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Buffy the Vampire Slayer 8x01. Encounter at Farpoint

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  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer 8x01. Encounter at Farpoint

    8x01. Encounter at Farpoint

    DISCLAIMER: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer nor the show's characters. They belong to their respective owners such as Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy and FOX. This is for entertainment purposes only and no copyright infringement is intended. However, characters that have never been on the show are mine, and I forbid you to take them without permission. Read and Enjoy!!



    Sarah Michelle Gellar - Buffy Summers
    Nicholas Brendon - Xander Harris
    Alyson Hannigan - Willow Rosenberg
    Eliza Dushku - Faith Lehane
    Michelle Trachtenberg - Dawn Summers
    and Anthony Stewart Head - Rupert Giles

    David Boreanaz - Angel
    James Marsters - Spike
    Amber Benson - Tara Maclay
    Emma Caulfield - Anya Jenkins

    Julie Benz - Darla
    Katharine McPhee - Darlene
    Felicia Barton - Allison
    Kate Walsh - Miss Nadia Nichols
    Tom Lenk - Andrew
    Iyari Limon - Kennedy
    Felicia Day - Vi
    Indigo - Rona
    Kristy Wu - Chao-Anh

    WRITTEN BY: Amanda Cress

    BETA READER: Cliona Whitelaw

    EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Amanda Cress & Cliona Whitelaw


    Flashback of the episode "Chosen". The Scoobies were in their final battle in Sunnydale. They battled the FIRST EVIL and its BRINGERS. People were killed during this final battle, including ANYA and once Potential Slayer, AMANDA. SPIKE used the amulet ANGEL gave to BUFFY to wipe out all of the vampires in the battle, including himself. Then the survivors of the battle escaped from the Hell mouth and Sunnydale was no longer. The Survivors; BUFFY, XANDER, WILLOW, GILES, DAWN and FAITH, among others stood in front of the crater that used to be Sunnydale and wondered what to do next.

    WILLOW: The First is scrunched, so... what do you think we should do, Buffy?

    FAITH: Yeah, you're not the one and only chosen anymore. Just gotta live like a person. How's that feel?

    DAWN: Yeah, Buffy. What are we gonna do now?

    BUFFY looks up at the sky, wondering about the future for herself and her friends.


    DAWN (O/S): Buffy? We’re here.


    The caption underneath reads: ONE YEAR LATER. BUFFY opens her eyes and looks at DAWN, who is the one that woke her up. The gang is on their bus to their new hell mouth location. Buffy looks out at the window. The bus passes a sign that says: WELCOME TO CLEVELAND.

    BUFFY: Great welcoming.

    ENTER FAITH. She is sitting behind BUFFY’s seat.

    FAITH: Yeah. It’s too bad that Robin couldn’t join us in this fun filled world of Cleveland. Don’t you agree, Giles?

    GILES looks at Faith in the rear view mirror.

    GILES: Yeah, it is a shame. However, he is in Europe searching for more Slayers that have awakened during battle in Sunnydale.

    XANDER looks at RONA, who is sleeping on the seat next to his. XANDER is leaning back against his seat, he seems to be exhausted and depressed about everything that has happened lately.

    XANDER (sighing): Anya ....

    WILLOW (O/S): Are you okay?

    XANDER turns and sees WILLOW who is sitting in the seat across the aisle from his. She is sitting next to KENNEDY, who is looking out the window..

    XANDER: Me? Oh yeah. I’m fine. I was just thinking.

    WILLOW: You still think Anya’s death is your fault?

    XANDER: Pretty much.

    He sighs sadly and shifts in his seat.

    WILLOW: Xander, it’s not your fault. It was never your fault. The way that Anya just happened.

    XANDER: I know. It still hurts though.

    WILLOW: It’s okay. It’ll be okay.

    WILLOW grabs XANDER’s hand gently, reassuringly. He looks at her and she smiles. XANDER offers a weak smile back.

    The Sunnydale Bus is making its way through the suburbs when suddenly, the bus halts, getting everyone’s attention. CHAO-ANH yelps.

    RONA: Ow! Hey! What’s going on?!

    GILES hops up from the seat and gets out of the bus.

    GILES: Um, apparently we have a flat tire on our hands.

    VI: What?

    DAWN: A flat tire? Ah, great!

    Everyone exits the old school bus. GILES checks out the flat tire while the others are looking at their surroundings. Just then, a red jeep stops in front of the bus. A middle aged LADY gets out of the jeep and approaches GILES.

    WOMAN: Do you guys want some help?

    GILES: Y....Ye...Yes ma’am. You see um, we have a flat tire on the bus, and (looks up at the Woman)… Oh. Umm. I’m sorry, I didn’t realize it was you. Yes, we-

    BUFFY: Wait a second. Who are you?

    WOMAN: Oh, please forgive my rudeness. I am Miss Nadia Nichols. I am the previous owner of the house that Rupert bought. I allowed him and that Robin Wood fellow to check out the place and it was sold to them. I knew I was wise when I allowed that case to happen. Anyhow, you can call me Miss Nichols.

    GILES: Good to see you again, Miss Nichols.

    MISS NICHOLS: Where is Robin anyway?

    GILES: In Europe, looking for vampire slayers.

    MISS NICHOLS: Okay, I know Rupert and Robin already. So I’d like to know about everyone else here. Why don’t you all introduce yourselves.

    GILES: Alright. Go ahead.

    BUFFY: I’m Buffy Summers, a vampire slayer.

    VI: My name is Vi. I’m also a vampire slayer.

    ANDREW: I’m Andrew.

    XANDER: I’m Xander. Well, Alexander Harris, but they call me Xander.

