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  • Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

    So we have got this new section design and focus. But we aren't anything without you! Your thoughts and input help shape the section.

    But I bet everyone has some questions first:
    So what's up mods?

    Our first goal is to get more fanart posted in the general section. There is so much fanart entered in the AFAs that I am seeing for the first time. I'd rather have spent a whole year falling in love it. The general art threads are a great way to get your art and the meaning behind it out to everyone.

    We are all still arting, but instead sharing it in so many different places or worse leaving it on our computers.

    Why did you remove the feedback requirement?

    We all love feedback. We all love each other. For many of us translating love into satisfactory words takes more time than we have. A quick click of thanks button can make someone's day. It's at least interacting, rather than sitting around thinking about how much you love something without sharing that love or worse thinking no one cares about your art.

    What about the fanart challenge art?

    Post your art in a challenge? You can make the same post in the proper art thread.

    And now on to you! What did we forget? Do people want a thread for picspams they make? Do fanvids need their own thread or be posted with the other art? Should we create more community activities to get to know each other? What can we do to bring more new artists in?

    Obviously, the forum has been quiet recently, so some things would need more member activity to be feasible, such as banner competitions. But I would like to know community interest.

    So artists, post in here and let us know what you think or at least that you have seen the changes.

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    Well mods, I love the changes. The section hasn't been this alive in months or even years.

    I do have a question/suggestion, we do have a "serious critique" thread where you can post wallpapers and get real feedback. But I was wondering if there could be a thread where you can ask people for their insights (not really critique, but more a helping hand) when you are stuck with a certain wallpaper? A place where you can post your unfinished wallpaper and ask for tips and help to continue... or perhaps you notice that something is off but you do not know what. Or should we post those in the "serious critique" thread?


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      ^ You mean something like "Graphic/Fanart feedback thread"? I would like to see this as well then.

      Also maybe we can have a "Tutorials thread". Where people can post their own tutorials.


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        Hi Nina and Sky, thanks for the feedback and suggestions, I definitely think a helping hand thread is something we should include so I'll get that started

        Sky - we do have a tutorials thread, it's a sticky at the top, here If someone posts a few tutorials we'll separate it out into it's own thread and move it into the fanart tutorials section


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          So question I remember a while back we had something called a collaboration thread I think it was Destiny's idea but I am not sure. I believe the idea was to have a thread where we can find someone to make a wallpaper with I don't remember what happened to that thread but I for one would love to bring it back

          Anyone else interested in a thread like that?

          And mods thank you for the changes you made I am loving it
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            Great to see so much activity going on.

            What about a thread for Photoshop tips and tricks that the experienced fanartists have picked up along the way. There are a few in the tutorials, but you have to know what you're looking for to find them.

            Also, how about adding links to tutorials on the internet onto the Resources thread?

            If I'm struggling to get something achieved in a piece I come here to look at the tutorials and if that doesn't help I start trawling the internet to find tutorials. I have picked up some good tips that way that I use a lot, and sometimes a quick tip has inspired me to try something new

            For an example here is a website that has a lot of tutorials from beginner to advanced (plus lots of downloadable goodies )


            I found this yesterday on there. I'm going to be using this all the time!
            Super easy, super useful hair masking tip

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