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Christmas & New Year

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  • Christmas & New Year

    I wondered if anyone has the time or inclination to produce anything for Christmas and/or the New Year? I might not have the time myself, but I thought I'd start a thread, just incase anyone has a burning desire to celebrate the season with fanart

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    Made this a few years back...

    Think I made this last year...

    Made this last nite...


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      This is a piece I did for the Winter Solstice free-for-all over at Seasonal Spuffy last Saturday (I only changed the text a little). The winter solstice happened to coincide with Crossword Puzzle Day, so that's why I chose this particular image to work with. It's the cover by Phil Noto for Buffy S9 #7.

      Original cover image
      Christmas tree
      Crossword puzzle
      Santa hats