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Random AU ideas

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  • Random AU ideas

    Just a collection of ideas I know I’m never going to use. Some are pretty silly, but if you see something you think you’d enjoy working with, feel free.

    In season 7, the Potentials do not descend on Sunnydale to be more conveniently slaughtered. Instead, Kennedy, a rebellious young Watcher-in-training, takes it upon herself to upload the Council’s knowledge of the First Evil to her brain before the physical records’ destruction.

    Pros: If Kennedy was the only Watcher who showed any foresight, and has knowledge other people don’t, then her obnoxious superiority complex is more understandable.

    Cons: Nobody cares why Kennedy is obnoxious.

    Xander and Cordelia don’t break up, and they move to L.A. together, where Angel slowly and reluctantly finds his 240+-year-old ass acting as the replacement father figure that Giles never was for Xander. Cordelia starts off temping for W&H before realizing that something is Not Right about this firm, stealing hella evidence and causing so much trouble with blackmail that she gets an offer to become a vengeance demon… which she negotiates to rendering vengeance on an ad hoc basis.

    Pros: Hey look everyone, Angel’s an adult!

    Cons: W&H’s power doesn’t make any sense, vengeance demons’ power doesn’t make any sense, and putting them together probably won’t help them make more sense.

    Buffy gets turned into a vampire by Angelus in S2, but– surprise!– her Slayer abilities allow her to keep her soul. This leads to a scenario similar to the one in “Nightmares,” except that, rather than slowly experiencing stronger and stronger vampire hunger, she wakes up too hungry and shocked to fall back on her humanity until she’s already painted the town red. Can she ever go back? STAY TUNED.

    Pros: Lots of potential for drama, weird ships, and character-based chapters.

    Cons: Would require a fair bit of worldbuilding by the author, and would probably move at a snail’s pace.

    Dawn sacrifices herself and closes the portal at the end of “The Gift”; however, the Key retains an awareness of its bond to Buffy. Over thousands of years, it becomes known as the patron god of Slayers, opening portals to past and future knowledge for Slayers experiencing their greatest need.

    Pros: Poignancy.

    Cons: The challenge of expressing an energy being’s thoughts and feelings.

    Prophecy has foretold that an ancient creature from another dimension will arrive to swallow the Earth, and it is… the Lexx! Buffy frantically attempts to get her threats through the head of the dumbest bug in space; Xander gets laid, only to feel mortified when he finds out that Zev/Xev has “drastically lowered standards”; Willow wonders if Lyekka can talk because of a variation on the fern spell; Giles magically kicks Stan’s butt; and Kai and 790 try to figure out the abnormal behavior of this planet’s dead.

    Pros: Nobody has ever bothered justifying anything involving LEXX before, and I’m not fool enough to start now.

    Cons: Um… Everything?