits. BUFFY heads to her room, but is stopped by WILLOW, who stands in front of her.

    BUFFY: Willow.

    WILLOW: Buffy. Is Riley Okay?

    BUFFY: Yeah. He told me how he felt. He said he was in the Nexus for two weeks.

    WILLOW: Nexus? Like, Star Trek Nexus?

    BUFFY: I don't know. He told me it was something like heaven.

    WILLOW nods, understanding.

    WILLOW: Well, I was gonna tell Riley that he can have my room and I’ll move to the basement since I spend my time with Kennedy anyway.

    BUFFY: Are you sure?

    WILLOW: Yeah. My things are already packed.

    BUFFY: Okay. You tell him. I'll be in my room.

    WILLOW: Okay.

    XANDER is watching some cartoon on TV. We see a small clip of the show as a ghost bangs on a casket.

    GHOST ON TV: Hey Weerd! I heard something! Wake up! I heard something!

    XANDER grins at the cartoon on TV.

    RILEY (O/S): Xander?

    XANDER turns around and sees RILEY standing in the doorway to his room.

    XANDER: Riley. Come in.

    RILEY walks into Xander's room.

    RILEY: Buffy told me about Anya and Cordelia. I'm really sorry.

    XANDER: Thanks. Look, I'm sorry about Sam. You two were amazing together. (BEAT) I liked it when you were with Buffy too, but you know.

    RILEY: Thanks.

    XANDER gives RILEY a sympathetic smile. Then they look at each other as if they have more to say.

    XANDER: You know something Riley? Out of all the guys Buffy has ever dated, you were the only guy I ever liked. I figured if Buffy had gotten to you faster, Spike would've been dust long, long ago. Then after wards, Angel would've worn that amulet and he would've been dust too.

    RILEY grins.

    XANDER: And you're the only guy in Buffy's dating past that’s ever been good enough for her.

    RILEY looks at XANDER blankly.

    XANDER: You didn‘t know that, did you?

    RILEY: Actually. Yeah. I have.

    XANDER nods, understanding. The guys hear screams coming from the TV.

    GUY ON TV: Abandon ship! Cowards and canines first!

    RILEY: So you like Scooby?

    XANDER: Scooby Doo? Of course. I honestly never understood why people hated Scrappy. He was Anya‘s favorite.

    RILEY: Yeah.

    The guys watch TV, until...

    WILLOW (O/S): Riley?

    XANDER and RILEY look around and see WILLOW standing in the doorway.

    RILEY: Willow.

    WILLOW: Are you okay?

    RILEY: Yeah. I'm fine.

    WILLOW: Well, I’ve got news for you, you can have my room.

    RILEY: Are you sure? Cause I....

    WILLOW: Yes. I'm sure. I’d rather stay with Kennedy anyways, and my things are already packed and Kennedy will be up here any second now to help me move to the basement.

    RILEY: Well, let me help. It’s the least I can do.

    WILLOW: Okay.

    DAWN and ALLISON are watching a movie on Dawn's TV.

    ALLISON: Do you think Samantha and James’ll be together by the end of this movie?

    DAWN: I hope so. They'd make a great couple.

    ALLISON: And I bet Riley and Buffy made a great couple. You know, when they were dating.

    DAWN looks at ALLISON.

    DAWN: They did. I actually wanted Riley to stay with us, but one day he left all of a sudden without telling any of us.

    ALLISON: Now he's widowed, right?

    DAWN: Yeah. He married Sam, and now she's dead. It's a cruel world.

    ALLISON: I'll say.

    DAWN: It wasn't his fault.

    ALLISON: About his wife's death? Of course not. There was no way that he would've known!

    DAWN: That too, but it wasn't his fault. When he first left Sunnydale. Buffy tried to get to him in time, but she came too late.

    ALLISON: You blamed your sister for that?

    DAWN: No. Someone else.

    ALLISON: Who?

    DAWN: I don't really wanna talk about it.

    ALLISON: Okay. It's personal. I understand.

    DAWN stands up.

    DAWN: I'm gonna check up on Riley.

    ALLISON: Okay. I'll pause the movie.

    DAWN: No, it's okay. I'll watch the rest later.

    ALLISON: Suit yourself.

    RILEY goes upstairs after helping WILLOW and KENNEDY get Willow's stuff to the basement. He walks to his new room.

    RILEY enters his new room, closing the door behind him. He sits on his new bed. He stares into the darkness in the room. He is thinking.

    RILEY: Sam… Why’d You have to die? Now I’m here alone. Everyone says they’re here for me but……I just don’t feel it anymore. The connection is gone. I’m disconnected from everyone. I mean, I’m trying to get by but it’s so hard. It hurts and I’m the only one who can feel it.

