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  • "X" - Season One Trailer #1

    Hundreds of people have gathered in the street in front of The White House. They’re protesters; each of them is holding anti-mutant sign. They shout and yell angrily.

    [VOICEOVER] Is this how it’s always going to be?

    CUT TO:
    INT. SKY – DAY
    What appears to be an angel flies through the air. It’s a man, WARREN WORTHINGTON. He swoops down through some trees. A young, African-American boy notices; the six year old watches in awe.

    [VOICEOVER] For now, people just need to see the bigger picture. We’re not the enemy…

    An older woman, who is also African-American, walks over to him and grabs his hand.

    Come on, Lucas.

    CUT TO:
    About ten or eleven guards storm the room. They draw their guns. We see MAGNETO, MYSTIQUE, and TOAD. They are The Brotherhood. TOAD is on the side of the wall. He drops to the floor behind MAGNETO. MYSTIQUE steps back as well.

    [VOICEOVER] At least not all of us are.

    The guards fire their guns, dozens of bullets are released. MAGNETO simply waves his hand and the bullets stop in their tracks.

    [VOICEOVER] Some are good, some are bad. It’s not a mutant thing, it’s a human thing.

    MAGNETO waves his hand again, sending the bullets back at the guards; killing all of the guards.

    CUT TO:
    WARREN is standing in front of a mirror. He looks at his reflection: it’s the definition of perfection; perfect hair, perfect eyes, and perfect skin. Despite this, he’s not happy with what he sees. He steps back revealing two wings, the most purist of whites. Like an angel.

    [VOICEOVER] I didn’t ask for this! I just wanna be normal!

    CUT TO:
    SCOTT SUMMERS is leaning against the railing. He’s deep in thought. JEAN GREY walks over and gently touches his arm. She looks at him. She knows exactly how he’s feeling. She doesn't even have to read his mind; the look on his face says it all.

    CUT TO:
    WARREN runs across the rooftop. He’s wearing a long, brown trench coat; which covers his wings. He gets to the edge of the roof and stops. He turns around. Several men were chasing him; they stop as well, guns drawn.

    Tell my father…

    He removes his trench coat. He’s not wearing a shirt under it. Several belt-like straps can be seen, which are holding his wings down. He quickly unbuckles them. His wings expand. The men lower the guns as the stare at the wings in awe.

    [CONT’D] Tell my father I’m sorry.

    WARREN steps back, falling over the ledge. The men run to the ledge. WARREN’S gone; he got away.

    CUT TO:
    BOBBY DRAKE is getting into a scuffle with another young man his age. BOBBY places his hand on him; trying to get him to back off. The young man slowly gets a light layer of frost over his body. Several people watch this in horror, including the girl BOBBY is on a date with: JUDY HARMON.

    [VOICEOVER] Mutants are a danger to society. Having that kind of power; it’s not right.

    CUT TO:
    Inside one of the pens sits a young woman, her long black hair drapes over her face. She sits in the farthest back corner in a ball. She looks up; a wicked smile creeps on her face as she moves her hand in front of her face; examining it for a moment. Two adamantium claws retract from her hand.

    CUT TO:
    The training session is set up to be a jungle scenario. No one cane be seen. Out of the trees flies a man, HANK MCCOY. He grabs onto a rope that is seemingly hanging from the trees and propels himself forward. He slings himself off of the rope, doing a flip before landing on the ground. He turns around and looks up in shock.

    Oh my stars and garters…

    CUT TO:
    WARREN is sitting on the couch, he’s waiting. CHARLES XAVIER rolls into the room on his wheelchair. He warmly smiles at WARREN, who returns a forced smile back as he stands up to greet him.

    Hello, I’m Charles Xavier. I’ve heard you’ve been having some trouble.

    WARREN nods.

    [CONT’D] Well, your suffering ends now.

    CUT TO:

    [VOICEOVER] 2009...
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    • Ordinary life, for Slayers, is chaotic enough.

      But there are times when mere strangeness gives way to destruction and death.

      When a Slayer herself is partly at fault...

      All hell can break loose.

