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  • The Epic Spuffy fic list

    Hey, Guys!

    Okay, here's the Epic Spuffy Fic list that is just a cross-section of what I complied during my study of Buffy fan fiction in 2014-15.

    This is in no way a total representation of Spuffy fics (which would be almost endless) nor a "Best of" list - some of my favorite fics (especially recent ones) are missing from this list - and many popular writers like Sigyn and Sunalso aren't represented as much as they should be because the majority of their work post-dates this list.

    I do have a more updated list, but it's a bit of a mess and lacks synopses - so I’ve picked and chosen a bunch of diverse Spuffy fics from my original list and plucked out the fics I think still have present day links on various websites – if they can’t be found, just let me know.

    Again - this is not a list of my favorite fics (although many are here) nor a comprehensive list - it's a snapshot of famous Spuffy fics circa 2015. Most of these stories were complied then, so there are a lot of more modern fics missing.

    In the synopsis of each fic, I've tried to give an idea whether it starts with a specific episode (Ex: S7 Chosen) or a Season that goes alternate universe (Ex: S2 AU) or if it's Post Buffy series (Ex: P-S or P-Series) or Post Angel Series (Ex: P-NFA). All Human fics are AU Human. S: means sequel and P: means prequel. All stories are completed unless otherwise noted. Every synopsis is limited as to whether it can fit on a single line in a Word Document and isn't more than just a brief reminder to myself as to what the fic was about.

    Forgive all typos and mispellings of names and fics. This is an old list and much easier to work from.

    Most fics can be found on, Archive of Our Own, Elysian Fields, The Spuffy Realm, The Bloodshedverse and All About Spike. I encourage you to go read them there and donate money if you can, especially the last three.

    The list is divided into two parts - thank you, GoSpuffy, for the Buffer post between.

    Fic List:



    100 Years of Solitude by Isabelle (P-Series – Buffy is resurrected 100 years later as the last Slayer by Watcher Spike)

    Thousand Years Revealed by Skyz (S6 Grave – Buffy and Spike sacrifice happiness to fulfill a prophecy S: 1000 Years Untold)

    Thousand Years Untold by Skyz (S6 Grave – Spike returns unsouled to help Buffy battle Angelus S: 1000 Years Revealed)

    14 Conversations About One Thing by wisteria (P: Aftermathematics)

    147 Days by OpheliacAngel (S6 Afterlife – Buffy sits with Spike and suddenly comes to realize her feelings for him)

    148th Day by Fanbot (S6 After Life - alternative ending to the reunion between Buffy and Spike)

    1800 by Bittenandstaked (S6 Life Serial – Buffy is sent by an amulet to 1880 and meets William the Bloody Awful Poet)

    1974 by Mrs Muir (AU Human - Buffy and William spend a summer together)

    20 Months by Machine (AU Human – When rich kid Spike knocks up poor Buffy, they agree to marry for 20 months)

    200 More Miles of Postcard Blues by Red Rover (P-Chosen - Buffy sends postcards while driving around the US)

    34 Reasons I Never Called You by anaross (P-NFA – Spike writes Buffy a letter explaining his failure to contact her)

    525,600 Minutes by 2ofacrime24 (S2 AU – Spike tells Buffy about his life before ending up in a wheelchair in the factory)

    80's Night by vamptastica (S2 AU – Spike and Buffy meet up at an 80s party at the Bronze and run off to make love)

    9 Lives by Miranda (S6 Wrecked – The Trio create a weapon that mixes Buffy and Tara’s minds – creating drama for Spike)



    A Chance in Hell by dampersandspoons (S2 – Buffy takes wheelchair-bound Spike cross-country to disenchant a stone)

    A Crack in Oblivion by Dauntless Grace (P-NFA – Buffy and Spike enter an alternate universe where the dead still live)

    A Cricket from California by Elsa Frohman (S7 Showtime – As Spike is tortured by the First, Buffy has a Xmas dream)

    A Day Out by kantayra (S4 – When Buffy goes on a shopping trip at the mall, Spike is determined to drive her crazy)

    A Different Light by dreamweaver (S4 - Buffy and Spike are chosen as warriors to fight evil in an alternate dimension)

    A Dying Dream by europanya (P-Series – Buffy finds Spike living alone on a Watcher’s salary in San Fran and moves in)

    A Fine Romance by rambler18 (AU Human – In 1875, Buffy decides to punish her boyfriend by dating the rakish William)

    A Fortune Told by Always_jbj (P-Series – When the PTB reward Spike with humanity, Buffy finds he’s lost his love for her)

    A Friend in Need by slaymesoftly (S5 – An unchipped Spike helps Buffy fight Glory P: Even Demons Need Friends)

    A Funny Kind of Forgiveness by DreamsofSpike (S7 LMPTM – Buffy and Spike spend the night together in her bed)

    A Future Set in Sand by Always_jbj (S1 – As the Master plots to take Buffy’s life, Spike has a different plan for her)

    A Gem of a Deal by spuffy luvr (P-Series – A married Buffy and Spike owe Halfrek a certain favor P: A Gem of a Soul)

    A Gem of a Soul by spuffy luvr (S4 – Spike wins ring of Amara, kidnaps Buffy and falls in love S: A Gem of a Deal)

    A Ghost of a Chance by sabershadowkat (S4 – Spike returns to Sunnydale haunted by an American Indian ghost)

    A Good Man by Ariana (S7 – After Africa, Spike returns to Sunnydale human - guilty, impotent and still in love with Buffy)

    A Grain of Sand by Always_jbj (S6 – Buffy and Spike travel to an AU to save Dawn and meet their human counterparts)

    A Heart So Wild by seductiveembrace/Spikeskat (S4 Wild at Heart – Buffy saves Spike from capture by the Initiative)

    A Helping Hand by Constance (S5 – Buffy molests a suffering Spike to save him from a demon’s deadly poison)

    A Letter from the Grave by dampersadspoons (AS5 – When Buffy finds Spike is alive, she flies to LA to confront him)

    A Little Tenderness by ya_lublyu_tebya (S7 Showtime – After Spike is tortured by the First, Buffy nurses him in her bed)

    A Loss of Pride by Mabel Marsters (P-NFA – Angel calls Buffy for help when a shanshued Spike is beaten and crippled)

    A Love Like Ours by Holly (S6 Tabula Rasa – As Spike tries to comfort Buffy, she tests his love by sleeping in his bed)

    A Model Romance by sweetprincipale (S6 – Buffy and Spike flirt as they investigate mysterious disappearances S: Desire)

    A Mother’s Plea by slaymesoftly (S3 Graduation Day – When Angel drains Buffy, Spike turns her S: Born To Be My Baby)

    A New Life by badgervamp (P-Series – Buffy is pregnant with Spike’s baby due to an ancient prophecy S: A New Day)

    A Not So Gorgeous Mistake by Kari Mouke (P-Series – Married to Liam, Buffy finds she’s been placed under a spell)

    A Passing Shadow by VicNoir (S6 – A crippled and blinded Spike moves into Buffy’s house after an attack by Dru - NC)

    A Penny For Jackofspikes (S5 Fool for Love – A woman arrives from a dimension where Buffy is a TV show)

    A Picture Tells a Thousand Words by Ragna (S5 The Gift – After Buffy dies, Spike and her friends mourn her passing)

    A Prayer from Dante by pfeifferpack (S6 As You Were – Spike is recaptured and tortured by Riley and the Initiative)

    A Promise to His Lady by Mrs Muir (S6 – After falling into another dimension, Spike and Buffy marry and have children)

    A Raising in the Sun by Barb C (S5 The Gift – Spike decides to give Buffy his soul in order to resurrect her from the dead)

    A Road Less Travelled by Megan/Peta (S4 – When Riley disappoints Buffy, she goes looking for a more exciting date)

    A Rose By Any Other Name…by Kari Mouke (S5 The Gift – A reincarnated Buffy goes looking for Spike and her friends)

    A Ruination in Red by Annie Sewelle-Jennings (S6 – Both Buffy and Spike muse on their troubled sexual relationship)

    A Second Chance by Pet (AU – When Spike comes to Sunnydale to find that he is the Slayer, Buffy falls in love with him)

    A Shower of Ash by Eurydice (P-NFA – Buffy has a vision that Spike and Angel have died after the battle with W&H)

    A Simple Message by Lazuli (S5 Out of My Mind – Spike gets the chip out and turns on Buffy only to realize he loves her)

    A Slayer's Path by Oracleholly (AS5 Damage – After a dream, Buffy hurries to LA to save Spike from a mad slayer)

    A Spark of Love by MixSaysRawr (S5 Crush – Buffy and Spike hunt for Glory as they come to terms with their feelings)

    A Stone's Throw from Yesterday by Eurydice (P-Series – A William-like injured Spike is discovered wandering the desert)

    A Strange Turn of Events by Juliatheyounger (S5 – Spike wakes up one morning to find that he’s become human)

    A Stranger in the Garden by Linnae13 (AU – A human Buffy finds out that she is fated to mate with Spike the vampire)

    A Switch in Time by coalitiongirl (P-Series – Buffy goes back in time to prevent a Slayer rebellion - but in the wrong body)

    A Symphony of Echoes by Eurydice (S4 – Spike’s promise haunts Buffy as past/future meld P: Legions of True Hearts)

    A Tale of Two Hearts by A.Price (S7 - Spike returns from Africa with a Soul to rescue Buffy from the Watchers Council)

    A Terrible Thing by Herself (P-NFA – An unhappy Spike shanshus and attempts to drink himself to death in Vietnam)

    A Thousand Years by Wonder and Ashes (S4 – Buffy and Spike find they are a reincarnation of famous lovers of the past)

    A Trunk Full of Trouble by MadRog (AU – When Slayer-in-training Buffy plays a trick, vampire car thief Spike finds her)

    A Very Buffy Christmas Carol by Starlight_Slayer (S6 Wrecked – An angry and depressed Buffy is visited by three spirits)

    A Very Strange Vampire by slaymesoftly (S4 Harsh Light of Day – Buffy and Spike team up to fight the Initiative)

    A Winter’s Tale by Greyangel (AU Human – Spike is a gang member who falls in love with Angel’s girl P: Winter’s Storm)

    Acceptance by SlayerIvy (S5 – Spike is forced to live in Buffy’s house after his crypt is destroyed by angry demons)

    Acceptance by sweetprincipale (S6 – After falling in love, Buffy and Spike live together and raise Dawn P: Desire)

    Accidentally Yours by _3xy_ (S3 Lovers Walk – After a drunken spree, Buffy and Spike accidently claim each other)

    Achilles Heel by Elizabeth (S4 - Buffy and Spike believe they are cursed by a demon and must have sex to break the spell)

    Acting on Instinct by Kari Mouke (P-Series – Unaware Spike is at W&H, Buffy tries to save Drusilla from Ethan Rayne)

    Actions Past by Dutchbuffy2305 (S2 – When Buffy makes a wish, she finds that Spike has become her live-in lover)

    Adieu, A Dew, I Do By Lizerrrbeathan (P-Series – Buffy finds Spike alive in England, but with a different face and persona)

    Adversaries by Miranda (S4 – When W&H and Rayne unchip Spike, he is blamed for a series of murders in Sunnydale)

    Affinity by Ginmar (S6 – Past lovers Cecily/Halfrek and Angel confront Spike and Buffy as they deepen their relationship)

    After Dust by emg (S6 Normal Again – When Spike makes a deal with W&H to remove the chip, he becomes human)

    After Midnight by Amy (S6 - Spike POV about his relationship with Buffy in which he loves her and she uses him for sex)

    After the Ashes by Rikki_oko (P-Series – Spike is resurrected only to find that Buffy has married Angel in his absence)

    After the Dream by Jane (P-Series – Spike is resurrected as a different man who fights evil but has forgotten Buffy)

    After the Fall by BuffyXenaDQFan (S6 – When Buffy is resurrected, she defies her friends to fall in love wth Spike - NC)

    After the Lies by BuffyMeetsSpike (S7 LMPTM – When Wood kills Spike, Giles realizes that he has destroyed Buffy)

    Aftermath by slaymesoftly (S4 Something Blue – Spike and Buffy continues their relationship as they fight the Initiative)

    Aftermath by zennjenn (P-Series The Girl in Question – Buffy flies to LA to see Spike after Andrew tells her he is alive)

    Afterwards by Trisha (S5 The Gift – Buffy returns to Sunnydale 20 years after her death to find everything changed)

    Ahead of Her Time by haleycc (S5 – A friend from the future reveals that Buffy and Spike will be married with a child)

    All I Ask by the_bronze (P-NFA – When Spike flies to see Buffy, they renew their relationship – S: Something to Live For)

    All in A Whisper by Babygirl (S6 – Buffy deals with her feelings for Spike as she’s chased by a mysterious predator)

    All in Time by AJ Hofacre (AU Human – Spike and Buffy go to their favorite coffee shop for a very important meeting)

    All Mixed Up by Heather Martin (AtS5 – When Buffy decides to marry, a jealous Angel and Spike race to stop her)

    All Our Yesterdays by Evenstar (P-Series – Andrew, Spike and a pregnant Buffy travel through an apocalyptic America)

    All Over It by NautiBitz (S3 – Buffy has to have sex with a vampire to kill an evil demon and avert an apocalypse)

    All That Heaven Allows by Isabelle (S5 – Spike and Buffy are kidnapped and put up for auction by a sex ring)

    All The Graces of the Dawn by Engimaticblue (S4 – Spike deals with being human P: The Great Advantage of Being Alive)

    All the Way and Then Some by Scarlet Ibis (S6 All the Way – After a hurtful relationship with Buffy, Spike breaks it off)

    All Too Human by Margot Le Faye (S2 – When Spike drags Buffy to Hell, she finds that he has had a difficult life)

    Alone in Death by Kari Mouke (S3 Graduation Day – Spike turns Buffy after she dies to save Angel and disappears)

    Always Come Back to You by spuffy luvr (S9 – When Buffy marries after Spike’s death, she is shocked to see him alive)

    America's Sexiest Home Video by Isabel (S6 – When Xander finds the Trio’s camera, he becomes addicted to Spuffy sex)

    Amnesia! Spike by mahaliem (S6 – When Spike loses his memory, hijinks ensue as he tries to discover who his lover is)

    An Alternate Attraction by PJ (S5 Crush – Spike’s wish takes Buffy to a world where vamps are good and humans evil)

    An Angel in Disguise by RipeWickedPlum (S5 Crush – After Buffy disinvites Spike, he gives Buffy a selfless Xmas present)

    An Unexpected Darkness by AuthoressNebula (P-NFA – When Buffy becomes Dark Buffy, Spike tries to help her - NC)

    An Unexpected Storyline by sabershadowkat (S2 – Spike considers leaving Dru as he slowly falls in love with Buffy)

    An Unwilling Hero by Slaymesoftly (S4 Something Blue – Buffy turns to Spike instead of Riley for help in killing demons)

    Anchor by Evette (S6 – Spike POV about his relationship with Buffy in which he loves her and she uses him for sex)

    And Here We Go Round Again by Peta/Megan (S6 – Spike relives S2 after Anya hears him wish he could fix the past)

    And Miles To Go by cousinjean (S5 The Gift – Angel helps Spike prepare to endure demon trials to bring Buffy back)

    And Then She Knew by Addie Logan (S5 – When Spike saves Dawn from Glory, Buffy realizes that she loves him)

    Angels & Demons by 3hours (S5 – When Buffy rescues Lucifer from an avenging Angel, he grants her one boon)

    Anne by Erics Valkyrie (S3 – After Waitress Buffy is kidnapped by Spike in LA, they begin an affair in Sunnydale)

    Anniversaries Aren’t for Quitters by Rebcake (Post S – A 10 year Spuffy anniversary P: With This Ring/Under My Skin)

    Anniversary by Jericho (P-Series - Buffy and Spike celebrate their 10th Anniversary together and look back on their past)

    Anticipation by 2writers4Spike (S7 – When Spike asks for a soul in Africa, he is sent back to 1977 to see Buffy grow up)

    Any Last Requests by pattyanne (S2 – When Spike defeats Buffy, he is shocked by her last request before he kills her)

    Anything To Save Her by Dark Dreamluver (S4 Something Blue – Spike and Angel save Buffy from an insane Riley)

    Aphrodite and the Lost Scribe by Winsomeone (AU Human – Famous writer Spike falls in love renting Buffy’s cottage)

    Aphrodite's Pick by Dorians Kitten (AU Human – Buffy is dragged to the mythical Underworld to be William’s mate)

    Arizona by Jypzrose (S2 Becoming – After Angel’s death, Spike finds that Buffy has moved to Arizona to be a stripper)

    As You Wish Series by William’s Girl (AU Human – Buffy and William fall in love when Willow hires him for her birthday)

    Ashes of Dreams by jypzrose (S2 – Vamped Buffy and crippled Spike are sex slaves for Vampire King Angelus and Dru)

    Asylum by lindsay (S7 – When the First recruits Ethan to change Buffy’s timeline, she forgets about Angel and Spike)

    At Your Service by dampersandspoons (AU Human – Buffy seeks demon protection after her family is murdered)

    Atonement by Katrina (S5 The Gift – Even though Buffy survives, Spike feels worthless after failing to protect Dawn)

    Autumn Sunsets by Holly (S5 – When Buffy invites Spike over for Thanksgiving, they have more on their mind than food)

    Avocation by Engimaticblue (Pre-Series – Spike and Angel are both souled by Gypsy curse at the turn of the century)

    Awake by betty cratchit (S5 – When Harmony curses Spike so that he cannot fall asleep, Buffy takes care of him)

    Awakenings by dreamweaver (S6 Afterlife – Spike tries to comfort an angry Buffy as she deals with her resurrection)

    Awakenings by Lady Anne (AU Human – When Buffy’s parents die, she moves to Sunnydale to fall for old friend William)



    Baby Blue by anaross (P-NFA – When Buffy seeks out Spike on his birthday, Illyria gives them a gift – their child)

