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    Originally posted by behringtheweb View Post
    Sorry I've been slacking on this. Some know the huge life change I've made but I'm back and will pick up my slack again :-)

    Hi again ! It is so nice to see a familiar members again
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      hey everyone i used to be on this site years ago. its strange when i first came this place seems like its own machine, there were just so many people and so many awesome fan art challenges and i learned so much . i look around now and it doesnt seem as booming? that makes me kind of sad actually. but its still great to be back ! im going to start getting into fan art again and this is the only place i know of that i can show my art and get help and inspiration. challenges are always fun as well . so i just wanted to say hi . gosh i wonder if anyone will even reply to this! haha all these posts im seeing around seem like they were such a long time ago .


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        Hi, Melmel333, it's nice to have you back - glad to hear how keen you are to get involved in the fanart community again.