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Challenge 83: Art thou covering cover art?

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  • Challenge 83: Art thou covering cover art?

    Okay, it's a risk since it's super quiet over here, but let's try doing another challenge. The idea is super simple, let's make cover art. It can be for a tabloid, comic, book, DVD, computer game, LP record, CD etc. It's up to you if you want to go all the way and (by example) also come up with a tracklist or story (in case you make a cover for a LP or book). Or if you just want to make the front of the cover.

    If you would love to share your tracklist with us but don't have the time or skill to make a cover, feel free to post here as well.



    Whatever you want. Fiction, non-fiction, already published fiction or something you just came up with. Ships, characters, whole books or games... it's all allowed.

    The actual size doesn't matter, but the shape should fit the medium. (Squares for CDs, rectangles for DVDs and tabloids etc.)

    I'll keep it open for a few months.

    As always, give credit where credit is due

    Have fun and I hope to see some art in this section again.

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    Only a few days left and The Umbrella Academy s2 will be released.

    For those who never heard about it, it's about a group of 7 people who are all born on the same day and each of them has their own special powers. There are 'collected' by a nutty professor who was a horrid father to them and used them as a crime fighting squad. Number Five can jump through time and space, but he doesn't control time travel. So when he tried that as a kid, he ended up in an apocalyptic future. He lived there for decades. When he finally managed to travel back in time, he ended up in his young body. So he is a messed up old man in the body of a young school boy.

    Five is awesome.

    And at the end of s1, he transported the whole group back in time to the early sixties. Which is when s2 will take place.

    Brushes: Aaron Griffin Art, the reference picture I found on IMDB, the texture is by Krakograff and the text is by The New Yorker.


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      I don't think I've heard of that programme before, it sounds really interesting. Your art is fabulous as always.


      • Nina
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        It's on Netflix, if you ever want to give it a try. =)

      • Stoney
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        No Netflix. It could be a good reason to take a trial if they do those.