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Angel 6x01. Restored Order Part One

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  • Angel 6x01. Restored Order Part One

    Restored Order Part One

    DISCLAIMER: I do not own Angel nor the show's characters. They belong to their respective owners such as Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and FOX. This is for entertainment purposes only and no copyright infringement is intended. However, characters that have never been on the show are mine, and I forbid you to take them without permission. Read and Enjoy!!



    David Boreanaz - Angel
    James Marsters - Spike
    Amy Acker - Illyria
    J. August Richards - Charles Gunn
    Vincent Kartheiser - Connor Reilly
    and Alexis Denisof - Wesley Wyndam Pryce

    Andy Hallett as Lorne

    Mercedes McNab - Harmony Kendall
    Charisma Carpenter - Cordelia Chase

    WRITTEN BY: Amanda Cress

    BETA READER: Cliona Whitelaw

    EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Amanda Cress & Cliona Whitelaw

    CREATED BY: Joss Whedon & David Greenwalt.


    Flashback of episode "Not Fade Away". ANGEL convinces his team that they must take out every member of the CIRCLE OF THE BLACK THORN in a defiant and probably futile stand against the SENIOR PARTNERS of WOLFRAM & HART. He tells his team to make the most of what may be their last day on Earth: GUNN visits his old neighborhood. WESLEY tends to the wounded ILLYRIA. LORNE spends some time onstage; SPIKE performs poetry at an open mic, and ANGEL visits his son, CONNOR.

    When night falls, the team divides and sets out to eliminate the members of the BLACK THORN. GUNN kills the members of SENATOR BRUCKNER’s demonoid goons. SPIKE destroys some demons while protecting a baby. Meanwhile, ILLYRIA easily destroys IZZY when she ambushes him as he's are getting into a car on a side street after leaving a local restaurant. LINDSEY is shot and killed by LORNE. ANGEL kills HAMILTON.

    At the mansion residence of CYVUS VAIL, WESLEY gets killed by Vail, one of the Senior Members. He dies in Illyria’s arms, who appears as FRED. FRED morphs back into ILLYRIA, smashing Vail’s head into nothingness.

    ANGEL escapes, meeting up with SPIKE and a mortally wounded GUNN in an alley.

    GUNN: Any word on Wes?

    ANGEL and SPIKE shake their heads. ILLYRIA arrives.

    ILLYRIA: Wesley's dead.

    ANGEL, SPIKE and GUNN react.

    ILLYRIA (CONT'D): I'm feeling grief for him. I can't seem to control it. I wish to do more violence.

    The gang prepare to fight the army that is coming for them.

    ANGEL: Let's go to work.

    ANGEL swings his sword and the gang begin their fight with the army.
    ANGEL beheads two demons that have advanced for him, stabbed three to death while kicking and punching three others combined. ANGEL keeps on fighting each demon that comes his way.

    Enraged and ready to fight, ILLYRIA fights her demons with full fury. She kills four of them whether it's by snapping their necks or smashing a hole in their chests. Nevertheless, demons continue to challenge ILLYRIA as well.

    SPIKE kills two demons by snapping their necks, but he has to dodge blows that demons send to him, and SPIKE kicks three demons and they all land on the ground.

    GUNN doesn't have much luck with the demon army provided by Wolfram and Hart. He manages to kick one demon to the ground, but three get the upper hand against GUNN and prepare to finish him off. SPIKE notices.

    SPIKE: Gunn.

    SPIKE stabs a demon, which drops dead to the ground, and SPIKE punches one demon and kicks two others to the ground, sparing GUNN. GUNN appears to be relieved.

    GUNN: Thanks, man.

    SPIKE: That's what makes us a team, mate.

    Within two grueling hours Wolfram and Hart's army begin to gain the upper hand in the fight, until ILLYRIA notices an orb, stone in texture and emerald in the center.

    ANGEL, SPIKE and GUNN also notice the orb where they're standing.

    SPIKE: I wonder how that orb managed to appear out of the clear blue.

    ANGEL: Well, let's find out.

    ILLYRIA picks up the orb. It begins to glow.

    GUNN: Does it -

    ILLYRIA: I think...I can trap all the evil we're this orb!