      DeadWar: Schism 1.04
      Generation of Vipers

      Out Now
      DeadWar: Burden of Proof
      Out Now.
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      • 1.07 "Behind the Facade"

        East Wick
        1.07 "Behind the Facade"

        Scene from Episode: 1.07 "Behind the Facade" -Airing Today-

        SNEAK PEEK
        From this week's episode.


        October slams on her back on the concrete floor. She rolls over onto her side, wincing in pain. She then slowly stumbles to her feet, looking several feet up to the door she has just fallen through. Carter stands in the threshold of the door, looking down at October.

        OCTOBER: (looking up at Carter) What the hell, Carter!? What is this all about?!

        CARTER: You’re on your own. Pease win this fight.

        OCTOBER: (confused) What fight?

        Carter disappears from the doorway, walking away. October looks around the large, dark infested room, realizing she’s in the basement of the house. There are no stairs leading up to the door where she just fallen through. Suddenly, a growl echoes through the empty basement. October’s eyes open wide, she’s alert. She slowly turns in circular motion, scanning the room.

        OCTOBER: (calling out) Who’s down here?

        In one of the dark corners are a pair of yellow, glowing eyes, staring at October. October stares into the eyes.

        OCTOBER: I see you.

        Suddenly, a another growl breaks through the silent basement. October glances behind her, spotting another pair of eyes staring at her.

        OCTOBER: (sighs; annoyed) Another one.

        A third growl is heard.

        OCTOBER: Damn!

        All three male vampires step out of their dark corners, snarling at October and surrounding her.

        OCTOBER: (to self) This is what he calls training?

        October pulls a stake from the inside of her jacket pocket.

        OCTOBER: Ready, boys?

        All at once the three vampires charge at October.


        Purple, dingy letters that spell: EAST WICK stretches across the screen.
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        East Wick Season Two -Coming Soon-

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        • THURSDAY 28TH JUNE 2009

          4.04 - PARTNER

          What exactly has Dante signed up for? Xak is about to find out the hard way as his trust in his old enemy turned loyal friend is tested once again as Dante’s secret position in Wolfram and Hart is finally exposed. Meanwhile, someone from the gang’s past becomes a prime suspect for the identity of The United.


          • SERENITY COVE

            Banner Made by: Bengy AKA Blasterboy

            Episode 1.02-Shadows
            Coming Soon


            • There is always a line between good and evil.

              It can always be crossed.

              And the more certain we are of our own rightness...

              The more danger there is that we have already fallen.

              And Having Writ

              Out now.
              DeadWar: Burden of Proof
              Out Now.
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              • The Forbiddenest of Loves

                Andrew must confront Spike's desperate attraction, but how to let him down gently without breaking his heart? Set during late Season 7.

                A short one-shot in response to a challenge to write Spike/Andrew. Well, I did. From Andrew's POV.

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                • I have a fanfic! it's not on this site, but it is on .

                  It's called no place like home and I'm wondering if I should continue the story. Sorry to advertise a story on an entirely different site, but I'm slightly confused as to posting it here... I'm a newbie still :P

                  Anyhow, please let me know what you think of it and stuff and, depending on feedback, I might start writing the continuation!

                  What if I wanted to break?
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                  • For those who are interested in my series Haven, Episode 2.1 - A Better Place has now been posted. As always, feedback is greatly appreciated, thanks!
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                    Buffy Season 8 & 9 & Angel Season 6


                    • A "Next Generation" show idea I came up with (LONG)

                      (Transfered from main Buffy board)

                      Hi. I'm new here. I love Buffy, I'm not the biggest fan out there, but I still love it. I saw every episode more than once and read the beginning of Season 8 (the first 3 volumes. Not sure I'll continue). I never saw Angel because it wasn't aired where I live, but I'll will probably buy the DVDs eventually.

                      Anyway, I'm in a severe Buffy rewatch phase right now, and I cooked up this idea for a possible new show in the Buffyverse that could air in ten years or so... The base idea is to do for Buffy what The Next Generation did for Stark Trek: a new show that explored the same basic concepts of a universe but updated for its time period. I'm not really a fanfic lover, but I need to share this idea with other fans, so I'll post my toughts here. Please comments!