    Baby did a Bad Thing by Mrs Muir (S6 Tabula Rasa – Spike runs away with Dru and returns for Xander’s wedding)

    Baby Love by Niamh (AU Human – When high school student Buffy finds she’s pregnant, best friend William helps her)

    Baby, It’s Cold Outside by Addie Logan (S4 Hush – When Spike stays over for Xmas, he uncovers a plot to kill Buffy)

    Bachelor Party by Kimi (S6 – When Spike gives Xander a bachelor party, Buffy becomes jealous over his new project)

    Back Track by AuthoressNebula (S7 – An unhappy Buffy, Spike, Willow and Xander go back in time to “fix” S6 mistakes)

    Backseats and Cherry Pie by Danielle (S6 – Dawn’s Point-of-View as Buffy, Spike and Dawn go on a road trip together)

    Bad Girlfriend Buffy by Kari Mouke (S4 Who Are You? – After Faith’s bodyswap, Buffy and Spike go to LA to help Angel)

    Bad Man by Dutchbuffy2305 (S7 Lessons – A spell sends Crazy Basement Spike forward in time to meet future Spike)

    Bag of Bones by Shadowlass (S7 – Spike returns to Sunnydale with a soul only to find that someone is bewitching him)

    Bake Me a Bloody Cake by Abby (S4 Something Blue – Watching over Spike, Buffy finds baking a cake leads to sexy fun)

    Balancing Act by Brynn McK (S6 Grave – Buffy has to decide what to do when Spike returns from Africa unchipped)

    Battle Stations by VicNoir (S5 – Buffy tries to seduce Spike as he is pursued by an angry vampire longing to be a Master)

    Be Fearless, My Dear by Linnae13 (AU Human – While in Alabama with family, human Buffy encounters vampire Spike)

    Beautiful Enemies by The_Bronze (S4 – When demon assassins try to kill Buffy, she and Spike take a terrifying road trip)

    Beautiful Words or Blood Orange by sweetprincipale (S6 – Spike and Buffy muse on their ongoing sexual relationship)

    Because He Needs Me by DreamsofSpike (S6 – When Buffy take in a brain-damaged Spike, she tries to find his torturer)

    Becoming by Mia Vaan (S5 The Gift – Buffy jumps to find herself in S2, Dru and Angel in hell and Willow ensouling Spike)

    Been Here Too Few Years by Addie Logan (AU Human – When Buffy’s mother weds Giles, she antagonizes his punk son)

    Beer Foamy by Spikez_tart (S4 Beer Bad – When drunken Buffy runs into Spike, he takes advantage by mating with her)

    Before I Take That Walk by pfeifferpack (S3 Lovers Walk – Broken-hearted Buffy & Spike turn to each other for comfort)

    Beg the Liquid Red by Eurydice (AtS5 The Girl in Question - Buffy time travels to fight S4 Initiative and meets S4 Spike)

    Beggars Would Ride by Ems4179 (P-Series – When Buffy finds a mirror leading to the past, she jumps in to save Spike)

    Behind These Walls by Caitlin (S6 – Buffy is held captive in her room by a possessive Spike who won’t let her go)

    Being Somebody Else by Eowyn315 (S3 – When Spike meets Waitress Buffy in LA, he finds that he cannot kill her)

    Belonging by DreamsofSpike (S4 – When the Initiative creates vampire slaves, Buffy marries Riley and buys Spike)

    Beloved in Blood by Ameeya/Holly (S3 Lovers Walk – Spike returns drunk and accidentally mates with Buffy for life)

    Beneath You by AJ Hofacre (S7 – A souled Spike returns and tries to make Buffy jealous by flirting with Lillith - NC)

    Better Left Unsaid by Gwyneth Rhys (S6 – Willow finds out about Spuffy and casts a spell to make Spike human)

    Better Than Killing a Slayer by AGriffinWriter (S5 – Spike cuts in for a dance when Buffy and Riley are out at the Bronze)

    Better to Give Than Receive by ImmortallySpuffy (S2 – Spike begins a yearly Christmas tradition by giving Buffy gifts)

    Between Dreams and Reality by Irishrose (S7 – When Buffy is driven insane by the First, Spike believes he can help her)

    Between the Darkness and the Light by Ariane (S7 – After Buffy and Spike reconcile, Buffy cannot accept Spike’s death)

    Beyond Forever by ashlee (S2 – When Buffy stakes Dru in Los Angeles, Spike comes around looking for vengeance)

    Beyond Time by Dauntless Grace (AU Human – College Student Buffy is assigned to study William Pratt, Vampire)

    Beyond Truth and Lies by Peta (S7 Chosen – When Buffy tries to resurrect Spike, he comes back – but as evil S2 Spike)

    Bitch's Brew by Chelle (S4 – After angering a witch, Spike has to have sex with his mortal enemy or lose his manhood)

    Bitter Business by Sandra S (S4 – Spike is given three days to decide whether to accept a reward - a soul from Whistler)

    Bittersweet by Tygerlily (S6 The Gift – After Dawn dies, Spike and Buffy run off together pursued by a vengeful Drusilla)

    Black Satin Voices by Eurydice (S4 – When Willow is kidnapped, Buffy and Spike follow her kidnappers to New Orleans)

    Black the Sun by sangga (S5 – Spike is wanted for a blood ritual during a solar eclipse - S: To Make Much of Time)

    Black Widow by Bogwitch (P-Series – When Spike tries to find a missing Buffy, he’s shocked by the changes in her NC)

    Blast from the Past by Zarrah (AU Human – At her high school reunion, Buffy sees geeky William has really grown up)

    Bleach, Hair Gel and a Shiny New Soul by Kumi (S7 – Newly souled Spike and Buffy are captured by Wolfram & Hart)

    Blind by sweetprincipale (S6 – A disfigured Buffy hides from a blinded Spike after both are victims of an explosion)

    Blinded by the Light by Hils (S6 – After Spike saves Buffy from Drusilla, he is blinded and burned by his old lover)

    Blood and Fire by Addie Logan (S2 – Buffy deals with a new Slayer who’s made it her life’s work to take out Spike)

    Blood and Mistletoe by Holly (S4 Something Blue – When Buffy has to house-sit Spike on Xmas, they declare a truce)

    Blood Bound by DreamsofSpike (S4 – Using a Vamp Rite to subdue Spike, Buffy unwittingly claims him as her mate)

    Blood Kin by Nan Dibble (S7 – Spike fights the First and the vampires he sired P: Old Blood S: The Blood is the Life)

    Blood of the Heart by GG Noel (S5 The Gift – Spike and Angel team up together to bring Buffy back from the dead)

    Blood of the Sire by BuffymeetsSpike (S6 – When Spike is poisoned, Buffy must bring him to Dru for her healing blood)

    Blood Rites by Nan Dibble (S7 – Spike fights the First and the vampires that he sired NC P: The Blood is the Life)

    Blood Roses by Belladonnaroses (S7 – Spike returns to Sunnydale to find a ghostly Tara watching over Willow)

    Blood that Binds by Behind Blue Eyes (S2 Halloween – Spike claims Buffy when Ethan’s spell turn her into a real vampire)

    Bloody Soul Series by Kallysten (S2 – When both Drusilla and Angel fall into Acathla, Spike gets stuck with a soul)

    Bloodying It Up by Kari Mouke (P-NFA – Angel and Dru help Buffy rescue Spike after his capture by a demon sex ring)

    Blue Horizons by Kantayra (AU Human – New college student Buffy is driven crazy by wild sophomore student Spike)

    Body Shots by Nautibitz (S4 Who Are You? – When Faith steals Buffy’s body, she has vengeful sex with chipped Spike)

    BookSmarts: Biology by AJ Hofacre (AU Human – Spike and Buffy try to study, but can’t keep their hands off each other)

    Born To Be My Baby by slaymesoftly (S3 Graduation Day – Spike runs away after siring a dead Buffy P: A Mother’s Plea)

    Bought and Souled by Dominatrix Kitty (S6 – Buffy pushes Spike to be a vampire whore for money P: The Bite Whore)

    Brave New World by JamesMFan (S7 Get it Done – Buffy returns from a portal to find that vampires rule over humans)

    Break You by TammyAsh666 (Pre-Series – When Buffy is kidnapped by Angelus and Spike, Spike falls in love with her)

    Breaking Free by Kereia (S4 – Buffy helps Spike save Drusilla from an evil vampire who wishes to make her his mate)

    Breaking the Girl by Caitlin (S4 – When Spike’s chip is finally removed, he leaves Sunnydale just as Angel loses his soul)

    Breathe by Mnemosyne (S3 Lovers Walk – A Spike raging for revenge ends up saving Buffy from one of his own minions)

    Breathless by Serenity (AU Human – When Buffy becomes a singer, security guard Spike protects her from actor Riley)

    Brick by pfeifferpack (S7 LMPTM – After Wood’s failure to kill Spike, Buffy and Spike muse on their past and future)

    Bridging The Gap by Panta_Rei (AU Human – After Buffy reconnects with old pal Spike, her ex-lover Angel shows up)

    Brighter Hell by Lynn (S4 – A frustrated and chipped Spike’s point-of-view while working with the Scoobies)

    Broad Daylight by Laure Alexander (S4 The Harsh Light of Day – Buffy and Spike fight and kiss over the Ring of Amara)

    Broken Betrayal by MaryPerk (S6 Afterlife – Buffy finds Giles and Angel wiped her memories of mating with Spike)

    Broken Souls by DreamsofSpike (S7 Lessons – As Buffy tries to help an insane Spike, he is attacked by vampires)

    Brothers in Arms by Sway (Post NFA – As Buffy fights evil ten years later, Spike reappears without his love for her)

    Buffy and Spike's Most Excellent Adventure at the Convention by Winsomeone (AU – Scoobies go to a comic con)

    Buffy and the Bloodmobile by Rebcake (AU – Buffy deals with Glory and a blood drive P: The Vamp Around the Corner)

    Buffy Season Noir by Anna S (S6 Gone – An evil fairy offers Spike a choice of either gaining a soul or losing his chip)

    Buffy Summers and the Spiders from Mars by Mustang Sally (S5 – Vampire Nazis attack Sunnydale P: Changes)

    Buffy Summers’ Diary by Lori (S6 – Modeling herself after Bridget Jones, Buffy writes about Spike in her diary)

    Buffy Want by Laure Alexander (S4 Beer Bad – A drunken Buffy rips Spike’s clothes off and forces him into sex)

    Buffy's New Boyfriend by maryperk (S2 Becoming – Trying to defeat Angel, Spike pretends he is Buffy’s boyfriend)

    Buffy's New Man by Adlervan (S6 Seeing Red – After a journey to Tibet, Spike returns to Sunnydale as a human)

    Buffy's Wish by Hilary and Richess (S6 – Buffy idly makes a wish that Parker, Riley and the Initiative never existed)

    Burdens to Blessings by SlayrGrl (S6 Wrecked – After Buffy is pregnant by Spike, Angel arrives in town with Connor)

    Burn it All Away Series by PerleTwo (S2 – Spike and Buffy share their lustful thoughts about each other - NC)

    Business as Usual by Lilachigh (S5 – A vampire spinster becomes Spike’s confidante in S5 S: A Nice Little Business)

    Buyer Beware by Just Sue (S4 – Buffy buys Spike as a bodyguard when the Initiative has made vampires slaves - NC)

    By the Click of Someone Else's Slippers by Quinara (S6 Tabula Rasa – Amnesiac Spike is trapped in an alternate world)



    Can I Keep You by CandyNicks (AU – Vampire Spike meets runaway human Buffy on the streets of Victorian England)

    Can You See? by Gillian Silverlight (AU Love is Blind – After Spike wins Buffy’s sight in trials, she says she can’t love him)

    Captivated by NautiBitz (S3 Lover’s Walk – When the Mayor has Buffy and Spiked chained together, they have sex)

    Careful What You Wish For by Slayerlvy (S6 Wrecked – Dawn's wish that Spike and Buffy switch places comes true)

    Carefully To Tread by Xionin (S6 OMWF – After Spike refuses to kiss Buffy under the spell, she visits his crypt in remorse)

    Careless Memories by Megan (S4 Harsh Light of Day – Buffy falls into a coma and has a slayer dream of events to come)

    Cast Me Not Away by Enigmaticblue (S6 Dead Things – After a beating from Buffy, Spike leaves her and Sunnydale)

    Catch a Falling Star by Abby (S3 Graduation Day – Buffy is confronted by a suicidal Spike who wants to be dusted by her)

    Catch you on the Flip Side by Ultrawoman (S5 – Buffy switches places with an alternate universe Buffy who loves Spike)

    Catching Flies by Kari Mouke (S4 Pangs – Angel tells Buffy and Spike that they must have a child to avert an apocalypse)

    Catching the Night by BloodshedBaby (S2 Becoming – When Buffy is hit by a car in LA, Spike vows to take care of her)

    Catharsis by Behind Blue Eyes (AU Human – After an accidental tragedy has Buffy divorcing Spike, they decided to meet)

    Cave In by Aj Hofacre (S6 As You Were – Spike and Buffy’s internal thoughts at the moment Buffy breaks up with Spike)

    Centering by PennyDrdful (S5 Intervention – Buffy and Spike take a road trip to Oklahoma to recover the dragon sphere)

    Certain Dark Things by enigmaticblue (S4 – Buffy tries to rescue Spike when he is captured by Initiative P: Unsuffer Me)

    Chained to Fate Series by Shoshanna (S6 – As Spike and Buffy infiltrate a demon sex trafficking ring, they fall in love)

    Change Partners and Dance by dreamweaver (AU – Darla calls Spike to Sunnydale to help the master and kill the Slayer)

    Changes by Dreamweaver (P-Series – Buffy returns to S2 to change her past by mating with Spike P: Her Way/His Way)

    Changes by Mustang Sally (S5 – More Vampire Nazis P: Serious Moonlight S: Buffy Summers and the Spiders from Mars)

    Changes by Spider Girl (S2 – When Spike and Dru make plans to kill Buffy, Spike ends up falling in love with the Slayer)

    Changing History by chosen (P-NFA – After Spike’s death, Buffy makes a wish that catapults them into the past of S2)

    Changing Lives by Mabel Marsters (AU Human – When bullied William flies to England to meet his aunt, his life changes)

    Changing Perspectives by waddiwasiwitch (S9 – When Spike falls in a battle beside Buffy, he awakes to find he is human)

    Chasing a Dream by The Enemy of Reality (AU – A scarred-up Buffy starts to have flashbacks when she meets a vampire)

    Check Mate by Xela (S5 – After the Scoobies play magical Spin-the-bottle, they revert back to teenagers S: Checkpoint)

    Checkers by Anne Rose (S5 Intervention – After Spike is tortured by Glory, Buffy feels she must nurse him back to health)

    CheckPoint by Xela (S5 – After Buffy and Spike mate under a spell, a child is on the way – carried by Spike P: Check Mate)

    Cherish the Day by Hilary and Richess (S5 Intervention – Buffy is sent to 1800 England to meet William and the Darcys)

    Choosing Heaven by Sandy S (AtS5 – Spike manages to call Buffy on the phone while still a ghost at Wolfram and Hart)

    Chosen After Death by Jackofspikes (S4 Harsh Light of Day – When Buffy meets Spike, her Slayer claims him unwillingly)

    Chosen for More by AGriffinwriter (S7 Chosen – When Buffy saves Spike from the Hellmouth, they decide to marry)

    Christmas Rage by The Enemy of Reality (S4 – Buffy is enraged when her mother invites Spike to stay for Christmas)

    Circulation by AGriffinWriter (S4 Pangs – After Thanksgiving dinner, Buffy decides to use Spike as her personal sex toy)

    Claiming the Heart by TaniTKD/Bloodshedbaby (S2 – Spike claims Buffy as his mate to save her from Angelus)

    Clearance by Treacle Antlers (S4 – When Spike and Buffy are accidentally locked in a closet, they both fall in love)

    Cleared Path by SinisterChic (S6 Tabula Rasa – When Spike is dusted by the loan shark, the PTB send him back human)

    Clocks of the Long Now by lostboy (P-Series – When Buffy tries to stop a rogue Kennedy, Spike secretly returns to help)

    Closer to Midnight by xaphania (AU Human – When Buffy falls for Spike in England, they are both haunted by ghosts)

    Closure by Eowyn315 (S4 – When Buffy is drugged and raped at Lowell House, she is determined to find the culprit)

    Coincidences Series by All4Spike (S6 Dead Things – When depressed Spike leaves Buffy for Angel in LA, she follows him)

    Cold Day in Hell by Schehrezade and RSK (S5 – When Buffy is depressed at Christmas time, Spike buys her a nice present)

    Collateral Damage by Cindergal (S7 Chosen – Spike loses his soul leaving the Hellmouth S: Present and Unaccounted For)

    College is Awesome! by dampersandspoons (AU Human – When Buffy tries to befriend geeky William, he falls for her)

    Collide by Enigmaticblue (S6 Smashed – After sleeping with Spike, Buffy comes to terms with her inner darkness)

    Come Back to Me by pattyanne (S6 – When Spike and Buffy have an affair, he leaves her as she learns she’s pregnant)

    Come Back to Me by SpikesDeb (P-Series – When Spike is resurrected at W&H, Angel and Giles keep him from Buffy)

    Come Back to Me by Tess (P-NFA – After ten years, Spike comes back human and tries to woo a depressed Buffy)

    Come Dance With Me by Marianne (S5 – Buffy has to save Spike after he is kidnapped by a man seeking revenge)

    Come Undone by Lady Wenham (S7 Chosen – When Buffy saves Spike from the Hellmouth, he loses his soul)

    Come with Me by Scarlet Ibis (S4 Harsh Light of Day – After drinking magical beer, Spike and Buffy unwittingly mate)

    Coming Back Wrong by Dreamweaver (P-Series – When Buffy finds the amulet, Spike returns without his memory)

