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Fanart Challenge Rules & Sign-Up Sheet

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  • Fanart Challenge Rules & Sign-Up Sheet

    Welcome everybody,

    In the past few weeks we've been brainstorming what would improve the Fanart Section and this did result in a few new rules for fanart challenges. If you have any other ideas please let us know (in the Fanart Discussions section).

    Who can enter?
    1. Anyone who has some type of art or photo editing program. If you made it, you can enter it.
    2. There is no skill level requirement. Beginners welcome!
    3. Rules are individual to each challenge. Rules are found in first post of the challenge thread.
    4. This sign up list is for those hosting.

    Posting in the challenge thread
    1. Feel free to comment, but it's not a thread for (long) discussions.
    2. The challenge keeper is allowed to comment on entries and answer questions.
    3. Shoutouts to your favorite entries following the award posting makes challenges more fun for all.
    4. Don't forget to thank your host for posting awards or feedback. It's never easy to judge entries which all bring something unique and personal.

    Criteria needed to host a challenge:
    1. You can't be on the list more than once so don't ask to be added again while you are still waiting.
    2. You can't be added to the list again until after you have posted the awards to your open challenge

    1. Challenges run for +/- 4-6 weeks.
    2. Extensions are allowed to be added within the last week of a challenge. Hosts do not need to pm mods for permission to extend for an additional week. Do let us know if you need two weeks.
    3. Challenges must be started within 1 week of the PM telling you to start. Unless you've asked for some extra time.
    4. Try to put emphasis on creative and specific themes or requirements such as non wallpaper sizes. Broad topics like "make a Buffy related wallpaper" or "use these song lyrics" are not challenging artists. Add some type of new twist to topics like this.
    5. Challenges often end with the host posting feedback and/or awards. I f you want to do something else, sk a mod and/or the people who entered. The hosts remain free in what they want to award and/or feedback.
    6. Awards do not need to rank placements. They can be best use of color or text or even something cute and off the wall.
    7. Feedback and/or awards must be posted no later than 2 weeks after the challenge has closed. (Please let us know when you can't post anything. If we don't hear anything or when there is no clear reason, you're not allowed to be signed-up for hosting another challenge for the next 3 months.)
    8. If awards or feedback are not posted within 6 weeks, a moderator will post feedback. If a moderator has to do this, then you will not be able to sign up for the list for six months.
    9. If a member has not been online/posted for 2 months or more they will be removed from the list.

    Mods will ensure
    1. Hosts will be PM'd to start their challenge 5 days before a current challenge ends.

    As you can see we did decide to leave the hosts free to decide what kind of awards they want to make (if they make awards) and if they add feedback. Our little community needs people who host challenges and we don't want to force even more rules upon them. We appreciate everyone who pitches in thanks, shout outs, and feedback to hosts and entrants. It makes the whole place more colorful!


    Edit September 2018:

    I've altered/removed some of the rules.

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    Upcoming FanArt Challenges:
    1. Puppet
    2. buffylover


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      I could have a go, even though I don't feel in the least 'qualified'. I have entered the last five challenges (40-44). Although the last is still open and I'm not sure 41 should count because my entry was such an abysmal composition!! But I'm willing and somewhat able so I could do one. At the time I would probably like to run the challenge past a mod before making it 'live' though, in case I have suggested something stupid.


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        *yay* you're added. And while I doubt your worries are justified feel free to PM a mod if that makes you feel better. In general anything goes for challenges; the 'problems' start when you build a challenge around a show nobody watches without creating options for non-watchers. If you don't do that it will probably turn out just fine. ^^


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          My feedback is up, can I be added back on the list?


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            Yep I'll add you. ^^


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              I could have sworn I asked to be added back to the list a while ago... But with my brain, who knows? LOL
              Can I please be put on the list?


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                And you're back on the list. ^^


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                  My awards are posted - can I be added to the list again?
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                    Sorry for the late reaction. You're back on the list. ^^


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                      So I think I'm ready to host a challenge! Can you sign me up?

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                        Added you, Josh


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                          Hey My awards are out I'd like to be back on the list please
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                            I'll put you on the list again, thanks.


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                              Hiya, my awards/feedback are up so can I go back on the list please.