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The Banner/icon meme challenge.

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    Oh, no Stoney don't feel cheeky I'm more than thrilled that you want to set your own questions for us to answer. So yes! I'm really looking forward to your questions.

    “Your pain and your hunger, they’re drivin’ you home.”


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      Yay Stoney go for it!
      "Gay, straight, retarded, why do we have to put a label on everything?"


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        I've zipped back through the thread to note the prompts given so far to try and make sure I give something a bit different. (In case anyone else wants to see what's been used the closed ones are listed below the spoiler at the bottom of this post.)

        Fingers crossed these spark some creative gems....

        The prompts for the new round are to art:
        1. A moment, person or dynamic that portrays energy, some real zeal & zing!
        2. A negative connection
        3. A display of love

        Banners or icons again as before (at least a set of 5 icons please). As for fandoms, this time anything goes.

        EDIT: Please provide a brief explanation to your pieces as I know very few fandoms and may not see the link between the prompt and your piece without, thank you.

        Deadline : 16th December*

        *It might be worth considering extending to the 31st Dec as people may have less time over the Christmas period for a new one to start around then??

        Prompts Used
        Round 5 (Stoney)
        1. A moment, person or dynamic that portrays energy, some real zeal & zing!
        2. A negative connection
        3. A display of love
        Fandom: No restrictions

        CLOSED Rounds
        Round 4 (buffylover)
        YOUR BEST SCENERY [1/3]
        YOUR BEST JOURNEY [2/3]
        YOUR BEST BATTLE [3/3]
        Fandom; FANTASY FILMS...

        Round 3 (Ahm Shere)
        1. Your Most Saddest Moment
        2. Your Most Surprising Moment
        3. Your Most Angriest Moment.
        Fandom: Any TV.

        Round 2 (Josh)
        1. Your top WTF?! Moment.
        2. Your most RELATABLE Moment.
        3. Your most DISAPPOINTING Moment.
        Fandom(s); The Buffyverse, Game of Thrones, Veronica Mars

        Round 1 (buffylover)
        Your best Mood. [1/3]
        Your best inspiring moment. [2/3]
        The best heroic moment. [3/3]
        Fandom; Buffyverse.
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          Remember Stoney you don't have to create anything! I'm just thrilled that you came up with some different and inspiring set of questions for us to art.

          I really love how you did the post so professional and neat. So thank you!

          “Your pain and your hunger, they’re drivin’ you home.”


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            Ok, I hope these fit with the theme, I was a bit unsure. Let me know if I'm completely left field here, Stoney!

            1. A moment, person or dynamic that portrays energy, some real zeal & zing!


            - - - Updated - - -

            2. A negative connection


            3. A display of love

            "Gay, straight, retarded, why do we have to put a label on everything?"


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              Those all look great Puppet, and so quick!!

              I'm sorry but I'm seriously rubbish outside of BtVS and only recognise a small portion of shows/films, and even then often know little about the characters. I should have popped a note asking for a brief explanation to help me understand how the prompts inspired you to create the different pieces (I'll go and add that in now). If you have the time/patience to do that it would be very appreciated.


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                I totally get that, and I actually thought about it, I guess in the end I just chose not to.

                I don't want to go back and edit the post, so I'll put some thoughts in this one.

                A moment, person or dynamic that portrays energy, some real zeal & zing! As I mentioned previously, this one confused me a bit. In the end, I went with enthusiasm and chose something based on that (obviously you understand the last one, which is a very enthustiastic BuffyBot)

                1. Dean Winchester - Supernatural. I chose this scene because it's purposely overly happy and sappy and colorful. It was the very first scene I thought of when I read your number one challenge.

                2. Caleb Rivers - Pretty Little Liars. Having watched the show, I know that Caleb is smiling like a fool under that hand, which gives it the enthusiasm part of it. He's standing naked in front of a girl he likes and yet he's not embarrassed, I love that about the character.

                3. Lily Aldrin - How I Met Your Mother. Ha! Once I decided to do this show, I knew it had to be this scene. If anything else defines energy quite this well, I wanna see it! Lily is 'high' on a sugar drink called Tantrum and surfing the roof of a car moving down the interstate. So funny!

                4. Jessica Day - New Girl. This is just a character (and moment) that defines the word energy, as Jess is such an adorkable woman with a real zest for life. I chose a scene from my favorite episode.

                2. A negative connection This one was a lot easier, a lot simpler I guess.

                1. American Horror Story: Murder House (S1). This is the epitome of negative connection, the two characters I used are super unhealthy for one another and eventually it all ends in disaster, as it rightfully should if written right.

                2. Prue Halliwell - Charmed. I chose this scene, because it has Prue engaging her wilder side and flirting with a very dangerous man.

                3. Echo - Dollhouse. Everything about her life on the show is a negative connection and I purposely chose a scene of her deep within the Dollhouse itself, the ultimate negative connection.

                4. Kilgrave - Jessica Jones. One of the best TV villains of all time, with a seriously twisted obsession with the main protagonist. I thought it was a perfect fit for the challenge.

                5. Mona Vanderwaal - Pretty Little Liars. Quite frankly one of the most nuanced characters (not villain, not hero) I've ever seen on TV, though here captured in a moment of Big Bad(ness) that paid homage to the end of Psycho.

                3. A display of love Again, the simplicity of this one made it easier to puzzle out

                1. Chandler Bing - Friends. After thinking he broke his best friend's chair, he replaced it with his own, even though he loved his barcalounger. If that's not love, I don't know what is?

                2. Miles Matheson - Revolution. Armed only with a sword, he fights a horde of gun-toting bastards all so he can give his niece time to get far enough away from them to have a bit of a head start.