    Coming Through by Hulettwyo (S6 Dead Things – When Buffy is lost in a portal, she returns to find ten years has passed)

    Confluents by Enigmaticblue (S7 Same Time, Same Place – When Willow tries to repel the First, Spike becomes William)

    Connection by ya_lublyu_tebya (S4 Something Blue – Spike accidentally claims Buffy while under Willow’s spell)

    Consequences by Forever Me (P-Series – When Buffy moves to Cleveland, Angel finds a homeless and human Spike)

    Consequences by u2fan2005 (S5 The Gift – When Willow’s spell resurrects Buffy 80 years later, she finds things changed)

    Cookie Crumbs and Sippy Cups by Jerzeyanjel (S4 Something Blue – Willow conjures up Buffy and Spike’s children)

    Cornpone and the Bloodsuckers by always_jbj and mefiant (S4 – Vampire Harmony sires Riley who sires Xander)

    Could Be You by Abby (S5 Fool For Love – When Spike tells Buffy that he loves her, a romantic relationship blossoms)

    Cousin Arabella by Lilachigh (S6 – Buffy and Spike visit his wicked vampire Cousin Arabella – S: Three for a Secret)

    Cramps and Vamps by Little Bit (S6 – When her period is overdue, Buffy worries she is pregnant and Spike is the father)

    Crave by Nautibitz (AU Human – Buffy starts an affair with her ruthless yet irresistible billionaire father-in-law Spike)

    Crippled by Enchantress (S6 Dead Things – After Spike is crippled from Buffy’s beating, she takes him into her home)

    Crossing Into Unchipped Country by Dutchbuffy2305 (P-Series – Buffy meets evil Spike in AU S: Crossing Shadow River)

    Crossing Shadow River by Dutchbuffy2305 (P-Series – AU Spike impregnates Buffy P: Crossing into Unchipped Country)

    Cry by Wonder and Ashes (S5 The Body – When Spike comforts Buffy over her mother’s death, she realizes he loves her)

    Crystal by Vanilla (AU Human – Buffy is an undercover FBI agent who acts as a hacker for handsome businessman Spike)

    Cuore Della Notte by Rabid (S5 – Spike is used for a ritual by monks in order to create a demon to destroy humanity)

    Cupid is Stupid and a Little Drunk by Behind Blue Eyes (S5 – On Valentine’s Day, Cupid comes between Buffy and Spike)

    Current Traffic Conditions by Alanna (S7 – Returning from Africa, a souled Spike tries to provoke Buffy into staking him)

    Cursed by Sunalso (S2 AU – Buffy and Drusilla switch bodies every night)



    Daemons Luminati by Kalima (S6 – Spike is beaten and raped by Daemonic Angels for daring to touch the Slayer)

    Dance of the Mates by spufette (S4 Something Blue – After Willow’s spell is broken, Spike continues to pursue Buffy)

    Dancing in the Moonlight by Holly (S2 School Hard – Buffy and Spike fall in love with each other at first sight)

    Dancing Lessons by Cousinjean/Various (S5 The Body – After her mother’s death, Buffy and Spike grow much closer)

    Dancing the Night Away by hesadevil (P-NFA – Spike and Buffy try to save Angel before the Immortal can kill him)

    Dangerous by Mabel Marsters (P-NFA – A shanshued Spike returns to Buffy’s side to fight Drusilla P: Fall of the Night)

    Dark Prophecy by Pipergirl (S4 – The Watcher’s Council hires Buffy and Spike to find a missing child who is a key)

    Darkening of the Light by Addie Logan (S2 – When Angelus turns Buffy, she finds her closest ally in his grandchilde)

    Darkest Before Dawn by Nmissi (S5 Intervention – When Glory tortures Spike, she accidentally takes out his chip)

    Darkest by Anne (S6 – When Buffy accidentally dusts Spike, she desperately tries to bring him back with Willow’s help)

    Darkside, Lightside by Rowan (AU – Spike and Buffy fight with armies in Sunnydale but secretly make love once a week)

    Date Material by BeneficialAddiction (S5 Crush – After Spike confesses his love, he bets Buffy that he’s date material)

    Daughter of Prophecy by Ashlee (AU – Angel and Darla give birth to Buffy and Spike falls in love with her as she ages)

    Dawn of a New Age by Tempest (S4 Something Blue – When Buffy is pregnant by Spike, the Initiative captures her)

    Daylight by Addie Logan (P-NFA – When Spike shanshues after the battle, Angel is determined to keep him from Buffy)

    Days and Night by Danielle (S6 Tabula Rasa – Both Buffy and Spike muse on their newly burgeoning relationship)

    Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground by cousinjean (P-NFA – When Buffy is dragged to Hell, she returns as a vampire)

    Dear Departed by annapurna_2 (As5 – Dawn writes a heartfelt letter to Spike after Chosen S: Unfinished Business)

    Dear Spike by BuffymeetsSpike (As5 Damage – After Buffy’s death in Europe, Spike and Angel read Buffy’s journal)

    Dear Willow by Anderida (S7 – Buffy writes Willow to tell her how she healed Spike after he returned from Africa)

    Decking the Summers’ Hall by Eurydice (S4 – Spike and Buffy after their snowbound experience P: Promise of Frost)

    Deep Purple by Megan/Peta (S5 – Buffy needs Spike’s help when she deals with an evil gigantic Hellmouth Bunny)

    Definition of a Monster by GG Noel (S6 – Spike and Buffy have to go back in time to stop Hitler from killing slayers)

    Defying Time and Reason for Love by Rachel (P-Series – A modern Buffy communicates with William in the past - NC)

    Deleted Scenes by Sweetprincipale (AU – Actors playing Spike and Buffy blend with their counterparts P: Starting Over)

    Deliverance by Rikki_oko (S7 Beneath You – Buffy tries to deal with the aftermath of Spike’s confession in the church)

    Delust or Dust by dampersandspoons (S3 Lover’s Walk – Willow’s spell makes a lovelorn Buffy pursue an unwilling Spike)

    Denial by Echidna (S6 – Buffy tries to fight off her attraction for Spike as she continues to have sex with him anyway)

    Denial by The Enemy of Reality (S4 – Willow's spell backfires, forcing Buffy and Spike to literally remain near each other)

    Descant descending by Macha (P-Series – Set in verse, Angel and Buffy go to Hell to rescue Spike and bring him home)

    Deserving by Kaylorin (S6 Grave – When Spike asks for a soul in Africa, he is reborn as both a human and a Slayer)

    Desire by Sweetprincipale (S6 OMWF – Buffy and Spike become contented lovers P: A Model Romance S: Acceptance)

    Desires Realized by Lisa Y. Drexel (S4 Something Blue – When Willow’s spell wears off, Buffy realizes she loves Spike)

    Destinations of the Heart by Ariane (S7 – Spike and Buffy comes to terms with their new relationship when he returns)

    Destiny: Part Three of the Reset Series by PSUbrat (S6 Grave – Spike comes back human and as Buffy’s new Watcher)

    Detour by Treacle Antlers (S7 – When Spike comes back from Africa human, Angel gets the shanshu – NC P: Diversion)

    Dialogue of Self and Soul by Isabelle (S5 – When Buffy and Spike are infected by a demon, they read each other’s mind)

    Diamond Studded Flunkies by Eurydice (AU – Ethan finds Buffy before the WC and trains her to be a dealer in Las Vegas)

    Diary of Days by myrabeth (As5 – Buffy’s diary tells of Spike’s death and her flight to Los Angeles at his resurrection)

    Dinner Interrupted Series by Sabershadowcat (S4 – An annoying Spike crashes Buffy’s dates with Riley over and over)

    Dirty Little Secret by Poshcat (S5 – When Buffy finds Spike wearing a ring that enslaves him, she takes advantage of him)

    Disenchantment by Herself (P-Series – Searching for Spike, Buffy finds he is a human sailor with no memory S: Lift)

    Disillusioned by Peta (S1 – When Spike & Dru arrive in Sunnydale, Spike pretends to be a souled vamp to get at Buffy)

    Distance by Herself (P-NFA – When Spike survives NFA without his memory, Buffy seduces him while taking care of him)

    Distress Signals by PeaceHeather (P-NFA – When Spike tries to find Buffy, he is captured by an evil demon for a ritual)

    Diversion by Treacle Antlers (S7 – When Spike returns from Africa, Buffy struggles to accept a human William S: Detour)

    Divine Madness Series by Laure Alexander (S3 – When Spike returns without Dru, he and Buffy start a relationship)

    Divinity by sass angel (S6 Seeing Red – When Spike gets his soul and a new relationship, he runs into Buffy years later)

    Do Not Fall By Spike Speigel (S6 Smashed – Buffy grapples with her feelings for Spike just as Dru and Riley show up)

    Does it have to Mean Something? by the DeadlyHood (P-NFA – Buffy finds that Angel has bound Spike to defeat W&H)

    Doing Their Best by peroxidelove (S7 First Date – Spike tries to give an exhausted Buffy something nice for her birthday)

    Doll by Chris Gary-Durill (P-Series – 50 years later, Spike is a sex worker in a futuristic world where vampires are slaves)

    Don’t Stop by nautibitz (S2 – Buffy dukes it out with a wheelchair-less Spike in an old Ghost Town Saloon S: Free Cable?)

    Don't Call Me Goldielocks! by pattyanne (S6 Gone – Buffy and Spike take turns taunting each other as they have sex)

    Don't Stop the Dance by Xionin (S7 Get it Done – As Buffy battles the First, she and Spike fall in love S: How Many Days)

    Double Spiked by Kantayra (S6 – The Trio travel back in time to bring back Buffy’s greatest enemy – Season Two Spike)

    Double Trouble by Sandy (S5 – As Buffy’s pals question her affair with Spike, Faith comes back P: You Have to Love Her)

    Down the Road I Go by megan_tam_fics (S3 Graduation Day – Spike kidnaps Buffy and drives her to Brazil to find Dru)

    Drag Me Down by evildeadgirl (S6 Entropy – The Trio send Buffy and Spike back to S3 to screw up two Buffys and Spikes)

    DragonFly by Ariane (S6 Gone – When Spike is warned to leave to protect Buffy, she tracks him down in San Francisco)

    Drawn to the Fire by BuffyXenaDQFan (As5 – When Buffy is pregnant with Spike’s child, she seeks out help from Angel)

    Dream Girls by kantayra (S5 – Spike tries to save Buffy & Dawn when all women in Sunnydale are turned into sex slaves)

    Dreams and Desotos by bloodshedbaby (S2 Becoming – When both Angel and Dru die, Spike and Buffy commiserate)

    Dreamscape by Holly (S2 School Hard – As Buffy battles evil Spike, she has strange dreams about meeting him for sex)

    Dreamtime by Anniepants (S6 Grave – When Spike gets his soul, he remembers that he and Buffy had met in the 1700s)

    Dreidel by Constance (S6 Grave – When Spike leaves Africa, demons enslave him and retcon his memory to S4 - NC)



    Echoes of Beljoxa by myrabeth (S7 AU – Buffy and Spike travel back to Season Four to prevent her death)

    Embers by coalitiongirl (S9 – When Spike and Buffy reunite, they find a post-Twilight Angel nursing an infected Faith)

    Empress of the High Seas by Winsomeone (S4 – Buffy, Spike and a pet demon set sail P: The Grundy Affair S: Keystone)

    Enthralled by spike_spetslayer (S5 Fool for Love – Buffy and Spike start a torrid affair while fighting off the hellgod Glory)

    Epilogue by Holly (S5 The Gift – Buffy comes to terms with the hero who saved her from hell P: The Writing on the Wall)

    Epilogue by my2cents (S7 Chosen – Still grieving over Spike’s death, Buffy muses on their previous troubled relationship)

    Et Lux in Tenebris Lucet by Enigmaticblue (S5 The Gift – When Spike is crippled saving Dawn, Buffy nurses him to health)

    Even by Lara Dean-Brierley (S6 – When an unhappy Buffy begs Spike for the ultimate gift she wants, Spike gives it to her)

    Even Demons Need Friends by Slaymesoftly (S4 – Spike loses his chip when helping Giles with Ethan S: A Friend in Need)

    Even In The Real World by Flibble (AU Human Normal Again – Fellow student Spike falls in love after Buffy is committed)

    Everything and More by sweetprincipale (S3 – Buffy and Spike still must share the same apartment P: Living Conditions)

    Evolution by Demonica Mills (S6 Entropy – When Buffy flees Spike on a bus to LA, she is kidnapped and sired by Drusilla)

    Excerpts of Surviving by SaberShadowKitten (S2 Becoming – Buffy comforts Spike when Dru follows Angel into Hell)

    Exeunt by BuffymeetsSpike (S6 Entropy – When Xander furiously dusts Spike over Anya, Buffy cannot forgive him - NC)

    Expedite by Annie Sewell-Jennings (S7 – Buffy overhears insane Spike in the basement through the ventilation system)

    Eyes of a Man Series by reenasas (S2 – When Drusilla is dusted in Prague, Spike seeks Angelus in Sunnydale for revenge



    Facing the Mirrors by Raeann/Rabid1st (S6 Wrecked – Demons pay money to secretly watch Buffy and Spike having sex)

    Fall of the Night by Mabel Marsters (P-NFA – Shanshued Spike falls for his nurse before seeing Buffy again S: Dangerous)

    Fallen Angels by BuffymeetsSpike (S6 Bargaining – When a feral Buffy comes back without memories, Spike nurses her)

    Fallen Kisses by Belladonnanroses (S6 – After Buffy is resurrected and Dawn is dead, she begs Spike for one good day)

    Falling by Kally77/Kallysten (S4 Harsh Light of Day – When Angel loses his soul again, Buffy joins with Spike to stop him)

    Falling by Unbridled Brunette (S3 Lover’s Walk – When Willow casts a love spell, Spike and Buffy both fall in love NC)

    Falling Debris by jenjojen (Post NFA – Xander discovers a Shanshued Spike in Las Vegas who can’t remember a thing)

    Falling Down To Summerset by MrEeee (AU Human – High school student Buffy falls in love with her English teacher NC)

    Falling Sky by Zero (S5 – Angel returns to Sunnydale when he finds out that Spike has taken his place in Buffy’s heart)

    Family Ties by Spikelicious (S6 Bargaining – When Buffy returns feral from a Hell dimension, she claims Spike as a mate)

    Famous on the Internet by Xaphania (As5 – Buffy finds Andrew’s wildly popular website about Spike S: Still Famous)

    Fate by Moluvsnumber17 (P-NFA – After seven years, Spike meets up with Buffy in Los Angeles through her daughter)

    Fated by dreamweaver (As5 – Buffy rushes to Los Angeles when she hears that Spike is now alive at Wolfram and Hart)

    Father Christmas by Rabid1st (S6 – When Buffy’s father and his stripper girlfriend visit, Spike pretends to be her fiancé)

    Feathers and Forked Tongues by weyrwolfen (S6 – Spike’s pet returns to cause trouble P: In League With Serpents)

    Fighting For Love by tamibrandt (S5 – A lovelorn Spike watches in horror as a violent Riley moves in with abused Buffy)

    Fin Amour by Angearia (S5 – When Buffy is impregnated with the key, Spike is willing to die to protect her from Glory)

    Five Times Spike died (and one time he didn't) by xaphania (AU – Some possible deaths of Spike throughout the series)

    Five Words or Less by A Griffin Writer (S5 Out of My Mind – After Spike comforts Buffy, she realizes Spike loves her)

    Fix You by Enigmatic Blue (S7 – To defeat the First, Spike and Buffy must travel back to S4 and try to change their past)

    Fixing The Factors by ImmortallySpuffy (S4 The Yoko Factor – Buffy and Spike are forced to repeat the same day over)

    Flood Of Emotion by ya_lublyu_tebya (S6 Life Serial – When the Scoobies are trapped in Buffy’s house, tensions rise)

    Fluffyverse series by authoress Nebula (AU – A happier version of Buffy and Spike’s relationship through the series)

    Fly me to the Moon by Megan (S5 Crush – When Buffy rejects Spike, he goes to LA where he is tortured by Dru & Darla)

    For The Dark by Sandra S (S2 – When Angelus sires Buffy, he tries to control Sunnydale and Spike as a Vampire Lord)

    For the Sake of a Vampire by Hilary (S5 Checkpoint – Watcher's Council gives Spike to the Initiative for experimentation)

    For Want of a Back Porch by Alexandra (S9 – Spike and Buffy go back and forth on whether they can be friends or lovers)

    Forged in Flames Series by Gillian Silverlight (S6 Smashed – Buffy and Spike learn the true history of Slayers and Vamps)

    Forward to Time Past by Unbridled Brunette (S5 – Buffy goes back in time, meets William and Spike remembers her)

    Found by CupcakeCute (P-Series – As Slayers fight an apocalypse, Buffy finds Spike – alive and shanshued human)

    Four Hundred Days by PassionFish (S3 – Buffy and Spike find out that they were married in the past in the 1870s)

    Fragile by ya_lublyu_tebya (S6 Bargaining – Buffy fragile after resurrection)

    Fragments of a Dream by Magista (S6 - Buffy is trapped in a nightmare realm and Spike does a mindwalk to save her)

    Free Cable? by BloodEnvy (S2 Belonging – Buffy meets Spike in hotel room after Angel and Dru die P: Don’t Stop)

    Freedom by icemink (S3 The Wish – In the Wishverse, the Master imprisons Buffy and calls Darla, Dru and Spike to help)

    From Beneath You it Devours by Ariane (S4 – Spike has a dream in the Initiative)

    From Nothing by Saber Shadowkitten (S3 – A demon keeps Spike as sex slave after Dru’s death – Buffy rescues him)

    From the Ashes by Zennjenn (Post NFA - Spike is thought dead – until a famous human author starts writing Spuffy)

    Frozen by AJ Hofacre – (Human AU – Spike and Buffy are happily wed with two children in a perfect marriage)

    Frozen in Time by SlayrGrl (S7 Buffy wishes for more time with Spike)