    ILLYRIA throws the orb at the damaged building of Wolfram and Hart. ANGEL, SPIKE and GUNN are watching what is happening. The orb creates a large green portal. The gang notice that all evil that they were fighting is being swallowed into the portal.

    SPIKE: Looks like the battle's ending before it can begin!

    ANGEL, SPIKE, ILLYRIA and GUNN grab each other's hands bracing themselves as the wind gets more violent and all demons and things Wolfram and Hart, living or dead, are being sucked into the portal provided by the orb.
    By the time all the evil has been swallowed inside the portal, the portal disappears, and the building of Wolfram and Hart crumbles into the ground. ANGEL, SPIKE, ILLYRIA and GUNN look around at each other, still on edge.

    ANGEL: We did it.

    SPIKE: We won.

    GUNN: And it’s a good thing too.

    ANGEL: We destroyed Wolfram and Hart.

    ILLYRIA: But all those lives that were lost along the way.

    ANGEL: Doyle, Cordelia, Fred and Wesley to name a few.

    ILLYRIA looks at ANGEL.

    ANGEL: Fred is fused within you, isn’t she?

    ILLYRIA: Not really, no. I had to appear as Fred so that Wesley could die peacefully.

    ANGEL nods sadly.

    GUNN: Well, Wolfram and Hart is destroyed, and we won the big battle. Angel, what do you think we should do now?

    SPIKE: Yes, Angel. What will we do now?

    ANGEL looks up at the sky, hoping for a great future.


    SPIKE (O/S): Angel? Angel? Hey! Angel!

    A text that reads THREE MONTHS LATER flashes across the screen.
    ANGEL opens his eyes and finds that SPIKE is looking at him.

    SPIKE: Are you awake?

    ANGEL: Spike. How long have you been here?

    SPIKE: Three minutes almost. Maybe longer if you’d slept any later.

    ANGEL: Sorry.

    ANGEL gets out of his bed.

    ANGEL: How’s everybody?

    SPIKE: A-OK. Lorne’s making preparations to go to Arizona to visit an old friend. He said he’ll only be staying for a little bit. He’ll be back in no time.

    ANGEL: I hope so.

    SPIKE: Gunn has finally made a full recovery. Harmony seems to be doing okay.

    ANGEL: Harmony?

    SPIKE: Yeah. Harmony.

    ANGEL: I fired her three months ago.

    SPIKE: Well, I could tell her -

    ANGEL: Don't worry about it. It's not like she's gonna cause trouble anyways. Now what about the others?

    SPIKE: Illyria is still grieving for Wesley. She seems to be developing human emotions.

    ANGEL: Is she okay?

    SPIKE: I hope so. The last thing we want is for Illyria to destroy us with her new human emotions.


    ANGEL: Connor?

    CONNOR: Did you have a nice sleep dad?

    ANGEL: Yes. Yes, I did.

    CONNOR: That’s good.

    BEAT. The moment seems a little awkward.

    SPIKE: I’ll leave you two alone.


    CONNOR: Three months had passed us as if it was just one week. Just like that.

    ANGEL: I know.

    CONNOR: All you’ve been doing for the past three months is sleep and patrol. Like some evil could return at any moment.

    ANGEL: They might.

    CONNOR: I know. But I have a point here, don't you think?

    ILLYRIA is sitting alone in a corner. She has been lost in her thoughts and sudden human emotions since WESLEY died.

    ILLYRIA: All these emotions...they're overwhelming. I can't seem to control them. Three months have passed and I'm still feeling grief. I cannot understand my sudden humanity! I don't understand any of this!

    LORNE (O/S): Nobody does, sweetie.

    ILLYRIA looks and sees LORNE.

    LORNE (CONT'D): And I don't think anyone ever will.

    ILLYRIA: And you dealt with these emotions I have developed?

    LORNE: I believe so. When Wesley died, you seemed to developed the humanity here. Not to mention you're possessing a human.

    ILLYRIA: I know that. I just don't understand why this pain isn't going away.
    LORNE: That's the insane thing called grief. It takes weeks, maybe even longer for humans to cope with the grief within them.

    ILLYRIA: But you're a demon.

    LORNE: True, I am a demon. However, I can feel these human emotions just like a human would. The truth is, I've never seen an Old One with human emotions before if I've ever seen them.

