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    Is there any way to opt out of the "Thanks/Thanked" system? There seems to be an option for other user details but not this?

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    Opt out as in you don't want to be thanked for any of your posts?


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      May be Madhermit has a point. If there wasn't "thanks options" the members would have more rep. points. Before, even when I wanted ti thanks to someone I gave him rep for this. But now with "thanks sistem " is more lazy and you don't have to write much. Personaly me don't like this sistem, too. The rep . points option is enough, IMO.
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        I know what you mean _Buffy_, there is a lot less rep given because of the thanks. But i think way more thanks are given, than rep not given. I used to see posts i wanted to rep and not have time to make a comment and then forget to ever say anything. Now I can just give thanks immediately and when I find time still give rep. Ultimately, I think more people are getting acknowledgement even if they aren't getting a comment.

        Plus having the "Thanks" system helps with spam since people can just thank a post rather than be tempted to spam with "Great post" comment.

        Madhermit, I think because the Thanks system is a hack to the forum, there isn't a way to not display it under your username. I think that is what you are asking?

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          I like the system. I very rarely give out rep points, even before the thanks system was about. With this, I can agree with a post and not give out rep, (although this is sometimes because the person I want to rep is still one of the last 10 people I have repped previously ) It's a nice little way to say, "Yes, I agree!" or in my eyes, it is similar to the "like" button on Facebook.

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            I like it. I think it has reduced the amount of rep dished out but it is a way of acknowledging a post in a lower level way that has probably helped to reduce the amount of times people have just quoted to confirm their agreement. Both thanks and reps have a place I think.

            I suspect Madhermit was meaning that it would be 'hidden' in the same way that his/her reputation rating is undisclosed.

            EDIT: Ehlwyen and Ahm Shere got there first. I have effectively repeated the same points where I would have just left it at 'thanks' if I'd noticed.
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              But you can't rep the same person's posts in a row, or for a very long time, unless you rep a bunch of other people in the meantime, so without the thanks function, there would be no way to show agreement most of the time without posting 'I agree', 'great post' etc. I love the Thanks option.

              I still give reps when someone writes an especially great post (and I am able to rep them), but day to day agreement is easier to show with Thanks.
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                I like the Thanks option, it is a bit similar to the "like" on facebook. Nowadays I'm so used to the "like" that I search for a like button with emails I like...
                The big advantage is that you can thank several posts in a row of a user. But maybe it should be named 'like' instead
                Only think I don't like about it, is how it says The Following User Says Thank You to TimeTravellingBunny For This Useful Post:
                and then name and date and all.. it keeps me from thanking more posts in one thread. If that could be more subtle (only a small row or something), it would be perfect.


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                  So... as I understand it, the 'Thanks' option is essentially a way to rep without actually giving rep points? I've been using it a good bit since I came back and I wanted to make sure I was using it properly.


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                    Hi Kiera

                    Yep it's also similar to 'like' on facebook. So another way to say 'good post'.