    CHAO-ANH (speaking Chinese): I am Chao-Anh, another vampire slayer.

    RONA: Rona. I am also a vampire slayer.

    FAITH: So am I. I’m Faith.

    KENNEDY: Me too. I’m Kennedy.

    WILLOW: I’m Willow Rosenberg. I’m a goddess. (GRINS)

    DAWN: I’m Dawn Summers, Buffy’s sister.

    MISS NICHOLS: Good to meet you guys.

    ANDREW: What about our bus?

    MISS NICHOLS: Well, um, in a few minutes I’m gonna call someone to repair your bus, and transform it into one of the Cleveland buses. We need to replace one of our damaged ones anyway. I have another vehicle at my apartments since people are not allowed to use school buses for transportation except for the bus drivers to take the students to school and to field trips.

    ANDREW: Why's that?

    MISS NICHOLS: Oh, that has been a rule since 1989 when some students used a school bus as their vehicle for a joyride.

    VI: That's really weird.

    MISS NICHOLS: I know. (CHANGING THE SUBJECT; TO GILES) What do you think?

    GILES: Sounds like a good deal. We’ll check it out, but you’ll have to make two round trips to your place.

    GILES, WILLOW, BUFFY, VI, RONA and CHAO-ANH are presumably heading to Miss Nichols’ apartment. MISS NICHOLS uses her cell phone to contact the school bus garages.

    MISS NICHOLS: This is Nadia. Yes, Jim. I need you to gather a crew to pick up a bus on Seventh street. I need repairs and remodeling as soon as you take it to the garage. Uh huh. Okay. Thanks a lot. Okay. Okay. Bye.

    MISS NICHOLS hangs up.

    GILES: What’s going on?

    MISS NICHOLS: Jim is going to have his crew to pick up the damaged bus and fix it to be like one of our buses.

    WILLOW: That’s good to hear.

    GILES (nodding): Yeah. I’ll say.

    MISS NICHOLS drops off the seven at her apartment, then she takes the others to her place. Alas, the two groups meet up with each other again.

    Both groups have met up in Nadia’s apartment. The Scoobies all have a seat in the living room. Miss Nichols stands in front of the group, telling them everything about Cleveland.

    MISS NICHOLS: Hello everyone and welcome to the city of Cleveland. As rumors have told you, this city is the location of a Hell mouth. Obviously, the rumor is true. Our prayers for help have been answered. We, the people of Cleveland, thank all of you for coming and helping us defend our city from evil.

    BUFFY: We are happy to help. That’s why we’re here - it’s what we do.

    MISS NICHOLS smiles and gives a bronze key with a long edge on it to GILES.

    GILES (confused): What’s this?

    MISS NICHOLS: This is your house key. Access to your new home. I’ll give you the keys to your new car when I show it to you, outside the parking lot. Would you all care to follow me?

    The Scoobies follow MISS NICHOLS out of the apartments.

    MISS NICHOLS leads the SCOOBIES to a silver Ford hybrid. Everyone is amazed.

    WILLOW: Isn’t this amazing?

    MISS NICHOLS: It is indeed, Willow. Well Rupert, what do you think?

    She waits for GILES to answer expectantly.

    GILES: Pretty....fresh. Not my taste of car. However I approve. (Looks around) I’ll have to make a few trips to take everyone to our new home. Perfect time to adjust.

    CUT TO: GILES is driving DAWN, BUFFY, XANDER AND WILLOW to the house. Almost half a minute later, we see GILES driving KENNEDY, VI, FAITH and CHAO-ANH. Finally, he is preparing to take RONA and ANDREW. They are in the car. MISS NICHOLS has something more to say though…

    MISS NICHOLS: Did you find the house okay?

    GILES: Yes. Yes I did, Nadia. Just pass Da Vinci street and I’ll be at the house. It’s not too far from Da Vinci street.

    MISS NICHOLS: If you need anything, I’ll be here to guide you and your....Scooby group.

    GILES: Okay. I’ll remember that. Thanks.

    MISS NICHOLS: And Rupert?

    GILES looks at MISS NICHOLS, listening to what she has to say.

    MISS NICHOLS: Be careful.

    GILES: Of course. Thank you, Miss Nichols. Until next time.

    MISS NICHOLS (SMILING: Looking forward to it.

    GILES looks forward and drives, smiling. RONA and ANDREW are talking between themselves quietly.



    An Angel continuity/crossover with Power Rangers
    Coming Soon!!

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    The Scoobies walk around the living room slowly in amazement.

    WILLOW: Isn’t this amazing?

    GILES: Yes it is amazing, indeed. When Robin and I looked at this house, we assigned everyone to their rooms. So there is less hassle in choosing rooms.

    Everyone else groans.

    XANDER (SIGHS): As long as I don’t have to share my room with monkey boy (GESTURES TO ANDREW) over there, I’ll be okay.

    ANDREW looks at XANDER for a second, insulted.

    GILES: Xander, you’re not going to share your room with Andrew..

    XANDER: Good.

    GILES: Andrew’s room will be in the basement with Vi, Rona, Chao-Anh, and Kennedy.

    KENNEDY: What?

    RONA: What?

    ANDREW: What?

    ANDREW/RONA: I’ll be the only guy in my room!/I’m not sharing my room with him!

    Immediately after, they share a wary glance.

    GILES: Andrew, Rona, that’s enough. The rooms are already settled. Everyone, come along.

    GILES opens the door to the basement.

    GILES: Chao-Anh, Vi, Rona, Kennedy and Andrew, this will be your room.

    CHAO-ANH, VI, RONA, KENNEDY, and ANDREW head downstairs to their new room as RONA and ANDREW have an argument that is apparently amusing everyone.