    Future Childe by Ariel Dawn (Pre-Series – Spike claims Buffy S:Perfect Childe)

    Future Imperfect by Cousinjean (Post S - Buffy is resurrected in 2336 by Angel and Spike to fight evil)

    Future Sins Past by DreamsofSpike (S2 Surprise – Spike is chipped by the Initiative and claims to have Angel’s soul)

    Future Written in Blood by madrog (S5 Spunky slayer, snarky Spike mix)



    Gas. Food. Lodging by Wisteria (S7 - Buffy and Spike go on a road trip after Spike returns with a soul)

    Gates of Time Trilogy series by Authoress Nebula (S7 Time Travel back one year)

    Get Your Own Slave, Spike by Shylahmask (S6 - Willow casts a spell that makes everyone want Spike as Sex Slave)

    Getaway by Cousinjean (S6 - Spike kidnaps Buffy for a road trip to talk about them – hilarity ensues)

    Getting Pumped by Kaz (S3 - Buffy meets Spike at gas station and he asks her on a date – for ulterior motives)

    Ghost Story by Kate (S6 – When Buffy is resurrected, she sees dead people – including William – to Spike’s chagrin)

    Ghostly Inhibitions by Ariel Dawn (AtS5 – When Spike comes out of the Amulet, he and Angel switch bodies)

    Gift and Reward by Ellierose101 (S5 - Buffy dies and meets Spike’s mom – she gives her Spike’s soul to take back)

    Gifts by Irishrose (S7 – After Buffy does a mind walk to bring back a catatonic Spike, Buffy gives birth to Spike’s twins)

    Giving Thanks by Stuffandnonsense (S6 – Buffy has Spike take her and Dawn to see her aunts in Los Angeles)

    Giving You Me by DreamsofSpike (S6 – On Christmas Eve, Buffy plays sex games with Spike to emotionally break him)

    Glimmerings by Miranda (S6 Bargaining- Spike mourns Buffy until he finds her alive and alerts the Scoobies)

    Glimpses by HarmonyFB (S2 – Buffy watches Spike pleasure himself to videos of her fighting S: Revelations)

    Gloomy Little Tomb With No View by Lady Anne (S4 rewrite Hardh Light of Day)

    Gods Touched Series by A. Lite (S4 – The PTB assign Spike to protect a young human girl from bad guys - NC)

    Goodbye, Spike by Spike's Evil Bint (S4 – Buffy has to help Spike when he is recaptured and vivisected by the Initiative)

    Grandpa by Ivytree (S7 and AS4 – A newly ensouled Spike goes to Los Angeles to help Angel – S: Samaritan)

    Green Card by ripewickedplum (S5 – The INS wants Spike, so Buffy marries him to keep him in Sunnydale)

    Green-Eyed Monster by ya_lublyu_tebya (S6 Buffy jealous after Entropy)

    Grey Lines by Echidna (S7 – As Spike tries to hide from Buffy after returning with a soul, Dawn reconciles with him)

    Guardians of the Scythe by athenewolfe (Post series AU time travel)

    Guilty Pleasures by Ashlee (AU Human - Spike and Buffy meet and fall in love in high school)

    Guilty Soul by Uncagedmuse (AtS5 – When Angel reads Buffy loves Spike in her journal, he tries to keep them apart)



    Habeas Corpus by Donnamour1969 (AtS 5 Buffy finds Spike is a ghost)

    Hallelujah by Holly (Post-Series Spuffy angst)

    Halloween by vampirische liebe (S2 Halloween - Spike claims a bewitched Buffy on Halloween and fall in love)

    Happiness by Wisteria (S6 – Spike and Buffy take a road trip to Las Vegas – S: Sweeter Than Oranges)

    Harbingers of Beatrice by Holly (S5 Wolfram and Hart vs the Aurelian clan)

    Hard Candy by Wisteria and Annie Sewell-Jennings (S6 - Missing sex scenes from Wrecked to As You Were)

    Harnessing Sunlight by sandy_s (Post NFA - the good guys did not win)

    Haunted by Kantayra (S6 Dead Things – Spike and Dawn run away to be detectives, meeting Buffy on a case)

    He May Be Your Dog but He’s Wearing My Collar by MinxDelovely (S3 - Dru dies because Spike can’t kill Buffy)

    He walks in Darkness and the Light: The Savior of Slayers by Cia S (S2 AU – Spike is a Slaypire who saves Buffy)

    Healing Touch by Ariana (S7 Showtime – Buffy comforts Spike in her house after torture by the First)

    Heart of Darkness Series by Shoshanna (S6 – Buffy and Spike deal with Willow’s magic addiction)

    Heart or Soul by Miss scheherazade (Series AU – What if Spike were the cursed Vampire instead of Angel?)

    Hearts Breaking Even by Slaymesoftly (S2 – Buffy jumps through a portal and saves a boy in 19th century England)

    Heat by NautiBitz (S5-6 Love-struck Buffy is after Spike)

    Heaven Sent by Vampgirly (Post-NFA Buffy goes to W&H to grieve over Spike)

    Heaven's On Fire by Chelle (S6 Giles makes Buffy miserable)

    Hell is in the Details by Spikesheart (AtS5 - Angel sells Spike into torture and slavery at a demon sex palace)

    Hell Unleashed by Drusilla2 (S5 The Gift - Buffy is resurrected by Satan to kill God and the Angels)

    Her Sire by Kallysten (3 yrs after P: His childe)

    Her Way by Dreamweaver (S7 – Buffy demands the oracles send her back to save Spike S: Changes)

    Here and Now by feliciacraft (S10 Comics – Buffy and Spike live in bliss in a San Francisco apartment with their dog)

    Here is Gone by Terri Botta (S6 – In the African Cave, Spike gets a chance to do Season Four and Five again)

    Hero’s Reward by Pfeifferpack (Post S – Spike dies and PTB reward him by letting him redo Season Six)

    Heroes in Hell by shapinglight/deborahmm/glassdarkly (Post-S - Buffy goes to Hell to rescue Spike)

    He's Back by Lisa Y Drexel (S3 – Spike and Buffy fight Dru and Angelus when Angel loses his soul again)

    Hey there, Blondie Bear by Alexandria (S9 – As Spike leaves, Buffy goes on Harmony's Show to declare she loves him)

    Hidden Agendas by angelic_amy (S5 Intervention – Buffy is stalked by mysterious vamps trying to kill her)

    Hide and Seek by dreamweaver (Post NFA – In Rome, Buffy meets vamp Spike and human William at the same time)

    His Childe by Kallysten (S6 Buffy dying, Spike turns her S:Her Sire)

    His Girl by dreamweaver (S5 The Gift – When Buffy and Spike jump through Glory’s portal, Buffy loses her memory)

    His Quest by Zero (S6 – After strange dreams of Buffy, Spike goes on a quest to resurrect her from the dead)

    His Savoir by Apckrfan (Susan) (Buffy can stop Dru from turning William)

    His Tender Mercies by Enigmaticblue (AtS 1 W&H accidently call Dru back)

    His Way by dreamweaver (Post NFA – The PTB resurrect Spike and send him back to fix things – S: Changes)

    Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me by Jenn Elise (S6 - Buffy kills Spike after their sexual relationship - dark)

    Hold onto me by Chelle (S4 - Buffy and Spike visit Angel to find Wesley is a vampire – hilarity ensues)

    Holiday Memories by blood faerie (S5 Xmas – Spike loses his memory and Buffy helps him to cope with the loss)

    Home by Sophie (S7? rewrite? AU story after Spike gets soul)

    Home is Where They Have to Let You In by Slaymesoftly (Post-S – Buffy and Dawn come across a burned vampire)

    Homecoming by Colleen Hillerup (S7 - Spike returns to find a suicidal Buffy and moves her into his crypt)

    Homesick by theslayer19 (S: Strange Days, Dru evil)

    Honey, Don't Think by Anne Sewell Jennings (S5 Shadow - Buffy and Riley hide their thoughts from each other)

    Hope by waddiwasiwitch (Post NFA – As Spike and Buffy meet again, Angel’s son Connor is captured by the Initiative)

    How Can Something So Cold Make Me So Hot? by Slaymesoftly (S6 - Buffy has sunburn S: When the Ice has Melted)

    How Many Days by Xionin (As5 – After Spike’s death, Dawn begins to act very strangely S: Don’t Stop the Dance)

    Human Frailty by Jainie Starr (S5 to Fool for Love)

    Human Nature by The Bronze (Post S – Spuffy life with daughter – WIP P: Something to Live For

    Human? by PassionFish (S3 Spike might be human)

    Humanitis by Sabershadowkitten (S3 - Spike becomes human overnight and asks for Buffy’s help)



    I Know You Verse Series by Slaymesoftly (P-NFA – After Spike dies, Buffy goes to an alternate Universe to be with him)

    I Like To Win by Sweetprincipale (S5 after Intervention S: Rules Request)

    Iced by EllieRose101 (S6 – Missing scene in Normal Again when Spike learns Buffy likes ice on the back of her neck)

    If A Certain Slayer... by Blood Envy (Post Series - Buffy helps Spike)

    If I'm Not In Love by Spikelissa (AS5 – Spike rushes to see Buffy when Dawn tells him that she’s thinking of suicide)

    If Not Today by Ariane (AS5 - Spike and Buffy meet again)

    If You're Sure by sweetprincipale (S4 Spuffy P:Should Have Known Better)

    Illumination by Annie Sewell-Jennings (S7 Showtime – Buffy comforts Spike after torture by the First)

    Imitation of a Man by darkapple (S6 Dead Things - Buffy goes back in time to Victorian England to save William/Spike)

    Imitor Vita Pro Amor by Celeste & Debbie (S6 AU – When Riley returns, Buffy can’t decide between him and Spike)

    Immortal Beloved by jamesmarstersjunkie (S7 Buffy and Spike romance angst)

    Impetuous By Hang Nga (S2 AU - Buffy and Spike meet in Season Two and fall in love - NC)

    Impossible by bitterness (S7 – When souled Spike returns, Willow has pregnant Buffy do a mindwalk to see the truth)

    Impossibly Delightful Flesh by sadbhyl (S5 – Under a spell, all the Scoobies turn into the opposite sex)

    In Enemy Hearts by KittenofDoomage (S4 – Spike and Buffy battle Adam after he kills Giles, Xander and Willow)

    In Excelsis Deo by Holly (AtS 5 Fred and Wes help Spike)

    In Harm's Way by Dawnofme (S4 - Harmony casts a spell - Buffy falls in love with the first vampire she sees)

    In Heat by nautibitz (S5 – A heat wave heats up the relationship between Buffy and Spike)

    In His Shadow by Night Nymph (S6 Normal Again - Spike sacrifices himself to give Angel to Buffy)

    In Jealousy’s Wake by Sabershadowkat (S3 – A mutilated Spike pretends to be Buffy’s lover to get back at Angel)

    In League With Serpents by weyrwolfen (S6 – Spike wins a dangerous pet in poker S: Feathers and Forked Tongues

    In Omne Tempus by Holly (AU – Drusilla brings Spike Buffy as a young girl – Spike finds he is destined to claim Buffy)

    In Our Grief by sweetprincipale (Spike and Buffy talk at end of S2)

    In Pursuit of Kittens by Dactylgirl (S10 Comics – Buffy helps Spike look for a missing kitten in his apartment)

    In Such a Night by Dactylgirl (S10 – Spike and Buffy have a moment on the rooftop of their apartment building)

    In the Claws of Evil by Pet (AtS 5 - Buffy stays in LA to help Spike)

    In the Elegy Season by Sandra S (AU - Spike in 2053 reminisces about his life and loves in Sunnydale)

    In the End by Annamonk (S7 Chosen - Buffy goes through the demon trials to bring Spike back from the dead)

    In the End by Moluvnumber17 (Post S - A spell to send Buffy to her true love sends her to Spike, not her fiancé Angel)

    In the Knick of Time by ClawofCat (S6 - Buffy is shocked to enter Spike’s crypt and find him shaving his nether regions)

    In the Midnight Light by Holly (S2 After Dru leaves, a brokenhearted Spike turns to Buffy)

    In the Rear View Mirror by Sandy S (AtS5 – When Buffy meets Spike again, she runs away after they make love)

    In the Red by Mala (S5 - Angel finds Buffy and Spike having sex in Spike’s crypt and goes berserk)

    In Your Hands by Cindergal (AtS5 Damage - Buffy kidnaps an ailing Spike from Wolfram and Hart to nurse him herself)

    In-a-gadda-da-vida by GoldenBuffy (S2 Halloween - Buffy dresses a bit differently for Halloween this year)

    Indigo Overture by Rikki_oko (AU Human – Spike is a drummer and Angel the lead singer who fight over Buffy)

    Influence of Demons by gabrielleabelle (S5 – Buffy becomes a whore when she and Spike are lost in Hell Dimension)

    Ingression by hisluvpet (S6 - Spike confesses his sins in Church)

    Inhuman Hearts by Echidna (S6 Normal Again – Buffy needs Spike to stop a demon from enacting a First Slayer ritual)

    Innocence Found by Spikes_heart (S6 – A demon turns Buffy and Spike into little children S: Reclamation)

    Interpretations by Suzee (S5 Crush – A lovelorn Spike tries to help Buffy when she is ill after being cursed by a witch)

    Invisible by Ariane (Post-Series Spike reviews his relationship with Buffy)

    Invite Me In by Spikez_tart (Sequel to Positive Reinforcement)

    Irony Becomes Her by starmouse (S6 – Buffy falls in love with Spike just as he falls out of love with her)

    It Came Upon the Midnight Clear by Holly (S6 – Buffy reenacts A Christmas Carol and sees the real Spike)

    It Happened One Night by Goldenbuffy (S5 Spuffy romance that leads to pregnancy)

    It Was, It Will Be Again by MissMishka (AtS5 Buffy goes to W&H to find ghost Spike)



    Journey Home by Benerasq (S6 Bargaining - Buffy comes back insane after her resurrection and catastrophe ensues)

    Journeys: Awakenings by Mary (S6 – Spike after Buffy’s Death – P: Journeys: Promise to a Lady S: Revelations)

    Journeys: Promise to a Lady by Mary (S6 - Spike tries to go on after Buffy's death – S: Journeys: Awakenings)

    Journeys: Revelations by Mary (S6 – Spike tries to go on after Buffy’s Death – P: Journeys: Awakenings – NC)

    Judgment by Medea (S6 – When Dark Willow goes insane and tries to harm Dawn, Buffy and Spike intervene - NC)

    Just a Drop of Blood Rescue of Dawn by Spikes KittyKat (S6 Dawn in dimension

    Just a Summer Romance by slaymesoftly (S4-5 Spuffy angst)

    Just a Teenage Crush by Addie Logan (S6 - Amnesiac Buffy wants Spike)



    Kaleidoscope by Lirazel (AtS5 – POV of Buffy and Angel characters at the reunion of Spike and Buffy)

    Keeper of the Truth by Trisha (S6 Buffy time travel to S2)

    Keystone by Winsomeone (S4 – Buffy, Spike and their pet demon uncover an evil WC plot P: Empress of the High Seas)

    Killer Instinct by Karbear57 (S2 Halloween – Buffy becomes a vampire for Halloween and runs off with Spike)



    La Belle et la Bête by Wonder and Ashes (S4 – Buffy and Spike live out the fairy tale Beauty and the Beast)

    La Femme Spander by Sosa Iola (S6 – Through a Vengeance Demon wish, Xander and Spike change genders)

    Lapdog by Sigyn (S6 AU – Buffy and Spike find a baby)

    Learning the Dance by Dreamweaver (S6 – Buffy changes places with Buffy 10 years in the future who had claimed Spike)

    Learning to Fly by Spikespetslayer (S6 – Buffy watches the Scoobies mourn her death from an alternate dimension)

    Leashing the Beast by Nos (S6 – When Warren tortures Spike into insanity with the chip, Buffy calls Angel for help)

    Leather by Herself (S7 Get it Done - Buffy and Spike resume their relationship when Buffy sees his leather duster)

    Legacy by Kyra Storm (S3 - The Watcher's Council kidnaps Buffy and Spike)

    Legions of True Hearts by Eurydice (S4 – Buffy has unexpected dreams about William S: A Symphony of Echoes)

    Let It Snow by Annamonk (S4 – Buffy and Spike go to a ski resort for Christmas to investigate a demon)

    Let The Healing Power Begin by Vicariousvicky (S4 Something Blue - the aftermath of Willow's spell)

    Let the Sun Fall Down by Tammydevil666 (S5 – Spike makes Buffy a vampire to save her from death)

    Life Eternal by Krya Storm (Post S AU - Buffy is missing, Spike is engaged and The First allies with Wolfram and Hart)

    Life in Death by Uncaged Muse (S5 – When Joyce dies, she comes back as a ghost to tell Buffy to trust Spike)

    Life in Sunnydale by Spikewriter (S6 – Spike starts working at the Magic Box as he pines for Buffy - Not Completed)

    Life's Ever Changing Turns by maryperk (S5 Fool for Love - Riley overhears Spike and Buffy talk at the Bronze)

    Life's Like That by Pipergirl (S5 babyfic)

    Lift by Herself (Post S – A PWP addition to a story in which Buffy finds Spike a human sailor P: Disenchantment)

    Light beyond the darkness by Spikes_slayer08 (AU Human - Spike and Buffy fall in love)

    Lily by Laure Alexander (S2 - Classic old Spuffy fiction where everyone eventually becomes a vampire - S: Moments in Time)

    Little Bitty Puzzle Pieces by pizallday (Post S - Spike is found human near the Hellmouth but forgets who he is)

    Little Buffy by Zarrah (S6 OMWF – When Willow transforms Buffy into a little girl, Spike takes care of her)

    Live Things by ya_lublyu_tebya (S6 Dead Things – Buffy decides to treat Spike with kindness after beating him)

