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The Serious Critique Thread

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  • The Serious Critique Thread

    We have created this thread as it is no longer necessary to post feedback in the art threads when posting new art, so for members who would like to give or receive feedback this is the thread to post your artwork in

    Please don't post more than 1 piece at a time, and allow for a few other members to take a turn before posting another piece. It would also be nice to return the favour and give feedback to others too, let's make this a supportive thread

    Lastly.. no spam please.. you want to thank someone, PM or rep points

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    So I am stuck fanart wise in the sense of that I feel like my blending ability is just gone. I feel like my art is heading over into the direction of this piece and I am actually unsure whether I like it or not so that’s why I would like some serious critique on this piece. It’s not that old it’s for Nina’s last challenge credits are over in that thread

    anything and everything is appreciated greatly thanks!
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      At first I didn't wanted to reply because I already gave a little bit of feedback when you did enter it for my challenge. But since the thread is rather quiet...

      Well let just start with that I still think this wallpaper is awesome, it's a unique piece with a beautiful concept. In my opinion, it's one of your better wallpapers.

      But you seem to be unsure if you enjoy it and 'blame' it on the blending. And to be honest, I don't see that, with the exception of the line above Hermione's head I think the blending is extremely well done... Is it possible that it's not so much the blending that bothers you, but that is fails to be one coherent whole? In my opinion it kind of fits the wallpaper so I don't think it's an issue here, but when you look at the colors and contrast by example, the pictures don't really fit eachother.

      The Snape screencap is yellow/green-ish. Hermione is black & white and your textures are blue/purple except the stock/texture that is pink-beige. And the Hermione picture has a very high contrast while your textures and stocks do not. So I wonder, when you desturate this wallpaper and higher the contrast of it (except the Hermione picture, since that one already has a high contrast), do you still think your issues are with the blending-work in the wallpaper? If it is, is it an idea to get rid of the texture that covers the Hermione picture? At least the texture with the purple stars and the green flashes? Perhaps it will give it a slightly cleaner look. If this is also not fixing that what bothers you... can't you explain again what about the blending you don't like/are unsure of?

      And a comment I made about this wallpaper in my other feedback, the quality of the pictures... please be careful. I know you work on a small laptop and don't see everything as well as people who use a big screen. But it's such a pity when a wallpaper has to suffer because of blown up pictures.
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