    GILES: Everyone else has a room upstairs.

    BUFFY, DAWN, WILLOW, XANDER and FAITH follow GILES upstairs.

    GILES leads the others to the second door on the right and opens the door. Everyone peers in nosily.

    GILES: This is your room, Dawn.

    Without thinking or speaking, DAWN enters her new room. We see GILES turn and walk away with the others in tow as DAWN sits on her new bed. Back in the hall, GILES leads the others another two doors down and opens the door.

    GILES: Faith, this is your room as of right now.

    FAITH: Thanks, G man.

    FAITH strolls into her new room. GILES begins to walk away as everyone takes a quick peek into FAITH’s room. BUFFY sees GILES walk away and hurries to catch up.

    BUFFY, WILLOW, and XANDER follow GILES to the first door to the left. GILES opens the door there.

    GILES: This is your room, Xander.

    XANDER enters his new room, wowing at it, amazed. Again, BUFFY and WILLOW strain to take a quick look inside.

    GILES and the girls go to their rooms. Two doors from XANDER’s room, GILES opens the door.

    GILES: And this is your room, Willow.

    WILLOW: Thanks, Giles.

    WILLOW goes into her room, amazed. BUFFY and GILES look at each other as they stop outside another room.

    BUFFY: Let me guess. (KNOCKS ON CLOSED DOOR ONCE) My room?

    GILES nods. BUFFY looks past him to the last door on the hall.

    BUFFY: Your room.

    GILES: We’ll be next door to each other in case we want to tell each other something before we decide to tell the others.

    BUFFY: Okay. That’s logical enough. I was thinking, after we’re settled in, we should have a meeting. You know, to announce who our leaders will be. You know like leader, second in command, and third in command.

    GILES: I don’t know about second or third in command, but I am pretty sure that they’ll choose you as the leader.

    BUFFY: Really?

    GILES: I can‘t see why not. You led us in that last battle at Sunnydale, and your leadership is excellent.

    BUFFY: Well, we gotta get that taken care of soon.

    GILES nods.

    KENNEDY, WILLOW, XANDER, DAWN, RONA, FAITH, VI, GILES, CHAO-ANH and ANDREW are all staring at BUFFY, all either impatient or expectant, waiting for her to say something.

    BUFFY: I know we just got here, but we need to gather our leaders. We need someone who’ll lead us through whatever’s gonna come our way. We’re on a Hell mouth. I don’t think it’s going to be quiet anytime soon. Any nominees?
    Andrew raises his hand high, almost proudly. Everyone sees him but ignores him. Finally, Willow speaks up.

    WILLOW: You led us in the Final Battle at Sunnydale, Buffy. We’d be crazy not to pick you again.

    XANDER: Who else is gonna lead us to the win here?

    KENNEDY nods in agreement.

    RONA: Yeah, I’ll say.

    DAWN: I pretty much agree.

    ANDREW: Hey!! What about me?! I could do it! I could be the leader!

    Everyone ignores him again. Finally, FAITH speaks up…

    FAITH: This wasn’t necessary, B. It’s unanimous. You’re the leader.

    ANDREW huffs angrily but says nothing.

    BUFFY: Okay. Second in command. We need someone to take the lead if I get killed. Any nominees?

    RONA: I nominate Faith.

    KENNEDY: I second it. So, who wants Faith to be second in command?

    Everyone except ANDREW raises their hands.

    XANDER: All opposed? Speak now or forever hold your peace…

    ANDREW raises his hand.

    BUFFY: Andrew?

    ANDREW: I nominate myself.

    KENNEDY: Well majority rules. Faith is second in command. Tough luck Andrew.

    FAITH walks over to stand next to BUFFY.

    FAITH: Let me guess, now we need a third in command?

    BUFFY: Giles.

    GILES smiles.


    XANDER: By gum, Giles!

    DAWN: Giles.

    BUFFY: Everyone voting for Giles to be third in command?

    Everyone except for ANDREW raise their hands.

    RONA (ANNOYED; TO ANDREW): You’re not going to be a leader, so you might as well give up.

    ANDREW sulks, and crosses his arms.

    BUFFY (trying to hide a smile): Giles, you are officially third in command. Step up.

    GILES stands up and walks to stand on BUFFY’s other side.

    BUFFY: Now on to other business. You all know we’re on a Hell mouth. There will be some form of evil coming soon and we need to be prepared. If you see anything at all out of the ordinary and think it might be some new evil, then tell us. We don’t want another Sunnydale.

    Everyone nods, understanding and thinking. Everyone seems a little pained, especially XANDER.

    GILES (LOOKING AT HIS WATCH): It’s getting late.

    DAWN: And I start Cleveland High tomorrow.

    BUFFY: Okay. We got our major deals in, so this meeting is now closed.

    VI and RONA fight with ANDREW while CHAO-ANH watches and eats Cocoa Pebbles. WILLOW and KENNEDY sit on a bed, presumably Kennedy’s, and watch.

    ANDREW: I’m watching Inspector Gadget!

    RONA: Not today, you’re not!

    ANDREW fights over the remote with RONA and VI and within a few seconds, the remote breaks.

    VI: Hey! You broke it!

    VI raises her arm, preparing to punch ANDREW and he falls over CHAO-ANH, making her bowl of cereal spill on her shirt. She speaks angry Chinese, gets up from the floor and complains to the three fighting. KENNEDY and WILLOW watch in amusement. The fight can be heard off screen.

    KENNEDY: Whoa, she’s mad, huh?

    WILLOW: Uh-huh.

    WILLOW and KENNEDY look at each other and they snuggle.

    KENNEDY: I’m glad we don’t argue like that.

