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  • Crossover fanfiction recommendation thread

    In this thread you can recommend your favorite crossover fics.

    Please recommend only crossover fics that include at least one Buffyverse character.

    Your recommendations for crossover fics between entirely different fandoms (for example Harry Potter/Supernatural fics) are welcome in the new "Other fandoms fanfiction recommendation thread".

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    Here are my favorite crossover fanfics:

    Immortal by Sigyn on Elysian Fields 167k words

    A Buffy/Torchwood crossover. The charming, handsome and immortal time-agent Captain Jack Harkness happens to be on a sabbatical in Rome, when he meets a certain Slayer who is still grieving Spike`s death in the Hellmouth. You don't have to be familiar with Torchwood to get into this story. Spuffy in the end.

    Who`s The Doctor by MissMurchinson on livejournal 2k words

    A Buffy/Dr.Who crossover. This fic is set during the events of As You Were. Instead of handgrenading Spike`s crypt, Buffy simply asks him, if it is true he`s the Doctor. Well, you'll never guess Who's The Doctor....

    Colors by anaross on AO3 25k words

    This is a Buffyverse/Serenity crossover. About 500 years after the battle in Not Fade Away a spaceship called Serenity picks up Spike who got lost in time and space.

    John Hart, Not a Vampire by DWduck on Twisting the Hellmouth 10k words

    Another Buffy/Torchwood crossover. Captain Jack Harkness of Torchwood, Cardiff meets his old friend, fellow time-agent and former lover, Captain John Hart, in the episode Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Captain John Hart is portrayed by James Marsters. Now ... what do you would happen, if Captain John Hart ever visited Sunnydale? You`ll find out in this story....

    The Lines Get Blurred by slaymesoftly on AO3 5k words

    A Lucifer/Buffy crossover fic. Chloe and Lucifer work on a new and somewhat mysterious case. A petite blonde woman and a handsome guy with a British accent seem to have murdered someone but there is no body to be found at the crime scene; only a pile of dust. Will Lucifer and Chloe solve this mysterious case?

    ...and heaven too by pprfaith on AO3 2k words

    Another Lucifer/Buffy crossover fic. While Lucifer and Chloe are investigating yet another case a petite blonde friend pays Lucifer a visit. To Chloe this woman is as mysterious as Lucifer is. And wait ... are they talking about heaven?
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      This feels like a bit of a cheat in saying it's a rec as it is the only crossover fic I can remember ever reading -

      Grey Gardens of Shadowed Rapture by Holly
      "A rogue Slayer is on the run. As the Scoobies follow reports and sightings that lead them further into the Old South, President Bartlet prepares for a speech in Vicksburg while Deputy Chief of Staff Josh Lyman is assigned a project that will unwittingly change his life."

      It's a long one at 246,644 but I enjoyed it well enough to stick with it. It had been an age since I had watched West Wing and I really enjoyed the voicing of the West Wingers in the fic.


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        Colors by anaross is splendid. I really enjoyed that. Of the two Lucifer fics, I preferred The Lines Get Blurred

        Just read Who`s The Doctor - it's better than the actual episode with the added bonus of David T.


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          Having already done two Buffy/Dexter crossover shorts myself, I had ideas for two more that never seemed to go anywhere until I tried merging them into one story. The result is The Devil, You Know (rated Teen, work in progress), written from Dexter's POV as he finds himself thrust headlong into the world of the supernatural. No idea how long I can keep it going, but I have a vague notion at least of where it might be going. So come along for the ride, and feel free to suggest your own twists and turns. It's always better with audience participation...
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            Another Lucifer/Buffy crossover fic:

            The Devil's Gift by spikes_heart. it's currently a WIP but it's being updated regularily


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              The first one that always comes to my mind these days is a BtVS/SPN crossover that I can't wait to re-read, probably, next year.

              Living as Lenore by Luna
              Summary; After Tara is killed in Seeing Red, Willow's attempts to bring her back instead sends Tara's soul back 300 years to be reborn as Lenore, a fan-favorite character from SPN, who also happens to be a vampire (and is portrayed by Amber Benson). Once turned, Tara decides to wait out the next 300 years to get back to her Willow, but things keep getting in the way of her final goal.

              This is such a great story, however I can't promise that you can read it without having watched SPN; I just think you can
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                I am a bit into Dr.Who at the moment and I remembered a BtVS/Dr. Who crossover fic I read a few years ago called Wo's The Doctor? (Buffy, Jack Harkness, and the tenth Doctor) by Miss Murchison. I recommended it already in this thread but today I dug it up to re-read it and found out that the same writer has written not one, not two but actually three sequels to it! Imagine what a happy day I had!

                They are called:

                Where's the Doctor?
                (Buffy, Spike, and the fourth Doctor)

                Buffy and the Dalek Slayers
                (Buffy, Spike, Dawn, and the seventh Doctor)


                Dawn of the Doctor
                (Dawn and the ninth Doctor)

                They are all reasonably short (between 2k and about 4k words) and I highly recommend them all.

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                  flow : the link to Dawn of the Doctor goes to Buffy and the Dalek Slayers!

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                  Thank you! I put in the correct link now.