    Living Conditions by Sweetprincipale (S3 – Buffy and Spike both apply for Public Housing S: Everything and More)

    Living on the Edge by DeadAndGone (AU – Buffy is the Vamp who comes to Sunnydale and Spike is the Slayer)

    Lollipops and Ice Cream by Sarah Aless (S6 POV between Gone and As You Were)

    London Nocturne by Sandra S. (S3 – Spike meets Buffy in London when Faith is on WC trial for killing Wesley)

    Lonely In Your Nightmare by Bloodshedbaby (S2 Buffy held by secret military organization)

    Long Day’s Journey by Anaross (AtS5 – POV of all characters when Spike appears again in Wolfram and Hart)

    Long Time Gone by Bitterness (AU Human - Very popular story)

    Longer, Then Forever by Demonica Mills(S6 - Buffy was in Hell, not Heaven)

    Longest Day Ever by shadowscast (S7 - Xander tells of days spent with Spike in a time loop – slight Spander)

    Losing a Friend by Gillian Silverlight (S5 - Spike finds out Joyce has died – S: Soul of the Singer)

    Lost in Time Series by seductiveembrace/Spikes Kat (S2 Halloween – Spike and Buffy time travel back to the 1700s)

    Lost in Translation by Ariane (AS5 Damage - Buffy runs to see Spike when she hears he is alive)

    Lost the Plot by zero (S2 – POV Spike thinks peculiar thoughts about Buffy as he makes plans to kill her)

    Love and Chaos by Ariane (S6 Seeing Red - the aftermath POV)

    Love in Still Life by Isabelle (Post S - Spike and Buffy meet in Rome, but Spike cannot remember who he is)

    Love in Vein, Book 1: The Heart by Bittenandstaked (S4 - Evil Spike kidnaps Buffy – S: Book Two)

    Love in Vein, Book 2: The Body by Bittenandstaked (S7 – Buffy battles the First P: Book One S: Book Three)

    Love in Vein, Book 3: The Soul by Bittenandstaked (Post S – Buffy meets Spike again P: Book Two NC)

    Love is Blind by Avalon (S5 - Buffy goes blind and Spike fights in the demon trials to win back her sight)

    Love Lies Bleeding by LA Ward (S5 Crush – When Drusilla returns to get Spike back, she kidnaps Dawn)

    Love Never Dies by Wonder and Ashes (S2 - Buffy is a reincarnation of Spike's lost love)

    Love Remember Me by Jerzeyanjel (S6 Seeing Red – As Spike leaves to get his soul, Buffy finds she is pregnant)

    Love Spell by Zennjenn (S3 - Willow's love spell misfires again)

    Love Triangle by Blueeyes2 (S6 – Buffy goes to LA and meets Connor – S: Trio Rise and Fall)

    Love, Keyness and Impending Marriage by Ariel Dawn (S6 - Old Buffy ends up in young Buffy’s body P: Second Youth)

    Lover's Knot by Helga Von Nutwimple (S6 Halfrek sends Spike to S2)

    Love's Gift by Pfeifferpack (S5 - Spike jumps off the tower - and lives)

    Loving Kindness by Herself ( S7 – Spike journeys to Sunnydale with Buffy, his gay lover follows P: What She Deserves)

    Lying Eyes by DreamsofSpike (S2-3 Buffy did not return to Sunnydale for a year)



    Maddening by Larissa51 (Post Series – Spike returns from the dead to save Buffy

    Make My Day by Slaymesoftly (S5 - Riley tries to kill Spike Seq to Someday soon)

    Make the World Go Away by Apckrfan (Susan) (Post NFA - Spike looks for Buffy)

    Man in Motion by SoulVamp (Post S –As Spike finds Buffy again, an evil Angel hires Riley to hunt him down)

    Many Loves by Jessica Walker (AU Canon – POV history of Spike from his turning to Buffy's death)

    Marking Time by annapurna_2 (Post NFA – Buffy finds Spike in a coma connecting with Angel in another dimension)

    Masks and Mirrors by Pfeifferpack (S5 Forever – The spell to bring back Joyce brings back Spike’s mom instead)

    Mastery by ComedyofErrors (S2 - Classic Spuffy tale - Evil Angelus kidnaps Buffy and sires her as wheelchair-bound Spike falls in love)

    Mating by Herself (Post S - Buffy/Angel/Spike three-way fun and hijinks as Buffy seeks the two vamps out in L.A.)

    Me and You by Danielle (S6 As You Were – POV Spike's thoughts after Buffy breaks up with him)

    Meant To Be by nataliav (S2 Buffy and Spike see Angel and Dru kissing)

    Measure of a Man by Kereia (S4 – A chipped Spike gets beaten up by humans and Buffy helps him heal)

    Memento By Estepheia (Post S Chosen – When Buffy mourns the loss of her photographs after Sunnydale is destroyed, Angel gives her one)

    Mementos by TwilightChild (As5 – Spike is resurrected and reunites with Buffy P: Seven Days)

    Memories by Cariann (S5 – Spike and Buffy spend a romantic summer together when Joyce and Scoobies go away)

    Memories of Another Life by Mia Vaan (S2 Buffy dresses as geek for Halloween)

    Memories of Yore by Pipergirl (AtS5 – Spike secretly sends a Xmas gift to each of the Scoobies from the Hellmouth)

    Menehune and The Night Marchers by gotkona (Post NFA – Spike can’t leave Hawaii when Buffy resurrects him)

    Misery Made Beautiful by Holly (S5 Intervention - Buffy takes care of Spike and ends up falling in love with him)

    Misfortune Seemed His Lot by Seductive Embrace (S7 – Buffy helps Spike after he is tortured by the First S: What Was Lost)

    Misplaced by BuffymeetsSpike (S6 Gone – The Trio devise a weapon that makes Buffy and Spike switch bodies)

    Moments in Time by Laure Alexander (S2 - Classic Spuffy fiction where everyone inevitably turns into a vampire P: Lily)

    Moonrise By Cody Nelson (S5 The Gift – The Scoobies realize Buffy is trapped but alive in Glory’s hell dimension)

    Mortal Enemies by Laure Alexander (S2 Becoming - Classic Spuffy fic in which Spike and Buffy meet once again after Angel dies)

    Motivation by A. Lite (S4 Doomed - Spike wants to have his own crypt)

    Moving On and Keep Moving on by Cass (AtS5 – Spike leaves Angel and W&H to seek out Buffy in Rome)

    Mr. Gordo Plays Matchmaker by SpikeGirl (S5 - Buffy is livid when she finds Spike masturbating with Mr. Gordo)

    Mr. William Series by Pepperlandgirl (AU Human – Shockingly, William falls in love with Buffy)

    Must be the Heat by TorriM (AU - Spuffy smut)

    My Elizabeth by Puddinhead (Sequel to Yours, William)

    My Kingdom for a Spikebot by Paganbaby (S5 Crush - Buffy has a Spikebot made and everyone wants to play)

    My Life Closed Twice by anaross (Post NFA – Buffy believes Spike is dead until he is found teaching poetry in Oregon)



    Naked Innocence by dampersandspoons (S5 – Willow’s spell sends an innocent Buffy and Spike to a desert island)

    Naughty, Dirty Things by spikesdeb (S2 Reptile Boy - Spike connects with Buffy)

    Necessary Truths by theFoxinator (S4 Something Blue – Under a truth spell, Spike is forced to answer questions)

    Needy by Icemink (AtS Damaged – Buffy comes to L.A. to retrieve crazy slayer Dana and finds out that Spike is alive)

    Never Alone by Lilachigh (Post NFA – Buffy searches for Spike and finds him in Sunnydale – but without his memory)

    Never Be the Same Again by maryperk (S4 Harsh Light of Day – Buffy takes Spike as her lover for all of Season Four)

    Never is a Promise by Sweetie (S2 Buffy and Spike trapped in Bedroom together)

    Never Leave Me by Ariane (S7 - Lies my parents told me - Buffy saves Spike)

    Never Normal by Allison Grace (S6 Normal Again – Spike is bit by the Trio’s demon and thinks he is in an asylum)

    Nevertime by anaross (Post NFA – Angel Shanshus, Spike gets Buffy and the gang continues to fight evil – happily)

    New Beginnings - Part Two of the Reset Series by PSUbrat (S6 rewrite cont'd)

    New Horizons by kittiekat (S6 Spike and Buffy time travel)

    New Territory Trilogy by feliciacraft (S5 The Gift – Buffy and Spike make love S: Edge of Sorrow, Heart of Truth)

    Night Child by hulettwyo (P-series - Spike didn't burn in the Hellmouth after all)

    Nightdreams by Sabershadowkat (S5 - Spike has a series of bizarre dreams about Buffy – hilarity ensues)

    Nightingale by Holly (S6 Buffy loves Spike S: Noel)

    Nights in White Satin by Belladonnaroses (S5 – As Buffy dates Riley, she starts to fall in love with Spike - NC)

    No Heat, No Flame by Isabelle (S5 – As Spike moons over Buffy, she dreams of him while making love to Riley)

    No Rest for the Wicked by Medea (S7 - Willow tries to help an insane Spike in the basement deal with his guilt)

    No Vacancy by Kindred (S3-4 Buffy leaves Sunnydale for a small town)

    Noel by Holly (S6 Spuffy P: Nightengale)

    Nolens Volens by Sandra S (S5 - Spike and Buffy have sex and Spike becomes overly possessive)

    Normal Again by Richard Bachman (S6 Spike in asylum, not Buffy)

    Normal by kari mouke (S4 – Buffy kills Parker during sex, Spike helps her hide the body and they go to Disneyland!)

    Normal's A Place In Illinois by Enigmaticblue (S7 Spike returns after an entire year in Africa)

    Not Beneath Me by Tasha/Miss Kitty (S5 Fool for Love - Spike saves Joyce from dying)

    Not Dead by Herself (S6 - Spike finds Buffy has become a vampire and protects her from the Scoobies)

    Not My Reality by dawnofme (AU Human - Buffy falls for a cameraman on a reality show)

    Not Your Ordinary Walk in the Park by Sandy (S4 Buffy and Spike journey to a different dimension

    Not Your Shoe Size by KittenOfDoomage (S6 Older and Far Away - Dawn's wish goes differently)

    Nothing To Fear... by Icemink (S4,S5 A demon causes an argument between Buffy and Riley)

    Nothing to Lose by Babywillow (S5 – Script form – Darla and Dru come to Sunnydale to take Spike back into the family)

    Nothing's Wrong by Kit H. (S6 Smashed – When Buffy starts to cut herself to feel alive, Spike tries to help her)

    Now and Always Series by Enigmatic Blue (S7 Chosen – Willow releases Spike from the amulet)



    Of Light and Shadow by FetchingMadScientist (S7 – Buffy and Giles try to protect an insane souled Spike from the Watcher's Council)

    Offerings by One Too Many (S7 Showtime – Buffy brings Spike into her home to heal after the First tortures him)

    Offers You Can’t Refuse by sweet principale (S3 – Spike tries to protect Buffy from the plans of the Watchers Council)

    Old Blood by Nan Dibble (S7 - Spike and Buffy fight the First and his own fledglings – S: Blood Kin)

    Old Growth by PennyDrdful (post NFA - Buffy finds sick Spike with Dru)

    Omniscient by Darkrivertempest (S4 – Spike’s chip makes him a genius savant and everyone wants a piece of him)

    On the Dial of Time by just sue (Post Series – PTB send Buffy a new Spike from another reality who is a newbie vamp)

    On the Wrong Side of the Tracks by Megan (S6 Dead Things - Buffy arrested by a cop for beating Spike on the street)

    One Glorious Summer by Dawnofme (Post NFA – Buffy discovers Spike is human, a famous author and has amnesia)

    One Hundred Forty Seven Ways by Shrift (S6 – POV as Spike thinks about Buffy returning from the dead)

    One of Darkness and One of Light by sabershadowkat (S2 - Buffy and Spike are the subjects of an ancient prophecy)

    One Perfect Night by spikeslovebite (S3 Buffy and Spike go to the prom)

    Only Ever In Dreams by SoaringClaws (Post NFA Buffy asks Spike for help)

    Only Sometimes Blue by Megan (S4 Demon world mad that wedding canx)

    Only the Echoes by Shy (S7 – Spike is kidnapped on his way back from Africa and locked in a box as a pet vampire)

    Only Time Will Tell by Dampersandspoons (AtS5 - Buffy time travels, meets William and helps with NFA)

    Open All Night by Kindred (S to No vacancy)

    Ordinary World by HLynn (S6 Wrecked - Spike is attacked by angry vampires who turn him human in revenge)

    Origin Series by Ripe Wicked Plum (S5 The Body – Spike moves in to protect Buffy and Dawn from Glory – NC)

    Origins Series by Niamh (S5 The Gift – After Buffy’s death, Dawn insists on Spike moving in – and then Buffy returns.)

    Other Enemies by Chelle (S3 Enemies – After a fight with Angel, Buffy takes a road trip to help Spike rescue Dru)

    Out of My Head by AJ Hofacre (S5 Out of My Mind – After Spike gets the chip out, he accidentally claims Buffy)

    Out of the Ashes by Revello_1620 (S3 - Buffy and Spike meet after leaving their respective exes)

    Out of the Blue by Helga Von Nutwimple (AtS 5 Smile Time - Buffy goes to LA to find Spike is alive and Angel is a muppet)

    Out of the Grey by xaphania (Post S – Spike sells his soul to a demon in hell to return to Earth and see Buffy again)

    Out Of This World by kittiekat (Post NFA - Buffy and Spike meet and Spuffy ensues!)

    Out on a Limb by Jonesie (S6 – While patrolling, Buffy finds Spike in a tree trying to catch a kitten for money)

    Overcome by Flibble (S4 – When Riley can’t satisfy Buffy, she turns to Spike for sex and helps him fight the Initiative)



    Pandora’s Boxer by Speak2Customers (S6 Grave – After the demon trials, Spike must redo the last three years)

    Paradise Lost by Belladonnaroses (S3 – After the loss of Angel and Drusilla, Buffy and Spike have sex S: Scintilla)

    Paradox by Jackofspikes (S6 – The Trio send Buffy and Spike back to Season 2)

    Past Glory by Sandy (S5 – Spike finds a hiding place from Glory, Buffy doesn’t die and Buffy and Spike fall in love)

    Past Present by jamesmarstersjunkie (S2 AU - Buffy is in the Hospital)

    Paternal Instincts by A. Price (S4 - When Buffy is pregnant with Riley's baby, Spike agrees to be the father)

    Paved Road to Hell by Winsomeone (S5 Scoobies sen on road trip by WC)

    Payback by dreamweaver (S3 Lover’s Walk – A vengeance demon sends Season 3 Spike forward to S6 Smashed)

    Perfect World by Cousinjean (S6 Grave – A newly souled Spike makes a wish to Halfrek that he was never chipped)

    Perfectly Imperfect by anaross (AS5 – Buffy angrily confronts Spike at Wolfram & Hart when she finds out he’s alive)

    Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps by Pine Tranio (Post NFA - Buffy looks for Spike over a period of years)

    Persistence of Memory by Cindergal (Post NFA – Spike and Buffy lose their memories after the battle in the alley)

    Perversions by Kathryn (S5 - During Joyce's operation, Riley and Spike fight over Buffy as Drusilla returns)

    Pet by Sigyn (Post Series – Buffy is sent back to Spike’s soulless days in New York and must find a way home)

    Phoenix Rising by Ariane (S6 As You Were - POV of Buffy and Spike break up)

    Phone Call by anaross (AS5 – Ghost Spike wanders Wolfram and Hart in search of a phone to call Buffy)

    Piece of Cake by Spuffyluver (AU Human – Angel is married to Drusilla and Buffy and Spike meet at their wedding)

    Pillow Talk by Miss Murchison (S6 – Buffy finds a spell is making everyone in Sunnydale eat until they are sick)

    Pinch Hitter by dreamweaver (S4 – After killing Adam, the PTB bring in a Buffy from another dimension S: Revenant)

    Place Your Bets by pattyanne (S6 - Buffy and Spike make a daring bet)

    Playing on the Dark Side by PJ (AU Human – Buffy is a runaway in LA who is kidnapped by Angelus and his gang)

    Plea by Caitlin (Post S – Spike refuses to leave Buffy on her deathbed and sneaks into the hospital)

    Please Don't Go by SaberShadowKitten (S3 – Angel loses his soul and tortures both Buffy and Spike)

    Pleasures From The Past by Meredith (S6 – When Buffy goes into a coma, she travels to the past to meet William)

    Positive Reinforcement by Spikez_tart (S4 - Buffy controls Spike through the chip)

    Possession by Holly (S4 Where the Wild Things Are - Spike and Buffy screw in the Lowell House and fall in love)

    Possession by icemink (AU – Spike loses a poker game and finds himself as a sex slave purchased by Buffy the Slayer)

    Prayers For A Poet by FetchingMadScientist (Post NFA – Buffy and Angel have to track down Dru to save a dying Spike)

    Prayers to Broken Stone by Devil Piglet (Post S – A shanshued Spike feels nothing but anger for Buffy and Dawn when they meet again)

    Present and Unaccounted For by Cindergal (Post S Chosen – Spike searches to regain his soul P: Collateral Damage)

    Present Childe by Ariel Dawn (S2 - Spike claims Buffy P:Future Childe)

    Present Perfect by Helga Von Nutwimple (S5 - Buffy drinks with vengeance demon and makes a wish)

    Pretty by Love's Bitch (S5 - A serial killer kidnaps Tara and tortures her as Buffy, Willow and Spike try to find her)

    Prior Claims by Dorian’s Kitten (Post NFA – Buffy inherits Spike’s soul after his death and she brings him back to life)

    Prism by Lirazel - (S7 – The relationship between Buffy and Spike as seen through the eyes of the Potentials)

    Prodigal by coalitiongirl (S3 AU - Buffy runs away after killing Angel and returns three years later)

    Promise of Frost by Eurydice (S4 – Buffy is hurt in car accident near a snowed-in cabin and Spike is the only one who can help her S: Decking the Summers Hall)

    Promised by Dorians Kitten (AU Human - a romance in Sunny Winner)

    Prophecy and Warmth by The Bear (Post S – A Shanshued Angel wed to Buffy fights evil with Spike and his new girlfriend - until Spuffy reignites)

    Protection by Lucy Van Pelt (S5 The Body – After her mother dies, Buffy takes Spike in to protect him from murderous vamps)

    Proud Trophies Won in Foreign Fight by spuffy luvr (S5 The Gift – Buffy is sent by the portal into Spike’s evil past)



    Queen of Hearts by my_perfect_muse (S6 Life Serial - Buffy's night continues.