    WILLOW: Me too.

    She kisses KENNEDY on the forehead. Then they kiss on the lips.

    VI (O/S): Let’s just watch Family Guy.

    RONA (O/S): Fine by me.

    ANDREW (O/S): Fine by me.

    Both WILLOW and KENNEDY lay together on Kennedy’s bed. They snuggle together.

    WILLOW opens her eyes, and finds herself alone in this area. No one is there with her. Not even KENNEDY.

    WILLOW: Where am I?

    A short blinding light appears in front of WILLOW.

    WILLOW: What’s going on?

    The light expands and gets brighter. A figure appears, coming out of the light. It is silhouetted against the light.

    WILLOW: Who’s there?

    The figure approaches WILLOW. It is a face that she thought she’d never see again.

    WILLOW: Tara?

    TARA: Yes, Willow. It’s me.

    WILLOW(FLUSTERED):Oh god. Oh, you’re probably mad at me!

    TARA: Why would I be mad at you?

    WILLOW: For nearly ending the world, for being with Kennedy, and...

    TARA: Shhh, no. You were in pain, and in the end, Xander stopped you. About Kennedy, it’s all okay. I’m happy for you. Really. Believe me, I would’ve done the same thing, Willow. You can’t keep living in the past. You have to move on.

    WILLOW: Yeah, I know. Would you really?

    TARA: It’s perfectly normal to move on.

    WILLOW: I see. Why are you here?

    TARA: I have to tell you about the danger that’s heading your way.

    WILLOW: Incoming danger?

    TARA nods.

    WILLOW: What kind?

    TARA: A familiar yet unfamiliar evil at the same time.

    WILLOW(SARCASTICALLY): Well that helps...

    TARA: Don't confuse allies and enemies, Willow. Underestimate no one. I had to come to warn you, and you’re close to Buffy, you can tell her. You have to tell her. Be careful, watch your step and always be on your guard. Always.

    WILLOW:Okay. You can count on us, Tara.

    Tara’s image fades. Before she completely disappears, we can see that her expression is smiling, though it seems sad.

    WILLOW: Tara!

    KENNEDY opens her eyes and she sees WILLOW tossing and turning.

    WILLOW (sleeping): Tara! Tara! Wait! Don’t leave me again!

    KeENNEDY grabs WILLOW by the arm.

    KENNEDY: Willow!

    WILLOW opens her eyes and sees KENNEDY.

    WILLOW: Kennedy?

    KENNEDY: Had another nightmare about Tara?

    WILLOW: Kind of. I saw Tara in my dreams. She told me some evil was coming.

    KENNEDY: Really?

    WILLOW: Uh-huh. We gotta tell Buffy.

    WILLOW attempts to rise up, but KENNEDY lays her back down.

    KENNEDY: Not now, Red. (LOOKS AT THE ALARM CLOCK) It’s two in the morning. We can tell her tomorrow.

    WILLOW: But Buffy said-

    KENNEDY: Hey, Willow, relax. It can wait till morning. We don’t even know if your dream was true. It could just be your imagination.

    WILLOW (THINKING): I guess…… It can wait till morning.

    KENNEDY: Yeah. See? Till then let’s go back to sleep.

    KENNEDY falls back to sleep. WILLOW scans the dark basement with her eyes.

    TARA (V/O): Remember, Willow. The true evil is coming. Be careful, watch your step, and be on your guard. Always.

    WILLOW nods and closes her eyes.



    An Angel continuity/crossover with Power Rangers
    Coming Soon!!


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      ANYA and ANDREW are together, defending an exit.

      ANDREW: I think they’re coming.

      ANYA: Oh, God. I'm terrified. I didn't think. I mean, I— I just figured you'd be terrified, and I would be sarcastic about it..

      ANDREW: Picture happy things... a lake, candy canes, bunnies.

      ANYA (GETS ANGRY): Bunnies! Floppy, hoppy... (HOLDS UP HER SWORD) bunnies.

      ANYA and ANDREW battle the BRINGERS at their area.

      ANDREW: I have swimmer’s ear!

      One of the bringers slice ANYA in half.

      XANDER is looking for ANYA as he leaves the school.

      XANDER: Anya! Anya!

      DAWN pulls XANDER away from the room.

      XANDER is standing with his back turned to ANDREW.

      XANDER: Did you see what happened?

      ANDREW: She was incredible. She died saving my life.

      XANDER: That’s my girl. Always doing the stupid thing.

      XANDER looks up to find himself at….

      XANDER hears a knock on the door. He gets up from the couch, and heads to open the door. The door opens and he sees ANYA, as if she had never died.

      XANDER: Anya?

      ANYA: Yes. It’s me.

      XANDER: You’re………. You’re alive?

      ANYA: Yes. I came back for you.

      XANDER stands for a second, staring at ANYA, then pulls her into a strong and loving embrace. He shuts the door behind them.

      XANDER: I missed you, Anya.

      ANYA: I missed you too.

      XANDER and ANYA kiss. They stop as another knock on the door is heard.

      XANDER wakes up and finds himself in his room, holding a Uhura pillow in his arms. He looks irritated.

      XANDER: Curse you, and your beauty!

      XANDER throws the pillow to the floor. XANDER hears the knock on the door. He gets up from his bed, places the pillow back on the bed, and answers the door. It’s BUFFY.

      XANDER: Buffy. Hi.

      BUFFY: Hey. Are you okay?

      XANDER: Yeah. I guess so.

      BUFFY: Is there anything I can do?

      XANDER: No thanks. I’ll be fine. (FOCUSING ON ANOTHER SUBJECT) Did Dawn get to school okay?

