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  • Hand-drawn Fanart [2]

    New rules, new thread!

    Post all your handrawn fanart. This includes computer drawn art as well as any traditional mediums (painting, markers, pencil). Any size art is welcome: wallpapers, banners, avatars, odd shapes. If you have made any fandom crafts (dolls, clothing, jewelry, etc) share photos them in here.

    Share anything you want old or recently made. And as always, art done for a challenge can be posted in here.

    No feedback is required when posting art.

    Lydia made the punch!

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    Here is a painting I did several years ago of Season 6 studies - the series was called Dreamscapes and the intent was to show the emotional state of Buffy and Spike in their dreams/nightmares.

    The Dreamscape by NMCIL, on Flickr

    Here is one of the Spike paintings from the series - these are pastel paintings.

    In The Dreamscape - S by NMCIL, on Flickr
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      Oh wow!! The colors in the first one are fantastic! I love both of these. Very well done!!


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        They are incredible Cil. I love how you have represented the duster, such a clever use of lines.


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          I wanted to share another of my works - this one is combined of original drawing and digital manip of the drawing. Unfortunately, there have not been any additional submissions - hope that my new post does not violate rules.

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            Another test in my search for image host - This is a combined digital-photography-original pastel painting. On one of my LA vacations my sister and I were playing around with take photos of our hand shadows - this is her hand shadow and a wonderful Emily Dickinson poem with one of my latest portrait attempts of James Marsters. It won't appeal to most viewers but I was pleased with my results as I miss my family so much and get to seldom visit them and the poetry reminded me of how truly isolated Spike was in the series - never really close to anyone in his human or vampire life. The only person who really loved him was his mum and he had a nice connection with Dawn until the tragic ending of the B&S sexcapdes. The comic books this season are now giving the Buffy-Spike love relationship at least a chance for them to be together.

            Guess this will be the last I post as I really don't want to hog the thread - wish I could see work from some of our other members -

            Sorry - another failure at finding a host site that does not make the viewer looks or listen to ads other than Photobucket? Guess I will just have to stick with Flickr -

            Handshadow3 by NMCIL, on Flickr
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                I feel a bit bad to post my stuff in here after all the beautiful original art while I used a reference. But okay... it was time for me to dare to share something.

                And after I went mad with colors, textures and brushes.

                Brushes: Aaron Griffin (@DA)
                Gradients: Daydreaming & Black Lagoon
                Texture: Krakograff
                Reference: Daydreaming


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                  Wow, Nina! You're so talented! I love the colors and shadowing! There's so much depth in the drawing! and what I really love is how you captured the shape of SMG's nose. I used to draw in my teens and noses were always more difficult for me! You really make want to try and draw again

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                    Thanks. In my opinion the eyes are most difficult, it's so hard to make sure both eyes look in the same direction and that there is some life in it. (Although I wouldn't have nailed the nose without reference either. )


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                      Nina!! OMG! I saw this on Tumblr!

                      This is seriously brilliant your progressions is far beyond what I was expecting!!

                      I absolutely adore the creative expression on her face, and the texture brushes which you use for blending is STUNNING! To look at! Truly inspiring to me Nina! it reminded me of the style of the "Wonder Women" painting you recently reblogged on your profile within your brush strokes.

                      Because I really love how you executed this painting you have a great artistic style.

                      Please don't give up on this! Because I hope you enjoyed it! Because it feels to me, you really enjoyed exploring new aspects of art! I'm really looking forward to your next painting and your journey of digital painting.

                      Also, using references it's a huge help in my opinion because it makes you expand your skills even more until you feel confident. That's why I love using references.

                      Keep painting!!!!!!!


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                        Such kind words. And I'll certainly continue digital drawing. Hopefully it won't take me another year to post something decent.


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                          Nina - It's a wonderful piece - I love the painted quality you achieved - Outstanding expressive portrait.

                          Smth_Blue - love the drawing.
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                            Wow, I am glad this thread got revived. Every piece of art is overwhelmingly beautiful! Thanks to all of you for sharing.



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                              I used a slightly different way of coloring this time. Oh and his hair sucks to draw.

                              And now with colors:

                              Brushes once again by Aaron Griffin.
                              Daydreaming was the source of the gradients and the reference.
                              And the textures was (you guessed it) by Krakograff.


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                                Nina this is absolutely gorgeous! you are so fantastic with your brush strokes and scale of the compositions of colour.

                                Very expressive! Love the sketch feel on Angel's hair personally again you did an amazing job with it! And I'm noticing the background really looks illustrative it compliments on the lighting.

                                I'm loving your growth of confidence in your painting also! please again KEEP IT UP!!! please don't give this up! You are growing so much already!


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                                  Wow Nina, I loved the Buffy drawings, but the Angel ones are just fantastic. The colour one especially, it's beautiful


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                                    Not happy with this one, so I'm not going to waste my time on coloring it. But I want to post it anyway because I've worked on it for hours. It's my version of Ginny Weasley (Harry Potter series).

                                    Brushes by Aaron Griffin, a gradient by Daydreaming and the texture is once again by Krakograff


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                                      Firstly Nina, I just want to say that I'm clueless about Harry Potter.

                                      But I instantly knew what you were trying to do! feels to me your drawing has a fantastic movement as if she is flying and looking at the horizon on her broom?

                                      What I love about this was the character design of your own interpretation of this character Ginny again, you executed it so amazingly with the brush strokes and style also atmosphere. For example, adding your own details like the freckles and making your own outfit was a nice touch. Such a great job!


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                                        I hardly can take credit for the freckles, those are pretty much her only characteristic besides her red hair and that she is super pretty. But thanks.