    RILEY buries his face with his hands.

    RILEY: God it hurts.

    VOICE: I bet it does.

    RILEY is startled as he sees DARLENE standing on thin air by his window.

    RILEY: Who are you?

    DARLENE: Did I forget to introduce myself again? Silly me. I’m Darlene. Who are you?

    Close up on Darlene's face as her eyes glow green and the glow transfers to Riley's eyes.

    RILEY: Um, Riley. Riley Finn.

    DARLENE (GETS INTO THE ROOM): So you're new.

    RILEY: Sort of. I knew Buffy before I left Sunnydale.

    DARLENE walks closer to RILEY and places her fingers on his forehead. She is sensing his emotions doing this spell.

    DARLENE: Aww, you poor thing. You're in distress.

    RILEY: Yeah. How did you know?

    DARLENE: Let's just say: I'm a witch. I can create a spell.

    As DARLENE advances for Riley, he prepares to fight. DARLENE lifts her hand, in this case, RILEY is knocked down to the floor. He looks confused as DARLENE sits by his side.

    RILEY: A spell? For what?

    DARLENE: You'll see. Close your eyes.

    RILEY does. He tries to get up, but he realizes that DARLENE had immobilized him. RILEY keeps his eyes close, bracing himself for what's about to happen. DARLENE places both of her hands on the top of Riley's head. DARLENE hums as blue energy goes from her fingers to his head. Darlene's eyes glow blue as she hums the spell out.

    DARLENE: No more sorrow. No more pain. Allow this mortal thine own-

    A knock can be heard, followed by DAWN calling through the door.

    DAWN (O/S): Riley?

    RILEY opens his eyes. DARLENE is gone. DAWN is peeking around the door..

    DAWN: Are you okay?

    RILEY (GETTING UP TO HIS FEET): Like I told everyone else in this house, I'm okay.

    DAWN (COMING INTO THE ROOM): That's good to hear.

    RILEY closes his eyes. The voice goes from DAWN to...

    SAM/DAWN (O/S): I heard you from my room and figured that something was going on.

    RILEY opens his eyes and he sees SAM standing where DAWN was standing a minute ago.

    SAM/DAWN (CONT'D): So I got a little curious and decided to check up on you.
    A startled RILEY backs up against a wall in his room.

    SAM/DAWN: Riley?



    An Angel continuity/crossover with Power Rangers
    Coming Soon!!


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      Riley looks at Sam/Dawn. He appears to be very shocked at Sam's sudden appearance.

      SAM/DAWN (IN A JOKING TONE): Riley? You’re not having a heart attack are you?

      RILEY: Sam?

      SAM/DAWN: What? What are you talking about?

      RILEY closes his eyes again.

      DAWN (O/S): Riley, I‘m Dawn. Not Sam.

      RILEY opens his eyes and he sees DAWN, who is no longer confused when she thinks she realizes what he is going through.

      DAWN: You miss her, don’t you?

      RILEY: You have no idea...

      DAWN approaches RILEY and gives him a hug.

      GILES (V/O): Well, what do you think?

      GILES and FAITH are in Faith’s room, talking about everything that has been going on.

      FAITH: I think it’s pretty cool.

      GILES: You’re sure? You seemed fairly tense when you realized it was Riley.

      FAITH: I was. I honestly don’t know what I would’ve done if Buffy hadn’t had my back there. I mean, Riley seemed out for blood. Other than that, it’s a good idea that Riley is a part of the Scoobies again.

      GILES: Do you think he’d be able to juggle us and the Trecile?

      FAITH: I don’t know, but I’m ready to find out.

      GILES: Me too. And I assume Buffy is too. Just as long as we don’t have a repeat of the… Initiative. I feel bad that Sam died, but I’d never even met her.

      FAITH: Neither did I.

      GILES: So Riley’s in our group?

      FAITH: Of course, G. I could care less if he was Darth Vader if he wanted to help, I’d still add him to the group. He’s in.

      RILEY is asleep in his new room, and he is tossing and turning. His face appears to be tensing up.

      SAM is at the NYC Cemetery, patrolling. RILEY watches from a mile distance. He sees Sam fight a group of demons that had just arrived. RILEY tries to reach for SAM, but his hand goes right through her.

      RILEY: Sam!

      The demon lunges for SAM, and it is all in slow motion.

      Cut to real time, RILEY tenses up as he sees that SAM is terrified.

      RILEY: NO!!

      SAM screams.


      RILEY wakes up in a cold sweat. He is at the Scooby HQ, and in his new room.

