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Supernatural Fanart Thread [3]

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  • Supernatural Fanart Thread [3]

    New rules, new thread!

    Post all your Supernatural related fanart in here. Any size art is welcome: wallpapers, banners, avatars, odd shapes.

    To get this thread started, feel free to post any art you have done this year. And as always, art done for a challenge can be posted in here.

    No feedback is required when posting art.

    Lydia made the punch!

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    So I'll be the first to post again, heh.

    Too much heart
    I found a draft that I had from 2009 and sort of accidentally finished it, without really planning to.

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      Omg it's been forever since I not only posted on the forums but made artwork. Eh I am a little rusty so don't shoot lol

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        A bit of a different piece. It's not a wallpaper, and it's the first time I've actually used Photoshop to "paint".

        I followed this tutorial, and it took like 2 days on and off, but I'm super pleased with the result (other than the hair) although I didn't draw the outline like in the tutorial, I did that turn your photo into a drawing thing first, then did the painting over that to get the right proportions, places and colours from the original photo.

        Painted Dean

        Original Photo:
        (Thanks Jenni Lou)

        Peter Capaldi is the 12th Doctor


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          I haven't made very much recently but I just HAD to make something after the finale, so the piece below is very very spoilery for Season 9 finale.


          Are you sure?

          The thinking behind it is - Although he's now a demon bearing the mark of Cain, Dean also bears the mark of Castiel's hand print, which I like to think will be used in bringing him back to human (which of course they will do next season). I wanted to show the dark half and the light half of Dean - the hunter who wants to help people and looks out for his little brother, and the killer who finds torture enjoyable and is addicted to the rush of killing.


          Thanks Daydreaming for the images. Some images were from Google.


          Peter Capaldi is the 12th Doctor


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            So I kind of can't believe it's been over a year since anyone posted any SPN art! I don't really follow the show anymore, but got inspiration from some long lyrics and put this piece together, so thought I'd share (sadly I'm revising for an exam right now so I've not got much PS time to spend doing more, *sigh*)

            Art by Sayjay at Radiance


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              "Gay, straight, retarded, why do we have to put a label on everything?"