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  • Originally posted by flow View Post
    I was talking about my review for Dawntasia.

    Oh my God! I am so sorry, Flow. It must have slipped through the cracks somehow. Please, forgive me. I would never intentionally snub you.

    Originally posted by Priceless View Post
    Willow From Buffy I'm sure it's great, but it's Bangel and that's not my thing
    No worries, Priceless. I don't know if it matters, and I don't want to nag, but Angel and Buffy only appear in chapters 1 and 5. Chapters 2, 3 and 4 tells Spike and Drusilla's story, though Spike does not truly appear until chapter 4. Chapter 6 is all about Andrew. So, there are three fairly self contained stories going on on different sides of the country. B&A are in LA, Spike&Dru are in Louisiana and Andrew is in New York. It should be possible to read each story individually, but that is completely up to you.

    That all being said, beware the Bangly parts. They are very Bangly.

    Originally posted by flow View Post

    What is putting me off far more than that, is, that it`s Sprusilla. I don`t like this relationship to be romanticised.

    That is a very valid criticism. I guess I do romanticise them, but I don't think I sugar coat their relationship. My Drusilla is - if possible - even more demented than she is on the show. I don't know if that makes it better or worse.

    Originally posted by Priceless View Post
    I don't follow. WFB seems to have responded to the few comments I've seen.
    Hey! They are many to me Each one is precious.
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    • Originally posted by DeepBlueJoy View Post
      One of my best fics.

      The first (Xander Centric) story will stand alone just fine if you don't want to read the sequel. Like all my Buffyverse stories, it features heroic Buffy. This series is spuffy friendly, but not spuffy centric. The story is told from a Buffy-adjacent viewpoint, but she's still crucial to the story.

      BtVS crossover with House

      Xander Harris discovered his father wasn't who he thought he was.
      Gregory House discovered the world wasn't what he thought it was. Almost everyone they know and love has their lives changed... a little or a lot...
      Xander's New House

      In the second story, Xander, Faith, Willow and Wesley try to rebuild their lives after the war, as well as continue to fight the good fight and help run the new council. Plenty of visits from the extended Buffyverse. If you don't read the first story, this one will have a lot of holes, though it is possible to read it as a stand alone.
      The Twisted Road Home

      The third story is a comedic vignette... It also can stand alone. You must read this and giggle
      Terms of Endangerment

      Although the stories are primarily a crossover with Buffy and House, they also include visits from shows like Criminal Minds, Northern Exposure and Quincy... and even Totoro.

      Series contains show level violence and real world level language. No explicit sexual activity.

      You should DEFINITELY read this series!


      BTW: if you leave me a story review, I will respond. I answer all story reviews.
      I have never seen this before! *bad Xander fan!* I will surely read it and review.

      Why don't you post it on Archive of Our Own? I find reading fics over there to be more easier as well as reviewing.
      Made by Trickyboxes
      Halfrek gives Spike the curse that will change his entire life. Teenage Dirtbag


      • Just posted my one hundredth story to Archive Of Our Own. So that and one other are of potential note here, but I'll mention the other first.

        This short Angel/Dark Angel crossover is notable for a few things. First, it's non-shippy, which for me is somewhat unusual. It's almost entirely gen in nature, which isn't unheard of for me, but while over two-thirds of my posted works are rated G or T, it's possible I've mainly gained a reputation on the power of smut. And while I'm no stranger to comedy, it doesn't often happen that I can keep it running for this long, this much and this well. So even if you're not familiar with Dark Angel, I highly recommend this because I think I did a great job channeling that classic Angel season 1 vibe: Tons of old school banter between Wes, Cordy and Angel, a guest appearance by Merl, and Angel walking that lovably perfect line of awkward goof and dark avenger. Honestly, I should have expanded this into a full-length episode; if a normal episode has an A story, a B story and C story, this is like half of an A story.

        A Fire In the Blood (Angel/Dark Angel, T, 6,549 words)

        When Wes and Cordy notice their boss's peculiar behavior, it leads them straight down the rabbit hole of Project Manticore.

        So that was #99, and #100 could have been a few different things but it ended up setting a new record for worst multimetalevel joke title (if I don't rip off song lyrics, I generally go for the pun). Inspired by someone else's comment on a Willow/Buffybot story by Snowpuppies, I give you:

        Woman of Steel, Man of Kleenex (Xander/Buffybot, T, 1,922 words)

        Buffybot offers herself to Xander, with unexpected results. Frank discussion of smutty issues, and absolutely no cheating on anyone.

        This turned out to be one of my sappiest emo angst pieces yet while still including quite a bit of comedy and even throwing in a little verbal smut. I almost did a nice version and a not-so-nice one, but abandoned the latter when I realized it was being unavoidably influenced by a very dark, very good Giles/Buffybot fic I read years ago (What Guile Is This).

        Celebrating fourteen years of writing Buffy fanfiction, and still going!
        My voice was given to me as an instrument of inspiration for my friends, and a tool in the torture and destruction of my enemies.
        - Diamanda Galas