      RILEY: Sam!

      RILEY jumps out of his bed, and runs out of his room. He opens the door to…

      RILEY looks over DAWN and ALLISON as DAWN is asleep on her bed while ALLISON is asleep in her sleeping bag.

      RILEY: Why do I keep thinking that Dawn is Sam? That’s nuts.

      RILEY quietly closes the door behind him.

      MISS NICHOLS knocks on the door. The door opens, revealing GILES.

      GILES: Nadia? What are you doing here?

      MISS NICHOLS: Graham Miller, an old student of mine, told me that his fellow Trecile Agent Riley Finn is with you guys and I’d like to meet him.

      GILES: Sure, but I doubt he is in the mood for company.

      MISS NICHOLS: Why?

      GILES: His wife Sam died last week. He’s widowed now.

      MISS NICHOLS: What? Graham never told me that.

      GILES: I actually don’t blame him for not telling you. I think that’d be too difficult to tell. Graham must have been very close to Sam too. I’ve been in those shoes before.

      MISS NICHOLS: I see. Can I come in?

      GILES: Yes, of course. Come in.
      We see MISS NICHOLS and GILES walk into the room as BUFFY and RILEY
      downstairs. MISS NICHOLS stops and waits for the two to come downstairs. BUFFY stops a small way away from MISS NICHOLS and GILES. RILEY stops and stands next to BUFFY.

      GILES/BUFFY (SIMULTANEOUSLY): Nadia, this is Riley- / Riley, this is Miss Nadia Nichols-

      Both stop at the same time.

      GILES and BUFFY share a look, then GILES ushers BUFFY to continue.

      BUFFY: Miss Nichols, this is Riley Finn. He’s my ex-boyfriend.

      MISS NICHOLS: He is?

      BUFFY nods, smiling a little.

      MISS NICHOLS: Must be a reunion.

      GILES: Yes… well, we’re all glad to have Riley back on our team.

      MISS NICHOLS (CHANGING THE SUBJECT): I’m heading downtown to do a few errands. Anyone want to come?

      GILES: Well, I’ll go and Allison has to go home today.

      MISS NICHOLS: Okay.

      BUFFY: I’ll ask everyone downstairs.

      GILES: I’ll ask everyone upstairs.

      BUFFY and GILES exit, leaving RILEY and MISS NICHOLS by themselves. They stand awkwardly for a few seconds, unable to think of anything to say to each other. Finally, MISS NICHOLS breaks the awkward silence.

      MISS NICHOLS: Riley, Rupert told me about Sam. I’m really sorry.

      RILEY: Thanks.


      MISS NICHOLS: Is there anything I can do?

      RILEY: Thanks, but no.


      RILEY (CONT'D): Well…Could I come downtown with you guys? Hopefully it’ll help clear my head some.

      MISS NICHOLS: Okay.

      MISS NICHOLS and GILES are in the front seat, with MISS NICHOLS driving. In the middle seat, VI, RILEY and BUFFY sit there while FAITH, ALLISON and DAWN are in the backseat. The van stops near Allison's place.

      ALLSION: I’ll see you soon, Dawn, and thanks.

      DAWN: I hope that ordeal with Darlene didn't shake you up too hard.

      ALLISON: Some, but I'll be okay.

      DAWN: Alright. See you soon, Allison.

      ALLISON gets out of the van and heads to her house.

      MISS NICHOLS, VI and FAITH exit the store with bags full of movies.

      FAITH: It’s a great thing they had that movie Xander has been dying to see.

      MISS NICHOLS: I’m glad you found it.

      VI: Everyone’s satisfied for the most part. (BEAT) I’ll be in the car.

      VI crosses the street, making her way to the car. A car rounds a corner, heading fast towards VI. BUFFY and DAWN are carrying bulky bags of food but notice the car speeding towards VI.
      BUFFY: Vi!

      VI notices the situation as the car speeds towards her. BUFFY almost drops the bags as she puts them down and runs to get VI out of the way.

      VI seems to be frozen in fear as she watches the car draw closer, but RILEY reaches VI and pushes her out of the way, close to the other side of the street. The car shoots by without hitting anyone.

      RILEY: Vi, are you okay?

      VI: I, uh… Yeah. Thanks.


      BUFFY: Thanks Riley.

      RILEY nods.

      FAITH: Vi! What on earth were you thinking?! You could’ve gotten yourself killed!

      VI: I didn’t mean to.

      RILEY: I know. It’s okay, but next time please keep a sharper eye on the road. Okay?

      VI (NODDING): Okay.

