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Movie Fanart Thread

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  • Movie Fanart Thread

    New rules, new thread!

    Post all your Movie fanart in here. Any size art is welcome: wallpapers, banners, avatars, odd shapes.

    To get this thread started, feel free to post any art you have done this year. And as always, art done for a challenge can be posted in here.

    No feedback is required when posting art

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    Some Loki art.

    This is an AU for Thor 2: the Dark World. I made it before the trailer came out. I was just trying to picutre his punishment there in Asgard for what he had done in The Avengers.

    1920x1080 ||1680x1050 || 1440x900 || 1366x768 || 1280x800
    1600x1200 || 1280x1024 || 1024x768
    Animated tumblr collage: 500x700

    When the sky falls
    Just a random Loki piece from The Avengers. Quote is from deleted scenes.

    1920x1080 ||1680x1050 || 1440x900 || 1366x768 || 1280x800
    1600x1200 || 1280x1024 || 1024x768
    Tumblr version: 500x700

    And one tumblr art thingie. It's based on the Thor 2: The Dark World trailer, so I'm hiding it under spoiler tags.

    Truly Desperate

    (BTW - I am not sure what's the policy regarding tumblr sized graphics, should I make thumbnails or can I post them as they are? Mods, please let me know if I need to add a thumbnail. )
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      He's back.... I didn't know how much I enjoyed Superman until one of the trailers came out and he was there floating with that big red cape:

      (source: a man can fly @ tumblr)

      He will always be the number 1 superhero...

      So my next challenge will be about the heroes. (I think) And I wanted to make a header but instead I made a wallpaper. Nothing with any real concept.... it's just the man of steel himself.

      mr Cavill, Zugma, Daydreaming, Brusheezy, Krakograff, google search and stock.xchng
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      • #4
        This Is Who We Are
        Han/Gisele, Fast and Furious series

        Fast 6 spoilers, the piece itself is not spoilery though
        You never go into these movies expecting to cry, but I teared up at the last two wtf.

        Han and Gisele were my faves, so of course we see them both die in the latest (obviously, this is not surprising after Tokyo Drift, but it's not like watching Han get killed off twice is on my list of things to do). So this one was a special kind of traumatic for me, sitting through them talking about their future and settling down together, AND KNOWING THAT THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN. Every time they mentioned Tokyo (even passing mentions in Fast Five), I would be sitting there covering my eyes going NO WE NEVER NEED TO GO TO TOKYO EVER.

        So obviously, what I am to do after sitting in a public theater crying over a car chase movie, other than go home and find pictures of their faces and put them in photoshop where they can live forever and nothing hurts. And also I used pictures of them wearing nice clothes because after stealing $10 million a piece, I just want them to live fabulously and look like they own the world.

        I am really re-obsessed with geometric things right now (if it's not obvious in some of my current work), so this stock of the Prada building in (sob) Tokyo seemed really perfect??? at the time!

        1440x900 | 1280x800

        Pictures | movieweb, zimbio, bello magazine; apparently they are the hardest actors to find hq s#!t of so...
        Textures | soaked, stock xchng
        Lyrics | Justin Timberlake - "That Girl"
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          Feedback going backwards:

          JJ Love the bright coloring and the triangle shapes the way you used them really makes for a cool looking wall lightning on it is really well done too and I love the car!

          Nina oh wow it looks like a movie poster. I really love the text your work with text has just been amazing in you recent walls. LOve the fonts you sued it makes the whole image feel crisp and even more like an actual movie poster. it could have used some white though then it would have had our flag's color scheme kidding it's really a great wall you have some lovely details and he just looks like the super hero that he is in that light

          Zugma I'll pick my favorite and that's the upper one. it's stunning is it a manip? in any case the coloring is great and the light that falls on his face and then also around the torches is amazingly done I love the minimalism it really helps with the feel of looking at him while he is in prison and the facial expression is great
          Awesome Icon/Banner made by Bre


          • #6
            I think this wallpaper is not for people with a rather dark screen but his face couldn't be made any brighter without losing details. So for the people who can see what is going on, the wallpaper I posted in the "Help, I'm Stuck" thread. Thanks to Mara, Sky and buffylover I didn't delete the wallpaper but managed to finish it. Thanks you three. It's even a Sirius wallpaper, something I gave up on in an early stage. I tried out most tips and suggestions, but the darkness, the composition and the quality of the material didn't allow everything. (Even now with minimal lighting and colors you can see bad parts. )

            Okay, a rather abstract wallpaper about Sirius Black's first day(s) in prison.

            Ben Barnes fansite, Cassanovak, David Holland & Joffrey Baratheons


            • #7
              Had pieces of this in a wip folder, figured it was time to dust it off and finish it

              The war is coming.


