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The "I've a Great Idea for a Challenge" Thread.

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  • The "I've a Great Idea for a Challenge" Thread.

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    In the past we sometimes had to wait almost a year before you could host another challenge and thus for a year you could think of fun challenges. At this moment the list is so short that the person who just finished his or her challenge will be first or second on the list to host another challenge. That means that it's your turn again within a month. It's been a busy month for me; end of the college year and all which did bad things for my own inspiration. All I can think of are challenges like "Disney Franchises", "Make wallpapers of characters and shows which are rarely arted by you and others" and "DC vs Marvel". And neither of these makes me really happy.

    So point to this thread? Pitch ideas for challenges. Perhaps you have plenty of ideas and can share some with poor me, or you've no time to host a challenge. But it's also possible you usually only lurk here because PS is not your thing but you do have an idea... share it here. It doesn't have to be groundbreaking or anything. Just an idea that at least one person is happy about.

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    Great idea for a thread, Nina! I don't have any cool thoughts, but how about making Mad Men challenge?
    First option - Mad Men fanart
    Second option for those who doesn't watch the show:
    - make an art explaining what Mad Men lacks and what it needs to add to make you watch it (like making a vampire out of Don for example )))
    - imagine you work in the advertisement and make a poster for your favorite tv show


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      Ohhh I love that; especially the addition of the advertising option. Thanks!


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        Great idea for a thread!!

        I have been lacking in inspiration for challenges, too... Hopefully this thread will stir some creativity.

        Orange Is the New Black Challenge
        -use the color orange prominently, or maybe outlaw using black backgrounds and ask for orange ones??
        -put a character from another show in "Orange Is the New Black"

        Back To the 80's Challenge
        -Use movies or TV shows from the 80's
        -Use songs featured in 80's movies


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          Oh man, ideas for challenges pour out of me so I am more than willing to share them. I warn you some of them are pretty rubbish but maybe you can see something in the idea that I don't. I've spoilered them because there's a few...


          Science - shows with science in them, scientists, scientific symbols, fringe science, real science, weird science - anything really as long as it involves science

          Magic Words - they can cause pain, heal a wound, get you a new job, seal a deal, make you laugh, cry, angry, fall in love etc

          Gone but not forgotten - shows that we loved but are no longer on air (maybe with a year gap since they stopped being shown), shows that didn't stay on air as long as they should, spin offs that didn't happen etc,

          Meatloaf lyrics - nothing more to say really

          Retcon - shows/movies/characters that have been re-cast or rebooted, reboot an old or current show with new actors that you would like to see.

          No Pain No Gain - death, sickness, break-ups etc - deeply emotional, painful to watch scenes

          Raindrops on Roses - art from the challenge creators favourite shows, music, colours etc

          Genre/theme mash-up - take a style/theme and mash it with a genre that it doesn't go with e.g. industrial fairytale, historical sci fi (I have a list somewhere of potential pairings but I can't find it at the moment)

          Hand drawn - an element of the artwork should be hand drawn and scanned in, or drawn in PS

          Bad boys - villains, nasty pieces of work, boys that you wouldn't take home to mother

          Retro - historical flashbacks, shows set in the past, modern characters in retro dress, retro styled art

          Art or Fiction - make-up a story line, crossover, alternative universe and art it, art fanfic, cast the characters of a book that hasn't been made into a show or film

          O.M.G! - scenes we didn't see coming, scenes that shocked, major cliffhangers, villain reveals etc

          The dark before the dawn - foreshadowing basically - things that you not meant to understand or realise had meaning until later, but also call backs in later seasons to things that were set up in earlier seasons - something that took a few seasons to play out etc

          That's all I can remember off the top of my head, but I guess that's enough to be going on with I'm saving my current favourite idea to do on my next challenge, so I won't mention it here!


          Peter Capaldi is the 12th Doctor


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            Now I looked through the older threads and didn't see this idea done before, but that doesn't mean I didn't over look it now. Things began to go together, but what about.

            Re-art the scene... Take a scene that was a pivitol moment in a movie or a tv show and redo it.

            For example. A character dies. What would have happened had the character not have died? Would it be a good thing or a bad thing for him/her and those around him/her?

            Another example is. Take the scene where the hero wins. What would have happened had the villian won? How would that have effected the hero and those around him/her?


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              Thank you all for the great ideas. I just got the PM and decided to start a challenge based on one of ciderdrinker's ideas because I want a challenge that doesn't limit people too much. The Mad Men challenge is one I still hope to host one day (or even better somebody else; so I can enter ) because I love Mad Men and the advertising option but in these quiet times I think it's better not to build a challenge around a show only a few of the fanartists watch. Perhaps I'm wrong and should go for a more difficult challenge to inspire people to open ps again... but perhaps the next to start a challenge will have the guts to do that.

              Anyway I will certainly snoop around here more often and I hope others do to. Keep on sharing your ideas and inspiring others.


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                I know lyric challenges are fairly common, but I always thought "Read my Mind" by the killers would be a great song to try for a wallpaper around