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    New rules, new thread!

    Post all your book fanart, stock art or whatever in here. Any size art is welcome: wallpapers, banners, avatars, odd shapes.

    Fanart of a book with a television show can go in the tv show thread. And stocks you make as resources for others go in the Workshop thread.

    To get this thread started, feel free to post any art you have done this year. And as always, art done for a challenge can be posted in here.

    No feedback is required when posting art.

    Lydia made the punch!

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    Hope I am posting this right

    A piece for Catherine Zeta Jones that never made it into the beauty of the dark challange because's just too light

    credits: catherine zeta jones fan, all night noise
    Awesome Icon/Banner made by Bre


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      I haven't made anything in over a year and I haven't posted any art in even longer (closer to two years), so I'm easing back into things. Nothing spectacular from me, but just practicing and trying to remember how to do things in Photoshop

      The Actress

      1366x768 | 1280x800

      Resources are from hireshotties@lj, some old stock images from a site that no longer exists (Romain's) and textures from Jenni Lou and Firecracker

      Just for good measure I'll attempt some feedback for Mara:
      Really pretty piece, I love the subtle texturing and the lights that looks like she's surrounded by flames in the smaller picture I love the font you've used for "Catherine" as well!
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        Mara, I love the coloring on the Catherine Zeta Jones piece! It's so different, but beautiful. I also love the lighting on the image on the right... The bright colors are featured well.

        Line, OMG! Your lighting in this Kiersten Dunst piece is amazing! I love the warm, buttery yellows in this piece, too... So pretty!


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          Happy to come back posting in BF's fanart threads again! Some old and not so very celebrity pieces from me

          credits: zugma, slayground,, sinelinea


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            Wallpapers I've done after reading Russian book by Mariam Petrosyan The House That...



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              I don't know if this really fits here, so if not feel free to move it.

              This is a crossover piece between "The Walking Dead" and "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". For some reason, I just see Rick and Buffy as this pair that would totally connect and understand each other. They have both been shoved into these leader roles within their circles, and are forced to make hard choices for the good of the people they love.

              I created this piece today after finding this quote I used on the piece. I always hear people saying they live hard lives, but I don't think they think their lives are hard; they just accept that it's part of who they are.

              I was originally going to enter this in the Vivaldi challenge, but I didn't think it really fit into that challenge. But I'm very proud of how it turned out and wanted to share it with y'all.


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                I made this some weeks ago might as well post it

                Credits: miss-lovett, all night noise
                Awesome Icon/Banner made by Bre


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                  Another wallpaper for that book The House That...

                  The House that Has Grown by Smth_Blue, on Flickr


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                    Shine On You Crazy Diamond
                    Ashley Wagner/Olympics

                    I don't know. I was bored. This is the first thing I've finished since I got my new computer last year, even though I've started many.

                    brushwork by me, textures by soaked, star stock by some science blog (lol sorry for the vagueness, you can literally search fisheye stars or something like that and a lot of similar things will pop up)
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                      to HisMrs.

                      Congratulations - it's a beautiful piece - like how you used the text and the background images. Terrific blending of lighting. I don't know the Walking Dead series but the "hard life" and "acceptance" certainly fits Buffy even with her often wanting the "normal life" - she did her duty as the Slayer.
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                        I swear to god, I wrote feedback for four artists here and my browser just went crazy

                        I'll get you guys tomorrow, I promise!


                        Feedback, as promised:

                        Wow, I really like these! The way you go from blends to cut outs is amazing, you've clearly perfected and mastered your techniques. The colors, while vibrant and strong, are also mostly natural which is really admirable and amazing. You can see that you actually knew what you wanted to do in every piece and not just winged it like I would mostly do. Very cool.

                        While I've never seen the Walking Dead, I understand what you were going for. The grungy textures are well used and monochromatic colors are also put to well use, cause they sustain this vibrant glow and that's what glues the piece together. Otherwise, the grunge style with the brown color scheme would not work for me. So job well done

                        I really like the blend, amazing composition and the use of stock/texture to structure the piece is amazing. It creates this amazing composition, especially on a white background. Not much to say about the colors, but I do admire your choice to go with BW. The only thing I have to say, really, and feel free to ignore me and move on, is that the black & white text, along with the fonts is not your best choice. But it is your work, so feel free to blow me off.

                        Feed-backed in private

                        Just a simple Chris Evans piece.

                        CE photo by Chris Evans Fan, Stocks by Unsplash and gradients by Daydreaming.
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                          I made this some days ago


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                            My first celebrity wallpaper in years, featuring Tom Hiddleston. 'Cause the kitty in this photoshoot broke me. %)

                            1920x1080 | 1680x1050 | 1366x768

                            + Tumblr version under the cut.


                            Edit: and a picspam-styled collage that I made for 'My Aesthetic' meme. The original photos are also by me, except for the flame, the meteor, and the galaxy.

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                              I just recently did a digital painting on a character called 'Lunafreya' from the game Final Fantasy 15. It was a fantastic game I truly enjoyed it!

                              Until next time

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