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  • Heya!

    Hey everyone! I'm Jenna, I'm 17, and I'm new here. This site looks awesome, since I'm a huge Buffy fan (obviously), but I also love the Twilight series, Heroes, and Moonlight, all of which seem to be pretty popular on here. So, yeah! Can't wait to get posting!

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    Welcome to BF Jenna!!!!!!!!!! Man there have been a lot of new members these days. It's nice to have you here. Have fun posting. There's a lot to talk about on here other than Buffy.
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      Welcome to BF

      Yay! Another Twilight fan
      Avie by Lrae12


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        Welcome to the forum Jenna

        Hope you have a great time posting around here! Can you just check out the rules and posting guidelines at the top of this section and ask if you have any questions

        See you around the boards


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          Yay!!! Another Twilight fan!! We're like a giant snowball and just keep getting bigger and bigger. Hope you have fun looking around and join in the fun!

          P.S. Moonlight rules too! Did you just find it or have you been watching all season?

          Lydia made the punch!


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            NO! Not the T word!

            Anyways, hey And welcome, of course!


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              Hello and welcome to BF, Jenna! Glad you found your way here!

              And yay for another Twilight fan joining our forum! The more, the merrier!


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                Welcome to BF Jenna. Have fun posting
                -Set by DeadLoversDawn from Evthreads-


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                  I seem to remember that username, ever been to
                  Welcome to a new playground, just don't play with the ones that have two pointy teeth.
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