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Hand-drawn Fanart [2]

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    I'm still very much in the process of learning to draw. And that doesn't make for very interesting art/posts. But considering the recent remarks about me not posting enough, I wanted to post something anyway. To show what I'm doing (and why it's not the kind of stuff that deserves posting). Most of my current stuff is me trying something new (and not finishing it).

    One of my major issues is that I've no feeling for proportions, but I've to learn to rely less on my rulers. This time I used different techniques that can be used to make a portrait (random photo's from Pinterest are the reference) and tried to do less without the rulers.

    (click on the picture for the bigger version)


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      I like it, you may be " learning" but you've definitely got talent

      I like who I am when Iā€™m with him. I like who we are together.ā€


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        I think they're excellent Nina and really expressive. I especially like the woman turned to the side. And I can't see any proportion issues either.

        I keep meaning to try a go at digital drawing by using a tablet to still be able to hand draw like I'm used to. I'd thought I could initially draw a layer over a picture to start to learn to draw with a tablet, but I've just never gotten around to it. As always with me the time it takes me to produce anything actually prevents me from doing many pieces. If you're not measuring to check proportions are you using a grid at all or just totally going by eye?


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          Thank you both The reason that the proportions are pretty okay, is because I use the ruler option within photoshop (it can be enabled by going to view and then select rulers). I stopped using a grid, but that is certainly how I started out. Now I try to do more and more by eye (or using my pen of fingers to measure). But it's pretty hard for me. If you just let me draw without reference and ruler, it doesn't look human. :')


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            Just after posting that I do not finish anything, I finished something.

            Resources: Aaron Griffin Art (brushes), Wikipedia (stars), Krakograff (texture), 123rf (texture) & Daydreaming (gradients).

            It's Ciri from the The Witcher. I've tried to combine a digital drawing with photo's (mostly for textures). The colouring remains a bit dull, even with some tweaking with gradients and using selective colour.


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              Oh thats gorgeous.


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                It's lovely Nina, really excellent well done.


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                  Thank you both for the very kind words.


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                    I've tried to make a portrait without doing drawing the outlines first. It did have concequences for the likeness, but she does look human. *yay* Not so fun is that I noticed a huge difference between the contrast in my photshop and how it looks on the www. It's much darker now. In the past it was a driver issue, so I'll have to take look.


                    Resources: Aaron Griffin Art, Edwin Kenways RPS & Evenstarss.


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                      Oh that is beautiful!

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                      It's lovely Nina. The eyes really draw you and the contrast on the right between her face and hair really pulls you back in after your attention travels around. It's great.


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                        Thank you all so much <3 And it's always nice to hear compliments about the eyes, so very often everything goes well until it's time to draw the iris and the pupil. :')