    Randy Candy by Allison (S3 Band Candy – Spike eats one of Ethan’s chocolate bars and is turned into William)

    Ready To Serve by pfeifferpack (Post-S - Buffy's cookies are ready)

    Real Me by CG again (S2 AU - Dawn is the Slayer)

    Reality Bends to Desire by Ariane (AS5 Destiny - another Spuffy classic as they meet again)

    Realized Potential by Tequila Sunrise & Tigerwolf (S7 Potential - Spike and Buffy try to work out their relationship)

    Reasons by Zero (S6 - Spike gives Buffy 147 reasons to live when she thinks about suicide – all to do with the bedroom)

    Rebellion by Thianna (AU Angelus kidnaps Buffy in demon infested Sunnydale)

    Reclamation by Spikes_heart (S6 – A wish makes Xander, Angel, Giles and Willow children P: Innocence Found)

    Recognition by Julbie (S6 Life Serial – Buffy loses her memory and develops romantic feelings for Spike)

    Redeeming Spike's Ass by Valerie X (S7 Lessons - Spike returns exactly the same)

    Reflections of a Dream by Ashlee (S6 - Buffy seeks out Spike after their breakup)

    Regrets by Ellierose101 (S6 Entropy – Buffy has to decide if she really loves Spike)

    Regrets...I Had a Few by Schehrezade (S6 Tabula Rasa - Spike is dusted and a distraught Buffy tries to resurrect him)

    Relentless Revenge by Madrog (Sequel to Who is Who)

    Remember When by Ashlee (AU The Gift - 17 yrs after Buffy's death, Spike finds someone)

    Replacement by SUS (Post S – To save Spike, Buffy returns to S1 to change everything that happened)

    Reset - Part One of the Reset Series by PSUbrat (S6 AU rewrite)

    Restfield by MaryPerk (Post-NFA - A scarred Buffy hides from her friends)

    Return to Me by jypzrose (S6 – Spike is gone for 8 months and returns brain-damaged from Riley and the Inititative)

    Revelations by HarmonyFB (S4 Something Blue – Buffy and Spike deal with the aftereffects of Something Blue P: Glimpses)

    Revenant by dreamweaver (S4 – Buffy deals with Buffy and Spike coming from another dimension P: Pinch Hitter)

    Revenge For Love by Tasha (S2 Spike aids Buffy after Angelus/Dru attack)

    Rewind Shuffle Replay by Cloud Forest (AU Series – Instead of Angel, Spike is the souled vampire who helps Buffy in Season 1)

    Re-write of Seeing Red by Slaymesoftly (S6 Seeing Red – Instead of trying to rape Buffy, Spike gives her a bath)

    Rhapsody in Oil by Eurydice (S4 Something Blue – Buffy, Spike, Willow and Xander are sucked into a demon painting)

    Ring Around the Buffy by Multiple Authors (S5 - Spike and Buffy infiltrate a vampire human sex ring to save Tara)

    Ripping Down The Walls by Megan (Post NFA Buffy fights evil in dimension)

    Rise by Kawcrow (S5 - POV of Sunnydale vampires as they watch chipped Spike work with the Slayer)

    Roses in December by Niamh (S2 School Hard – After a series of dreams, Buffy and Spike realize they are linked)

    Roundabout by DevilPiglet (S6 – When Spike saves Dawn from a possessed Buffy, Buffy sees him in a different light)

    Rules Reset by Sweetprincipale (P: I Like to Win)

    Running from the Inevitable by The Enemy of Reality (S3 AU – After Angel leaves, Spike arrives drunk at Buffy’s home)

    Running Wild by dreamweaver (S6 – Doc tries to get rid of Buffy and the Scoobies by using Spike)

    Part Two below GoSpuffy's post!
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    I'm overwhelmed by the number of stories to check out! Wow!!

    “I like who I am when I’m with him. I like who we are together.”


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      Okay, here's the second half of the Epic Spuffy Fic list that is just a cross-section of what I complied during my study of Buffy fan fiction in 2014-15.

      To reiterate This is in no way a total representation of Spuffy fics (which would be almost endless) nor a "Best of" list - some of my favorite fics (especially recent ones) are missing from this list - and many popular writers like Sigyn and Sunalso aren't represented as much as they should be because the majority of their work post-dates this list.

      I do have a more updated list, but it's a bit of a mess and lacks synopses - so I’ve picked and chosen a bunch of diverse Spuffy fics from my original list and plucked out the fics I think still have present day links on various websites – if they can’t be found, just let me know.

      Again - this is not a list of my favorite fics (although many are here) nor a comprehensive list - it's a snapshot of famous Spuffy fics circa 2015. Most of these stories were complied then, so there are a lot of more modern fics missing.

      In the synopsis of each fic, I've tried to give an idea whether it starts with a specific episode (Ex: S7 Chosen) or a Season that goes alternate universe (Ex: S2 AU) or if it's Post Buffy series (Ex: P-S or P-Series) or Post Angel Series (Ex: P-NFA). All Human fics are AU Human. S: means sequel and P: means prequel. All stories are completed unless otherwise noted. Every synopsis is limited as to whether it can fit on a single line in a Word Document and isn't more than just a brief reminder to myself as to what the fic was about.

      Forgive all typos and mispellings of names and fics. This is an old list and much easier to work from.

      Most fics can be found on, Archive of Our Own, Elysian Fields, The Spuffy Realm, The Bloodshedverse and All About Spike. I encourage you to go read them there and donate money if you can, especially the last three.

      The list is divided into two parts - the first part can be found above GoSpuffy's post!



      Sacred Flame by Nocte (S6 - Spike returns 75 years in the future to find Buffy still guarding the Hellmouth)

      Sad and Deep as You by Ariane (S7 First Date - Spike is jealous of Robin Wood)

      Sad Song in His Heart by angearia (AtS5 Harm's Way - Spike makes a wish and is confronted by three Buffys)

      Samaritan by Ivytree (S7 – As Spike adjusts to his new soul, Riley comes to warn Buffy about the real Doctor P: Grandpa)

      Sang et Ivoire by Holly (S7 – A newly souled Spike works for Giles in London – and takes a trip to Sunnydale)

      Santa Claws by Lilachigh (S6 - The Scoobie gang investigate child kidnappings as Buffy admits she loves Spike)

      Sapphire Haze by lilladybug (AS5 Not Fade Away - Buffy shows up to fight W&H alongside Spike and Angel)

      Saving Grace by DreamsofSpike (S6 Seeing Red – After the AR, Spike is made into a sex slave and assassin by Warren)

      Say it if it's worth Saving Me by Jerzeyanjel (S1 AU The Pack – When Buffy becomes a hyenas, she attacks Spike)

      Scars by JamesMFan (S4 - Buffy is emotionally and physically scarred)

      Scenes from a Revelation by Amanda Rex (S6 – Spike saves Buffy from the Trio and she tells him she loves him)

      School Days Series by Sabershadowkat (AU Human – Students Buffy and Spike meet and fall in love in High School)

      Scintilla by Belladonnaroses (S3 Au – Drusilla arrives in Sunnydale to find Buffy and Spike are lovers P: Paradise Lost)

      Searching for Heaven by PassionFish (S2 Buffy and Spike console each other)

      Second Sight by AJ Hofacre – (S6 Afterlife – Buffy’s internal thoughts before and after dying in The Gift)

      Second Verse by annapurna_2 (AS5 The Girl in Question – Buffy visits Spike in LA P: Dear Departed/Unfinished Business)

      Second Youth by Ariel Dawn (S6 – Old Buffy is placed in young Buffy's body S: Love, Keyness and Impending Marriage)

      Secret as the Grave by Miss Murchison (S7 Showtime – Spike has dreams of being William after torture by the First)

      Secrets and Lies by Angelic_Amy (AtS5 – When Buffy flies to LA, Angel keeps the knowledge that Spike is alive from her)

      See You on The Flip Side by sweetprincipale (P: Sex and Candy)

      Sensation by AJ Hofacre (S7 AU – The First takes over and Spike sires Buffy S: The Girl with Kaleidoscope Eyes)

      Separation by Kristen (S6 – Spike longs to be close and Buffy thinks of suicide as they have passionate sex)

      Serious Moonlight (S5 – Buffy and Spike fight Vampire Nazis in Sunnydale - P: Heart’s Filthy Lesson - S: Changes)

      Serpentigena Sequence by Magpie (S7 - Faith and Wesley ask Spike to come and help them in LA with Drusilla)

      Seven Days by TwilightChild999 (S7 Chosen – Buffy is given 7 days to show Spike she loves him before he burns in the Hellmouth S: Mementos)

      Seven Deadly Sins by BuffymeetsSpike (S5 – The Scoobies are each cursed with one of the seven deadly sins)

      Seven Stages to Clarity by pfeifferpack (S5 Fool for Love – Worried about Buffy, a sick Joyce turns to Spike for help)

      Seven Year Slayer by Dutchbuffy2305 (S7 - Spike returns with his soul)

      Seven Years in the Desert by Caro (Post S – Working for the Watcher’s Council, Spike learns Buffy is getting married - Not Completed)

      Sex and Candy by sweetprincipale (S4 Spuffy S: Should Have Known Better)

      Shades of Grey by Dee Bradfield (S5 – Spike returns infected by a demon with a telepathic connection to Buffy)

      Shadows by Kimi (Post S - Seven years later, Buffy finds that Spike is human in Sunnydale and he has lost his memory)

      Shadows of a Brighter Day by Eowyn315 (Post NFA - events ten yrs later)

      Shame on You by ginar369 (S5 – Spike wishes that any human who hurts him will feel the same exact pain as his chip)

      Shards: a Series by Europanya (Post S Chosen - Buffy is given the chance to visit different dimensions to see Spike again)

      Shattered Silence by The Enemy of Reality (Pre-Series – Buffy is kidnapped by vampires in LA and Spike saves her)

      She Fell Away by Rowan (AU – Spike goes to a coffee shop and remembers drinking from Buffy and killing her)

      She Was Never Mine to Begin With by SaberShadowkitten (AU – Spike weds Buffy but she leaves him for Angel)

      Should Have Known Better by sweetprincipale (S4 Spuffy P:Sex and Candy)

      Show Me by Behind Blue Eyes (S5 Into the Woods - Spike follows Buffy after she learns about Riley)

      Show Me Something Blue by Megan (S4 Something Blue - Buffy comes to her senses during Willow's Spell)

      Show Me The Way To Go Home by Sarah Aless (S6 Hell's Bells - Buffy and Spike get drunk at the wedding)

      Si Primo Venit by Kittenofdoomage (AU – Spike is turned before Angel in the 1600s – S: In Medio Ingnis - WIP)

      Side Effects by hulettwyo (S5 – After Spike and Buffy are attacked by a demon, they want to mate with each other)

      Sideways by GoldenUsagi (AU – Buffy is a college girl who hires Spike as her bodyguard and then finds she is the Slayer)

      Signifying Nothing Series by Sanguine (S6 Into the Woods – Buffy finds out that Spike is the guardian of the key)

      Silently Broken by Suzee (AU Human – Buffy realizes that the guy she has phone sex with is her stepfather’s brother)

      Six Foot Deep by Kita and Jessica (S6 – Buffy’s scattered thoughts after she is resurrected)

      Skull and Dagger by kantayra (AU Human - Spike is a snarky pirate)

      Slayer of Slayers by Jypzrose (AU - A different history of Spike and Angel with Angel siring Buffy and keeping her captive)

      Slayer Unleashed by EllieRose101 (S4 AU – Spike and Buffy date as she goes to UC Sunnydale P: Snapshot S: Surreal)

      Slayitus Interruptus by Kereia (S3 - Spike and Buffy can't understand why they keep failing to kill each other)

      Slow Goodbyes, Silent Hellos by kittiekat (S7 - Spike leaves Buffy)

      Smoke and Mirrors by Rikki_oko (S4 Hush - Silence leads to Spuffy PWP)

      Snapshot by EllieRose101 (S3 Earshot - Buffy reads Spike's mind and finds out he’s in love with her S: Slayer Unleashed)

      Snapshots of Eternity by slinkypsychokit (AtS5 - Spike goes to Rome to find Buffy)

      Snow Virgins by lizerrrbeathan (S2 – Buffy and Spike find mutual grief a strange peacemaker S: Spike by Snowlight)

      So That's What This Is by dampersandspoons(S6 - Buffy comes back happy)

      So You Think You Can Dance by Slaymesoftly (Post NFA – When Buffy’s in Cleveland to help Slayers, she runs into Spike)

      Someday Soon by Slaymesoftly (S5 - Buffy is injured after Spike fights Riley)

      Something Blue, Something More by Opal (S4 Something Blue - the fallout from Willow's spell)

      Something by Alexandra (Post S Chosen – Spike lives but is severely burned - Buffy and the Scoobies nurse him)

      Something Furry This Way Comes by Mefiant (S6 - Spike is transformed into a cat and goes to stay with Buffy)

      Something Gray by pfeifferpack (S4 AU – Buffy and Spike fall in love in alternative Season Four without Adam)

      Something New by dreamweaver (S4 Pangs – Buffy and Spike begin to fall for one another after Giles takes him in)

      Something Redux by dreamweaver (Post-Series – A grieving Buffy goes back in time to be with Season Four Spike)

      Something to Live For by The Bronze (Spike and Buffy protect their daughter from Illyria P: All I Ask S: Human Nature)

      Something Wicked This Way Comes by Roxane (S5 – Buffy fights a chaos demon and becomes crazy party girl)

      Something Wonderful by Ariane (Post NFA - Buffy meets SPike again)

      Somniloquy by gwyneth rhys (S5 The Gift – After Spike saves Dawn on the Tower, Buffy falls in love with him)

      Song of Solomon Series by Isabelle (Post S - Buffy is alive and immortal and brings back Spike from the dead)

      Soul Meets Body by Dorians Kitten (S7 Showtime – After Buffy saves Spike, she tries to figure out the reason for his trigger)

      Soul of the Singer by Gillian Silverlight (S5 – Spike and Buffy fall in love P: Losing a Friend - S: The Soul’s Way Back)

      Soul Searching by Weeza (S7 AU – Willow deals with her guilt as she tries to help a newly souled Spike win Buffy back)

      Soul Survivors by dawnofme (Sequel to Unreal Together)

      Spark by Aisalynn (S6 Grave – An interior monologue of Spike’s tortured thoughts in the cave as he gets his soul back)

      Spiegel Im Spiegel by Fallowdoe (S6 – After Dawn dies at the Tower, the Scoobies wander an Apocalyptic world)

      Spike and Buffy Lost in Cyberspace by Anne Rose (S6 – The Scoobies read about themselves on the internet)

      Spike and Buffy's World Tour by spuffy luvr (S6 - a Buffy and Spike crazy adventure)

      Spike By Snowlight by lizerrrbeathan (S2 – Buffy and Spike find mutual grief a strange peacemaker P: Snow Virgins)

      Spike Lips! Lips of Spike by Mr. Monkeybottoms (S4 Something Blue – Buffy and Spike wrestle with their feelings)

      Spike's Girl by Herself (Post NFA – Buffy unknowingly dusts Spike's new girlfriend)

      Spike's Will be Done Series by TalesofSpike (S6 Entropy - Spike casts a spell that forces Buffy to literally know how he feels)

      Spirit Indestructible by passion4spike (S5 – Dawn sacrifices herself, Buffy goes insane and Spike tries to heal her)

      Splinters by Lilachigh (S5 Fool for Love – Spike tries to comfort Buffy as she deals with her mother’s illness)

      Split Personalities by PassionFish (S6 The Replacement – Buffy and Spike are split between Slayer/Vamp and Elizabeth/William)

      Staking A Claim by yumimum (S4 - A routine patrol goes horribly wrong)

      Stalk Her by jypzrose (S5 – As Buffy and Spike grow closer, a stalker murders girls who look just like Buffy)

      Star-Crossed by TammyAsh666 (AU – In love with Buffy’s mother years before, Spike falls for her daughter)

      Starlight by Ariane (S7 - the relationship between Spike and Buffy in the stars)

      Stars in the Bright Sky by Lilachigh (S6 Spuffy angst near Xmas)

      Starting Over by Sweetprincipale (Post Series dimension S: Deleted Scenes)

      Stay by anaross (Post Series – Spike stays with Buffy till the end when he learns that she is dying of cancer)

      Stay Tonight by crackers4jenn (S7 Chosen – Buffy and Spike spend their last night together before the end)

      Stealing Time by Shoshanna (S6 – Buffy sleeps with Spike and rejects him as a deadly enemy pursues her)

      Steps To A Slayer's Heart by maryperk (S3 holiday fic fluffy Spuffy)

      Still Crazy After All These Years by Paganbaby (S5 Crush – Drusilla returns to kill Buffy and win back William)

      Still Famous by Xaphania (AtS5 – Andrew runs a popular internet site about Spike P: Famous on the Internet)

      Still Life in Sunnydale by KJ Draft (S6 Entropy – An angry Spike wishes to Halfrek that Buffy needed him)

      Still Life with Melon and Honey by Rabid (S6 Dead Things – Buffy goes to talk to Spike before her birthday party)

      Stolen Minds by Wildcard00 (S6 - Spike goes insane)

      Stone Heart by Sandra S (S2 – As Angelus takes away Dru, Spike falls for Buffy – so Angelus destroys their love)

      Storybook by Chelle (S4 – Spike returns to Sunnydale and rescues a girl from vampires on Halloween)

      Stranded by Bloodshedbaby (S3 - Buffy and Spike survive Watcher plane crash that was intended to kill them)

      Strange Bedfellows by Keren and Meredith (S5 Crush - After Spike asks Willow to give him a soul, he changes)

      Strange Days by theslayer19(Post NFA - Buffy and Spike fight evil)

      Strangers by sosa lola (S8 comic – Buffy finds that Spike is still alive, but very changed from his Sunnydale days)

      Strawberry Fields by Holly/Ameeya (S3 - I Only Have Eyes for You - Spike tries to take down Angelus in revenge for Dru) Not Completed.