    ILLYRIA doesn't respond.

    LORNE: No worries, Ancient One. I'm sure you'll overcome your developed emotions.

    ILLYRIA: I hope your right because I do not know how much longer I can handle this.

    LORNE nods, understanding.

    HARMONY is reading a magazine. SPIKE arrives and stares at HARMONY across the desk for a while. She notices this and puts down her magazine.

    HARMONY: Spike.

    SPIKE: Harmony. I need to talk to you.

    HARMONY: Okay. Talk.

    SPIKE: What happened which made Angel fire you three months ago?

    HARMONY: What do you...who told you?

    SPIKE: I don't know, um, Angel perhaps.

    HARMONY: Well, um, it's none of your business!

    SPIKE: I just asked.

    HARMONY: What happened three months ago is between me, Angel, and no one else. Is that clear?

    SPIKE: Well, I guess so.

    HARMONY: There you go. So I need you to leave.

    SPIKE: Fine. [EXITS;O/S] Who the bloody hell am I kidding?!

    HARMONY rolls her eyes.

    ILLYRIA looks out of the window and sees the view of LA. ANGEL appears, standing by the doorway.

    ANGEL: Illyria?

    ILLYRIA turns around and sees ANGEL.

    ANGEL: I’m sorry.

    ILLYRIA: Sympathy. You're giving me sympathy.

    ANGEL: You’re grieving, I understand. I’ve dealt with that before, but I’m a vampire.

    ILLYRIA: But you have a soul.

    ANGEL: Everyone here has a soul. Well, except for Harmony. She’s soulless.

    ILLYRIA: Even me?

    ANGEL: Yes. Even you.

    ILLYRIA turns around and looks out the window.

    ILLYRIA: At least I’m out of the anger phase of grief.

    ANGEL: I can tell.

    They hear loud banging noises coming from outside of the room. SPIKE enters the room, having a bit of a tantrum.

    ANGEL: Spike. What happened.

    SPIKE: Harmony. That’s what happened! That nasty little face acted all defensive when I asked why she got fired three months ago.

    ANGEL: Well, you should've seen that coming, Spike. She wouldn't even
    tell Lorne.

    SPIKE: Truthfully, I saw it coming.

    ANGEL: Well, with all said and done, everything’s going to be okay.

    Suddenly, ANGEL, SPIKE and ILLYRIA turn when they hear the door slam shut. SPIKE tries to open the door, but it’s locked.

    SPIKE: That’s just bloody brilliant!

    ANGEL: What?

    SPIKE: The door’s locked! Must be some idiot!

    ILLYRIA: I’ll try the windows!

    ILLYIRA tries to open the windows, but with no luck.

    ANGEL: Illyria?

    SPIKE: It’s looks like we’re trapped.

    ANGEL: By who?

    A yellow energy appears and hits ANGEL and SPIKE, followed by ILLYRIA, knocking them to the ground. The three hear an evil chuckle. Yellow energy wraps up ANGEL, SPIKE and ILLYRIA and makes them float in mid air.

    SPIKE: I actually like gravity, thank you very much. Let me down!

    ILLYRIA tries to break out of the energy, but no luck. The evil chuckle is heard again.

    ANGEL: Believe it or not, I think we have a poltergeist.

    The energy ties ANGEL, SPIKE and ILLYRIA together.

    EVIL VOICE: This next hit will make you freaks dust away into nothingness.

    SPIKE: We are definitely doomed.

    The force field is preparing to hit ANGEL, SPIKE and ILLYRIA.



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    ANGEL, ILLYRIA and SPIKE are tied together by a strong mystical force. An energy slowly approaches the trio.

    EVIL VOICE: First to go of all three of you freaks will be the brown haired vampire cause the energy will hit him first.

    ANGEL: Me?

    EVIL VOICE: Yes, you. Then you'll dust into nothingness. Then the energy will hit the blue girl and she'll dust. Last but not least, the blonde vampire will be hit and he'll be dust.

    SPIKE: You do know that you're talking about me and Illyria, right?

    There's no response. The blast backs up a few inches away as the three prepare to be attacked. The energy inches closer to ANGEL in slow motion. In real time, the energy hits ANGEL in full blast. He dusts. The energy flies towards ILLYRIA, but inches away to her, it fades away. ILLYRIA and SPIKE are free from the binding.