                      The idea is simply to follow the adventure of Buffy's daughter, Anne Joyce (A.J.) Summers as she follows in her mother footsteps.

                      For the purpose of this "project", I decided to ignore anything Season 8 because we don't know yet the end of the story, and it's hard to base a pitch on vague assumptions.

                      So, I have the first episode well defined in my head, but I don't want to write it now . I just wanna write a kind of "pot-pourri" of ideas I had. If you are interested, I will maybe write a "script" for episode 1.

                      Title: Slayers

                      Concept: The show is set 20 years after the end of Season 7. Due to Willow's spell, there is now an army of slayers fighting against the forces of evil as part of an organization led by the former ScoobyGang. The main character of the show is A.J. Summers, the 16 years-old daughter of Buffy Summers. A.J. was raised by her Auntie Dawn in a peaceful New England town. A.J. doesn't know anything about the supernatural world because Buffy asked Dawn to raise her "away from all this Slayer stuff." At age 16, she discover that the bedtime stories Dawn told to her about her mother were true: her mother was really a monster-slayer, and now she is one too. But unlike Buffy, she is not alone in her condition.

                      When her uncle (and now leader of "SlayerCorp") Alexander Harris,or Captain Harris as she lovingly calls him, learns that she is a Slayer, he dispatches a "team" of young Slayer to assist A.J. in her duties because, as he says " A Summers Slayer? She's gonna be an even bigger demon magnet than I ever was"

                      The team consist of:

                      Bee Sullivan: A young girl born and raised as a slayer by her mother (also a Slayer). She consider the legendary Buffy Summers as one of the greatest person that ever lived. Her real name is in fact Buffy Sullivan (given to her by her mother as an hommage) but she find the name "too old-fashioned", so she uses only the first letter.

                      Ricky Tanner: The only Male Slayer to ever exist, he is of course looked upon with disgust and contempt by his slayer pairs. But, as Alex put it, "I always loved difference. After all, my best friend's a Jewish Lesbian Witch and I almost married a demon.

                      Mrs. Cho: The team leader, an older Chinese Slayer (about 26-years-old), she is a warrior and a strict leader (a lot worse than Giles), but she does it only because she care.

                      Ok, so this post is already pretty long. I'll leave it there for now and come back tomorrow to answer two burning questions:

                      Where is Buffy (Hint: she's dead)
                      Who is A.J. father? (Hint: A.J.'s hair are black, like her father)


                      • TRAILER FOR EPISODE 1.07 ALL FOR ONE AND ONE FOR ALL

                        VOICE: NEXT ON RAIN…

                        INT. OLIVER’S OCCULT OASIS – EVENING

                        JACKIE: (OS) Welcome to Oliver’s Occult Oasis.

                        RAIN is at the counter ready to purchase a few things. JACKIE taps a book on witchcraft.

                        JACKIE: (taps it) This is a rare copy.

                        RAIN: (half grin) Oh really? (Beat) It looks good.

                        JACKIE: It has to be used with… guidance… someone who has wisdom, who can keep you grounded.

                        RAIN: (swallows) I… I have guidance.

                        JACKIE: (nods) Then you should be successful.

                        RAIN starts to feel even more awkward.


                        INT. MICHAEL’S HAVEN - RESTAURANT & BAR - EVENING

                        RAIN is at the bar with BELLA showing her the same book.

                        RAIN: Isn’t it cool?

                        BELLA: (concerned) Rain, are you going to show this to Madeline before you do any spells?

                        RAIN: (takes the book from her) Yeah, I will. (Beat) I just want look at it first.

                        BELLA: (still feels uncertain) All right, well... have fun reading it.

                        VOICE: BUT SHE UNKNOWINGLY DOES A SPELL…

                        INT. MICHAEL’S HAVEN - RESTAURANT & BAR - EVENING

                        While MADELINE, BELLA and NICK are conversing away from RAIN, she is engrossed in her book just as MICHAEL appears in the door frame. He sees RAIN at end of the bar still reading and becomes troubled when she starts whispering an incantation.

                        MICHAEL: (distressed; puts up a hand) Rain, don’t-

                        All eyes are on RAIN who just finished reading it out loud. Suddenly, there is a loud crackling sound.