      BUFFY: Yeah. She did.

      We see DAWN opening up her new locker, getting out some books and her purse.

      BUFFY (V/O): Giles took her to school this morning. She said she was kinda nervous, but Giles told her that it was going to be okay.

      DAWN looks up and smiles. She seems to be thinking.

      DAWN (V/O): My name is Dawn Summers.

      DAWN is standing in front of the class, introducing herself. The other students seem eager to hear what she has to say.

      DAWN (CONT’D): We moved here from Sunnydale after the city was destroyed. We came here to protect Cleveland from the forces of evil.

      BOY 1 whistles at DAWN. BOY 2 grins at BOY 1. They laugh. TEACHER is not amused by their actions.

      TEACHER: Henry, Joshua, that is enough. Go on, Dawn. What do you like to do?

      DAWN: Well, I like to read Supernatural stuff. Comics are kinda cool too. Live with the people I live with and you’d kinda guess why.

      TEACHER: We have an excellent library here. Welcome to Cleveland High.

      DAWN: Thanks, Mrs. Gray.

      HENRY (MOCKING): Thanks, Mrs. Gray.

      DAWN rolls her eyes, annoyed. She sits at the back of the class next to a girl with dark hair. DAWN looks at the girl.

      DAWN: Am I bothering you?

      GIRL: No. Not at all.

      Two blonde girls, sitting next to the other girl, agree with her.

      BLONDE 1: You can sit with her.

      BLONDE 2: Yeah. Join the club.

      DAWN sits next to the GIRL.

      JOSHUA: Yeah. Three strippers on a dancing spree.

      MRS. GRAY has had enough of their actions.

      MRS. GRAY: Joshua Bowers, you will stay one hour after school every day starting Monday.

      JOSHUA: What? My father will tan my hide!

      MRS. GRAY: Well, you should’ve though about that before you picked on Dawn and her new friends. Now, report to the Principal’s Office.

      JOSHUA stands up, storms out of the classroom and slams the door behind him.

      BLONDE 1: Whoa, serves him right.

      DAWN: Is he like that all the time?

      BLONDE 2: He insults every girl in school, calling them ugly, dirty names and all that nonsense. That’s why Ginger broke up with him last month.

      DAWN: Ginger?

      GIRL (INDICATING A PRETTY GIRL IN THE CLASS): She’s one of the in-crowd, you know?

      DAWN: The in-crowd? So wait. Joshua is one of the in-crowd? (BEAT) Weird world..

      GIRL: I know it’s hard to believe.


      DAWN: I’m Dawn.

      GIRL: My name’s Allison. A-L-L-I-S-O-N.

      BLONDE 1: They call me Darlene.

      BLONDE 2: My name’s Selena.

      MRS. GRAY: Are you girls settled in?

      DAWN: Yes.

      ALLISON: I am.

      DARLENE: Me too.

      SELENA: And me.

      MRS. GRAY: Okay. As I was about to say before I was rudely interrupted by Joshua, we are going to be starting on the Industrialization of our country.

      DAWN, ALLISON, DARLENE and SELENA are walking home from school, which is out for the week and will resume Monday. DAWN has told her friends about BUFFY and the Scooby gang.

      ALLISON: Whoa, your sister is the leader of the Scoobies? Man, I wish I was a part of your Scooby group so that I could only be in school for one day.

      DAWN: Well, by the time Monday comes, I’ll be on the traditional five day schedule like you guys.

      DARLENE: That’s true.

      BEAT. It appears as though everyone is trying to think of something to say.

      DAWN: Well, anybody want to come over tonight?

      SELENA: I can’t.

      DAWN: How come?

      ALLISON: Her father never lets her go anywhere other than school.

      SELENA: He’s an idiot.

      DAWN: Giles isn’t like that. Not at all.

      DARLENE: Giles… Is he like a father figure to you and to Buffy?

      DAWN: Yeah. Pretty much.

      DARLENE: Ah!

      SELENA: Well, I’d like to stay and chat Dawn, but I have to be home in 15 minutes. I even have a strict curfew too.

      DAWN, DARLENE & ALLISON (IN UNISON): Bye!!! See you Monday!!!

      SELENA: Yeah Bye!! See you guys Monday!

      SELENA exits.

      DARLENE: You know, I have this aunt that’s just moved here from Alaska. Her name is Dionne. She’s a fan of your sister and I know she’d love to come visit tonight too.

      DAWN (SMILING A LITTLE): Okay, the more the merrier. I’m sure Buffy’d be happy to meet a fan of hers.

      ALLISON: It’s gonna be so cool to meet her!! (BEAT) One thing though. Where do you live?

      DAWN: We live at the three-story house in Da Vinci Street. Miss Nichols used to live there until she sold the house to us.

      DARLENE: Hey, Ally, if you want, I can get Dionne to pick you up on the way there? We’re all going to the same place, and you said you didn’t know Da Vinci Street before…

      ALLISON: I know Da Vinci Street, but not really that well... Sure, I’ll need some help.

      DAWN: Can’t wait to see you guys and Dionne. What time will you be there?
      DARLENE: I don‘t know… About… six?

      ALLISON: Whatever you say.

      DAWN (SMILING): Okay. Six it is.

      DARLENE smiles an evil smile that the others seem to miss.

      BUFFY, FAITH, GILES, WILLOW and KENNEDY are all in the living room. WILLOW and KENNEDY are telling the others about WILLOW’s dream the night beforehand. They all seem a little taken aback.

      BUFFY: So let me get this straight, Willow. Tara came to you in a dream, telling you that some true evil was coming. Familiar yet unfamiliar at the same time?

      WILLOW: Yeah. Exactly.

