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Er, I was going to steal this line from someone else...

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  • Er, I was going to steal this line from someone else...

    Hi - I'm not really good at making intros for myself. I found this board because I'm friends with some of its other members (HisMRS and probably more people I don't even know are here). I'm a member of another Buffy forum (EntertainUs) so let me know if you know me - lol. I like doing fanart, I'm obsessed with Breaking Benjamin and I'm a hardcore Fangel. That's about it.

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    Hello and welcome to BuffyForums! Glad you found your way here!

    Please check out our Forum Rules and Posting Guidelines, which are located at the top of every section, and our FAQ. Our rules with respect to spamming are slightly stricter than on other forums so please read them carefully.

    Happy posting!


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      Welcome, and yes so read the rules. When I first started I so didn't do that and got in trouble(lol not huge trouble) I swear I have been good. Anyways I love this place and hope you do also.


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        Hi, welcome to the forum! I'd love to see your fanart We have a great fanart section here, please don't hesitate to post!
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          Welcome to the board. Wonderful to have another fanartist join. I'd check out the rules first because they've got some odd ones on here.