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  • 'ello!

    Top of the morning to you all! Well, evening where I live. Anyway quite obviously I'm new and am a die-hard Joss Whedon fan, having watched Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Serenity, and Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along blog. Dollhouse is next on the list! My favorite couples are probably BuffyxAngel, DrusillaxSpike, and WillowxOz. I am obsessed with dear Jonathan, and the list of others I love could go on all day.
    In shows I like sci-fi and for some reason high-school shows (don't ask me why o.o), so naturally I grew addicted to Buffy. I like me some drama, and spine-tingling, jaw-dropping, insane plot-twists, so of course Angel is good for me. Non-Whedon shows I religiously exalt are The X-files, Doctor Who (David Tennant anyone?), Glee, and Avatar: The Last Airbender. I worship Jack London and all his works. I also like The Outsiders, and a book series about cats called Warriors.
    In real life I'm thirteen (don't judge me! =P) and somewhat of a writer. I have figured out over the summer, that drawing people is indeed possible for non-wizards. So I would greatly appreciate some critique on my sketches if I posted some, I'm not very good but I want to improve with peoples advice.
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    Hi there , Gallifrey ! The most of us here love or already have done that , I mean loved Buffy and Angel . I hope you find many friends here. I also like Jack London very much .
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      Hey there, and welcome to the forum Gallifrey , i hope you enjoy it here, i know i have i love being on here, this is my home away from as much as it can be, hope to see you around, hope you find a lot of friends .
      How did you find me here?, If i was blind, I would see you.
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        Welcome Gallifrey. I hope you feel welcome here and enjoy it! Always great to meet new Buffy fans
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          Yo Maddie! Nice to see you, my friend. Have fun
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            Hey and welcome to the forum!


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              Thank you all, and hello. =)