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Supernatural Season 10 Poster challenge

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  • Supernatural Season 10 Poster challenge

    It's as if the CW realised that it's promo poster for season 10 was terribly boring and they've set up a competition:-

    Submit Your Season 10 Fan Art!

    Season 10 Poster Challenge

    Let us show off your outstanding Supernatural fan art! We are looking to showcase new fan generated season 10 show art. Your art will have a chance to be featured as our countdown photos leading into the premiere, Tuesday, Oct. 7!

    • You must be a follower of TheCWSPN on Tumblr in order to submit.
    • Please add your credit for the artwork; we won’t take responsibility for miscredited, uncredited, or similar art.
    • Any submitted content must be 100% original and must not contain any third party logos or brands.
    • Once the fan art poster is submitted The CW has the right to post the content to any of The CW’s social platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram.
    • Be respectful of others and their work.
    There's nothing on the site regarding sizes, but I'm guessing it's tumblr sized art.

    We have such amazing fanartists here and lots of Supernatural fans so this seems like something that we could easily get into. I'm not on tumblr so won't be entering, but thought I'd share in case anyone else was interested.


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