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  • Hi There.

    Been watching Buffy since it's inception, haven't been on a forum regarding it for about ten years now; so it's weird being back amongst fans. Quite opinionated, so I'm sure I'll be in for some good discussion. Not sure what else to say in these intro threads other than hello.

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    Welcome to Buffyforums!

    Glad to have another long time fan here! Buffy is something hard to let go even after so long. I hope you have a lot of fun exploring and posting!

    Please make sure to read our Rules and Posting Guidelines thread. We have may have a different definition of spam than other forums because we have a lot of members and try to keep this place well organized and easy to read. if you have any questions, feel free to post them in here or pm me or another mod, we're always glad to help!

    Glad you've made it back to the Buffy fandom and look forward to seeing you around!

    Lydia made the punch!


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      Welcome to the forums. I know what it is to be a buffy fan since that is what drove my desire to originally start creating websites. Then I came along and found this forum and now it has helped drive my passion to make fanart. I hope you enjoy and welcome


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        Hey and welcome to the forum!