      Strip Snap by Lilachigh (S6 The Replacement – When Spike is split between demon and man, Buffy tries to save William and Spike)

      Stumbling Through Love by Kantayra (S6 AU – Spike and Buffy’s relationship if Once More With Feeling hadn’t happened)

      Such Great Heights by Enigmaticblue (S6 Buffy returns after fall 20 yrs later)

      Summer Nights by spikesdeb (S3-4 Buffy and Spike at beach cottage)

      Sunburnt by Seas Nymph Kali (S3 - Buffy burns on a nude beach and Spike comes to her house to help her heal)

      Sunlight and Shadow by Kimberly Appelcline (S6 – Faith asks Spike to kill her, but he is blamed for her murder)

      Sunshine by Europanya (As5 – A lonely Spike has a one night stand with a lap dancer while dreaming of Buffy)

      Super Food World by Valerie X (S6 - Spike and an insolvent Buffy argue as he pays for her food at the supermarket)

      Superstar Revamped by Kantayra (S4 Superstar - Buffy and Spike must work together to stop Jonathan’s spell)

      Surreal by EllieRose101 (S5 AU – Buffy and Spike continue to date as they deal with her sister Dawn P: Slayer Unleashed)

      Surreal by Kereia (S3 Anne - Buffy the waitress works at night as sex phone operator and gets a call from a vamp)

      Sweet Revenge by Kittycass (S3 - Spike videotapes himself sleeping with Buffy to blackmail and destroy her)

      Sweeter Than Oranges by Wisteria (S6 – Spike and Buffy take a road trip – P: Happiness - S: The Lesson of Bliss)

      Sweetest Revenge by Carianne (S4 Wild at Heart - Spike pretends to be madly in love with Buffy so he can kill her)

      Sympathy for the Devil by ComedyofErrors (S5 – Buffy does a mind walk to learn about Spike’s past to save him - NC)



      Tabula Obscura by Ginmar (S6 Tabula Rasa – Buffy and Spike have sex and fight after they regain their memories)

      Tabula Rasa Ad Aeternum by Kantayra (S6 - Willow's Memory crystal is never broken for years)

      Take it All Away by AGriffinWriter (S3 Helpless – Spike returns to Sunnydale to find a weakened Buffy on her 18th birthday)

      Tangled Web by Helga Von Nutwimple (S2 - Buffy and Spike rescue Dru and Angel)

      Taste of Juliet by Peta (S4 – Buffy finds a weakened Spike who turns out to be a future self who died in the Hellmouth)

      Tell Her This by eowyn315 (AtS5 – Angel and Spike are amazed to find Buffy waiting in Angel’s office at W&H)

      Tell Me You Love Me by pattyanne (S6 - A frustrated Spike leaves Buffy)

      Temptations of the Heart by Zarrah (AU Human – Princess Buffy falls in love with her intended husband’s page)

      Tempting Fate Series by Sabershadowkat (S3 – A series of vignettes - Spike pretends to be Angel to seduce Buffy)

      Tempus de Muto - Times of Change by Schehrezade – (S6 Wrecked – A tortured Buffy falls in love with Spike - NC)

      Ten Thousand by Wisteria (S6 Grave – A newly souled Spike’s wacky adventures as he tries to return to Sunnydale)

      The Absolutely Accurate Adventures of Andrew Wells by Puddinhead (S2 – Andrew has to teach William to be Spike)

      The Admirer by Sandy S (Post S – POV Dawn watches the relationship of souled Spike and Buffy through thick and thin)

      The Adventures of Buffy and Spike Series by Crazy Evil Dru (S4 – a skeptical Buffy finds that she’s falling for Spike)

      The Alone Series by Spikeskat (S2 – Buffy and Spike go on a road trip to escape the dreaded Order of Takara)

      The Arena Series by Kismet (S4 – Buffy investigates a demon only to find she is forced to fight Spike in the arena)

      The Art of Courtship by Atara (S5 Into the Woods - Spike gets the chip out and starts a sexual relationship with Buffy)

      The Ballad of Randy and Joan by Annie Sewell-Jennings (S6 – Spike drives around America with an amnesiac Buffy)

      The BarbVerse by Barb Cumming (S5 The Gift – Buffy is raised from the dead to be a supernatural bodyguard)

      The Bath Series by SabershadowKat (S4 – Buffy comes home to find a very drunk Spike in her bath and bed)

      The Beckoning of a Spanish Moon by Eurydice (S6 - Anya sends Buffy on a quest)

      The Bite Whore by Dominatrix Kitty (S6 – To make money for Buffy, Spike unwillingly becomes a vamp whore S: Bought and Souled)

      The Bittersweets Series by Herself (S6 – Vignettes of Spike and Buffy’s relationship as she time travels to meet William)

      The Blood is the Life by Nan Dibble (S7 - Spike fights the First and his own fledglings – P: Blood Kin S: Blood Rites)

      The Blood of the Victims Series by Engimaticblue (S5 – When Spike is cursed with memories, Buffy tries to help him)

      The Body by Spikes_heart (S5 – The Scoobies give up on Buffy when she falls into a coma – all except Spike)

      The Bodyguard by slaymesoftly (S5 Buffy vs Dracula – Spike decides to guard Buffy when Dracula tries to sire her)

      The Butterfly Effect by CousinJean (Post S Chosen - After Spike's death in the Hellmouth, Buffy goes back to S2 to track down a demon and meets up with the old Spike)

      The Chains Series by Lynn (S2 – Spike and Buffy defeat Angelus, Spike becomes Master and Buffy gets pregnant - Not Completed )

      The Chiaroscuro Series by Miss Murchison (S6 As You Were – Buffy has strange dreams after breaking up with Spike)

      The Choice by Anaross (S6 Dead Things - Spike finds himself in an alternate universe where Buffy loves him)

      The Christmas Wish by PSUbrat (Post-Series - a Xmas story)

      The Closure Series by Urizen (S6 As You Were - Spike runs away to get the chip out)

      The Color of Devotion by Ricki_oko (Post S – As Buffy moves to Cleveland, Spike returns as an amnesiac oil painter)

      The Cut by denny (S6 Afterlife – When Dawn and Buffy flee Sunnydale and a new demon, Spike goes after them)

      The Demon in Me by Spikeschilde (S2 Buffy turns to Spike after Angelus)

      The Disney Version by sosa lola (AU – Buffy seasons as told through song)

      The Domino Effect by Anaross (Post S – Buffy keeps time traveling through the past to save Spike in the Hellmouth)

      The End of Sorrow by Peta (S3 - Spike returns to Sunnydale to seek out Buffy)

      The Evil Inside by jypzrose (S5 – After Buffy and Spike enter an evil house, Spike becomes feral, locked in his demon)

      The Fall of Eagles by 1stRabid (S6 Tabula Rasa – Spike seduces Buffy by coming to her house and reading poetry)

      The Falling Sky by Zero (S3 – Spike and Buffy fall in love as Angel attempts to stop the couple from having sex)

      The Fireman Series by Paradox (S5 The Gift – The Scoobies try to save Buffy, trapped between Heaven and Hell)

      The Five Stages of… by Spuffyluvr (S6 – Grave – Spike asks for his soul and ends up as William in Victorian England)

      The Game Series by SaberShadowKitten (S3 – Buffy and Spike are forced to compete against others in a Death Game)

      The Ghost in You by BuffyMeetsSpike (S6 Buffy returns as Ghost S: Universal)

      The Girl in Question by Safire (S4 Hush – The Scoobies and Angel believe Buffy is dead, but Spike won’t accept it)

      The Girl With Kaleidoscope Eyes by AJ Hofacre (S7 AU – After siring Buffy, Spike and Buffy stop the First P: Sensation)

      The Girls in Question by spikeslovebite (AtS5 – Trying to discover what Buffy is up to in Rome, Angel and Spike do Drag)

      The Good Vampire by solstice (S5 - Spike and Dawn friendship)

      The Good, the Bad and William the Bloody by 3xy (S6 Bargaining - Willow accidentally brings back two Buffys)

      The Great Advantage of Being Alive by Engimatic Blue (S4 – Initiative makes Spike human S: All the Graces of the Dawn)

      The Grundy Affair by Winsomeone (S4 - Buffy and Spike must watch over a Grundy demon P: Empress of the High Seas)

      The Halloween Series by spike_spetslayer (S2 - Buffy and Spike make pact)

      The Happyverse Series by jodyorjen (S6 Wrecked - Buffy and Spike have a normal, happy romantic relationship)

      The Headstone by Ameeya (S6 - Buffy returns to find that Spike has grieved for months at her tombstone)

      The Healing by Miranda (S5 Intervention – Spike is nursed by Giles and Buffy after Glory tortures him for the key)

      The Heart's Filthy Lesson by Mustang Sally (S5 Buffy and Spike battle Vampire Nazis. S: Serious Moonlight)

      The Heartstone by bogwitch (S6 - Buffy and Spike are both trapped in Spike's body)

      The Holiday Series by Saber ShadowKitten (S4 – Buffy and Spike celebrate twelve holidays together)

      The Hunt By Eurydice (S5 – A demon is hunting for Buffy and will not stop until she is dead S: Zephyr Ghosts)

      The Internet Series by Trish (S5 - Spike and Buffy become Internet lovers while continuing to fight one another)

      The Island of Galleno by Isabelle (S6 - Spike is taken to Initiative Island to enact the Count of Monte Christo plotline)

      The Keeper of Truth By Trisha (S6 – Willow’s resurrection spell sends Buffy back to S2 where she meets an evil Spike)

      The Last Storm by Twilight Dreams (Post NFA - Spike is taken prisoner, tortured and raped by the Senior Partners Not Completed)

      The Last Summer by Annie Sewell-Jennings (S5 - Spike and Buffy wait in Australia for the end of the world)

      The Last Wish by Isabelle (S6 – As Buffy dies, she asks Death for one last wish – for Spike to be happy)

      The Lesson of Bliss by Wisteria (S6 – Buffy and Spike go on a road trip P: Sweeter Than Oranges)

      The Letter by Magista (S6 Seeing Red – After Spike writes an apology to Buffy, he is afraid to tell her about his soul)

      The Letting Go Series by Chelle (S3 – As Angel leaves, Spike returns to Sunnydale to help Buffy defeat the Mayor)

      The Long Night Series by LA Ward (S6 AU – After Buffy returns, she journeys to LA to see Angel and meet his gang)

      The Lucky Ones by Slade (S4 - Early Spuffy story - Buffy and Xander go back to Spike's past and learn he was a very different person)

      The Mangy Lion by Puddinhead (S7 – Jonathan in Heaven wants to give Spike and Buffy a merry Christmas)

      The New Orleans Series by Caitlin (S4 AU - Buffy finds Spike in New Orleans and determines to stake him)

      The Other Side of Midnight by Holly (Post S – Spike turns up alive but as a feral vampire without any memories)

      The Other Side of Never by AJ Hofacre (AS5 – Wesley contacts Buffy to let her know that Spike is alive P: Yearly)

      The Page Series by Gillian Silverlight (S5 - Spike and Angel find Buffy's diary and realize she’s going to kill herself)

      The Passage of Memory by Lara Dean Brierley (S7 – When Buffy runs away, a newly souled Spike searches the world for her)

      The Poker Game by Caitlin (S6 – A man remembers the weekly poker games when Spike and Buffy would play)

      The Price for Flight by Gwyneth Rhys (S7 – When Spike returns with his soul, Buffy goes to his crypt to make love)

      The Protectors by SinisterChic (S5 Out of My Mind – The monks create a key from the DNA of Spike and Buffy)

      The Queen, the Soldier by Beer Good (AU – Buffy the Vampire Slayer story told as a traditional fairy tale)

      The Question Game by Kimberly (S6 Afterlife – Buffy comes to Spike in his crypt and starts a sexual relationship)

      The Real Me by itsayamsham (S6 – After a wish, Dawn wakes up and finds she has switched bodies with Buffy)

      The Rest of Our Lives Series by Ariel Dawn (Post-NFA - Buffy and Spike meet up)

      The Rose by Coalitiongirl (AU – The Scoobies attend a Hogwarts type slayer school to learn how to fight evil)

      The Soul's Way Back by Gillian Silverlight (S5 – Angel finds out about Spike and Buffy - P: Soul of the Singer)

      The Sound of Your Voice by Carolyn Claire (S7 - The First torments Buffy by pretending to be pre-souled Spike)

      The Special Two by Enchantress (Post S – Spike and Buffy meet up six years later in NY – and both have children)

      The Subtle Notes In-Between by Schehrezade (NFA - Buffy returns and heals Spike)

      The Sum of Her Parts by Sadbhyl (S7 Potential - Spike loves two Buffys when she is split between Slayer and woman)

      The Sweetest Blossom by Kari Mouke (Sequel to A Rose by Any Other Name)

      The Sweetest Revenge by Carianne (S4 AU – Spike sees the best way to hurt Buffy is to pretend to love her - no initiative)

      The Truce by eternalred (AU – After a war between humans and Aurelians, Buffy and Spike must wed to bring peace)

      The Truth Will Set You Free by Enigmaticblue (S4 - Giles gives Spike a truth serum)

      The Truth Within by Trish (S5 The Body – Trying to stop Ethan Rayne, Buffy is transported back to medieval times)

      The Underground by jypzrose (Post-S - the Scoobies are caught in Gladiator games)

      The Unexpected Universe Series by Passion4Spike (S2 Becoming – After Angel and Dru die, Spike and Buffy comfort each other)

      The Unknown Citizen by Isabelle (S6 Once More with Feeling – POV Spike runs from Buffy and Angel brings him back)

      The Vamp Around the Corner by Rebcake (S4-5 AU – A vamp moves next door to Buffy S: Buffy and the Bloodmobile)

      The Wacky Adventures of Spike and Buffybot by Mr. Monkeybottoms (S4 – Warren makes a Buffybot that fools Spike)

      The Way it Might Go by VicNoir (S6 – Spike and Buffy POV as both think about each other while in a relationship)

      The Weight of Forever by Chelle (Post S – Buffy works at W&H until she becomes an alcoholic P: The Weight of Love)

      The Weight of Love by Chelle (Post S – Buffy finds out that Spike is alive at W&H S: The Weight of Forever)

      The Worst Betrayal by Twilightchild (S6 Dead Things – Spike is kidnapped and made sex slave in Hell Dimension - Not Completed)

      The Worst Journey in the World by Glassdarkly (Post NFA – Buffy, Spike and Wesley journey to the arctic wastes)

      The Writing on the Wall by Holly (S5 The Gift – When Buffy is stuck in a Hell dimension, Spike saves her S: Epilogue)

      The Yellow Rose of Sunnydale by VicNoir (S5 – Buffy and Spike come to realize their true feelings for each other)

      Their Soul by Kallysten (Sequel to Her Sire)

      Thine Own Self by Kantayra (S7 AU - Spike comes back human, but William can’t make Buffy happy)

      Things of Beauty by Ariane (S7 Beneath You – Newly souled Spike returns insane with visions of his mother)

      Things Present Things Past by Estepheia (S6 – Under a spell, Buffy switches places with a slayer from 1880)

      Things That Go Bump in the Night by Slaymesoftly (Post NFA – Buffy finds amnesiac ghost Spike haunting his old house)

      Third Time's the Charm by zennjenn (Post NFA Spike and Angel to PTB court)

      This Messy Life by Kalima (S6 – POV Dawn hears Buffy screaming and bursts into her bedroom to find Spike with her)

      This Thing We Have by Sigyn (Post-NFA – Spike is found near death by Buffy and Spike)

      This Wanton World by Eurydice72 (AU - Buffy is Chosen, Ethan is her Watcher, Spike is her lover and W&H her enemy)

      Though I Walk Through the Valley by randi2204 (S7 – Wood kills Spike and Buffy goes to PTB to resurrect him)

      Thought You Should Know by Emmie G/angearia (AtS5 – Buffy learns that Spike is alive and hurries to LA - Not Completed)

      Thrall by Chase (S6 – Buffy comes back very wrong and has a very contentious relationship with Spike - Not Completed)

      Three for a Lilachigh (P: Cousin Arabella – Spike’s wicked vampire Cousin Arabella visits him in Sunnydale)

      Through a Mother’s Eyes by ElvenQueenSarah (S5 - When Willow conjures Spike’s worst fear, his mother appears)

      Through Time to Me by Lilachigh (S6 – Buffy and Spike are sent to 1594 to help a Watcher and meet Shakespeare)

      Ties that Bind by rainsrabble (S3 - Spike needs Buffy to stop Rack from using Drusilla to destroy all souls on Earth)

      'Til Undeath Do Us Part by spikeslovebite (S6 - no sex until Xander marries Anya)

      Time After Time by BuffymeetsSpike (Post NFA – Buffy and Spike go back in time to meet Liam after Angel dies)

      Time Out of Mind Series by June (S4 - Spike and Buffy are swept up by a tornado and time travel to ancient Rome)

      Time Spinners by SinisterChic (S2-6 - To fix things, Spike time travels from season 6 to season 2)

      To Apprehend Air by Quinara (S7 Lies My Parents Told Me - Spike wakes up soulless and Buffy must find who took it)