                        NICK: What’s that noise?

                        In a matter of seconds, RAIN is covered in blue light just as her eyes glows white. The light from her body shoots in different directions.

                        VOICE: LEAVING HER DEFENSELESS…


                        Not allowing RAIN to leave the bathroom, NEEVE traps her by grabbing her arms. RAIN attempts to jerk away but finds it difficult. It takes a bit more strength for RAIN to push NEEVE off. This startles RAIN.

                        RAIN: (OS) How am I supposed defend myself in the meantime? (Beat; mutters) As of today, a high school cheerleader who wears bubble gum lip gloss is stronger than me.


                        EXT. DESERTED PARK – EVENING

                        RAIN is running and reaches at the end of park, near the empty parking lot. She turns around frantically as four FEMALE VAMPIRES causally approach her.

                        RAIN: (OS; scared voice) Let me go.

                        VOICE: (OS; callously) Say please.

                        CUT TO - EXT. PARKING LOT – EVENING

                        We can’t see who but a MALE FIGURE is kicking RAIN in the parking lot. RAIN groans, tries to get up but he kick her again but harder. With an eerie smile he hits her face, over and over, really giving her a beat down. As the camera pans to RAIN, we see blood, bruises and scratches all over her face.

                        MADELINE: (OS; serious tone) She’s alone out there with no way to defend herself.
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                        • SUNDAY 6TH SEPTEMBER 2009

                          1.05 - THE SONG

                          In the wake of the resolution between the school and the protestors, Brogan takes some of the families on an outing to the beach, which ends in tragedy as two lives are lost... It soon becomes clear that there is something brewing beneath the Shores that could prove deadly as the town is lulled into a false sense of security by the song of an ancient mythological creature.

                          EPISODE TRAILER:



                          OPEN ON BLACK

                          CAPTION: THIS SUNDAY.

                          CUT TO –

                          A camera pans over a beach.

                          CUT TO BLACK

                          CAPTION: SIRENS IS BACK.

                          OPEN ON –

                          EA BROGAN is walking across the sand of a beach. He approaches CHERRY LI, one of his students.

                          He holds out a hand, inside it is a lollipop. CHERRY rolls her eyes.

                          CHERRY: That’s really lame.

                          BROGAN smirks.

                          BROGAN: I know, I’m not cool.

                          There is a pause.

                          BROGAN: So why aren’t you coming over?

                          CHERRY shrugs.

                          CHERRY: Didn’t think I’d be welcome.

                          BROGAN: Then why are you here?

                          There is a pause.

                          CHERRY: Tell her I’m sorry...

                          CUT TO –

                          ELISE ARTAIR. She is sat by the water. She looks relaxed, but then a shadow passes over her. She looks up.

                          CUT TO –

                          BROGAN and CHERRY. They hear a deafening scream from ELISE. They look back to the beach, horror on their faces.

                          CUT TO BLACK

                          CAPTION: EVERY SERIES HAS AN EPISODE...

                          CUT TO -

                          TRAFFORD ARTAIR grabs his sister. Something swoops at them and SHELTER ELM swiftly casts a barrier spell which deflects it, sending it soaring back into the sky.

                          CUT TO BLACK

                          CAPTION: THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING...

                          CUT TO –

                          Something swoops down out of the sky and knocks down one of the male students, shrieking at him and cutting him with its claws...

                          CUT TO –

                          One of the creatures attacks a mother and her young child. She screams as the father struggles to come to their aid, being held down by one of the creatures. The child cries uncontrollably.

                          CUT TO -

                          BROGAN and CHERRY are stood in front of something by the shore of the beach. It is a still body lying on the floor in front of them.


                          CHERRY’S face fills with horror, her eyes welling with tears.

                          CHERRY: (horrified) Oh my god...

                          CUT TO BLACK

                          CAPTION: THIS IS THAT EPISODE.

                          CUT TO –

                          ECHIDNA, the goddess. Her eyes are shut. A light begins shining from behind her closed eyes but she holds the power at bay.

                          BROGAN (V/O): You’re the strongest one, here.

                          CUT TO –

                          URSULA is stood with BROGAN in the lobby.