      DAWN arrives, carrying all the bags, including the ones BUFFY nearly dropped. She appears to be very strained under the weight.

      DAWN: Can we go now? This stuff is getting way too heavy on my arms.

      MISS NICHOLS: Yes. We can go now.

      RILEY has locked himself in his room. He wants to be alone at this time. He covers his face with his hands. He is remembering how he found out that his wife had died.

      While the screen is black, we hear a woman scream.

      A close up on RILEY shows that he is sleeping. We can see nothing but his face.

      SAM (V/O): Riley!

      Riley’s eyes flash open. Panic suddenly fills his face and he sits up, disoriented a little. He looks around, then remembers SAM calling. We hear a siren in the distance.

      RILEY: SAM!!

      RILEY runs out of the house. The siren is louder now.

      RILEY: Sam? Sam?!

      He sees an ambulance pass by, sirens blaring.

      RILEY: Don’t turn right. Don’t turn right.

      The ambulance turns right, going around a sign that says "NEW YORK GENERAL HOSPITAL" in fairly noticeable writing. RILEY seems slightly panicky as he follows the ambulance, running as fast as he can though losing it quickly. He continues running nonetheless. The camera pans out to reveal a big white building with NEW YORK GENERAL HOSPITAL across the top in big writing.

      RILEY stops when he turns the corner and sees NATHAN and GRAHAM standing close to each other as though they’re talking quietly between themselves. GRAHAM looks up when he sees RILEY standing there. He turns and walks towards RILEY. NATHAN follows close behind.

      RILEY: Graham. Nathan. What’s going on?

      They both have grim looks on their faces.

      RILEY: Where’s Sam? Is she okay?

      NATHAN: Over there.

      NATHAN points at the three mile corridor. We see what NATHAN is pointing at through the windows of the door separating the two corridors: paramedics are surrounding SAM trying to revive her.

      NATHAN: I don’t think…

      RILEY: What? She’s not gonna make it? No. She’s gonna make it, she has to!

      RILEY rushes towards his wife. NATHAN advances for him, hand outstretched, but GRAHAM stops him.

      GRAHAM: Reid. No.

      RILEY pushes through some authority figures that are trying to block him. He is stopped by a paramedic within a minute.

      PARAMEDIC#1: Sir, you have to stand back!

      RILEY: That’s my wife! What happened to my wife?!

      PARAMEDIC #1: We don’t…know yet. It looks like some kind of wild animal attack. She’s losing a lot of blood though.

      RILEY: What?! No! Sam! Say something! Speak to me! Please!

      Everyone in the area, including GRAHAM and NATHAN who have entered the hall too, hear SAM flatline.

      RILEY: NO!! Sam!! Come on Sam! You can’t just give up! Sam please don’t just leave like this!

      As RILEY tries to resuscitate SAM he continues trying to speak to her as the paramedics struggle to pull RILEY back. Eventually GRAHAM and NATHAN manage, but just barely. Riley’s hands are covered in blood.

      PARAMEDIC #1: Call it.

      RILEY: No!! You can‘t call it!! She’ll….. She has to be alive! For me! We promised forever! Come on Sam!!

      PARAMEDIC #1: Sir, I‘m sorry you had to go through this, but your wife has lost too much blood. We got to her too late.

      RILEY: No! I won’t believe that! You can’t call it! She has to be alive!!

      The paramedics share a glance before Paramedic #2 looks down at Sam’s body and sighs.

      PARAMEDIC #2: Time of death-

      RILEY: NO!!

      PARAMEDIC #2 (CONT'D): 11:57 PM.

      RILEY breaks away from GRAHAM and NATHAN’s hold and pushes through the crowd, back to Sam’s side. He holds a lifeless SAM in his arms.

      RILEY: Sam. Sam? Sam! Damn it, say something! Don’t do this to me!

      PARAMEDIC #1: A coroner’s being called. He’ll be here shortly. They’ll take the body for an autopsy report which should be sent to you after we find all this out.

      RILEY knows he can’t deny the truth any longer. His head is down and his shoulders are shaking heavily. Off-screen, someone mentions grief counseling to GRAHAM and NATHAN, but they refuse it and thank the speaker anyways.

      NATHAN (O/S): Brad must’ve sent a demon here to take us all down.

      GRAHAM (O/S): He’s gotta go down. Especially for sending that demon to kill us, and what he did to Sam.

      RILEY lifts his head, and we see that his face is bloodstained, making his expression look fearsome and insane.

      RILEY (IN A LOW VOICE): Brad.