    EVIL VOICE: What's this?!

    A bright, blinding light appears in front of SPIKE and ILLYRIA, which makes the evil voice shriek until it fades away. They cover their eyes. When the light vanishes, it reveals CORDELIA CHASE wearing a white gown and holding ANGEL by the shoulders. Spike's eyes widen in surprise. Illyria observes the action. CORDY lifts her hand from Angel's shoulders.

    CORDELIA: Whoa, I brought Angel back.

    CORDELIA stands in front of ANGEL, SPIKE and ILLYRIA. They are confused by Cordelia's sudden appearance.

    ILLYRIA: You're dead, aren't you?

    CORDELIA: That's true, but don't forget I can come visit as a spirit.

    ANGEL: Thanks for helping us out, Cordy. What brings you here to our new headquarters?

    CORDELIA: Besides saving your butts, I came to warn you guys about some danger.

    SPIKE: Danger?

    CORDELIA: Yes. Danger. The thing that attacked you guys was only the start of something dangerous which is about to happen.

    SPIKE: Now?

    CORDELIA: Well...

    SPIKE: How did we manage to survive that big battle against Wolfram
    and Hart?

    CORDELIA: The Orb Seal.

    ANGEL: Orb Seal?

    CORDELIA: Yes. That's what keeps all things evil trapped. They'll stay trapped forever unless something inhuman like...Illyria opens the seal.

    ANGEL: Cause of that orb seal, Wolfram and Hart is gone.

    CORDELIA: We can't say that. But Wolfram and Hart was only the beginning. Something terrible is about to happen, something big…

    ANGEL: When and what is it?

    CORDELIA: It'll happen soon, and it'll start with the enemy within. After that, it only gets worse.

    SPIKE: How bad?

    CORDELIA: Within months, maybe weeks, you'll get suspicious of who's who and then eventually you'll find out.

    Within a flashing light, CORDELIA disappears.

    ANGEL: Cordelia! Wait! What do you mean, the enemy within?

    After this, there is awkward silence which only lasts a moment. ILLYRIA exits the room.

    ANGEL: What do you think Cordelia meant by the incoming danger starts with the enemy within?

    SPIKE: I've got a theory, that you might become Angelus again and you'll be the one causing disaster once more.

    ANGEL: Or maybe she's talking about Connor or Illyria.

    SPIKE: Well, it's more likely that it’d be Illyria than Connor.

    ANGEL: I know.

    CORDELIA (V/O): Angel. You think you might know, but you have no clue about what is about to happen. What's to come hasn't even begun. Not yet.

    ANGEL nods, taken aback by what he hears.

    LORNE is about to make an announcement. CONNOR puts down his book to listen, GUNN has his focus on LORNE. HARMONY looks up from her magazine to listen like the others.

    LORNE: I already told Spike and by now he's informed Angel of the news I'm going to tell you. Guys, it's really hard to tell you this.

    ILLYRIA arrives and she listens to the news that Lorne has to give out..

    LORNE: I'm...I'm going to Arizona. I'm gonna visit an old friend there for a couple of weeks.

    HARMONY: Are you sure?

    LORNE: Yes. It's like a short vacation for me, and I think I need it. Not for sure though, I...

    ILLYRIA: This doesn't feel short.

    Everyone notices as ILLYRIA is trying to maintain her sudden emotions.

    LORNE: What's wrong, Illyria?

    ILLYRIA: I'm sorry. I'm just feeling disconnected. It's so hard, living through all these human emotions, and what I'm going through. First Wesley dies and now you're leaving? Isn't life tough enough as it is?!

    LORNE places his hands on her shoulders. After a second, LORNE gives ILLYRIA a small piece of paper.

    ILLYRIA: What's this?

    LORNE: That'll be my number when I'm in Arizona. I will only be one phone call away.

    ILLYRIA: It's a way to contact you?

    LORNE: Yes, it is.

    Everyone EXITS the main room except for LORNE, CONNOR and ILLYRIA. CONNOR picks up his book and looks at it. He smiles at it and then puts it down and looks at the window nearby.

    CONNOR: I really wish my dad would understand me and how I feel.

    He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath before leaving the main room. LORNE exits, preparing for his trip to Arizona, leaving ILLYRIA by herself.

