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  • Originally posted by Lyri View Post
    Personally, I think it would be helpful, considering it's so hard to find a site that has the complete series. There's always seasons or episodes missing. I wouldn't be able to help with hosting, but speaking from a purely artist's perspective, I would be much appreciative.
    I thought it over and I will definitely try to cap all of the episodes and giving access through Tumblr and download links. That is the best solution since getting a server with a domain costs money and setting up a gallery, from my memory, is difficult. I'll let you guys know what's what's going on!
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    • Okay, everyone, I need some help, if it's at all possible.

      I want to learn to GIF, as it's something that's always fascinated me, but I am not exactly tech savvy and I never did manage to figure out how to make my own screencaps.

      Is there anyone who could cap this moment for me?

      Click image for larger version

Name:	Out_of_My_Mind1717.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	27.5 KB
ID:	578513

      The whole moment, really, where she spins right round and her hair flips.

      I've no idea how detailed it has to be, because I want to make it into an icon rather than anything bigger, but I've looked at bigger GIFs of this moment in PS, and it's 23 caps in total to get the whole thing in.

      I would love it if anyone could do this for me. No rush, obviously, because I still have to learn how to actually make a GIF, lmao.

      Thank you.
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