      The next thing RILEY knows, he is at…

      RILEY is fighting BRAD on the upper floor of this old warehouse. A series of punches and kicks and dodges from both fighters. RILEY fights viciously, obviously set on avenging Sam‘s death. RILEY plunges a blade into Brad‘s stomach. He gasps in agony. RILEY is shocked by this.

      BRAD: You did it, Finn. You killed me.

      BRAD places himself on the edge of the warehouse.

      BRAD (CONT'D): But that’s not going to bring your wife back.

      BRAD falls over the edge. RILEY watches him fall all the way into a garbage truck. Then he falls to his knees and screams an anguish-filled scream.


      RILEY falls back on the bed and looks up to the ceiling.

      GILES, XANDER, RONA, DAWN, BUFFY, FAITH, WILLOW, VI, KENNEDY, and MISS NICHOLS are sitting together in the living room. CHAO-ANH and ANDREW arrive.

      BUFFY: Is the basement okay so far guys?

      ANDREW: Yeah, it’s okay.

      BUFFY: Good.

      RILEY arrives downstairs, meeting all the others.

      WILLOW: Hey Riley.

      RILEY smiles at WILLOW.

      KENNEDY: Losing your wife was hard for you, wasn’t it?

      RILEY: It still is. Sometimes It’s hard to believe that she’s just not here anymore. How can someone be full of life one minute and not the next?

      RILEY closes his eyes.

      CHAO-ANH: (SPEAKING CHINESE): Grief is a terrible human emotion. It’s very hard to deal with.

      ANDREW nods in agreement.

      DAWN: I know the feeling. We all deal with it, especially if it’s the one we love.

      RILEY starts hearing Sam’s voice again.

      DAWN/SAM: But I’m sure that Riley’ll go through this, just like we all did.

      RILEY opens his eyes and sees SAM standing where DAWN was standing seconds ago.

      RILEY: Sam? I see Sam again. Just like last night.

      RILEY points at Sam/Dawn. Everyone looks in that direction, straight at DAWN. RILEY sees SAM, but the others see DAWN.

      RONA (WHISPERING TO VI): Okay. I think he’s nuts. Is there a nut house in Cleveland?

      VI (WHISPERING TO RONA): He’s grief-stricken! It’s perfectly understandable that he thinks Dawn is Sam!

      RONA (WHISPERING VI): Oh really? Cause I’ve never heard of anyone hallucinating their dead wife as a part of being "grief-stricken"!

      SAM/DAWN: The same thing happened last night. He called me Sam.

      Everyone is now talking at the same time. CHAOS fills the room.

      GILES: Can someone tell me what is going on here?!

      A loud bang on the door silences everyone. WILLOW closes her eyes, examining the energy within Sam/Dawn. The door swings open, revealing DARLENE.

      RILEY: It’s that girl from last night! Darlene!

      Everyone looks at RILEY, confused.

      BUFFY: Darlene came here last night?

      DARLENE smiles evilly at the Scoobies.

      DARLENE: I told you it wasn’t over.



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        ACT THREE

        The Scoobies stare angrily at DARLENE, who is standing in their doorway.

        SAM/DAWN: I have a theory that you have something to do with the fact that Riley thinks I’m Sam.

        DARLENE (SARCASTICALLY): Did I do that?

        SAM/DAWN: Looks that way.

        WILLOW opens her eyes. She glares angrily at DARLENE.

        RILEY: What’s going on?

        WILLOW: That’s not Sam. You keep thinking that you see Sam whenever you look at Dawn.

        RILEY: Oh this…is nuts. Darlene said that she was going to put a spell on me last night. One that’d make this all easier. Darlene, was this it?

        BUFFY: She came to the house last night?

        DARLENE: I was actually looking for Willow. Instead I found this guy, Riley. Poor thing. All widowed and alone. I just thought I’d help put him out of his misery.

        SAM/DAWN: But why Sam? Why me?

        DARLENE: Well. I used this spell to make him see his wife when he saw me, then I was gonna torture him to death. (BEAT) Emphasis on death, literally. Anyways, when the spell was interrupted, it affected the very first person that approached him and that happened to be you Dawn.

        VI: What do you mean?

        DARLENE: I mean, I was going to use the spell to make myself look like Sam and use his emotions against him, saying that it was (POINTS AT RILEY) his fault that his wife died. (turning to Riley) You should’ve been there to save her. If you had, you probably wouldn’t be in Cleveland right now.

        RILEY: What?

        SAM/DAWN: Why you…

        Sam/Dawn advances for DARLENE, but WILLOW holds her arm, making Sam/Dawn become DAWN once more. KENNEDY stares in shock. VI has an expression of pure anger on her face, XANDER also looks like he just wants to seriously hurt DARLENE. RILEY seems completely dazed. He stares at DAWN and blinks a few times, seemingly on the verge of tears.