    CONNOR walks down the hallway, bumping into ANGEL.

    ANGEL: Connor.

    CONNOR: Dad. Are you okay?

    ANGEL: Yeah. I'm fine, but if it hadn't been for an old friend, I would've longer.

    CONNOR: Did you die?

    ANGEL: I don't think so. I think I'm gonna win.

    CONNOR: Win what?

    ANGEL: My long battle of redemption.

    CONNOR: Really?

    ANGEL: Yeah. I think so. It's Illyria I'm worried about. Since Wesley died...


    ILLYRIA is pacing around the room.

    ANGEL (V/O): She has developed these sudden human emotions and she's losing herself in her own battle. I hope that she's able to find herself, otherwise, she might be the very thing that might cause danger for us all.

    ILLYRIA closes her eyes. She has a loud humming noise in her head. ILLYRIA drops to her knees, screaming an anguished scream. She opens her eyes as we see a close up on them. Her eyes go from her usual color to a greenish blue color. Then they return to normal after five seconds. ILLYRIA stands up, realizing what is about to happen.

    ILLYRIA: The sense of Resurrection.



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      LORNE, ILLYRIA, GUNN and CONNOR are at the train station. LORNE has his luggage next to him as he prepares to take the train to Arizona.

      GUNN: Too bad Angel, Spike and Harmony couldn't come to say goodbye.

      LORNE: They did before we left.

      GUNN: I see. It's really sad to see you go.

      LORNE: I'll be back in a couple of weeks you know.

      GUNN: I know, but you get my point.

      LORNE: Actually. Yeah. I do.

      GUNN and LORNE shake hands.

      GUNN: Goodbye for now.

      LORNE: Same here.

      LORNE turns his focus towards CONNOR.

      LORNE: Connor.

      CONNOR: So this is goodbye?

      LORNE: Just for two weeks.

      CONNOR: I know, but it's not the same without you.

      LORNE: I understand. Can we say goodbye properly so it won't suck as much?

      CONNOR and LORNE hug.

      LORNE: Bye Connor.

      CONNOR: Bye. For now.

      LORNE looks at ILLYRIA.

      LORNE: Illyria...

      ILLYRIA: It's not like you've died. I was only clinging on to what's left.

      LORNE: That was my point last night.

      ILLYRIA: I know. It's not like you've died. You're still alive. I assume you'll still be alive when you return.

      LORNE: You're right you know.

      ILLYRIA: Yes.

      LORNE grins.

      LORNE: So you're not gonna say goodbye, are you?

      ILLYRIA: Not really. We can never really say goodbye.

      LORNE: I know.

      ILLYRIA: After all, you are only one phone call away.

      ANGEL and SPIKE are sitting on the couch of the room.

      ANGEL: What do you think?

      SPIKE: I don't know, what do you think?

      ANGEL: Kind of splendid.

      SPIKE: Splendid? Really?

      ANGEL: Yeah. You heard me.

      SPIKE: Buffy and the others will think you're some kind of nut.

      ANGEL: Maybe, but if we get some proof, maybe I won't be some kind of nut. Especially to Buffy.

      SPIKE: Okay. I see. So, do you think Wolfram and Hart is really destroyed?

      ANGEL: I'm not for sure. I have a feeling that this is not over yet.

      SPIKE: Well, if it makes you feel better, so do I.

      Enter GUNN, ILLYRIA and CONNOR.

      SPIKE: Gunn. Illyria.

      ANGEL: Connor.

      GUNN: Lorne made it to the train okay. He's on his way to Arizona.

      ANGEL: Good.

      SPIKE: We'll see him in a couple of weeks.

      CONNOR: Well at least nothing apocalyptic happened.

      ILLYRIA looks at the others in a state of shock.

      ANGEL: Illyria.

      GUNN: What's....

      She does not respond. Instead, her eyes glow various flashing colors. After several seconds, they return to their normal colors.

      SPIKE: Was that part of your power?

      ILLYRIA: Kind of. I can sense something. It's a strange sense.

      CONNOR: What kind of sense is it?

      We see a close up on Illyria's face as she appears to be unsettled.

      ILLYRIA: The sense of Resurrection.