                          BROGAN: I know you can protect them if they need you.

                          CUT TO –

                          A small group of people barricading a doorway. URSULA and ELISE back away from it in fear.

                          URSULA (V/O): (scared) I think they’re back...

                          CUT TO –

                          The camera shows two hearses driving through the graveyard, each carrying a coffin with the slaughtered inside.

                          WOMAN (V/O): Are you sure you’re not just punishing yourself for what happened?

                          CUT TO –

                          SHELTER moves towards the window, her breath erratic and fast. Her eyes peer out of the window as she seems them surrounding the school...

                          BROGAN (V/O): It’s my fault they’re dead.

                          CUT TO –

                          Many people are sidling the streets of the town. It is a sunny day... but it rapidly darkens. The sound of flapping wings causes many people to look up.

                          BROGAN (V/O): I’m gonna make them pay for what they’ve done to this town.

                          CUT TO –

                          The residents of Blue Acres all leave their houses and walk on to the sidewalk, seeing the approaching darkness. The families hold one another.

                          NICOLA PRIME (V/O): Something tells me this is going to be a defining moment.

                          CUT TO BLACK

                          END OF TRAILER


                          • 1.10 "Quattour Everto"

                            EAST WICK

                            Scene from Episode: 1.10 "Quattour Everto" -Airing Tomorrow-

                            SNEAK PEEK
                            From this week's episode

                            INT. LOGGED CABIN/ THE DEN - NIGHT

                            The camera scans the small, cozy room. There isn’t a lot of furniture in the room. There’s only a forest green and orange plaid couch. In front of the couch sits a wooden coffee table and a couple feet before that sits a fireplace. The crackle sound of the fire echoes through the small cabin. Above the couch hangs a chandelier made out of deer antlers. The wooden front door slowly squeaks open and Charles enters the cabin. He shuts the door behind him and scans the den.

                            CHARLES: (annoyed; sighs) God, this is disgusting.

                            Before taking another step, Charles looks down at the floor. The camera follows his gaze to an old man lying dead on the floor with his neck cut open.

                            WOMAN’S VOICE: (O/S) He was a screamer.

                            The camera moves away from the corpse up to Selma who stands in the threshold of an archway that leads into a hallway. She wears black tunic top, under a black leather jacket, low-cut blue jeans and black stiletto boots. Her long dark hair is pulled back into a ponytail.

                            CHARLES: I bet you he was.(beat; sarcastic) It was a nice pick (Charles looks around the cabin) the place that is.

                            SELMA: (rolls eyes) Charles, shut up. How was France? I see you got the package.

                            Charles glares at Selma with a smirk.

                            SELMA: What are you looking at?

                            CHARLES: (smile) You look just like her.

                            SELMA: Who?

                            CHARLES: (correcting himself) I mean she looks like you.

                            SELMA: (worried) Who are you talking about, Charles? Are you talking about October?

                            Charles lets out a small chuckle as he walks over to the coffee table and places the box on top of it.

                            SELMA: Is it the ponytail, isn’t?! I can take it out! Will that help?

                            CHARLES: (laughs) You can do what you want.

                            Selma stands there for a moment, thinking.

                            SELMA: (scoffs) Damnit! I like ponytails!

                            Selma pulls her ponytail out and her long hair falls free. She makes her way over to Charles and stands beside him. They look down at the box, curious.

                            SELMA: You open it?

                            CHARLES: No, my instructions were not to open it.

                            SELMA: (curious) You didn’t even take a peak?

                            CHARLES: (annoyed) No, Selma, I didn’t. You take a look if you’re so damn eager.

                            SELMA: (shrugs) Fine, I will.

                            Selma reaches for the box.

                            MAN’S VOICE: (O/S) Selma!

                            Startled, Selma jumps and turns around. Across the room stands Gabe. He has his hands crossed over his chest with a smirk on his face. Selma sighs in annoyance.

                            SELMA: (irritated) Why? Why do you continue to look like him!

                            THE FIRST/GABE: (chuckles) You amuse me.

                            SELMA: (confused) What?! You didn’t answer my question.

                            The First ignores Selma’s comment. He narrows his eyes to Charles.

