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Returning to my roots!

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  • Returning to my roots!

    Hi there,

    I was a member here many many years ago. I think I started as vampire_slayer197 then changed to Puffy_Spuffy and for some reason I think I then changed it again to Captain_Wash or something along those lines, I cant really remember too well, it was ages ago!

    Anyway, I was flicking through the channels and came across Buffy and the first thing I thought of was this place. I think some things have changed, but theres a few familiar names that I recognise!

    I can't believe I ever left this place.

    Hope to see you all around!

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    Hey and welcome back!! Hope you stick around this time.


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      Hi there ! I`m glad that you find this place again !
      maked by plamivasi


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        I kind of think I remember Puffy Spuffy as a user name
        Welcome back!


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          Thanks guys! Yeah I was here for ages! I keep recognising names everywhere! I do plan on sticking around this time! Haha. thanks for the replies