      BUFFY: Big news on the first week. That was quick.

      FAITH: Better than some disaster walking through the front door don’t ya think?

      DAWN enters the house, all smiles.

      GILES: Dawn, how was your first day of school?

      DAWN: Great. All except for Henry and Joshua acting like pigs, but otherwise it was good.

      KENNEDY: Bullies. They’re everywhere.

      WILLOW: Everywhere you go.

      DAWN: But it wasn’t all bad - I made three new friends: Allison, Darlene and Selena. Allison and Darlene are coming over tonight, and Darlene is bringing her aunt Dionne over too. She‘s a fan of yours Buffy.

      BUFFY: Really? That’s great to meet a fan.

      FAITH: What about that Selena girl?

      DAWN: Her father never lets her go anywhere other than school.

      WILLOW: On a Hell mouth, I can’t really blame him.

      FAITH: Yeah. Too bad we can’t meet her in person.

      BUFFY: At least we’ll meet two of Dawn’s buddies out of three. You know the old saying: two out of three ain’t bad.

      WILLOW senses something strange in her mind.

      TARA (V/O): Willow. Be on the lookout. The true evil is coming and it is closer than you think. Familiar yet unfamiliar. Be on your guard.

      WILLOW nods.

      GILES hears a knock on the door. He turns off the TV and answers the door. He sees ALLISON, DARLENE and a woman we presume is Dionne, but unknown to everyone she is really DARLA.

      DARLENE: You’re Giles, right?

      GILES (NODDING): Yes. And you must be, ah, Dawn‘s friends?

      ALLISON: I’m Allison.

      DARLENE: My name’s Darlene.

      DARLA: And I’m Dionne, Darlene’s aunt.

      GILES: Good to meet you girls. Come in, I’ll tell Dawn that you’re all here to see her.

      DARLA: Darlene and Allison are. I am just anxious to meet you, Buffy and the rest of the Scooby gang.

      GILES: I see. (RAISING HIS VOICE) Dawn! You have company!

      DAWN rushes downstairs, and sees GILES and the girls.

      DAWN: Hey Allison, Darlene. (LOOKS AT DARLA) You must be Dionne. Darlene mentioned you.

      DARLA (NODDING): Yes. I’m Dionne.

      Dawn shakes Darla’s hand and stops for a second, as though surprised or shocked.

      DAWN: Your hands. They’re….

      DARLA: Cold? Yeah I know. It’s cold in Alaska you know. That should explain a lot.

      GILES and the girls enter the house and GILES closes the door behind him.

      DAWN: Darlene, how long have you known Dionne?

      DARLENE: She’s my aunt silly. I’ve known her for a long time.


      ANDREW: Oh dear. Who are they?

      DAWN: Guys, these are my friends: Allison, Darlene, and this is Darlene’s aunt Dionne.

      DARLA: Hi.

      XANDER: Andrew, I swear I…

      DARLENE: He’s not bothering us.

      XANDER: Are you sure?

      DARLENE nods. WILLOW closes her eyes, thinking of something..

      DARLA: It’s so cool to finally meet you Buffy!

      BUFFY: Thanks, you too, Dionne.

      BUFFY and DARLA hug. ALLISON and DARLENE watch and observe. WILLOW opens her eyes, sensing something unsettling.

      WILLOW (IN A LOW VOICE): True evil. True evil is coming. Closer than I think.

      The gang hear another knock on the door. This time BUFFY answers it. It’s MISS NICHOLS and two familiar faces on separate sides of her. ANGEL is standing to her left while SPIKE is standing to her right.

      BUFFY: Miss Nichols? Angel? Spike? What’s going on?

      DARLENE and DARLA glare at ANGEL and SPIKE with angry expressions on their faces.

      ANGEL: We came to help you with something.

      BUFFY: With what?



      An Angel continuity/crossover with Power Rangers
      Coming Soon!!


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        ACT FOUR

        ANGEL and SPIKE are standing either side of MISS NICHOLS. DARLENE and DARLA glare angrily at the vampires, as if they are not happy to see them. The Scoobies are all confused by what is going on.

        BUFFY: Miss Nichols, what is going on? What...are they doing here?

        SPIKE: Peaches (MAKES GESTURE TOWARDS ANGEL) here decided you lot were in danger and that we had to come help. (SIGHS AND SHRUGS) So here we are.

        ANGEL: Hey, you agreed to help out, so-

        MISS NICHOLS (CUTTING HIM OFF): Angel, Spike! You two can argue later, right now Buffy needs to hear this!

        BUFFY: Hear what?

        MISS NICHOLS: Everyone, I have to tell you….there’s some mystical disturbance here. And it’s not you, Willow.

        WILLOW: Hey. I know.

        MISS NICHOLS: It’s (glares at DARLENE and DARLA) coming from over there.
        Darlene and Darla look at Miss Nichols with an expression of anger on their faces.

        DARLENE: Suit up, D.

        DARLA vamps out. DAWN looks at ALLISON, with her eyes widened.

        ALLISON: I didn’t know about any of this, I’m sorry Dawn.

        SPIKE: So, “D” and her dark goth niece. You’re the disturbance Angel’s Ancient Teller has been sensing?

        WILLOW: I sensed it too.

        SPIKE nods, understanding. ANGEL examines DARLA for a few seconds, and then rolls his eyes.

        ANGEL: Can we cut it out with the whole Aunt Dionne crap? You think I don’t recognize Darla when I see her?

        DARLA: I….well…..oh, you got me.

        ANGEL: But you’re dead.

        DARLENE: You mean she was dead. I brought her back to life.

        WILLOW: How?

