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A Tale of Two Masters

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  • A Tale of Two Masters

    His name was the Master; although once a handful of lifetimes ago he had possessed another. That had been so long ago though that the memory was almost as dead as the person to whom the name had belonged. It fluttered before him, tempting, teasing him before dodging out of his reach. He mounted the steps to his throne and sat, allowing himself to fall wearily into the stone seat. Trapped he might be, caged like a tiger in a zoo, but his day of freedom was coming and on that day the Master would rise again, he would take his rightful place as the most feared, most powerful vampire in all of history. He would rise and a legion of the undead would follow in his wake, washing over the human cattle in a wave of blood and death until the very world was his and he reigned supreme as master of all.
    “Frustrating isn’t it?” Said a voice from the shadows. “All that power, all those small little lives just waiting to be taken. I bet you can just taste it.”
    The Master remained seated, not granting this unwelcome guest even a flicker of surprise or alarm. Instead he stared steadily into the middle distance, affecting mild disinterest and addressed his comments to the empty air.
    “It would seem that my security leaves a little to be desired.” He sighed. “I shall have to have some harsh words with them… perhaps rip out a throat or two just to underline the point;” he switched his gaze to where the voice had emanated “starting of course with yours.”
    “And there’s the problem right there!” said the voice. “You vampires are all the same, all about the throat ripping and the blood drinking and joy of the kill.” A shape detached itself from the shadows, coalescing into the form of a man dressed in an expensive black suit, his short hair immaculately groomed and a strange smile playing on his lips. “Not that there’s anything necessarily wrong with that but you have to admit it is a little bit on the clichéd side.”
    “And you would prefer?”
    The man came closer, approaching the circle of candlelight that surrounded the Master’s thone.
    “Well I think the word is dominion,” he said in that same light, conversational style “although I’ve always preferred mastery myself. I thought it may be something we might have in common,” he picked up a fallen skull and peered into its empty eye sockets “After all we did choose the same name for ourselves.” He dropped the skull and kicked it dismissively to one side “I have to admit though that so far I’m disappointed.
    The vampire leant back in his chair and tilted his head slightly to one side “Really? I disappoint do I? Well isn’t that interesting?”
    “Ah no, the slow menace thing won’t work on me I’m afraid nor the hypno-thrall thing I think some of you vampires can do.” He leaned a little closer “You see I’m really very , very good at influencing the weak minded fools that seem to have inherited this sorry planet myself.” He leaned back and, with a little laugh clapped his hands and whirled round “but imagine, when I heard that the humans folk tales of vampires were all real and not only that but they had a messiah, a fallen leader, ready and waiting to rise up and issue in a new age of vampire superiority over the humans. Glorious! And even better, that leader, that creature that would bring death and destruction and never ending bloodshed to the whole wide world shared my name; the Master, reborn as an undead, immortal tyrant , ready to make the stars themselves bleed. I thought you would be a worthy opponent. I thought that seeing as I left that self-righteous killjoy of a Timelord trapped at the end of the universe we could perhaps dance awhile before I took my rightful place as lord and master of all ” The man’s mad energy waned and his voice dropped. “But instead I find you here trapped, awaiting the fulfilment of a prophecy before you can once again rule the night.” He shook his head “it’s a sad state of affairs.”
    The vampire rose to his feet as the Timelord finished his speech and, made his way steadily down the few steps towards him clapping slowly as he descended. He stood before the man who called himself Master, so close they were almost touching and gazed into his eyes, refusing to return the overly bright smile the other affected. Seemingly satisfied he made his way slowly round the figure, who for his own part remained stock still, examining him from every angle. Finally, after what seemed like an age he returned to face the trespasser into his domain and spoke.
    “So… ‘Master’ is it? Well let’s see what we have here shall we; not human, no, not demon either but something else entirely, something not of this world.” He paused and sniffed “Two hearts, which is interesting and power, yes definite power… I sense a resistance to times rigours, a victory over deaths laws that, well if I wasn’t a vampire might prove very interesting indeed. There is more though isn’t there? Loss, anger, desire… a need for destruction, for dominance, a will to survive at all costs… how curious for an immortal.” Again the vampire began to circle the Timelord whose smile was just beginning to fade “and you would pit yourself against me would you… Galifreyan, well perhaps, but not here and now, we both have far too much to lose to risk that; no, not now… but soon. Soon I will rise, it is written and I have arranged It very carefully that as it is written so shall it be. Yes I will rise and you shall have your dance. There can be only one Master of this world and it is I that is destined to bring it to its knees. I shall ascend to my throne and the cattle will bow before me as I make a victory drink of a Timelord’s neck!”
    “The Timelord remained in place for a long second before suddenly clapping his hand in a brisk manner “Right then, he said well I’m glad we’ve had this chat but, my is that the time? Well I’d love to stay, really I would but sooo much to do and so little time to do it in, I’m sure you know what I mean.” His demeanour switched again, the mask of urbane charm dropping and revealing the menace it concealed. “Oh but next time, what fun we will have.” And with that he promptly disappeared, leaving his vampire namesake staring thoughtfully at empty space.
    “The stars themselves bleed” The Master mused “Yes I like that, I like it a lot.”

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