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  • Greetings from Abaddon

    Hello there folks.

    Nice to meet you all. My name's is Abaddon (Iain really, just like the darkness *cackles*....ahem)

    I am looking forward to discussing the show(s) with you all. I am a huge BtVS and Angel fan and I thought the communities had died out. It seems they are still very much alive and kicking right here on BF.


    I love to role-play, but have found that there is no sub-forum for role-plays to get off the ground. Anyone else like to role-play? If you are interested in starting a role-play, let me know and maybe we get one up and running. Post-by-post role-plays are always fun to do.


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    Hi Iain, welcome to BuffyForums. I hope you'll have fun posting around the forum. Please remember to check out our rules and FAQ, however, as they may be different than you are used to.

    We did, once upon a time, have a subsection for role-playing games, however that section was closed down due to lack of activity and is unlikely to be revived again as there isn't sufficient demand.


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      Hey Iain! Remember me, from t'other thread? Welcome to Buffyforums. You might find some role players about, I'm not sure! But failing that, many buffy chats to be had! You been reading the comics at all?

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        Hey and welcome to the boards!


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          Hey Iain and welcome to the boards! Yeah, I was amazed there was such a huge community for BtVS! It's amazing though! Almost a decade after the show has ended and there's still a very dedicated fanbase for it!

          You're gonna be right at home here!
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            Hey and welcome. Glad to meet you and enjoy your stay.
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              Welcome and you will enjoy this place. There are always new and familiar people here. This is by far one of the best forums I have been a part of and I am 99.99% sure you will feel the same.