        DARLENE: Well, I never bothered to tell Selena or Ally my little secret, but now the cat’s out of the bag. (LAUGHS AT THE JOKE) I am a witch.

        ALLISON: A witch?

        DARLENE: Yes, sugar. A full, cold blooded witch that practices dark magic. I used my magic to bring Darla back to life, and made he as I wanted her to be - as evil as she was before.

        ANGEL: Darla. Don’t take what she has to say. It’s me. You made me a vampire. Remember? It’s me, Angel. Angelus. You….you have a son. He is in LA right now. Remember? Remember Connor?

        DARLA: No. I don't remember.

        ANGEL: Don’t worry. Soon you will.

        ANGEL approaches DARLA. She appears a little confused as he slowly walks closer.

        ANGEL: Willow, do you know any spells that could make Darla remember who she is?

        WILLOW: I could try, but you’d have to give me a minute to get the spell book and…..

        DARLENE: I think not!

        DARLENE uses a force field from her hands to knock WILLOW and ANGEL to the ground.

        BUFFY: Angel!

        KENNEDY: Willow!

        KENNEDY helps up WILLOW while SPIKE helps up ANGEL.

        SPIKE: You alright?

        ANGEL: Yeah. I’m fine.

        ANGEL approaches DARLA as DARLENE prepares to do her worst.

        KENNEDY: Willow, get the spell book.

        WILLOW leaves without hesitation. She runs upstairs to get her spell book. DARLENE looks up as GILES advances to fight her. He attempts to throw a punch at the witch, but DARLENE grabs GILES by the hand.

        MISS NICHOLS: Rupert!

        SPIKE stops MISS NICHOLS from getting any closer to the evil witch. GILES attempts to fight DARLENE.


        GILES is frozen right where he stands.

        ANDREW: What did she do to Giles?!

        XANDER: Some kind of "stop in your tracks" spell?

        DARLENE: You’re right. It’s a freeze spell. (SPEAKING RUSSIAN) Unfreeze!

        GILES is out of the freeze stance. Then DARLENE punches GILES, giving him next to no time to respond. He takes the punch and then he punches back.

        DARLENE: Ow. That hurt. You're gonna have to pay for that.

        Darlene's hands start glowing bright blue. She punches GILES in the stomach, almost immediately knocking him out. DARLENE grabs GILES by the arms.

        ANGEL: Let him go!

        DARLENE: Not until you give me back my aunt. And understand that she is my aunt.

        SPIKE: For the love of…(STOPS HIMSELF) She’s not your aunt. She is the mother of Angel’s son.

        DARLENE: Well, I’ll tell you what. Meet me at Farpoint. My place. We’ll battle then, but if you dare to call the police, Giles here will pay the price.

        We see Darlene’s eyes glow icy blue as she is about to perform another spell.

        WILLOW (O/S): Hey! I got the spell book.

        WILLOW appears. She is shocked at what she sees.

        WILLOW: Oh my.

        DARLENE simply raises her left arm. Icy blue mist surrounds her and an unconscious GILES. BUFFY sees the mist appear and runs to try stop it. It thickens until they can no longer be seen. BUFFY tries to break up the mist, waving her arms through it, but it thins almost as quickly as it appeared and the two are gone.

        ANDREW: Oh my god!

        ANGEL: They’re gone.

        DARLA: You’re saying this Darlene character manipulated me into thinking I was her evil aunt?

        ANGEL: Yeah. I’ll explain later, but we need a plan to get Giles back, and to stop Darlene.

        DARLA: I have an idea. We’ll let Willow use the spell to get my memory back.

        DARLA whispers her other plan to BUFFY.

        BUFFY: Okay. Good idea. We’ll divide into two teams. Spike, you take team two with Andrew, Faith and the new slayers. Miss Nichols, can you the rest of us to Farpoint?

        MISS NICHOLS: Sure thing, Buffy.

        SPIKE: Andrew, you get the new slayers over here. I’ll get Faith.

        ANDREW: Alright.

        SPIKE and KENNEDY rush upstairs.

        BUFFY: We need to hurry. Giles’ life is at stake.

        BUFFY, ANGEL, DARLA, DAWN, ALLISON, and XANDER exit the house quickly.

        MISS NICHOLS, BUFFY, ANGEL, DARLA, DAWN, ALLISON and XANDER are all in Miss Nichols’ jeep similar to what we saw earlier in this episode. From what we can see, ALLISON looks terrified.

        GILES has regained conscious and he finds himself tied up to a chair. He looks up and sees DARLENE smirking down at him.

        DARLENE: Morning, sleepy head.

        GILES (LOOKS AROUND; NOT THREATENED): What happened? What are you planning to do to me?

        DARLENE: I’m going to keep you here until your buddies return Dionne to me.

        GILES: Darla?

        DARLENE: Whatever! I’m still not letting that Angel freak take Dionne away from me!

        GILES: She is not Dionne, and she is not your aunt. And I‘m sure that by now she knows this too. You’re not getting away with this nonsense.

        DARLENE: Nonsense? Oh please.

        MISS NICHOLS drives the gang to Farpoint. MISS NICHOLS stops the jeep. They are at a Magic Shop, across the street from Farpoint.

        MISS NICHOLS: Do you think they’ll be able to find us?

        BUFFY: I’m sure Faith’ll recognize your jeep here.

        MISS NICHOLS: Okay then. We don’t have much time.

        The gang rush to the house at Farpoint.

        BUFFY: I hope we’re not too late.

        GILES glares at DARLENE, struggling to break free from the ropes.

        DARLENE: You know something? I’m getting kind of bored. I can think of a few boredom killers right now…

        GILES: What are you planning to do?

        DARLENE: Oh, not much.

