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hi everyone!!

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  • hi everyone!!

    hello everyone!!
    I'm not really new since i've registered two months ago but had no time to post on this forum.I hope to change that now
    I'm a huge han of Buffy and i love everything Joss Whedon has done

    I also watch many other shows and my most favourite currently on tv are Himym,Chuck,the big bang theory and greys anatomy

    oh,and my name is Alexandra

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    Welcome to BuffyForums, Alexandra. I'm sure you'll soon feel at home in our community.

    Please take time to check out our rules and FAQ, however, as they may be different than you are used to.


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      Hey and welcome!! Hope you like it here!


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        Hi Alexandra! What a beautiful name btw I love that you´re a fan of Grey´s anatomy too, I´ve just recently started to re-watch the show and it feels good to know some more fans out there
        In the end, we all are who we are, no matter how much we may appear to have changed.


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          Hey and welcome. I know I am so repeating myself in this forum but everyone here that I have come to know are awesome. I really hope you enjoy and eventuallu hope we get to ineract.