      To Kill the Girl by Sandy (S3 – An evil Spike tries to kill Buffy but falls in love with her instead S: You Have to Love Her)

      To Kill This Girl by Dare (S3 – An evil Spike returns to Sunnydale to kill Buffy so Drusilla will take him back)

      To Make Much of Time by saanga (S5 – Buffy and Spike deal with their growing attraction P: Black the Sun)

      To Save a Lady by Slaymesoftly (S5 – Spike and Buffy go to Victorian England as William the Bloody is in Sunnydale)

      To See the Sun Again by Kallysten (S4 - Buffy and Spike are kidnapped by the Watchers Council to fulfill a prophesy)

      Too Late by BuffymeetsSpike (AS5 – After Buffy’s suicide, Spike dusts himself and Angel must save them both from Hell)

      Tooth and Nail by KJ Draft (S6 Smashed/Wrecked - Spike and Buffy have a lot of sex while bring the house down)

      Touch From Your Lust by Crackers4jenn (S4 - Buffy catches Spike wanking off)

      Tracked Down by spikes evilbint (Sequel to Tracker)

      Tracker by spikes evilbint (S4 Spike forced to become tracker by initiative)

      TRAppED by kittiekat (S4 Buffy and Spike trapped in room together)

      Treading Water by Aphasia (S6 Afterlife – After seeing Angel in LA, Buffy vows not to act on her feelings for Spike)

      Treading Water by Mabel Marsters (AU Human - Spike is a hero but is blinded)

      Trick Or Treat?! by BloodEnvy (S6 - Buffy dresses up as a vampire)

      Trinity Series by Shoshanna (S6 Grave – When Spike returns from Africa, he hides his new soul from the Scoobies)

      True Hearts by kittiekat (S4 Something Blue - Willow tries to fix SB spell - PWP)

      True Hearts Move Heaven and Hell by kittiekat (S7 - Buffy finds note of warning)

      Trusting You - Do You? by DreamsofSpike (S6 – To prove his trust in Buffy, Spike allows her to sexually torture him)

      Twenty-One by kantayra (S6 Older and Far Away - Spuffy on her birthday)

      Twining Vines by Echidna (S6 - A Mystery Woman helps Spike)

      Twist on Normal Again by Nimue (S6 Normal Again – Buffy is stuck between dimensions – her own and the asylum)

      Two Sides of the Same Coin by Behind Blue Eyes (S5 The Replacement - Spike is split in two)

      Tying Things Up by Bittenandstaked (S3 – Buffy finds Spike chained in a cave by Angel and decides to take advantage of him)



      Unchecked by Xela (Post-Series - Sequel to checkmate)

      Uncle Xander Screams Like a Girl by Babylikestoplay (Post S – The child of Spike and Buffy tells the story of her parents and how they met)

      Uncontrollable by sweetprincipale (S4 Where the Wild Things Are - Buffy and Spike are forced to have sex in Lowell Hell House)

      Uncontrollable by sweetprincipale (S4 Spuffy in Lowell House S:Unmentionable)

      Under My Skin by Rebcake (AS5 AU – Spuffy Wedding! P: With This Ring S: Anniversaries Aren’t for Quitters)

      Under The Influence by NautiBitz (S4 Buffy and Spike after Something Blue)

      Under the Sun by Enigmaticblue (S4 Spike with Soul, not Angel P:Avocation)

      Unfinished Business by annapurna_2 (AS5 The Girl in Question – After Angel and Spike visit Rome, Buffy visits Spike in LA P: Dear Departed S: Second Verse)

      Universal by BuffyMeetsSpike (S6 - Spike and Buffy fight demons together P:The Ghost in You)

      Universal Vampire by Mabel Marsters (S6 - Spike is recaptured by the Initiative after his sexual affair with Buffy)

      Unknown by Sweetprincipale (S4 - P:Unmentionable/Uncontrollable - Buffy and Spike continue their relationship)

      Unmentionable by Sweetprincipale (S4 - Buffy and Spike continue their relationship P:Uncontrollable, S: Unknown)

      Unreal Together by dawnofme (S7 AU – A souled Spike returns to find that Drusilla has made Buffy a vampire)

      Unrequited by jamesmarstersjunkie (Post NFA Spike and Buffy find each other)

      Unspoken by Anaross (Post NFA – A mute Spike hides from Buffy but sneaks in at night to plant a garden for her)

      Unsuffer Me by enigmaticblue (S2 – Buffy and Spike meet in LA and make a connection S: Certain Dark Things)

      Until the End of the World by DarkHeart (S6 The Gift - Spike saves Dawn on the tower)



      Vampire Winter by distortingmirrors (Post S – Buffy finds Angel and Spike are lovers and fleeing Wolfram and Hart)

      Vertigo by Atara (S2-S6 – Back-and-forth POV of Spike and Buffy in their relationship from School Hard to Wrecked)

      Vice Versa by 1OddDuck (S5 AU – A Dawnless Season Five where Spike and Buffy fall in love as they fight Glory)

      Vices of My Blood by tamibrandt (S2 AU – Angelus kidnaps Buffy and forces her to take care of paralyzed Spike - Not Completed)

      Victims of Fate by ya-lublyu-tebya (S2 Becoming – When Willow brings back Angel’s soul, Spike gets his back as well)

      Voices in the Dark By Kimi (S7 – A newly souled Spike returns from Africa and hides from Buffy in his crypt)



      Wagering History by Annie Sewell Jennings (S5 Intervention - Spike and Buffy play a high stakes card game)

      Walking a Mile by Ariel Dawn (S4 Who Are You? – A chipped Spike and Buffy accidentally switch bodies with Faith’s device – funny)

      Walking after Midnight by Chelle (S4 - Buffy is paralyzed after a battle with Vampires and Spike moves in to help)

      Washed by Drusilla2 (AU – Buffy is married to Riley, but continues to see Spike)

      Water under the Bridge by BuffymeetsSpike (Post S – Spike and Buffy meet at bar years after and connect again)

      We All Fade Away by Megan/Peta (Post NFA – Buffy is distraught over the death of Spike until he reappears in W&H)

      We Made Love by Chelle (S4 – After 15 years, Spike remembers the day that Buffy died P: Wet and Wild)

      We Own the Night by OkDeanna (S8 – After Buffy finally realizes she loves Spike, he’s moved on with someone else)

      We Will Remember Them by Lilachigh (S6 – Spike enlists Buffy’s help to time travel to WWII and save Dru)

      Welcome to The Hellmouth? by Schehrezade (S1 AU – Spike arrives in Sunnydale in Season One ready to bag a Slayer)

      West of the Moon, East of the Sun by KnifeEdge (S5 – Buffy sleeps next to a mysterious silent vampire in dreams)

      Wet and Wild by Chelle (S4 – When Spike is recaptured, Buffy joins the Initiative to free him – S: We Made Love)

      What Could Have Been by Endersgirl (S4 and human, two dimensions)

      What I did for Love by Ariane (Post Series - Spike seeks comfort)

      What She Deserves by Herself (S7 – A newly souled Spike punishes himself – S: Loving Kindness)

      What the Pumpkin Saw by VicNoir (S6 – Spike brings over a pumpkin for Halloween and Buffy helps him carve it)

      What was Lost? By Seductiveembrace (Post S – Spike runs away after resurrection P: Misfortune Seemed His Lot)

      What We Lost Series By Isabelle (S5 – Spike and Buffy fall in love, but he leaves when Angel becomes human)

      What You Wished For by pfeifferpack (S4 to 1 - Spike time travels)

      Wheels of Fire by greyangel (S2 – Spike and Buffy have revenge sex as Angelus/Dru plot the end of the world)

      When a Slayer Cries by JackOfSpikes (S4 - Spike is injured and becomes William)

      When Darkness Falls by Athene (S6 Tabula Rasa - The Scoobies need to help blind Spike)

      When Eternity Lies in the Balance by Jericho (S6 The Gift – The Powers That Be send Spike back in time to save Buffy)

      When Hell Freezeth Over by Jaybird (S5 Crush – After revealing his feelings, Buffy and Spike slowly fall in love)

      When Push Comes to Shove by Isabelle (AtS5 – Spike is unhappy at Wolfram and Hart until a surprise visitor shows up)

      When She Was Younger by kittiekat (S4 – Spike is mad when Buffy reverts to a 15 year old and moves into his crypt)

      When Stars Collide by wattie (all human Buffy amd Spike movie stars
      When the Day Breaks by Addie Logan (sequel to Daylight)

      When the Dust Settles by Chelle (S6 Wrecked – POV Spike’s thoughts directly before and after sex with Buffy)

      When the Ice has Melted (S6 - Reilly beats up Spike over Buffy P: How Can Something So Cold Make Me so Hot?)

      When we Dance by Pepperlandgirl (Post S – After Buffy marries Angel, Spike returns with Slayer girlfriend)

      When we Fight by fer1213 (S4 - Buffy and Spike have affair under Riley's nose)

      When You Wish Upon A Bar by Rebcake (S6 AU – Vengeance Demon grants Spike’s wish to celebrate Xmas with Buffy)

      Where Do Pies Go When They Die? by ghostyouknow27 (Post NFA – Buffy bakes pies to rescue Spike from Hell)

      Where in the World is Buffy Summers? by missus_grace (AtS Spike seeks Buffy)

      Whispers by Abby/Abelina (S5 Intervention – Buffy comes to Spike shortly after his torture and initiates romance)

      Whispers in a Dead Man's Ear by Amy B (S1-7 - Eight missing scenes between Spike and Buffy over a decade)

      Whispers in the Dark by Ashlee (S5 – After fighting a demon, Buffy is deaf and Giles asks Spike to help her heal)

      Who Am I by smlcspike (S6 Bargaining – When Willow resurrects Buffy, Buffy finds out that she has brand-new powers)

      Who is Who by Madrog (S7 – The Watcher’s Council tell Buffy that Spike had his chip removed and is killing in London)

      Who We Used To Be by sweetprincipale (P-NFA – When Buffy comes to see a wounded Angel, she finds Spike is alive)

      Who Whatting How with Huh? by Spikez_tart (S5 – When Buffy has a Spikebot made, Spike pretends to be the robot)

      Whose Torment Is This, Anyway? by Rebcake (AS5 Destiny – Buffy and gang show up to find Spike & Angel fighting)

      Why We Never Killed Each Other by LauraLee (S5 – Spike and Buffy realize that they are in love with each other)

      Wild Things by Nautibitz (S4 Where the Wild Things Are – Spike and Buffy are the victims of the cursed Frat Party)

      Winter’s Storm by greyangel (AU Human – Spike is a gang leader who falls in love with Angel’s girl S: A Winter’s Tale)

      Wiping the Slate Clean by ya_lublyu_tebya (S6 Tabula Rasa – After the spell, Spike and Buffy can’t remember anything)

      Wish I was Your Someone by beasleysmom (AU Human – Spike tries to win his rock star wife Buffy back from Lindsay)

      With All my Heart by spikeslovebite (S7 Chosen – PTB tell Buffy that Spike is alive and she goes to Rome to find him)

      With an Alien People Clutching Their Gods by Mickelesq (S5 – Jinx the Monk worships the Buffybot after Buffy's Death)

      With This Ring... by Lilachigh (S4 Something Blue – An enchanted Buffy and Spike are sent to a different dimension)

      With This Ring by Rebcake (S7 Chosen – The magic of a skull ring S: Under My Skin/Anniversaries Aren’t for Quitters)

      Within by Slade (S4 Pangs – When Spike helps the Scoobies solve a series of murders, he and Buffy fall in love)

      Wizard Glass by Ripe Wicked Plum (S6 Tabula Rasa – As Willow becomes increasingly unstable, she torments Spike)

      Work in Progress by Scarlet Ibis (S5 Into the Woods – When Riley rapes Spike in revenge, Harmony evens the score)

      World on Fire by Addie Logan (S6 Doublemeat Palace – Buffy has dreams of a Slayer from long ago in the past)

      Worth A Second Go by pattyanne (S4 Harsh Light of Day – Buffy and Spike fight as they become increasingly horny)

      Worth a Thousand Words by Kantayra of Yore (S7 – Buffy watches the Trio’s secret tapes that reveal the real Spike)

      Worth Dying For by Jessa (S6 The Body – As Spike worries about Buffy, he saves her from a Knight of Byzantium)

      Written, Not Seen Series by Chelle (S5 Buffy vs. Dracula – Spike and Buffy have sex when Buffy thinks he’s Dracula)



      Yearly by AJ Hofacre (P-Series – Seven scenes from Buffy’s complex life as the Chosen One S: The Other Side of Never)

      Yellow Brick Road Series by Holly (S3 Helpless – Buffy is surprised to see Spike as the vamp in the Cruciamentum)

      You an' Me Against the World by Sweetprincipale (S4 Something Blue – The Initiative alters Spike and Buffy’s memories)

      You Don't Know Me by Sophie (S7 Chosen – After Spike dies, Buffy find William in LA with no memory of her at all)

      You Have to Love Her by Sandy (S4 – Spike and Buffy fight the Initiative together P: To Kill the Girl S: Double Trouble)

      You Just Fall by sabershadowkat (S3 – When a Spike clone appears, Buffy goes to Mexico to hunt down the real one)

      Your Love by HW (S5 Fool for Love – As Spike is visited by the sister he sired, Dru returns to seek vengeance)



      Zephyr Ghosts By Eurydice (S5 – A demon is hunting for Buffy and will not stop until she is dead P: The Hunt)

      I hope you all enjoy!
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        Wow Aurora, this is an incredible resource for Spuffy fanfic fans! (Try saying that fast five times. )

        I'm absolutely certain I'm going to find ones that I haven't read amongst all of these and it will probably become my go-to place for picking out a fic when I'm not following recs. *Huge* thanks for sharing it.


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          Wow!!! That must have taken a lot of work! I remember when I did my Xander Fics Masterlist! It wasn't as organized at your list, but I was so tired when I was done.
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            That's an amazing resource, Aurora! So many fics on there I've never read and never even heard of. Thank you!


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              Wow this is great American Aurora, thank you so much!


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                This is an absolute El Dorado for Spuffy fanfiction!! Thank you so much American Aurora for providing us this incredible resource!! I can't wait to explore these titles!!

                I tried looking online for Sad and Deep as You by Ariane (which is set in S7 and sounds fascinating). Apparently she's a great Spuffy writer but is no longer in circulation with no links to her works..(from what I could gather online about her.) It would be amazing if you have her fic with you - or if anyone has links to Ariane's fiction.. But either way, there's just so much to check out here!! Thank you so very much again for doing this!!
                (eta: I found out on she goes by ariane1 there.)
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                  Thank you so much, American Aurora, for posting this here. I am complete overwhelemd and if I won`t be on here much in the next weeks or months, it is probably because I am binge-reading fanfiction.

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                    Your wish is my command!

                    Ariane's website on the Wayback Machine:


                    You'll see that Sad and Deep as You is there - but I recommend almost every story on her site - great writer from the past who wrote most of her fics toward the end of Buffy/Angel's run (2002-2004)!

                    I do have hard copies of every single fic on the list in either Word or PDF - plus thousands more. If there's anything you can't find, please post a request here and I'll try to post the link. If not, I will freely pass along anything that you need. Honestly - it's no problem!

                    Thank you everyone for your kind words - I was happy to share the fic list - but we all should really be thanking the writers who put so much time and effort into creating them. Being a writer myself, I'm always amazed and moved by how much time and energy others put into writing fan fiction as an expression of love towards an existing work of art. I hope you enjoy all the fics!

                    PS: Sosa, it'd be great if you wanted to share the top twenty Xander fics on your list - I'd love to explore his character more!
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                      This is absolutely fantastic! Truly, thanks for the amazing links and resources - I'll always be coming back here to read more! And I've always wanted to find a fic that explored S7's First Date!! I can't even wait to explore the other titles..


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                        Originally posted by American Aurora View Post
                        PS: Sosa, it'd be great if you wanted to share the top twenty Xander fics on your list - I'd love to explore his character more!

                        I posted that list in another forum. I'll move it here.
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                          Does it have to Mean Something? by the DeadlyHood (P-NFA – Buffy finds that Angel has bound Spike to defeat W&H) sounds really interesting, although I can't find it anywhere. Oh and thank you so much for this great list American Aurora. I am supposed to finish my thesis, but having been having a bad time due to my obsession with my hair shedding, I needed a good distraction, but after almost reading everything on Elysian Fields, I was in serious need of Spuffy fic fix.


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                            Does it have to Mean Something? by the DeadlyHood (P-NFA – Buffy finds that Angel has bound Spike to defeat W&H) sounds really interesting, although I can't find it anywhere. Oh and thank you so much for this great list American Aurora. I am supposed to finish my thesis, but having been having a bad time due to my obsession with my hair shedding, I needed a good distraction, but after almost reading everything on Elysian Fields, I was in serious need of Spuffy fic fix.
                            Hey, angelusblanc!

                            Welcome to Buffy Forum!

                            The story is available on the Wayback Machine at the fan fiction site Just Stake Me! Does it Have to Mean Something? has three parts with working links (at the bottom of each part).

                            It's actually a sequel to the fic Dirty Back Road which you should read first and followed by The Center.

                            So the order of reading is 1.Dirty Back Road, 2. Does it Have to Mean Something?, 3. The Center. All were written between 2004 and 2006.

                            First Fic link: Dirty Back Road


                            Second Fic link: Does it Have to Mean Something?


                            Third Fic link: The Center


                            There's also a few little "outtakes" that the author wrote a little bit later - kinda cut scenes that expand on the fanfic - the first is an outtake from Dirty Back Road called Dirty Back Alley:


                            And the outtake from Does it Have to Mean Something is called Master and Slave:


                            You might read them right after reading the respective fan fictions.

                            Hope this is helpful!
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                              A great listing especially coming from a writer that has not only a readers perspective but also the technical skills perspective. Looking forward to reading lot of these works and hope that all the links are still good working links -