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The Angel's 20th anniversary challenge

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    Your favourite character? [1/5]

    Well for me it's Angel because he was far more profound on his own show than on Buffy.

    So I tried to do my original style the ones I did for Buffy. Simple line art sketch! I hope you guys like.

    The City of Angels.

    All mine.
    reference was from daydreaming.

    Until next time,


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      I know this is a graphic art challenge, but I made a vid instead. Maybe I will create a banner for it at some point, but for now, this is my contribution to this thread:

      It doesn't cover my answers to all the questions from the OP, but Spike and then Angel are my favourite characters from AtS, and they are in the vid; I don't really have a favourite quote; for best scene I'd make the same choice as Nina (NFA final scene, pretty prominent in the vid); best villain are Wolfram & Hart and their various representatives (also present). No shipping in this vid though.