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  • Request a Tutorial or an Explanation

    Thank you Bre for the idea.

    It seems that sending a PM to a fanartist with a tutorial request is something people find difficult. So perhaps it's easier to ask it in a thread.
    When you want to know something about a graphic made (or technique used) by another fanartist; post in here. Don't forget to post the actual graphic and try to formulate your question as well as possible. It would be a pity if somebody puts a lot of work in a tutorial or explanation while it doesn't answer your question. And dear people who want to help; if you lack the time to write a tutorial perhaps you can give some tips or something like that. Some help is great as well.

    This thread is to make it easier to ask another fanartist something but remember that tutorials do take a lot of time to make so don't be suprised when the fanartist doesn't have time (at the moment) to write a complete tutorial. Nobody should feel pressured to write a tutorial just because somebody else requested it. It's also possible that he or she missed your request. So don't get upset when you don't get an aswer (straight away).