        BUFFY (O/S): You’re not doing anything to him!

        DARLENE turns to face BUFFY, smiling evilly. She sees BUFFY, who is ready to take her down. XANDER and MISS NICHOLS are ready for action as are DAWN and ALLISON, though ALLISON looks nervous. ANGEL holds DARLA as if he is holding her hostage.

        DARLENE: What do you think you’re doing?

        BUFFY gets out a stake and acts like she’s preparing to fight DARLENE with it. DARLENE isn’t amused. BUFFY holds her stake towards DARLA.

        DARLENE (LOSING HER NERVE): No! Let her go!

        BUFFY: Let Giles go first!

        DARLENE hesitates and then waves a hand. The ropes around GILES disappear, freeing him.

        DARLENE: Get going.

        GILES reunites with the Scoobies. BUFFY looks at DARLA as ANGEL lets her go.

        BUFFY: Beat it.

        DARLA winks at BUFFY. BUFFY smirks at DARLA as she approaches DARLENE.

        ANGEL (MURMURING TO BUFFY): Do you think the plan will work?

        BUFFY (MURMURING TO ANGEL): I think so. Let’s wait and see.

        DARLA smiles at DARLENE.

        DARLENE: Did they hurt you?

        DARLA: No. I can’t say the same for you though.

        DARLENE: What?

        DARLA punches DARLENE, almost immediately knocking her out.

        ANGEL: So you believe us?

        DARLA: For now. Until Willow restores my memory with her spell.

        DARLA reunites with the Scoobies. She hugs ANGEL.

        DARLA: I love you, I think.

        ANGEL: You do, and you will. More than you remember.

        BUFFY: Giles, are you okay?

        GILES: I’m fine. Though if you had come any later, I would’ve been done for.

        MISS NICHOLS smiles, but the smile quickly disappears as she sees something….

        MISS NICHOLS: Um, Buffy?

        BUFFY looks in the direction MISS NICHOLS is looking. DARLENE slowly rises up to her feet. Everyone glares.

        DARLENE (HISSING TO BUFFY): You….bitch!

        BUFFY turns to face with this messed up witch.

        BUFFY: You called?

        DARLENE (REFERRING TO DARLA): She’s messed up because of you idiots!

        BUFFY: You’re not ready to surrender are you?

        DARLENE: Are you challenging me?

        BUFFY: You bet.

        DARLENE: Well, if you wanna go Slayer, we’ll go.

        BUFFY and DARLENE fight. With a huge series of punches, kicks and dodges. Both opponents seem to be strong and it becomes a stalemate in this fight. The others prepare to back Buffy up if she needs it.

        BUFFY: You guys, stay out of this! This is my fight!

        Eventually, DARLENE gains the upper hand and knocks BUFFY down. She prepares to finish the Slayer off.

        DARLENE (CHUCKLES): Is that all you got?

        SPIKE (O/S): No. She has us.

        DARLENE looks up and sees SPIKE, KENNEDY, WILLOW, ANDREW, VI, RONA and CHAO-ANH. We see a fist fly from off screen; FAITH punches down DARLENE. SPIKE helps up BUFFY.

        SPIKE (HELPING UP BUFFY): Are you okay?

        BUFFY: Yeah.

        FAITH fights with DARLENE to stall her.

        FAITH: Willow! The spell now!

        WILLOW: Right! (GETS OUT WHITE ORB; BEGINS SPELL) Goddess of Memory and Life, Ancient One, hear me as I come to you. (POINTS AT DARLA) Reverse thy mind and fill it with memory. Let the memories fill her empty head!

        Blue energy transfers from Willow’s hands to Darla’s head. DARLA takes a deep breath and then opens her eyes.

        ANGEL: Darla?

        DARLA: Angel? What’s going on?

        ANGEL: You’re alive and you’re home. Home with me.

        ANGEL and DARLA hug.

        KENNEDY: You did it again, Red.

        MISS NICHOLS: Yeah. You must be a good wiccan. I guess.

        WILLOW: You’re right.

        DARLENE looks around as FAITH stops fighting her. Everyone glares at the evil witch, even DARLA.

        DARLENE: You too Darla? After all…oh god. I…I surrender. You win this round.

        That’s all the Scoobies need to hear. They all EXIT Farpoint.

        DARLENE: But this is not over. You hear? It’s not over!

        The gang are all in Miss Nichols’ jeep. However, ANGEL, SPIKE and DARLA have to return to LA ASAP.

        ANGEL: Darla’s coming with us to LA to start off fresh. We have to return ASAP, before Sunrise.

        MISS NICHOLS: Well, good luck with that.

        ANGEL: We’ll see you again.

        BUFFY: You too.

        ANGEL, DARLA and SPIKE exit.

        The jeep stops at that spot. Everyone except MISS NICHOLS exits the van.

        MISS NICHOLS: I’d like to stick around, but I gotta get home or the landlord will go off on me.

        GILES: Yes, well… Good luck. And thank you Miss Nichols.

        MISS NICHOLS: See you soon.

        GILES: You too.

        MISS NICHOLS drives away, leaving the Scoobies to walk the rest of the way home.

        The Scoobies notice that the living room light is still on. Everyone glares at ANDREW.

        ANDREW: What? Spike said that he was going to turn the lights off.

        Nobody is buying this story. They approach the house, more warily now.

        The Scoobies arrive at the doorway. BUFFY prepares to fight. Her hand snakes out to the door handle but before she can touch it, it is opens from the inside. It opens slowly. Everyone is watching warily. We can see that the door is now fully open but we don’t know who it is.

        BUFFY: Oh…




        An Angel continuity/crossover with Power Rangers
        Coming Soon!!