              Textures: all night noise ( i honestly don't know what i'd do without brittany's amazing textures! ) caps: they're were from a livejournal group will edit when I figure out which...
              Find me at facebook - tumblr - twitter - livejournal


              • #8
                More Harry Potter from me.

                This one I made for Mara because she loves the couple and I promised to make her a Snape/Hermione wallpaper.

                And this one was to try out a tutorial, but in the end I didn't understand the tutorial and went my own way. But for the people who are interested, it was this tutorial.

                Sources: Emma Watson fan, Severely Right Brained, Chris Uy, Sweet taste of Bitter, Daydreaming, Slayground, Zugma and Brusheezy.
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                • #9
                  I'm back with some Loki, tumblr style.

                  I have two collages based on the newest Thor 2: The Dark World trailer. Not very spoilery, but I'll hide them under spoiler tags just in case.

                  First was me trying to master the 'picspam/colorization collage' thing. %)


                  And here's an animated piece that looked better (and smarter ) in my head. It's based on Loki's own words from the first Thor movie.
                  I just think, it's chilling how his words turned out to be a (self-fulfilling) prophecy. He did become too vicious and dangerous to let him go, yet too valuable to get rid of; exactly like those artifacts in Odin's vault he had compared himself to.

                  [ ...In my exile. ]
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                  • #10
                    Little bit of feedback

                    Olga, I totally love the dramatic bright yellow in your last Loki art, I have no idea how or why it works, but it does, so surprisingly effective. Very unusual and beautiful

                    Nina, I love your minimalistic approach in both pieces, amazing how you can create such a beautiful art with such a limited number of elements, great work

                    Warm Bodies fanart:

                    Be the Song by Smth_Blue, on Flickr

                    Warm Bodies - R by Smth_Blue, on Flickr


                    • #11
                      Smth_Blue, can I just say again YAY you're back?

                      I love your WB pieces. The first one has such clever composition, I especially adore how it looks as if R was warming his hands by the fire - only instead of fire there is music. And the second one is pure fun, style- and color-wise, with witty choice of stocks too.


                      I made something surrealistic.

                      Seventh Circle of Hell

                      I suppose this one requires explanation... So, it's about what happened to Loki between 'Thor 1' and 'The Avengers', and based on two things:

                      1) Tom Hiddleston's words, that he and Joss had the idea that after falling off the Bifrost and disappearing through the hole in time and space, Loki went through the Marvel's equivalent of Seventh circle of Hell, and the journey was horrible and mangling. [X] And that now Loki's motivated by his spiritual desolation. [X]

                      And 2) the actual concept of Dante's Hell and its Seventh circle - which is the place of the violent people and the suicides. (In the first movie, Loki killed his biological father, tried to kill Thor, attemted genocide against the whole race of Jotuns, and, in the end, tried to end his own life.) By Dante, those violent people are boiling in the river of blood, while the suicides are turned into sentient trees that hurt.

                      When I read Hiddleston's words, they really struck me and I was haunted by this image of Loki, stranded and alone, wandering in the dark forests of Hell and looking for the way home in those impossible landscapes, and not finding it. But for a long time I didn't know how to put this idea on canvas, until now.

                      I would really love to know what you guys think about the result, is the imagery/symbolism even working? Because it's very experimental style-wise and because it took me eternity and a half to finish and I am not sure if I like it or not anymore. %)

                      1920x1200 || 1920x1080 || 1680x1050 || 1440x900 || 1366x768 || 1280x800
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                      • #12
                        A wallpaper (shockingly %)) not about Loki.

                        You should have let me sleep (feat. Khan from the new Star Trek movie):

                        1920x1080 ||1680x1050 || 1440x900 || 1366x768 || 1280x800
                        1600x1200 || 1280x1024 || 1024x768

                        And another tumblr-sized thingie, this time with Loki. Not spoilery at all, I think, but since the screencap is from the trailer I'll put it under tags.

                        Nothing To Lose (based on something Tom Hiddleston said about Loki in his interview for Empire magazine).


                        [ ...In my exile. ]
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                        • #13
                          I hope I am posting this in the right thread. made this while making my battle entry and really like how it turned out so I decided to post it as well


                          credits: emma watson fan, daydreaming, bob dylan-shelter form the storm,brucheezy, sweet taste of bitter
                          Awesome Icon/Banner made by Bre


                          • #14
                            Star Trek wallpaper, featuring Khan.

                            1920x1080 ||1680x1050 || 1440x900 || 1366x768 || 1280x800
                            1600x1200 || 1280x1024 || 1024x768

                            And a few tumblr-styled graphics.

                            Loki (no spoilers):

                            More Loki (with caps from the latest TV-spot - I'm not sure if those are spoilery...)
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                            • #15
                              I made this for HisMRS'challenge but I guess there was too much James and not enough London. So this thread just got a new wallpaper.

                              Movie Screencaps, Krakograff, Daydreaming and Chris Uy.