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  • hello again

    Hello, I have been waiting to come on this forum for ages - but wanted to watch till at least season 6, then I at least could know what you are talking about!.
    I finished watching season 6 about 10 minutes ago !, my fiance has now allowed me to register - which is kind of him.

    Dont quite know whether I can be classed as a Buffy fan, but I have enjoyed watching every season - seeing how cleverly the characters develop.
    I am a huge lover of Spike, have watched with interest how his character develops, and often gasped with complete delight when he takes his shirt of on numerous occasions - which competes with my fiances gasps of Buffy constantly !.

    Would love to find out ( on a side issue ) how I can get hold of a copy of the song used at the end of Grave ...... as a musician I am very impressed at so much of the music used in Buffy - and love this song in particular.

    You might have heard of me .... My fiance is Tangent - and maybe he might have chatted about me, or referred to my lack of Buffy knowledge.

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    Hello there and a super big welcome!!! Your other post made me laugh, I was like "why the heck is Tangent introducing himself?!" Yep, shared computers are the devil with logins.

    Anyways, I'm Jo, and it's nice to see you here!


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      Hello and welcome to Buffyforums!

      I'm glad that Tangent convinced you to join and that he introduced you to the wonderful world of Buffy! We are happy to have you here!

      Have fun posting and if you have any questions, you can always send a private message to me or any of the other mods or post it in here.


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        Hallo and welcome to BuffyForums. Glad to see your Buffy watch has finally reached the point where your fella deems it safe for you to join the forum and not get spoiled. We're a friendly bunch, you really don't need to be a hardcore Buffy fan to be a member here, we'll talk about anything, really.

        Your name has been mentioned a few times :whistling: so it's nice to finally 'meet' you. I'm the forum's other Jo (and it was me who just deleted the other thread, as requested).


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          Hey there, Tangent's fiancee!!! He talked about you a lot, so it's nice to finally meet you!

          Welcome to BF, fellow Spike lover (great taste, by the way! )!

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            Thanks for the lovely welcome ! ..... life is very busy at the moment, I have a new job, lots of christmas preparations,wedding preperations etc etc - so its nice to have something like this forum to take my mind off things and help me relax for a while. Would love to know where I can get a copy of the music at the end of Grave in series 6 - think its a versian of '' Make me a channel of your peace '', a song which I would never have thought would have featured in Buffy !.


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              Welcome to the forum! I'm glad that you decided to join. I'm Ben, by the way! I hope you have fun on the forum! Also, the song at the end of "Grave" is actually "Prayer of St. Francis" by Sarah McLachlan


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                Thank you so much Ben - Mark ( Tangent ) and I want to use it at our wedding blessing next year - beautiful song.

                Of course one of my favourite episodes has to be '' once more with feeling '' - but have to say the music in Buffy is amazing - and really enhances every episode


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                  Originally posted by Francy View Post
                  Hey there, Tangent's fiancee!!! He talked about you a lot, so it's nice to finally meet you!
                  Well don't make it sound weird, Francy! He didn't talk about you a lot, but enough that we know who you are. And no I didn't mean for that to sound creepy, although if you want to take it that way, I won't hold it against you. Welcome to BF Marks Fiance/Twinkletoes! Have fun posting on all things Buffy.
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                    Welcome! Always nice to get any new posters, particularly ones who appreciate the beauty of Spike!! See you in the threads.