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my comic being published!!

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  • my comic being published!!

    hello my names Joey Peden. Night Shift is my first comic book. My heart and soul is in this series its almost complete and i really need help with the print run most of the people i know are broke and non comic fans or fan fiction fans and dont even know what paypal is and the first 30% comes from friends and fam so i'm turning to you guys. andyways its about a hairdresser named Christy and she is unaware that she is a shape shifter with multiple personalities until.. to sum it up "shit hits the fan" its sort of a buffy meets dexter and i need you guys help every 1$ counts and there are perks for donating not to mention a story for my kinda people.please take the time to check it out.

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    Hello Joey. I'm sorry, but I've edited the link out of your post. It is not appropriate to register on this forum purely to make a post asking for financial backing for a personal project. We wish you luck with your project, but you cannot advertise for financial gain on this forum.