                3. Dean & Sam Winchester - Supernatural. Their use of these words, seen throughout the course of the show, are their way of saying the L word, without ever actually saying it. I'm gonna go cry now

                4. Elena Gilbert & Damon Salvatore - The Vampire Diaries. One of my favorite Damon moments, when he tells Elena that he loves her and that that's why he can't be selfish with her.

                5. Veronica & Keith Mars - Veronica Mars. A father kissing his daughter's forehead. Nough said.

                Hope that cleared things up
                "Gay, straight, retarded, why do we have to put a label on everything?"


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                  Absolutely perfect, thanks Puppet.


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                    Prompt 2: A negative connection

                    Fandom: Pretty Little Liars

                    "Gay, straight, retarded, why do we have to put a label on everything?"


                    • Prompt 3: A display of love

                      Fandom: The Buffyverse

                      "Gay, straight, retarded, why do we have to put a label on everything?"


                      • Entry 1 - Prompt 2 - Negative Connection

                        Buffy Summers - The Chosen One

                        Just something really simple. I took the prompt at face value and made a banner with the emphasis on the negative space. I purposefully downplayed the textures and gradients and just focused on the coloring and kept the whole thing very clean.


                        Texture: Carlton @ DA
                        Para Bellum| Live Journal | Tumblr | Resources

                        Si vis pacem, para bellum


                        • A moment, person or dynamic that portrays energy, some real zeal & zing! [1/3]

                          It has to be Once more with feeling. For me, the whole entire episode was full of real energy of creativity.

                          See you all in Hell...

                          Stock; My type is my own handwritten!
                          Screencaps; Mine. 'VLC screengrabs' on the episode I specifically download. {here}.
                          Textures; All photoshop filters.

                          I haven't forgotten about you, Nina! Now focusing on our battle.

                          Until then.

                          “Your pain and your hunger, they’re drivin’ you home.”


                          • Entry 2 - Prompt 1 - A moment, person or dynamic that portrays energy, some real zeal & zing!


                            Reading this prompt, this is the first person who came to mind. I mean, how can you see the words energy, zing and zeal, and NOT think about Deadpool?! This guy is all about energy and zeal and I love everything about him.

                            I wanted to just have fun with this banner, just something that was crazy and zany like him.


                            Images: danseur_lion
                            Gradients: mine
                            Textures: sunnyday, daydreaming, cloozy
                            Para Bellum| Live Journal | Tumblr | Resources

                            Si vis pacem, para bellum


                            • Love the Deadpool banner Lyri
                              "Gay, straight, retarded, why do we have to put a label on everything?"


                              • Posting the new challenge made me realise I haven't seen any new banners/icons for a little while so I thought I'd have a nosey at the ones so far just because I haven't commented at all yet. Also it will bump the thread and it might result in one or two more before the next set of questions. For anyone looking to do one at this point, the current set of prompts are in this post.

                                Puppet's icons are a great response to the prompts by looking at an answer from a variety of shows, the prompts serving as the theme of the sets, and I love the differing characters/moments drawn together like that. There were plenty that I didn't know as I really don't watch a great number of shows, even the better known ones (I'll get around to Supernatural eventually, if Sky ever starts showing it from the beginning). Your explanations were great for me to understand those I didn't and to remind me of some that I did. I was especially amused to read about Lily Aldrin's car riding sugar rush, ha. I think you drew some really interesting ones together for the negative connections too. I was surprised at myself for not recognising Chandler when I watched Friends so much in my late teens/early twenties and the reminder of the moment from Revolution was great. Lovely sets of icons.

                                The banners for Pretty Little Liars as a negative connection were really great Puppet. The colour choice has great links with clear thinking and concentration, but also emotional separation. From what I understand of the mystery thriller direction of the show this seems like a well used choice. The isolated character turned from view as the first really sets an ominous tone. Then the colour with the individual specific items, the copy of the note, ending on the angry challenging stare, it all really builds up the mystery of the plot and an implied sense of considered threat that works really well to the prompt.

                                I also really enjoyed your BtVS displays of love. The texture on the Bangel banner works so well with a romantic wishful tone that goes along with the giving of the ring. The Xander/Anya shots are really lovely for their own ring reveal (and I enjoy the way the text, cutting lines and red warning can be seen to play as foreshadowing for them). Darla's sacrifice is another great choice for the prompt and although YW isn't an episode I'm fond of, the idea of Cordelia's return to help Angel works well too. You'll not get an objection from me to see Spuffy brought up in response to such a prompt and the moments from Chosen work well. The spider web texture is an interesting choice alongside the flaming imagery and colours. Was it used for representation of the connection between them at that point, being drawn together and with the episode as a (temporary) ending for Spike? The moment as possibly being stuck/trapped?

                                I really liked your Buffy banner Lyri. I thought both the negative space as you described and the interlinked lines worked really well for the second prompt for a negative connection. The lines for the tie to 'connection' but also as it made me think of the slayer power passing through the generations and with the shot of Buffy so young but armed and prepared to fight, the negative aspect of what is asked of The Chosen One I thought an excellent tie too.

                                Ah buffylover, your See You All in Hell set is great for the OMWF episode. Whilst there is ennui and unhappiness draped around the episode, the emotions churning under the surface I think works well for the energy you talk about. The final scene with Buffy and Sweet coming face to face especially and for the passionate release of the reveal is a great choice. The pink and reds are strong for emphasising those underlying emotional responses and the injection of yellow as a real high energy colour too.

                                The Deadpool banner is a total favourite Lyri. Again the red gives a real fiery, energetic tone and obviously is tied heavily to the character. Your choice of shots brings in a clear element of fun and the zeal you speak of connected to him. Placing him sat on the 'p' and almost as an influence on his own shoulder I just loved. Really high energy and just an excellent banner.

                                Fab stuff everyone.