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Donations to the 2013 Hosting Bill

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  • Donations to the 2013 Hosting Bill

    Dear all,

    In the second week in February I need to pay the year's hosting bill which is $470.40, so far I have received $290.

    If you can spare any amount to go towards this it will be much appreciated. I don't want to have to look at other options for the forum if we cannot pay this bill.

    Please go here to donate.

    Thank you all for your contributions. It's your help that is keeping this place going


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    Now at $319.81

    Just over $150 to go..


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      I plan on donating as soon as my income taxes come in. Until then, I just can't swing it, no matter how small the amount. :\ Sorry!


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        I'll make a donation at some point. A couple of days from now is payday, so I'll do it then.

        What are the "other options for the forum" you mention in the header? Do you mean like, having ads to help pay for the forum? Because I could live with that.

        I hope the forum doesn't close down. I've made a lot of friends here and I always enjoy the discussions.

        I think that maybe if the forum was viewable by non-members, we would get more people signing up to join in the discussions and with more members, there would be more people who could donate. Of course the only problem you would then have is the spambots... which is why you put the forum on private in the first place. Still, there surely has to be a way to have the forum viewable to the public, and keep the spambots away? I mean, other forums can do it...


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          Hey Nikki, I'll echo ViR, I wouldn't want to see the forum close down, what would I do with my time!! Please keep us up to date with how the donations are going.


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            Hi hon,
            I would love to help, unfortunately Im from Czech republic and my visa electron card isn't "equipped" to send money internationally, but I am currently looking for a friend who can send money abroad and would be willing to make this transaction for me if I gave them the cash.
            I hope I manage to help on time
            In the end, we all are who we are, no matter how much we may appear to have changed.


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              Thank you all for your comments. I have woken up this morning to find the full amount in my paypal account and £15 extra which I will hold for next years bill

              I will be doing a big thank you later to those who have donated.

              I would never close this forum down but I would look at adverts which I know a lot of people wouldn't like.

              I will also open the forum up to the public but be warned this could slow down the site for everyone so I will need to monitor it and if you notice any slowness please report it. My first concern is always going to be to the members