                            THE FIRST: Charles, you’re back.

                            CHARLES: Sure did, flew for hours. Now are you gonna tell us what’s in it?

                            THE FIRST: Yeah, open it.

                            Eager, Charles and Selma turn back around, looking down at the box that sits on the coffee table. The camera stays on Charles and Selma as Charles opens the box. They look down into it, confused.

                            CHARLES: What the hell?

                            FLASH TO BLACK

                            Purple, dingy letters that spell: EAST WICK stretches across the screen.
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                            East Wick Season Two -Coming Soon-

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                            • Hey all.

                              Posted a bijou little fic yesterday set in season 8, just after the events of The Long Way Home.

                              JUST ENOUGH KILL

                              Banner by Ciderdrinker


                              • WEDNESDAY 30TH SEPTEMBER 2009
                                SHADOW STALKER

                                4.06 - NEVER ORDINARY

                                Stern College faces the wrath of The United’s agents as an attack takes place on the campus. Will Sin manage to keep a level head as she comes to realise that she is the only thing standing between the students and their graves? Meanwhile in light of Vincent’s visit and the failed soul searching mission, Petrina and Cate travel to Cropley Shores to be reunited with Melody and Charlie and Dante decide to trade places for a day.

                                EPISODE TRAILER:



                                OPEN ON BLACK

                                CAPTION: THIS WEDNESDAY.

                                CUT TO –

                                Various images of SIN from Season Three of Shadow Stalker. Her stood in front of CHARLIE in a ripped bloody dress. Her fighting XAK. Her fighting SEPHY. Her and KAIA. Her and XAK fighting on the roof of Sunnydale High.

                                Then the montage ends on XAK’S sword embedding next to SIN into the roof of the building. She looks up to him.

                                CUT TO BLACK

                                CAPTION: FAITH IS TESTED.

                                CUT TO –

                                SIN walking around Stern College looking daunted and lost.

                                XAK (V/O): She’s at college.

                                DANTE (V/O): And we’re talking freshman, keggers and sorority row college right?

                                CUT TO –

                                XAK, CHARLIE, CATE, DANTE, PETRINA and STEPHANIE are all in the lounge of XAK’S apartment, discussing the liability that is SIN.

                                XAK: I understand that you all have apprehensions...

                                CATE: This is on you Xak... you have to realise that. You took this chance on her, she’s your responsibility.

                                XAK looks to CHARLIE who looks unconvinced by his defence.

                                He looks down.

                                CUT TO -

                                SIN is working with DECLAN and LA-REE in the library, they’re all laughing, working on their project.

                                XAK (V/O): Sin is human. She is not a murderer...

                                CUT TO –

                                SIN walks across a corridor in the college. She moves off screen and then in the background a Siren can be seen entering the building.

                                CUT TO BLACK

                                The sound of heavy breathing can be heard. SIN.

                                SIN (V/O): (on the telephone, to XAK) I’m at college, something’s happened to the students, they’re not moving

                                XAK (V/O): (on the telephone, to SIN) Sin, get out of there... now.

                                There is a pause.

                                SIN (V/O): (on the telephone, to XAK) I can’t...

                                CUT TO –

                                A montage of images.

                                DECLAN and LA-REE lying unconscious.

                                CHARLIE sat with grey eyes and specks of light floating around her. She is sat on the roof of XAK’S apartment building.

                                CATE and MELODY walking together, laughing.

                                CUT TO BLACK

                                CAPTION: TRUE COLOURS ARE SHOWN.

                                CUT TO –

                                STEPHANIE lying in bed, crying.

                                DANTE and CHARLIE hugging tightly.

                                XAK pushing SIN against a wall and holding a knife to her throat.

                                CUT TO BLACK

                                CAPTION: AND LIMITS ARE FINALLY TESTED.

                                CUT TO –

                                SIN being thrown into a bookcase in the library, her leg cut badly. She stands. Static charges spark around her body and the cut heals instantaneously. She stares angrily ahead.

                                SIN (V/O): I bow to no master.

                                A look of murder in her eyes.

                                CUT TO BLACK

                                SIN (V/O): I never have.

                                END OF TRAILER