        RILEY: Wasn’t she Sam a minute ago?

        MISS NICHOLS grabs RILEY by the hand and consoles him. He looks extremely confused. KENNEDY glares angrily at DARLENE, who smiles, pleased at her handiwork.

        KENNEDY: Who the hell do you think you are, trying to make someone’s guilt worse than it has to be? You are the most heartless person have ever met.

        DARLENE: Why thank you. I always get that comment. I’m only telling Riley the truth. Maybe having a bit of fun too but that’s beside the point.

        MISS NICHOLS: That is no excuse to use a person’s grief and emotions against them and make them feel ten times worse than they have to feel!

        BUFFY: Willow, Kennedy, take Dawn to the basement and find something to undo this hex. I’ll guard you three.

        WILLOW: Right away.

        WILLOW and KENNEDY take DAWN with them downstairs to the basement. BUFFY stands in front of FAITH.

        BUFFY: Faith, you're in charge.

        FAITH: Aye, B.

        BUFFY heads to the basement to guard WILLOW, KENNEDY and DAWN. DARLENE rolls her eyes.

        DARLENE: That’s only gonna make things worse.

        FAITH and GILES stand in front of the group. Everyone else prepares to fight as well as FAITH and GILES.

        DARLENE: Hey. Don’t gang up on me, yo.

        FAITH: Don’t say that D. That’s my word.

        MISS NICHOLS picks up a baseball bat that she spots nearby. FAITH looks at the others.

        FAITH: Let’s kick her ass.

        The gang all fight DARLENE. XANDER and ANDREW are the first to fight the dark witch. Within a minute, DARLENE knocks out ANDREW and tosses XANDER into a wall. RILEY tries to fight DARLENE. DARLENE looks RILEY in the eyes. A flash of icy blue briefly glows in both Darlene’s and Riley’s eyes.

        RILEY: No. No. I never meant to…let you die. Please, I’m sorry! I’m so sorry, Sam. Please. I’m sorry. I-

        DARLENE punches RILEY in the face, cutting him off and knocking him to the ground.

        VI: Riley!

        DARLENE: That was almost too easy.

        VI fights DARLENE viciously. The girls have a strong series of punches, kicks and dodges before DARLENE body slams VI into the coffee table. Then, RONA and CHAO-ANH fight DARLENE. This one lasts for about a minute. DARLENE easily takes down the two slayers. GILES fights DARLENE and gets knocked out. FAITH advances for GILES but DARLENE uses her levitation power to toss FAITH into a wall.

        DARLENE: This is perfect. Too easy-

        She is cut off when she is hit by a blunt object, which knocks her down to the ground. DARLENE looks up and sees MISS NICHOLS holding the baseball bat in her hands. She looks angry.

        MISS NICHOLS: You get the hell out of here or I will call the cops.

        DARLENE gets up to her feet.

        DARLENE: Fine. Whatever.

        DARLENE runs out of the house. Everyone recovers from the battle. RILEY looks at everyone in surprise and bewilderment.


        XANDER: Okay, something has to be going on here. This is all way too easy!

        RILEY: Sam.

        MISS NICHOLS goes to comfort RILEY.

        MISS NICHOLS: Riley. Listen. Sam is gone. She was never brought back to life. It was not your fault. There was no way that you could have known she’d died.

        RILEY: No. Sam’s still here. She’s alive. Still alive. I see her. She’s everywhere. She’s in my thoughts. Oh…

        RILEY runs out of the house.

        FAITH: Riley!

        FAITH runs for RILEY, but GILES stops her.

        DAWN is laying on Willow’s bed. WILLOW prepares to undo the spell that DARLENE did.

        BUFFY: Are you sure this will work?

        WILLOW: Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’ll work. It has to. I looked up spells that involved guilt and torment, related to what Darlene did and I found out how to undo the spell. It has to work for Riley’s sake. We gotta defuse Sam from Dawn.

        BUFFY: As much as I want to see him happy, this undoing spell has to be done.

        KENNEDY: It'll work. Willow‘s a badass Wicca. And then after all the damage Darlene did is reversed, he’ll be able to grieve like a normal person.

        BUFFY: I know.

        DAWN: I’m all set.

        DAWN closes her eyes.

        BUFFY: Are you ready, Willow?

        WILLOW: Yes. I’m ready.

        WILLOW places her hand over Dawn’s forehead, and the other hand towards her chest.

        WILLOW: Goddess of life, take thee as it is, I ask of you to do my bidding.