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        ACT FOUR

        ANGEL and SPIKE follow ILLYRIA to a grave site.

        ANGEL: Illyria! What's that? "Sense of Resurrection?"

        ILLYRIA: The sense of Resurrection. It's a sixth sense for me to sense when someone is coming back to life.

        SPIKE: Who the devil is coming back to life?

        ILLYRIA: It's over there!

        ILLYRIA points to the North-East area of the graveyard. She runs to the area. SPIKE and ANGEL follow.

        GUNN and CONNOR are sitting on the couch of the main room. They look at each other as if they had more to say, but they can't think of it right now.

        HARMONY (O/S): Spike? Spike!

        ENTER HARMONY from the hallways.

        HARMONY: Spike? Spike? Hello!

        GUNN: They’re gone.

        HARMONY eyes GUNN.

        HARMONY: Gone? Where did they go?

        GUNN: Los Angeles Cemetery. Illyria sensed some kind of resurrection and she had Angel and Spike go with her.

        ANGEL, ILLYRIA and SPIKE are standing in front of a grave which reads:

        1967 - 2004
        Brave. All the way.

        SPIKE: There?

        ILLYRIA: Believe it or not. Yes.

        ANGEL: Are you sure? How do you know that it's this grave?

        ILLYRIA: I don't know. I just do.

        SPIKE: Are you sure this is it? You're not going nuts with your grieving now, are you?

        ILLYRIA looks at SPIKE. Before she can say a word, the trio hear a loud roaring noise. ANGEL, SPIKE and ILLYRIA see a group of demons. The eight demons charge for the trio.

        Without a word, ANGEL and SPIKE step forward and prepare to fight the demons. ILLYRIA positions herself to guard Wesley's grave, while fighting demons as well.

        CONNOR looks out on a night view of the city from a window. HARMONY and GUNN are standing a little away from him.

        GUNN: Anything?

        CONNOR: Not yet.

        HARMONY sighs, annoyed and paces around the room. GUNN and CONNOR remain on guard.

        HARMONY: I bet the others are having better luck with being occupied.

        GUNN and CONNOR look at each other, wondering if HARMONY meant it or if she is being sarcastic.

        ANGEL and SPIKE fight the demons as ILLYRIA is guarding WESLEY's grave with her life, while fighting demons coming her way.

        ANGEL punches a demon in the face. Another demon advances for him, but he dodges the attack.

        SPIKE punches another demon that is attacking him. He uses a dagger from his jacket to stab the demon in the chest. It dusts.

        SPIKE: And I thought only vampires dust.

        ILLYRIA is guarding Wesley's grave with her life. She watches ANGEL and SPIKE fight the demons. A demon advances for ILLYRIA, but she turns around and punches a hole into the demon's chest. It dusts. An earthquake begins. ILLYRIA falls to the ground.

        People are running and falling over as the earthquake begins. The sky glows dark purple.

        The sudden earthquake is affecting this building. Things fall over as HARMONY, GUNN and CONNOR struggle to stay standing.

        GUNN: Take cover!

        CONNOR tries crawling under a nearby desk, instead it falls on him, knocking him unconscious.

        HARMONY: Gunn!

        GUNN looks at what just happened.

        GUNN: Connor!

        A few items knock down both GUNN and HARMONY.

        ANGEL and SPIKE fall over as the last of the demons dust.

        ANGEL: What's going on?!

        SPIKE: I don't know!!

        Purple energy comes from the sky, striking Wesley's grave. The purple energy makes the grave disappear. A huge round purple energy glows and the earthquake continues. ILLYRIA looks up, but has to cover her eyes because the light of the energy is extremely bright. ANGEL and SPIKE notice this as well.

        ANGEL: What's going on?

        SPIKE: I don't know, but I have a bad feeling about this.

        The energy lands to the ground, causing the earthquake to end.

        ANGEL, ILLYRIA and SPIKE all rise up to their feet. The energy forms into a shape of a person. Clothes appear on the glowing figure. Then it morphs into WESLEY. He gasps in fear, shock and confusion. He looks at ANGEL, SPIKE and ILLYRIA.

        ILLYRIA: Wesley.

        ANGEL: Wesley?


        TO BE CONTINUED.....



        An Angel continuity/crossover with Power Rangers
        Coming Soon!!