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Fanart section: private or public?

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  • Fanart section: private or public?

    Do you want the fanart section to be public again, or do you want it to remain private? Please vote here.

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    I have voted for Public. It might encourage more people to join the forum, or at least take part in some of the art challenges. I also have no issues with people using my art.


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      I'd rather people didn't just copy or use my art, but I'm not deluded enough to think they'll want to. With the chance that we could generate more participation in the challenges though, I'd vote that we lift the privacy setting and go public.
      Last edited by Stoney; 24-11-19, 05:21 PM. Reason: totally messed up what I was saying :p


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        I voted for 'private' but I don't mind if it's going to be public again.


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          Great. I'll give Ehlwyen a few more weeks to come back online though. She turned it private a few months ago, since she's the owner, she must have a reason
          But otherwise I'll just set it back to open, since it looks like the most of you would prefer that.


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            Based on what Ehlwyen said in this thread, I thought that thread pretty much was her reason?


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              Okay, spoke to other mods about it and I changed it. Hope it brings you guys what you want


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                Thank you Rosely.


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                  Thank you! TBH I don't really expect more people will join because of this, but who knows. And at least it's nice that people can look at the fan art if they want.