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The Angel's 20th anniversary challenge

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  • The Angel's 20th anniversary challenge

    The Angel's 20th anniversary challenge

    I have an idea to celebrate Angel 20th anniversary but within a creative, more of an artistic approach.

    Like what we did for the 20th anniversary of Buffy. {here}

    I'm not expecting that you guys do every question just do the ones that you feel inspired.


    * Your favourite character? [1/5]
    * Your favourite quote? [2/5]
    * Your best scene? [3/5]
    * Your best villain? [4/5]
    * Your best shipment? [5/5]

    Sizes: Anything! even set of icons and banners.

    The most important thing is to have fun there is no deadline.

    “Your pain and your hunger, they’re drivin’ you home.”

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    My favourite character was a difficult choice, because I love both Angel and Cordy, but as this is his show, it has to be Angel

    Images from fractured-simplicity. net,,
    Wallpaper from


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      It's hard to choose a favourite scene, there are so many that I love, but the scene in Forgiving, when Angel tried to suffocate Wes is one of the greatest. My 'art' does not do it justice

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        My favourite ship . . .

        Images from & Night Blooming Jasmine in the Garden by Carlos Ramirez


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          I hope this is okay to add this. It's not a totally new piece. I just tweaked the colours and added a bit of new texture here and there.

          Can't be saved


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            I liked a lot of the villains, but The Beast was one of my favourites

            Images -, Blood Moon Over LA by The Mallard from imgur,


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              Lovely entries, it's great to see some love for Ats.

              I'm trying to draw my favourite character. But the proportions are way off (Angel looks super weird with gigantic googly eyes, I can tell you that. ), hopefully I can fix it a bit.


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                And here he is...

                [1/5] Your favourite character

                How could it be anyone but Angel? As a kid I was happy to see an introvert as the main character. I identified with his dorky side (including his humor), him thinking too much about everything and his love for silence, darker rooms, knowledge and art. At the time, I was too young to fully enjoy his arc, understand what kind of story they were telling and how it's probably their best one (if you stop after season 3 at least, the last two Ats seasons did the character and his arc no favours.)

                Apparently Whedon once said that they decided that Angel can't win without losing something as well. And while I do think they went a bit too far with that at times, I suspect that a part of my love for the character is related to him losing so much. It makes him very human. Save the world, but not without getting dirty hands. Have mercy with your enemy (and yourself) and pay an awful price for it.

                But still, if you stop watching after season 3 (which is pretty much the end of his proper arc), his story is hopeful. He became a better, healthier and stronger person, he did change lives for the better and saved some lost souls. Just compare the cynical, depressed and isolated Angel from BtVS season 1 with the man who faced Daniel Holtz in Benediction.

                His hair still sucks to draw though.

                Brushes: Aaron Griffin Art, Para Vine, DeHarme
                Texture: Krakograff
                Gradient: Daydreaming
                Reference: a season 2 promo (Daydreaming)

                The proportions are off, but that is what you get when somebody who can't draw decides to draw a person without a raster. ^^ Still a bit proud because I came up with my own colours.


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                  [2/5] Your favourite quote

                  It's hardly a creative choice, but Angel's quote in Epiphany remains the best quote in the whole Buffyverse IMO.

                  resources: Daydreaming & muenze oesterreich


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                    WOW, Nina your painting of Angel is absolutely brilliant. Your skills within the digital drawing are really admirable.

                    Also great entries everyone. I'm planning to do something based on my illustrative style like the one I did for our battle, Nina.

                    “Your pain and your hunger, they’re drivin’ you home.”


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                      [3/5] Your best scene

                      There are so many beautiful scenes in all 5 seasons. But I went with the final scene of the show. It's no secret that the final season is by far my least favourite one and also NFA has some major issues. But that last scene is the definition of Ats and thus very well done by the crew. The rain, the darkness, the knowledge that they will lose and probably die, Wes is already dead, Lorne left... but you still want to pump your fist into the air and scream 'HELL YEAH!'.

                      In my head this graphic looked way better though... :')

                      Daydreaming, Greg Rutkowski & Amorphisss


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                        [4/5] Your best villain

                        This one was hard, really hard. Ats has a spectacular set of villains.

                        There is of course Darla. The Darla-arc (To Shanshu in LA - Epiphany) is the best the Buffyverse has to offer IMO. Sure, Angel's struggle is what makes that arc so good. But none of that could have happened without Darla who was a master in utilizing her connection with Angel in order to get what she wants. But she was never a two dimesional ex from hell, they gave her a lot of depth for a non-main character who wasn't around that long. Plus she was the star in many of the flashbacks we've got. Great arc, great villain, great character.

                        Then there is Daniel Holtz. Angel's arc required him to face a bitter victim from his past. And there he was.... well written and well acted. The Angel and Holtz stuff was the best stuff of course. It was the great end of Angel's main arc and Holtz was sympathetic and tragic enough to feel for him, despite his actions. But let's not forget that also the arcs of Wesley and Connor were heavily influenced by Holtz.