        DAWN begins to glow a bright purple.

        WILLOW (CONT'D): Thy mortal has learned to accept reality as it is. So Goddess of Life, do thy undoing. I command thee to withdraw.

        Bright energy comes out of Dawn’s body creating a flash course and knocking down BUFFY, WILLOW and KENNEDY down to the floor. DAWN opens her eyes, and quickly sits up.

        DAWN: Did it work?

        WILLOW: It must have. (RISES UP) The energy containing the spell got out of your body, Dawn.

        KENNEDY rises up.

        KENNEDY: So the spell worked?

        WILLOW: I think it may have worked.

        BUFFY (RISING UP): And hopefully Riley won’t be affected by this any longer.

        XANDER (O/S): Buffy!

        The girls turn around and see XANDER run down the stairs.

        WILLOW: Xander?

        KENNEDY: What’s going on?

        XANDER: It’s Riley. Darlene managed to torture him with his grief. He’s still denying that Sam is dead and gone. He’s in a lot of pain.

        WILLOW: I just did a spell to undo what Darlene did.

        XANDER: I know. He’s still scarred though. He just ran out of the house. I don’t know where he’s gonna go. For all we know, he might be on the brink of suicide or something.

        BUFFY: Suicide?

        XANDER nods.

        XANDER: He can’t take it. He’s gonna blow.

        The girls stare at Xander in shock.



        An Angel continuity/crossover with Power Rangers
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          RILEY is running like crazy. He is looking for something frantically. His thoughts are clouded in grief, torment, guilt and insanity.

          BUFFY is on the run, searching for RILEY. She is stopped by a vehicle coming towards her. The car approaches by Buffy’s side and skids to a stop. GRAHAM is driving the car.

          GRAHAM: Buffy Summers?

          BUFFY: Graham? What’s this?

          GRAHAM: Sam’s dead.

          BUFFY: I know that. I’m looking for Riley.

          GRAHAM: Really?

          BUFFY: Yes. He’s missing. We think he might kill himself if we don’t hurry!

          GRAHAM: I think I might know where he’s going.

          BUFFY: How do you know?

          GRAHAM: I’ll explain later. Just get in.

          BUFFY gets into Graham‘s car. GRAHAM speeds off without another word.

          RILEY arrives at a bridge. He looks around at his surroundings, then down into the dark water below the bridge. He starts pacing, obviously fretting.

          BRAD (V/O): It’s your fault she’s gone.

          RILEY: Shut up! Get out of my head!

          BRAD (V/O): Why? I’m only telling the truth. You could’ve been there to help her and keep those demons from killing her.

          RILEY: You sent those freaks!

          BRAD (V/O): No. You killed her, by not being there to save her.

          RILEY: No! That’s not true!

          BRAD (V/O): It is. It’s the truth.

          RILEY (GROANING; SEEMINGLY SWAYED): No more…… Shut up please!

          BUFFY shifts anxiously as GRAHAM speeds towards the city bridge.

          GRAHAM: Matheson gave me some simple directions to the city bridge. We knew what could possibly happen when Sam died.

          BUFFY: So you think he might be in the area?

          GRAHAM: Pretty much.

          BUFFY looks around in worry. The car halts suddenly.

          GRAHAM: Can you run the rest of the way? It’s a half a mile west. Go straight there. He will possibly be there.

          BUFFY: I hope so.

          GRAHAM: Good luck.

          BUFFY gets out of the car and begins to run, leaving the door wide open. GRAHAM sits there for a second, looking out.

          GRAHAM: Hang in there.

          GRAHAM closes the car door.

          RIELY is struggling to hold himself together now, his thoughts are completely immersed in guilt.

          BRAD (V/O): It's obvious that you are enjoying your pain and your greed. You gotta face it. She’s gone, and the only way you can ever see her again is if you jump off the bridge you’re standing on. You’ll be happy. The others will be happy. And you’ll be with Sam again.

          RILEY walks to the edge of the bridge and climbs onto the small ledge, readying himself to jump. He has his eyes on wanting to see Sam.

          RILEY: Hang on Sam, I’m on my way. For you.

          BUFFY (O/S): Riley!

          RILEY: Sam?

          BUFFY (O/S): Riley!

          RILEY turns around and sees BUFFY running for him. She stops a small distance away, afraid to come too close him, as he is dangerously close to falling.

          BUFFY: Riley! Don’t jump.

          RILEY stares at BUFFY, confused.

          RILEY: Buffy?

          BUFFY: You still have people who care about you. Including me. I know you feel disconnected, I’ve had that feeling before. Almost all of us have. In the end, you’ll have us. No matter what anyone says, it’s true. You’ll always have us. Always.

