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Welcome to BuffyForums

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  • Welcome to BuffyForums


    I imagine you have found your way here from BuffyWorld, this forum was created as a place to come when BuffyWorld was down. Please feel free to visit our homepage with transcripts and screencaps.

    Please feel free to discuss any topics here as you would have done on BW. The rules are the same;
    • No spamming (one line posts adding nothing to the discussion)
    • No insulting/flamming of any other member
    • No talking about downloading
    • No advertising (feel free to put a link in your sig but don't start a thread about your website)

    Any questions please either PM myself or another moderator, or start a thread in the FAQ/Suggestions sections. Due to possible spambots, members with less than 5 counted posts will have limited access to functions such as private messaging and visitor messaging.

    If you were a VIP member on BuffyWorld and would like access to the VIP section here, please PM me. (It does help if you registered here with the same BW username )

    I hope this place is as much a home for everyone as BuffyWorld Forums were.

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    Hi Nikki and everyone!

    I'm just wondering wether some members will start coming on these forums instead of Buffyworld as lots of people are expressing how they feel more at home on these forums than Buffyworld forums.

    And is there anyway to transfer post counts so that we can put our banners and avatars back on?
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      Originally posted by vampmogs View Post
      Hi Nikki and everyone!

      I'm just wondering wether some members will start coming on these forums instead of Buffyworld as lots of people are expressing how they feel more at home on these forums than Buffyworld forums.

      And is there anyway to transfer post counts so that we can put our banners and avatars back on?
      I was wondering the same, I was also wondering if this site will have the reputation points system as well, and if there's anyway to get everyone's rep points added up too.

      I know the VIP members from BWF can access the chat room here, but what about those of us who haven't got our 500 posts yet, do we need to start from scratch?

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        There is no way for me to copy the posts/etc from BW, because they are part of the database, if I move it here I could end up with the same corruptions. Plus it's over 5 gigs in size which could take me days to transfer. It's just not possible.

        If you were VIP on BW then PM me and I will make you VIP on here, although I am thinking that as anyone can have a banner. Anyone with ideas about ways to make this place more home like can post a thread in the Suggestions section or PM me


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          Hi Nikki,

          Thanks for putting up this great temp forum. One question though - assuming that Buffy World gets back to normal and starts running smoothly with no glitches or twitches whatsoever, will you keep this forum open? Just curious, because so far I like what I see here.

          Thanks again!
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            i seem to like it here too, this forum runs more smoothly.


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              Hi...I'm old poster from Buffyworld Forums and Ehlwyen infomed me that this place to screen name is enigma but I'm known as Lissa outside of the forums. I am a huge fan of Buffy, Angel, Charmed, OTH, DH and Grey's Anatomy and glad that Lyn got me here!! I hope to post some more fan art soon. I really miss it at times!!!

              I want to say hi to all my good friends here, Mindy, Lyn, Firecraker, Salty Goodnes, Smth_Blue, Zugma, Lex, Creamy Coolness, Obseesed, Wendy, Shane, just to name a few....hope to see you guys all soon!!

              Peace, Love and Happiness!!!

              Lissa aka Enigma

              FYI if I missed anyone in my "Hi's" i'm really sorry...and you all get "Hi's" too!!!
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                I tried many times to join the forum at Buffy World but never received a conformation e-mail. I even tried using different addresses, but it never worked. So instead of participating, I had to be content to just read what other people posted. I saw on that Buffy World was no longer around and included was a link to here. Is Buffy World really gone? I hope not since it was probably one of the best Buffy/Angel sites around. Anyway, here I am.

                I came late to Buffy. While I did see the movie when it was released, I didn't start watching the series until season six when it moved to UPN. But I have more than made up for my tardiness. I've now seen every episode of both series many times (I have all the DVDs) and have also turned others on to the series.

                Once again. Glad to be here.


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                  If it was recently that you tried joining Buffyworld, you wouldn't have received a confirmation email, as your registration would have been caught up in the Great Database Disaster and Account Annihilation madness of 2007.

                  And it is true - Buffyworld is no more. However, the community of Buffyworld Forums has migrated over here, to our new home ,and it is hoped that we will in time have a collection of transcripts and other resources on this site. So, welcome - have fun posting


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                      Hi everyone! I'm Ashley. I'm really excited to start chatting about Buffy...because it's awesome!
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                        hi i am Anita and i am new to this forum.. I hope i will enjoy the journey......


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                          Hey I'm Tyger tyger and I'm new to the forum... just saying howdy
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