                        I think we can consider Connor a villain as well. Another tragedy, also because he was never going to make it. There is no way that a kid who is raised in hell (where morality is rather clear... everything is evil except the two humans fighting the monsters) was going to deal with the mess he ended up in thanks to Holtz and Jasmine. It wasn't fun to watch him, but I do think the writers were right to make him unsavable. Plus it was nice to see that Angel managed to save his soul. It was more literal than saving souls in the past though. Because Connor was just too far gone.

                        Jasmine is an intersting one as well. She plays with the same themes Angel struggles with so very often: free will, the greater good, gods and salvation. That makes her a great villain, Angel had to fight a version of himself in a way. Pity though that the fight between Jasmine vs Angel never really happened in the chaos that was season 4. Also because it was Jasmine who killed Cordy.

                        Plus there were some awesome minor villains. Dru showed up, Angelus was great in the flashbacks and the episode 'Soulless', the wonderful conclusion of Faith's arc in '5x5', Justine was interesting to watch, the Beast and Sahjan were quite scary and there were some fine villains who ended up in only one episode.

                        But while all those (often) tragic arcs and characters made awesome tv, I think none of them are the greatest villain. Because: who brought Darla back? Gave her the chance to toy with Angel's dreams? Made her a vampire again? Who nearly drove Angel over the edge in 'Reprise'? Who are powerful in several dimensions? Who played a big role in the whole Connor kidnap? Who abused the situation with Connor in such a way that Angel had to sign up with them and thus neutralize him? Who also got the other members of AI on board? Who saved the world in 'Chosen' so they could end the world on their terms later on? Who managed to corrupt and devide the team? Who gave us wonderful evil human characters like Holland, Lindsey and Lilah? Who did just a lot of evil shit in all five seasons?

                        Wolfram & Hart. Unbeatable, super evil and very competent.

                        They are faceless though, so for my graphic I piked my favourite W&H lawyer: Lilah. I adore how she never made excuses for her evilness. No sad backstory or whining that she was a misunderstood woman. Nope, she just likes the money.

                        Alternative Link
                        Resources: Daydreaming, Zugma, Immortal Memories & Obsidian Dawn.


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                          And my final entry:

                          [5/5] Your best shipment

                          What I said about Ats having a nice set of villains, can't be repeated about the ships. :')


                          Fred/Gunn was fine, but I don't think I ever met somebody who really cared about those two being together. In the end I think that relation was also more about Wesley than about Fred or Gunn. Then there is Fred/Wesley, which was pretty much one-sided until the writers decided to fridge Fred. And there is Lilah/Wesley of course, which kind of appeared out of nowhere and was mostly about Wesley's pain and darkness (again).

                          The big one in Ats is Angel/Cordelia and to be honest, I think this one could've worked rather well if the writers weren't so obsessed with making this ship Bangel v2.0. I would've loved the classic Cordelia with the quiet Angel in a rather normal and cute romance. But what we did get, didn't work for me.

                          So Darla & Angel(us) remains, and it is the only ship that I really like. Actually, it's my favourite Buffyverse ship. What I love most about them is that it is one of the very rare ships in the Buffyverse where both partners are equals. At first it looked like Darla was more into it than Angel(us). But after more flashbacks and Ats season 2, it's clear that Angel(us) also cared deeply about her. They are equally smart, strong & independent... Plus these two gave us some of the best Ats moments/episodes.

                          Not my best picspam, but I wanted to finish this challenge with a picspam since I did not make one yet.

                          Resources: Chaotic Face, Daydreaming, Julie-Benz, Bitten by Flies, Chodingdino, Sweet Taste of Bitter, Emmelia, Northern Dawn, Free Images, Evenstarss, Hulsuga


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                            [1/5] Your favourite character

                            Wesley Wyndam-Pryce


                            For me, it's because I've seen him at his most terrible and I still felt for him and cared for him. And that made me love him even more. The process he's been through is one of the most compelling in the show or even the Buffyverse.

                            I really struggled with this one. The stocks took forever to fit together and the colours weren't working for me. There's actually a second version because I'm still not sure about it, but for this challenge, this is the one I chose:

                            Promotional Photo: Daydreaming, Stocks: Unsplash

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                              [3/5] My Best Scene

                              So, this is doesn't exactly meet the criteria but I wanted to depict the events leading up to Lauren's reading. The face he makes as he turns around when he reads Fred is my favourite scene. It packs so much tension and suspense.

                              This is, of course, my first picspam. Is this a picspam? I don't know. It's definitely Tumblr art-esque, which I'm slowly delving into with the advice of Buffylover.

                              Hope you guys like it, I'd love some honest (really really honest) feedback.

                              Caps: ATS caps, Textures: Chaotic Resources, Stocks: Unsplash

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