          RILEY totters slightly, definitely losing balance. He starts to fall over the edge.

          BUFFY: Riley!

          BUFFY rushes to the edge of the bridge and reaches down to grab Riley’s arm. She holds on tight. RILEY looks up in confusion. The camera pans out of BUFFY holding on to RILEY, who is dangling over black water.

          RILEY: Buffy?

          BUFFY: Riley! Hang on! You can’t give up that easy!

          RILEY: Pretend I’m one of the others.

          RILEY is starting to slip from Buffy’s grasp.

          RILEY: Think about Giles or Dawn!

          BUFFY closes her eyes and lifts RILEY back to safety. She has stopped him from falling off the bridge.

          RILEY: Buffy.

          RILEY pushes BUFFY away from him, annoyed.

          RILEY: Why did you come here?

          BUFFY: Were you trying to kill yourself?! Riley, I lost you once and I am not going to lose you again. Especially over something like this!

          BUFFY and RILEY look at each other. RILEY tries not to cry as BUFFY notices that he is shaking.

          BUFFY: Riley? Are you okay?

          RILEY: I’ll be okay. I’ll be okay. (TEARS FALL DOWN HIS FACE) I’m…I’ll be fine…I’ll be…I’ll be…I….

          RILEY drops to his knees, sobbing. BUFFY looks down at him. She can’t help but to get on her knees and to comfort him.

          BUFFY: Riley, I’m so sorry.

          SONG: "Say Goodbye" by Katharine McPhee begins to play.

          RILEY sobs hard. BUFFY continues to comfort him, not saying anything.


          If I seem distant, baby I am
          Words are like scissors, in your hands
          And there's no script to follow, so I just close my eyes

          FAITH sits on her bed for a second, then falls back, sighing roughly. She looks up at the ceiling. FAITH combs her hair with her fingers and thinks of everything that has happened this past week. She sighs again and closes her eyes.


          That way it won't hurt so much, when we say goodbye
          I feel just like an actress

          RILEY splashes water on his face. RILEY looks at his reflection in the mirror and sighs, depressed.


          Up on the stage
          I can't believe, what I'm hearing myself say
          And a porch light is my spotlight, so I play along with this lie

          DAWN sits on her bed. She looks a bit shocked and confused with all that has happened. She is relieved that RILEY is okay though and hopes that he will be out of his grieving soon. DAWN grabs a hold of her blanket and wraps it around her.


          That way it won't hurt so much, when we say goodbye
          Did you ever love me? Does it even matter?
          Did you even notice, the whole word shatter?
          I just want to hold you, and tell you that I'm sorry
          But I just keep it all inside

          The music fades as we see RILEY place some flowers in front of a grave. Beside RILEY, GRAHAM, VI, WILLOW, KENNEDY, XANDER, FAITH, BUFFY and GILES all stand crowded in front of the grave.

          GILES: Losses like this are completely unexpected. Especially when it’s someone that you care about so much.

          WILLOW: Yeah. Riley, I liked Sam, I really did. I wanted to show respect by coming to see her grave.

          RILEY: Thanks.

          GRAHAM puts a comforting hand on Riley’s shoulder.

          GRAHAM: Are you sure you’re gonna be okay?

          RILEY: I’ll be fine. Thanks.

          RILEY looks at the grave which reads: SAMANTHA FINN. He takes a deep breath and exhales.

          My heart feels like a circus
          It's too much to take in
          It's hard to lose a love
          But you were my best friend

          RILEY: Plain and simple. Exactly what she wanted.

          VI: Was she pretty?

          RILEY: Yes, Vi. She was very pretty.

          FAITH: I wish I knew her.

          GILES: Me too. It would’ve been lovely to meet her.

          RILEY: I know.

          KENNEDY: Is there anything we can do?

          RILEY shakes his head. He looks at the grave again.

          So walk this high wire, alone tonight
          That way it won't hurt so much, when we say goodbye
          That way it won't hurt so much, when we say goodbye

          XANDER: You know we’ll always be there for you. Always.

          RILEY: I know.

          RILEY fakes a smile. BUFFY comforts him.

          RILEY: Sam, I hope you can hear me. I must tell you, I love you, and I miss you. No matter who I fall for in life, I will always love you. Always.

          BUFFY: Riley. I know she heard you, and I also know she loves you and she misses you too.

          RILEY gives BUFFY a weak smile as they hug.


          END OF ACT IV

          CREDITS ROLL

          END OF EPISODE
          NOT FADE AWAY

          An Angel continuity/crossover with Power Rangers
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