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  • Uh...hi?

    So I'm super confused, but I think that's natural when you're starting new on a forum. I haven't even peeked my head in here in the past, like my experience with other forums. But I'm just gonna jump straight in, no dipping a toe in the pool, and see what I can find.

    I've already seen that a bunch of old buddies are here (I see you Spufflings) so that should be fun

    Now, a little info, I guess, from this Buffyverse fan;

    Favorite characters; Wesley, Spike, Faith.
    Favorite pairings; Spike/Buffy, Xander/Cordelia, Wesley/Lilah.
    Favorite episodes; Hush, The Body, Smile Time, Release.
    "Gay, straight, retarded, why do we have to put a label on everything?"

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    Hello Puppet! I most certainly remember you from BB, and your wonderful art. We have art challenges here you might like to try out, in the Fanart section. This forum is quite difficult to navigate at first, but once you get used to it, it's great. Happy you've joined us Oh and the emoji's here are fantastic


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      Hi there and welcome to the forum. We don't bite.....much.


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        Hey Puppet!! I joined some months back this year and it took me a few weeks to figure things out, but its worth it! Great to have you, hope you have fun here
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          Welcome to BuffyForums, Puppet!


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            Hello! I am with you on all 3 favorites, plus Wes/Lilah.

            (Oh, and Silver really does bite...we feed her dark side cookies)
            Can we agree that the writers made everyone do and say everything with a thought to getting good ratings and being renewed. This includes everything we love as well as everything we hate.


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              Hi, Puppet! We're always happy to have new blooooood over here.
              You keep waiting for the dust to settle and then you realize it; the dust is your life going on. If happy comes along - that weird unbearable delight that's actual happy - I think you have to grab it while you can. You take what you can get, 'cause it's here, and then...gone.


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                Hi puppet! So good to see you again.

                I like who I am when Iā€™m with him. I like who we are together.ā€


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                  Hey Puppet, good to see you here.

                  If you have any questions feel free to ask, I'm always around every day.


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                    Hey Puppet,

                    it`s so good to see you again! How have you been?

                    Hope you find you`re way around here easily. This board is a bit difficult to navigate. The threads are going on forever and you have to get used to start reading them from the last post rather than the first post (you simply can`t catch up on a thread that has been ongoing for 28 pages or so). This board also does sadly not have a running list of new posts that covers more than just the last 24 hours, but you can subscribe to threads to get the updates. Or you visit every day. That`s how I do it

                    I haven`t forgotten that you were the one who actually introduced the idea of a fanfiction discussion group to us. We have been keeping it up and I do hope, you can be tempted to join us for one or another discussion. You can find all the discussion threads here:


                    You are also welcome to post any suggestions for fics to be discussed here:


                    Hope to see you around a lot!

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                      Hi Puppet! Nice to see you!

                      So I'm super confused, but I think that's natural when you're starting new on a forum.
                      TBH, I still find this a confusing forum. If in doubt, take Stoney at her word.


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                        God, am I the only one that finds this place easy to navigate then?

                        Not like the dreaded Buffyboards which seemed all over the place to me.


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                          God, am I the only one that finds this place easy to navigate then?
                          God: "Yes, you are".


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                            I'm glad you have joined us! and welcome to the forum! your fan art over at the Buffy boards (BrendanT) are just excellent and you will have a nice time here posting art. And if you need any help in the fan art section just give me a shout. We have a banner thread because (all) fandoms are welcome! which I hope I see your art soon!
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                              Originally posted by Silver1 View Post
                              God, am I the only one that finds this place easy to navigate then?

                              Not like the dreaded Buffyboards which seemed all over the place to me.
                              Yes This place is a rabbit warren when you first start.

                              BB has a fab running list, so every thread is listed, right there in front of you, no searching for it, and when someone comments on a thread, that moves the thread to the top. It's much easier to find stuff on BB, or it was for me

                              Also on BB the mods and admins are quick to file away old threads. So if you want to start a discussion on something, you can because the same discussion from 2010 has been filed away. Here you find threads that started in 2010 and you just have to post on the end, not start the same discussion again, which is really what new posters want to do (or I did when I first started).